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Troy Lighting : 5 Stunning Chandeliers to Illuminate your Homes with

Chandeliers by Troy Lighting ( CrescentHarbor/Troy-Lighting-Chandeliers ) are popular among a wide range of consumers, including home owners and interior designers. Crafted from hand forged iron, and topped with hand applied finishes and other components like glassware and shades, these light fixtures bring home an element of style and finesse. Here is a look at 5 distinct and exciting chandeliers from Troy Lighting.

5 - Bamboo

Troy Lighting derives inspiration directly from nature to bring out a range that evokes a rustic look in modern dwellings. Drawing influence from bamboo shoots, the chandelier features lamp shades molded in cylindrical shape and a warm hued ‘bamboo glass’. This, when combined with hand-worked wrought iron body, creates a marvelous and eye catching piece that is one of its kind. Measuring 18" in width and 20” in height, Bamboo is a 3 light chandelier that uses 60 Watt, medium base bulbs. The product is finished in Bamboo Bronze.

4 - Jackson

The Jackson chandelier brings home the industrial style quite effortlessly. It features hand worked wrought iron and Edison bulb, and incorporates the finest old-world styling with the trendy, retro look to elevate home spaces. Measuring 36.25'' in width and 27.75'' in height, the product houses eight light sources that use 60 Watt medium base carbon lamps. Finished in Copper Bronze, the Jackson chandelier is truly an attention capturing piece that is a combination of clever design and impeccable form.

3 - Lyon

Lyon by Troy Lighting serves as a throwback piece in illumination and interior design. Deriving inspiration from colonial themes, the fixture showcases the beauty of classic styling through its design and quality craftsmanship. The frame of the chandelier is made from hand forged iron and finished in Burnt Sienna, evoking a timeless appeal. The lampshades are made from hardback linen and house eighteen candelabra lights in a tiered fashion. Measuring 48'' in width and 43.875'' in height, the Lyon relies on 40 Watt candelabra base lamps for illumination.

2 - Bordeaux

For home owners who wish to bring home the Victorian era charm, the Bordeaux chandeliers from Troy Lighting are the best pick. The light showcases the brand’s command over craftsmanship and finesse through the different elements that build the product – a hand-worked iron and wood frame with curved patterns, complemented by clear light candelabras and crystal hangings, and accents that elevate the magnificence of the product. Crafted in a tiered fashion, Bordeaux is a chandelier that evokes a regal appearance in any space that it is used in. The fixture features a Parisian Bronze finish and uses 60 Watt candelabra bulbs as the light source.

1 - Conduit

The Conduit chandeliers display the brand’s prowess over drawing inspiration from varied sources, and creating one-of-a-kind light sources that serve as centerpieces in any setting. This light fixture breaks the conventional design of chandelier to showcase an industrial themed product that fits in perfectly in any contemporary home. Conduit features a staggered frame that holds Edison bulbs wrapped in wire frames. These lights, unlike in regular chandeliers, point in multiple directions and hence emit light in horizontal and vertical directions. Finished in Old Silver, the product houses 12 medium base lights of 60 Watt each.

Troy Lighting is synonymous with quality and manufactures products that are made of superior materials and which deliver unmatched performance over use. The chandeliers ( ) offered by this brand, this function as scintillating pieces of art, crafted in metal and glass, for the purpose of illumination.

Why You Should Go for eLearning Outsourcing?

eLearning courses have their own advantages over classroom learning. Businesses wanting to embrace E-Learning methodology to train their staff often ponder over one question - Will eLearning outsourcing ( ) be right for their business?

So, in this article we will walk you through about pros and cons of outsourcing eLearning course development that will help you take the right decision.

Pros of E-Learning Outsourcing

There are several advantages of outsourcing E-Learning content development such as :

1. Reduced Costs

Reduced costs are the biggest benefit of outsourcing eLearning course development. When you map your exact requirements, the E-Learning course development needs a fraction of the costs that you would incur, had you chosen to develop E-Learning content in-house.

2. Faster Turnaround Time

Your outsourcing partner will have a dedicated team of professionals who can address your business requirements well and also ensure shorter development cycle. This helps you efficiently manage quick turnaround time for your learning projects that is not always possible with in-house teams.

