Discovering Jewish Assisted Living

The Jewish culture and long standing family tradition of Jewish people go hand in hand. Jewish children honor their elderly and their parents by showing complete respect for their life experiences. They work hard to keep communication lines open with their aging adults. There is an extraordinarily strong knit community and sense of belonging within Jewish families. There are times when Jewish families have to deal with the aging senior in the family suffering from medical issues and diminishing abilities. It is these factors that signify it is time to get help. It is unfortunate when this happens to anyone, but it does happen. For many generations, the younger members of the family were able to care for their seniors in the family but now the economy, hustle and bustle of life and finances are restricting families. This has made Jewish assisted living more of a consideration for parents than ever before.


With these limitations at home, children must now look at other alternatives. However, the adult children of elder parents are most reluctant to hand the reigns of their parents care over to outsiders of the family. This is where many children are discovering the benefits of Jewish assisted living homes. These same children also must realize that their lovely parents are dealing with dramatic life events. These include losing their independence and having many of their friends and loved ones passing. These are extremely hard changes that take a lot of strength to deal with. Then when seniors learn they must move out of their home and get help, they feel even worse. For those people dealing with this circumstance in your home, consider Jewish assisted living for your loved aging parent so as to make their life the best.

Los Angeles and the surrounding California towns offer Jewish assisted living for the elderly in the Jewish community. They are able to give your parent a friendly and warm place to live that makes them feel as at home. Your parent no longer needs to worry about the responsibilities in life that could harm them, such as the upkeep of a home and lawn care. Most facilities are going to offer their residents house keeping services, laundry pickup, transportation to medical appointments, synagogue access, lectures and Torah classes. The services and amenities allow residents to form a strong bond. This deeply knitted feeling of community encourages your senior to live their life to the fullest and with the same strong tradition they have always strived to maintain.


The Jewish assisted living homes will accommodate the needs of the resident based on his or her individual needs, wants and desires. They take into account the comfort level and ease that people have when it comes to doing things for themselves. Special nutritional services are provided to seniors in the communities as well as the offering of three kosher meals a day. Group events, social activities, scheduled outings and family focused dates are just part of what is included that appeal to seniors seeking residence in Jewish assisted living homes.

When there are so many features available that optimize their quality of life it is easy for the senior to see that they can be happy and independent. When the children in the family can trust that their parent is taken care of, and that they have assistance on hand for medical and personal needs, it is easy for them to enlist the welcoming and caring services of a Jewish assisted living community for their parent.

This guest post was written by Charise Masiejczyk, on behalf of Palm Court, offering independent living facilities for a healthy and happy life. If you are looking for more senior living advice, you may visit About.com.

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