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A Beginner’s Guide on Picture Lamps

The best way to do is installing picture lamps. Yes, picture lights are used all over the world to display artwork. In museums and galleries ( ), you will find painting and artwork are illuminated with picture lights. These lights create the perfect background and lighting for the art to be displayed.

Picture lamps are also used in the homes to enhance the beauty of the artwork. They can enhance the beauty of the artwork manifolds. But for that, first, you have to the find the right picture lamp and then install it properly to illuminate the artwork.

How to Choose the Right Picture Light?

Here are the three things which you need to keep in mind to choose the right picture light for your artwork:

Size of picture light

There is no exact rule for choosing the right size of the picture lamps. The general thumb rule is that the width of the picture light should be half of the width of the artwork excluding the framework. This principal works best for the artworks of small size. If your artwork is of large size, then the width of the picture light should vary in between half to one-third of the width of artwork.

Style of picture light

What style of picture light will suit best- Wall mount or Frame mount? Wall mount picture lamps are mounted on the wall and sit at the top of the framework whereas frame mount picture lamps are mounted on the frame itself. Both serve the same purpose. It’s just frame mount picture lights provide you the freedom of movement of picture light with artwork.

Type of picture light

Picture lights are of three types- Plug-in, Direct Wire and Battery Operated. Plug-in picture light gets power by plugging into a power source. Direct wire picture light is hardwired into the home's electric fitting. It is permanently fixed into walls and cannot be repositioned freely like plug-in and battery operated lights. And, battery-operated picture light uses the inbuilt battery as power source.

Where to position picture lights?

Here are the few suggestions to position the picture lamps right:

• Focus the beam of picture light to the center of the artwork. It allows picture light to illuminate the bottom and top of the artwork equally.

• Make sure picture light is placed approximately at the eye level.

• The angle between picture light and artwork should be thirty degrees.

So these were the few tips on choosing the right picture light and its installation. If you have not illuminated your artwork with the picture lamps ( ), it is time you should do that and witness the magic of picture lamps.

Onion Lights- Decorate Your Home in Style

As the name suggests, the shape of lanterns is similar to the shape of the onion. These lanterns are made of metal and have onion-shaped glass globe which shields the bulb. The globe of the lantern protects the bulb of the lantern. Initially, there was no caging of the globe but with time cage also become the part of onion lantern. A cage shields the bulbous globe and protects globe from breaking.

Onion lanterns can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting but best suited for outdoor lighting. Onion lanterns can be hanged to the wall, mounted to the ceiling ( crescentharbor/onion-lights ), or mounted to the post. This versatility of functionality makes onion lights a perfect choice for decorative lighting of the home.

For outdoor lighting, these can be installed on the front door, side door, porches, and patios. A pair of onion light on both sides of the entry gate gives a cozy and warm look to your home. However, for indoor lighting, they are best suited for stairways, hallways, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. The main purpose of the onion lights is to decorate the home. You can add the element of uniqueness to your rooms with classic metal onion lanterns.

There is an enormous range of onion lights are out there in the market. Let’s have a look at the three basic styles of onion lanterns.

Classic Hooked Brass Lantern

This lantern is made of the brass and hooked to the wall. It has curved hook and bubble-filled glass. It is protected by the round brass cage. Brass finishing of the lantern gives it a cozy look.

Posts mount Brass Onion Lights

These lights are mounted on the posts and designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions. They are made of handcrafted brass and oval shaped glass globe which is covered with the brass ring.

Cage-free Lantern

If you do not like the cage around the globe ( ), then you can opt for the cage-free onion lights. These are generally used for the interior accent lighting. Cage-free lighting is best suited for rooms and hallways where the chance of breakage is minimal.

These are the three basic styles of the onion lanterns. However, in the market, you will find the lanterns made of different metals such as chromium, aluminum, bronze, and brass. Shapes of the ring can also vary from lantern to lantern.

So, you have the luxury of choosing from the wide range of styles of onion lights and decorating your home in style.

Enhance the Beauty of Home with Outdoor Light Fixtures

So what are outdoor light fixtures and its different types, today we will find answers to these questions? Let’s begin.

What are outdoor light fixtures?

Outdoor light fixtures are the outdoor lighting arrangement ( ) which provides lighting for the safe and secure transit and adding curb appeal to the home. Like indoor lighting, outdoor lighting is also installed to provide ambience lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Depending on the functionality these are divided into various categories. Let's have a look at it.

Types of outdoor light fixtures

Wall lights

These are the most popular type of the light fixtures. You will find it in almost every home. As the name suggests wall lights are attached to the walls of the home. Wall lights can be mounted vertically on any surface. These are installed on the entryways, patios, garages, and exterior walls of the property. Wall lights ensure the safe and secure movement through exterior pathways and avoid accidents. Sconces are quite popular for the outdoor lighting and outdoor decoration of the property.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are attached to the ceiling of the house. These lights are not mounted vertically to the walls instead of attached to the ceiling horizontally. These lights have a flush mount that illuminates the area beneath it. These outdoor lighting fixtures are used both for the ambient lighting and decorative lighting.