3. Access to Best Business Practices

Your outsourcing partner might have served several organizations in your industry. Therefore, it is more likely that your outsourcing partner has developed a best business practice that is optimized for the global delivery platform. Thus it results in your organization getting the best eLearning course that enhances your business practices.

4. Flexibility

Outsourcing E-Learning development provides flexibility to scale up or down as per your business needs. You can use the services of a team of 5 or 50 members without having to worry about hiring, training or retaining them. The outsourcing partner takes care of these issues.

Cons of eLearning Outsourcing

1. Inconsistency in Quality and Performance Standards

Lack of consistency and poor quality of E-Learning content can be a major issue when you outsource them. You may require additional time to review issues that can lead to project delays.

The quality and performance issues can be overcome by having complete control over the revision process and having the authority to decide who works on the products.

2. Lack of Control

Outsourcing e Learning development means you lose the creative rights of E-Learning to some extent. Though you do provide some input, the process and end result on the E-Learning product completely rests in the hands of the vendor.

To overcome such issues, your organization can define your requirements and specifications clearly beforehand. An organized meeting can be held between key members of your organization and vendor to discuss these issues and get them sorted and so all are on the same page.

If you look at the pros and cons of E-Learning outsourcing, the advantages of outsourcing clearly outweigh the drawbacks. By outsourcing e Learning ( ) content development, you can have more time to focus on critical business issues that need your immediate attention.

An introduction to Reclaimed Wood Furniture

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is salvaged from old buildings and structures like barns, warehouses and cottages for reuse in flooring, interior design and furniture, among other similar uses. Wood is found in plenty in America thanks to its once widespread use as a building material like concrete and steel is used today. Because of its cheapness in years gone by, wood was used almost everywhere in the States in construction. With the passage of time, wood has been supplanted by cheaper and more long lasting materials and the old wooden buildings are torn down to prevent the risk of fire or structural collapse. Old wooden ships, though rare now, are also much prized for the quality wood. The old columns, flooring, roof beams, windows and doors can all be reused by artisans.

What are the Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

There are aesthetic, structural and environmental benefits to using reclaimed wood furniture ( FoxdenDecor/Reclaimed-Wood-Furniture ). Aged wood has a unique appearance thanks to its dryness and weathering. The warps and whorls of the wood along with the slightly peeled paints and varnishes give it a very distinctive look which is much prized by furniture aficionados. Furniture made from reclaimed wood has a lived-in appearance compared to brand new furniture. Buyers often prize this because the appearance of the new furniture itself tells a superb story about the origins of the wood.

Reclaimed wood is also very strong in comparison to new wood. There are some reasons for this. The older wood was taken from natural forests unlike newer wood, which is harvested from timber farms as soon as the trees reach a certain age. Wood from old trees is much stronger. The moisture content in the timber used in construction also decreases over the years of exposure to the sun. Studies have shown this reduction in moisture content increases the sturdiness of the wood instead of weakening it. So reclaimed wood furniture is often very sturdy and can safely be used for a few decades.

The environmental benefits of using reclaimed wood are most obvious. Reclaimed wood furniture fits right in with the green credo of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. The reclaimed wood is transported over shorter distances compared to harvested timber, which is shipped from factories halfway around the world. Reclaimed furniture is made by hand by skilled local artisans using sustainable practices and environmentally friendly processes. The handmade furniture can be customized to the maximum extent possible. Buyers can choose the dimensions, color shades, type of handles, number of drawers and so on. It may not be possible to get this level of customization when buying mass produced furniture. Buying from local businesses also helps to support artisans earn a decent livelihood.

Tips for Choosing Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Buyers can get online to find a skilled furniture maker offering reclaimed wood ( ) pieces. The right store can be chosen by reading online reviews and closely checking out the online catalog. Personalization options can be selected while ordering the furniture in consultation with the seller. Get the dimensions of your rooms measured beforehand wither by yourself or by an expert. When buying washroom vanities, check that your house’s plumbing matches the internal plumbing of the vanity.

How Medical Marketing Service Providers Can Strenghten Your Marketing Plan

Success in marketing does not come by luck. With so much varied marketing tools available, it is hard to know which will work best for you. This makes a marketing plan a necessity so that you don’t waste time with trial and error methodology.

