Let a Website Designer Take Your Site from Good to Great

Your website lets your customers see inside your company. A good website designer will open a window to the world for you. A good website is one of the most important marketing tools your business can have, and a good website designer makes the difference between good and great.


Your business can’t do without a website. Everyone nowadays expects you to have one. Not having a website is the same as not having a phone. If your business doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, they will become frustrated, and mistrusting. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about them, or don’t have the time to build and maintain one. That’s what website designers are for. A website contains everything a prospective client might want to know about you. It can have staff bios, products, interesting articles, video and photographs.

Websites are an efficient tool for your business. With a website the amount of people that your product can reach is much larger than a storefront alone. The staff in the store can serve only three or four people at a time, but a website can sell to hundreds at once. Even more, people can view the products, compare them, buy them, show them to friends, and buy them for friends. A website designer enhances the product even further by providing an online store that is even easier for people to use than the store itself. If your business is retail, the website designer can make shopping easier, with tools such as targeted advertising and sales.

But a website alone is not enough, as social media tools like Facebook or twitter are not enough. Your website has to be great, not just good, in order to make users into customers. The internet today is a busy world and its users are smart. Twenty years ago, websites were simpler. They were fewer and they were quieter, and people loved them. Today, people are not as enamored as they once were with the Internet. Customers have little patience for bad sites, or sites that require them to make too many clicks. A website designer can give you a site that makes a good first impression.

When the website designer is creating a winning website he or she considers the design. He first thing we humans want in anything is something that visually appeals. Another important thing is something to grab attention and keep people’s interest where you want it. Keep them coming back, even if they don’t purchase today. A website should also be easy to navigate. People should quickly find their way backwards and forwards, or get back to the beginning. Overloading the senses makes it too easy to turn off. The final need of your website is content. The content needs to be current and fresh. Change it, and give people a lot to look at and interest them. Varied content provides something for everyone. There should be some written information, photographs, video and a few interactive tools.

A website is crucial. A good website is good, but with a good website designer, your website can be great, and a great website will bring in more customers.

This article was written by Vicenta Jeantet, on behalf of Dburns Design, offering you customized website design solutions. To know about items critical for business websites, you may also visit About.com.

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What to Expect from SEO Experts in Virginia

Virginia SEO experts use organic methods to attain high ranking in the search engines. Improved ranking increases visibility of the targeted clients to your site. Drastic changes can be made in on-page and off-page factors with whitehat techniques used by SEO experts in Virginia or for that matter in any other parts of the world. Professional SEO experts employ ethical methods and abide by the guidelines stipulated by search engines. Following whitehat techniques eliminates the chances of getting penalized by search engines.


Here we shall discuss the different ethical strategies SEO experts adopt to improve search engine rankings:

• In organic SEO, content creation is very important. Reputed SEO services in Virginia offer organic SEO services with keyword inclusion and content creation for on-site and off-site SEO.

• To identify the most searched keywords, search engine optimization experts identify the keywords that are most popular, moderately popular or not so popular. In many cases a site ranks high on search engines like Google but cannot draw sufficient visitors. This happens when keywords are not researched well. Word Tracker and Google’s External Keyword Research Tool help to find the mostly searched keywords in a niche.

• Another important aspect of SEO constitutes analysis of traffic trends. Virginia experts analyze the total number of visits to a website as well as the amounts required to meet targets. Traffic trend analysis is performed on a periodical basis by the SEO experts.

• Organic SEO includes some off page factors as well. Experts ensure effective SEO with different techniques like press release submission, directory submissions, social bookmarking, blog commenting, blogging, forum posting and link building techniques to increase the visibility of a website.

SEO experts in Virginia offer the following services:

1. Web Hosting, Designing and Marketing

2. Social Network Marketing

3. Search Engine Marketing

4. Organic Search Engine Optimization

You must always look for SEO firms with proven optimization procedures, if you want reliable service and do not want to waste your time, efforts and money. Reputed SEO firms keep themselves updated about the latest market trends and implement the top SEO strategies and contemporary marketing techniques to guarantee potential traffic and maximum visits.


Small as well as the big businesses are facing fierce competition these days and a mere web presence is no longer considered sufficient. Hence, if you want to improve your online presence and improve the visibility of your products and services, you must not hesitate to invest in good SEO experts. You will be amazed to see the huge difference in your business when you hire the experienced and professional experts. Affordability with good results is what you can expect from a good SEO company. You can ask for references from your friends and also consider experience of the SEO experts before pressing them into service. This will help you get a better insight into their credibility. You can take your business to the next higher level, provided you choose the right professional service.

This article was written by Noma Dobrich, on behalf of 99MediaLab, offering you comprehensive and affordable web design solutions. To know about SEO analysis, you may also visit Wisegeek.com.