Hanging lights

Unlike ceiling mount, these lights hang to the ceiling. These light fixtures are mainly used for the decorative purposes and best suited for gardens, backyards, and patios.

Post lights

Post lights are used for illuminating walkways, driveways, and patios. These lights are mounted on the top of posts and wet rated that is they can withstand the exposure to rain, snow, and moisture. These lights not only serve the functionality of task lighting but also add to the appearance of the property. Post light fixture comes in the variety of design and shape.

Landscape lights

This type of lighting is used for the decoration of your garden and pathways. Landscape lighting illuminates the garden and outdoor area. Not only it ensures the safe movement but also make your property look rich. These outdoor light fixtures ( ) enhance the appearance of the property significantly. Landscape lights can also be used for the decoration of the backyard.

These are the basic five types of outdoor light fixtures that can be installed to provide ample light to ensure the safe and secure passage and enhancing the beauty of the home.

What are the Key Advantages of Using Stand Up Office Desk?

Stand up office desk is an arrangement of furniture ( ) that allows you to work while standing. It is best suited for working professionals who have to sit for eight hours a day.

Stand up office desks offer a wide range of benefits. Let’s have a look at five key benefits of using stand up office desk.

Reduce risk of obesity

We all know sitting for prolonged hours increase the risk of obesity. Stand up office desk helps to avoid this. Studies have shown working while standing burns more calories than sitting. So, simply standing while working is a great way to avoid weight gain.

Better body posture

You often heard of people who indulged in office job complaining about back pain. Poor body posture and prolonged sitting are a cause of this. Standing desk gives you the freedom of standing while working. You can maintain better body posture with the simple act of standing. It relaxes your body, encourages organic movement of the body, and reduces back pain.

Active working style

Our mind and body need break. Doctors keep telling us, sitting all the day is not good for health. Therefore, one needs an active workplace where he can work in a more active manner. Stand up desk is the best when it comes to making your workstation more active. Your employees can work for a few hours while standing. It keeps their energy level up and body active. More importantly, when you work while standing, it automatically encourages you to take a few steps when feeling lethargic. All of this makes you more active which is good for health.

Reduce blood sugar levels

The simple act of standing while working has a great impact on the whole body metabolism. After having lunch if you work while standing instead of sitting, it helps in reducing blood sugar levels and overcoming laziness. This is very good for the body and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Comfortable and Improve productivity

Standing desks help in improving productivity. When you are active and there is less strain in the body, it enhances efficiency automatically. Sitting for long hours makes you lethargic. With the help of standing desks ( ), you can create the right balance between sitting and standing. You can adjust the height of the standing desk as per your comfort and work more productively.

These are the five key benefits of stand up office desk. If you are tired and bored of sitting long hours at a workplace, standing desks can be a good addition to your workplace. With help of these desks, you can make your office space more active and agile.

How Should You Select the Yoga Mat Bag?

Your mat needs care and irrelevant of whether you leave your yoga mat bag in your car or take it along with you, it is important that you ensure that the bag that you use to store your mat is sustainable and a good fit. There are many different varieties and styles of yoga bags ( livewell360/yoga-mat-bag ) for your mat so you need to spend some time in researching and choosing the right one.

Things that one should consider before purchasing yoga mat bag.

1. The size of your mat bag is important. The standard sized mats will easily fit into most of the bags. However, make sure that you check it out because you do not want to end up squeezing your mat. If you use an extra thick or long mat then be particularly choosy about which bag you select for your yoga mat. These mats do not fit into the standard sized bags available for your yoga mats.

2. The bags come in varied styles. You could choose a bag that can be used exclusively to keep your yoga mat. Alternatively, you could purchase a multi-purpose bag that can fit your other valuables too. There are bags that have a backpack look or you could choose the horizontal tote bag that can be worn on your one shoulder. It is all about what you prefer so narrow down your choices carefully.

3. The material of the bag should be durable so that it serves you for a long time. The yoga mat bag should also be stain and water resistant so that it protects the belongings in the bag. Many yoga mat bags are designed using materials that are breathable. This is highly recommended because it helps to prevent any bacterial growth.

4. It is crucial to check the pockets and the closure systems. The bags could have the pockets on the outside or in the bag. These could be sealed using a Velcro or a zip. You need to make sure that you check these because you may have to leave your valuables behind when you are practicing yoga. In addition, if you will be carrying your mobile phone along with you then choose the bag ( ) with padded pouches. The bags have a variety of strap designs from long shoulder to a cross body strap. The strap should be adjustable.

There are many subtle differences and this is what you should be careful about when picking up a yoga mat bag. No one baggage fits all. Buying the perfect bag is all about your individual preferences and your personal taste.