If you include a random list of marketing ideas in your marketing plan, it will prove nothing but a heavy dose prescription for failure. To ensure such things don’t happen, you need a medical marketing services ( ) provider. Here is how they can strengthen your marketing plan by including the following five key components.

1. Define and Narrow Down Target Market

The primary goal of your healthcare marketing plan should be gathering information about your existing and prospective customers. The more you know about your customers, the better decisions you can take to formulate a plan to effectively reach and communicate with them.

Who do you think will benefit from the health care services you are offering? Think of people having common characteristics and attributes. Your current list of patients will tell you a lot about your target market.

2. Assess Competition

Success cannot be achieved by ignoring the competition. In fact, your success can be greater by anticipating competitive issues and influences. Your medical marketing plan should include strategies that help you stay ahead in the competition.

There are several ways to perform research on competition in your business niche. For example, you can collect the name of your known competitors and perform a Google search and visit their website to know more about them. You should also search in online directories and look for different promotion and advertising campaigns by your competitors.

3. SMART Goals

SMART Goals refer to different aspects of goals such as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Every marketing campaign has some goal, but that is not enough. For example, your marketing campaign may have a simple goal – generate leads. Instead, you should have SMART Goals like 20% MoM(Month over Month) increase in inbound leads by the end of 2016.

SMART goals are easier to track. They give you a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve and what you are doing to achieve it.

4. Budgeting

Remember, while establishing SMART Goals, the A stands for Achievable and R stands for Realistic. How can you develop an achievable and realistic plan unless you know how much funds you can allocate or commit to the goals?

A marketing budget helps you determine how much funds to allocate to different functions and how the funds are spent. It also allows you to compare the costs and effectiveness of different marketing channels and determine which promotional vehicles are best suited for a particular operation.

5. Monitoring Results

Monitoring results allow you to determine which marketing strategies gives consistent results and if they can be made more effective. Remember the success of marketing strategies ( ) depends on a lot of external factors and information you collect from monitoring the results will tell the changes you need to make in order to improve chances of success.

So, when do you plan to opt for medical marketing services?

Why You Need a Creative Agency

Reaching out to your targeted audience is not easy. You need a great team and strategy in place that can help you obtain great results. But, not all businesses can afford such team. And when you don’t have a good team, it is hard to make a compelling strategy.

Here comes a creative agency. Are you wondering how? Read on to learn how it can help you achieve your goal.

Makes Your Brand Social

There is an expression “birds of a feather flock together”. Social media platforms are great places for like-minded people to meet. Community groups are some of the social circles where like-minded people come to share their thoughts and opinions.

A good creative agency ( ) will align your business with social channels that your targeted customers are already using. The marketing agency will help you tap all channels where your customer exists and help you connect with them.

Helps Connect with the Right Audience

When you develop a marketing strategy, it is not always safe to adopt the cost effective ways to gain customers. Paid advertising gives you faster results. There are several paid marketing ad networks with powerful audience targeting features that can help you reach the right audience.

But, finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, a creative agency can make your job easy. Its experienced team can find the right Ad marketing channel for you where your target customers are searching for product and services that you are offering. And the ability to connect with your customers who are interested in your products will certainly give you a competitive advantage.

Helps You Connect with Your Audience through Contents

Content marketing is a potent inbound marketing tool. A good creative agency helps you set up a blog for your organization to establish your business as a leader in your industry. If you want to attract potential customers to your blog, you need to have answers to questions like -what are the keywords you should target, what is the marketing strategy you should adopt.

A creative agency takes the responsibility to set up, maintain your blog so that visitors to the blog are converted to potential customers and directed towards your website.

Help You Connect with Like-Minded Brands

Consolidated team effort with like-minded brand will extend your reach and help you reach collective market with ease. A creative agency can find like-minded business partners who will help contribute to your online efforts. Your complimentary partners can comment and post on each other’s blog and share each media posts or even co-host a webinar.

Looking at the benefits provided, hiring creative agency Seattle ( ) seems a good idea because such agencies have diverse client portfolio and more experience which helps them understand what works and what don’t. Every creative agency has a series of time tested strategies and best practices which are used to devise a successful marketing strategy that will help you reach targeted customers.