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New Features of Magento Ecommerce Solution

Magento ecommerce platform offer customised solutions with different modules and extensions. Profitability of an organisation increases with this open source platform. On 8th February 2011, Magento took a giant leap towards advancement. It announced the release of Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Community Edition, and Magento Platform. Here we shall discuss about some of the new features of Magento enterprise release:


Order Management: One of the greatest advantages of Magento platform is the way orders are managed. With the help of call centre module, administrators get transparent control over an e-store. For different products, product configuration changes can be done by a call centre representative on the admin side and by the customers during the course of the complete shopping process. Customers can easily remove products from the shopping cart to the wish list and vice versa. Magento offers different order status such as pending, waiting, suspected fraud, decline, complete, cancelled, processing, payment, and new. Magento ecommerce solution has made it easier for customers to easily manage as well as customise status of their orders with this new up gradation.

Payment Methods: Authorize.Net and PayPal are the two payment gateways added by Magento. Admin can quickly add new or customise payment methods with this. The different payment methods included are gift cards, prepaid cards, debit cards and credit cards. Admin selects the mode of payment based on the rules and regulations of a country. Customers can make payments on Authorize.Net or PayPal from any integrated iFrame page, without worrying about the aspect of security. This particular feature does not support multiple-shopping checkout or partial authorisation.

Authorize.Net Payment Functionality Enhancements: New features that Magento ecommerce provides are compliant with authorization of .Net payments. Three new features related to this are authorisation reversal, partial authorisation and balance response. These features help customers use multiple gift cards, pre-paid cards, debit cards for online purchases.

• Balance Response help customers and administrators access card balance information in course of order confirmation on credit memos, shipping and invoice.

• Partial Authorization allows customers to make a single order payment using five pre paid cards, debit cards and gift cards. This flexibility extends to all orders. With a single order ID, administrators as well as customers can view multiple transaction authorisations.

• Authorization reversal helps customer decide if they want to cancel an order. In this case, the administrator can release payments without waiting for any further information.

• Gift options feature is added for product level as well as system level for all product types. Administrators generally charge for gift wrapping and at times can also add taxes for this option. Information regarding gift wrapping is included in credit memos, shipments, invoices and orders.


These aforementioned benefits of using Magento ecommerce have prompted businessmen to hire Magento developers and took their business to the next higher level. The user friendly features of an ecommerce site prompts customers to come back to the site again and again whenever they want to shop.

This article was written by Sheila Rothermich, on behalf of One Creations Limited, offering comprehensive web design solutions. To know how you can use Magento connect, you may also visit magentoeccomrce.com.

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Hire a Magento Developer for Attractive Magneto Themes

Magento being one of the most powerful and flexible open source ecommerce platforms has become popular all over the world. A quality Magento developer can easily outsource Magento development with utmost ease and efficiency. Here we shall discuss how the developers use Magento theme hierarchy while developing an ecommerce site:


Magento developers add hooks to the whole core functionality of Magneto. So, if you want to work with the magic, it is very important that you hire the professional Magneto developers, who shall create magic with the themes. Edit based packages are highly suitable for those who look forward to making customizations. Design package directories can be used to make customizations and create your own themes. Magneto developers copy file that require alterations from the base to the custom package. Thereafter, they make the necessary changes according to your requirement.

While rendering themes, fall back logic is used. This has now been expanded today. In case a theme looks for a CSS file, but finds it difficult, it then works down the hierarchy of themes until it gets the file it was searching for. Fall back refers to the method of building designs. The application requires a possible source to load or retrieve the required files. When used correctly, the fall back mechanism helps to manage, edit and add files that require change. The functionality is offered by the base package or custom package. A Magento developer introduces the base package three times, by virtue of which they have to maintain less coding. By simply altering the CSS, the developers implement blank or default themes. This helps them to get layout files and entire template from the base package. This helps in upgrading the custom themes and reduces the hassle of maintaining codes as well. The core functionality is made available by base packages and then overridden by the custom packages. A Magento developer:

• Maximises the power of customization

• Ensure uninterrupted work-flow

• Minimize the time for debugging

• Offers search engine friendly theme designs

• XHTML/CSS enhancements for templates and themes

• Product image optimization like cropping, re-sizing

• Developing appealing graphics and background designs

Delegating the task of ecommerce site development on experts will ensure that you will get technical support round the clock and need not worry about the ongoing maintenance phases as well. You can rely on them for technical assistance to install themes, without affecting the overall appeal and layout of the online store. You will be amazed to find your business reaching unprecedented heights with professional Magneto developers. You can see your annual profit margins increasing and your business ROI increasing as well. So, if you are looking for the professional developers, you can search for them online. With online search you can get details about the kind of services they offer and about their reputation in the market. You can talk to the experts available online and clear your doubts and concerns as well.

This article was written by Deja Morten, on behalf of One Creations, offering you affordable and quality web design services. For more information on Magneto ecommerce solution, you may also visit magentocommerce.com.

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