What to Expect from Grease Trap Cleaning Service?

Installing and using any system is easier than maintaining that system and this is why grease trap cleaning service is required for grease traps. People often find it difficult to maintain the grease trap installed at their property and have concerns such as when it should be cleaned, how to clean it ( draneranger.com/grease-grit-lint-traps ), and who should clean it. The service of the grease trap depends upon its usage and the volume of grease it accumulates, but there are facts about grease traps that can answer these concerns.

What is grease trap?

Grease trap is a pumping system that prevents FATS (fats, oils, grease, and solids) from reaching the wastewater treatment plant. There are different sizes of grease trap available and are used at both commercial and residential properties. Since the grease trap stops decompose to pass into the sewer system, regular grease trap cleaning service is required. If it is left unclean for longer, there may be a foul odor, blocked grain pipes, restricted water flow all causing the system breakdown.

How frequent should grease trap be cleaned?

• Grease trap cleaning service measures the grease water ratio of the waste which helps in deciding its cleaning cycle.

• Grease tank at places like restaurants, school cafeteria, or coffee shop might need frequent cleaning because of the high volume of sludge whereas the grease trap at a residential property might not need equally frequent cleaning.

• Some companies also follow the one-fourth rule where grease traps are cleaned when the one-fourth part of them are filled with FATS. This means on an average; every grease trap must be cleaned at least once in a month or three according to their size.

How is grease trap cleaned?

Grease trap is cleaned in different stages during grease trap cleaning service.

• The lid of the grease tank is removed and cleared of all the deposits at the top of the grease tank.

• After the top is cleared, remaining sludge is pumped out of the grease tank.

• Once it is cleared of all the liquid and the deposits, the lid, sides, and baffles are cleaned using the scrapers.

• The inlets and outlets of the pipes are also cleaned of any kind of accumulations.

• At last, a test is run through the system using the water to check the smooth flow, and wherever required, cleaning is done again.

• The deposit which is removed from the grease trap is disposed at the dedicated place in compliance with local regulation.

Who should clean the grease trap?

Grease trap cleaning service is provided by the registered companies. The companies have the trained professionals and are equipped with proper machineries and a protocol of cleaning ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ). These professionals are also approved by the local regulation of their training. It is required for every grease trap to have a maintenance report that explains the time and method of its cleaning. The report is also prepared by the team of service provider.

Reasons Why Metal Mailbox Post is Popular

Although mails are rare in the modern digital era, mailboxes are still in vogue. There are different types of mailboxes, which find use as outdoor accessories. Most homeowners prefer to choose metal mailbox for their homes ( dresstheyard.com/metal-mailbox-posts ) as it is ingrained with a number of beneficial features. There are various types of metal mailboxes available for residential and commercial spaces.

Some Beneficial Features


Metal mailbox posts are durable and rugged compared to the plastic counterparts. Moreover, it is strong and elegant in appearance.

High quality

Mailboxes made of metal are relatively high in quality. With intricate designs, these mailboxes complement the décor of your home.

Reasonably priced

Contrary to popular beliefs, metal mailboxes are available at reasonable prices. You can find a plethora of designs, size, and styles of mailboxes on many of the online stores.

Safe and protective

Metal mailboxes and posts are quite strong. It is difficult to tamper mailboxes made of metal due to its enhanced security locking features.

Copper mailbox

Rust proof

Copper mailboxes tend to appear better with time. It seldom rusts compared to other metal mailboxes.

Curb appeal

Most people install metal mailboxes as it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the home. Copper mailboxes exude charm and elegance as it is quite different from the common mailboxes installed in your neighborhood.

Original and classic appearance

Copper mailboxes have a decorative appearance compared to the plastic and vinyl mailboxes.

Cast Aluminum Mailbox

Another variety of metal mailbox is the cast aluminum mailbox, which is widely chosen by most of the homeowners. These mailboxes have a number of beneficial features such as ease of maintenance, lightweight, extra durability and so forth.

Easy to maintain

Metal mailboxes are susceptible to rust but not cast aluminum mailbox. It is practically rust free and hardly requires any maintenance. Cast aluminum mailboxes are even better than wooden mailboxes as it seldom cracks when exposed to the sun.

Intricate designs and details

One of the best advantages of using cast aluminum mailbox is that the finished product is inclusive of fine decorative details. You can find beautiful metal mailbox post in cast aluminum in different styles and sizes. It is difficult to find fine decorative details on other types of metal mailboxes, which is why cast aluminum mailbox has a beauty of its own.


Compared to wooden and steel mailboxes, cast aluminum mailbox is light in weight. This makes it easier to handle and install these mailboxes.

Metal mailbox posts are available in myriad of colors and styles to suit different types of residential properties. You can easily choose the most appropriate metal mailbox that complements your home or office space.

As your mailbox is one of the first things that people notice when they enter your driveway ( www.dresstheyard.com/blogs/news ), it is essential to choose a mailbox that speaks volumes about your style and personality.

Different Types of Wooden Yard Lighthouses for Sale

Yard lighthouses play a prominent role in transforming your garden, backyard, and patio into a beautiful and memorable space. Nowadays most of the homeowners are using miniature lighthouses in their yards to add an aesthetical charm to the landscape. You can find an assortment of yard lighthouses for sale ( Dresstheyard/lighthouses ) as it is quite trendy.

Yard lighthouses have a unique allure with exceptional designs that enhance gardens, patios and backyards. You can find different types of miniature lighthouses made from stone, cast aluminum, and so forth. However, wooden yard lighthouses are quite popular as it exudes a rustic charm and elegance.

Various Types of Wooden Yard Lighthouses

Wooden yard lighthouses are available in a wide range of colors and designs to complement different garden decors. Handcrafted to perfection, these miniature lighthouses are long lasting with the ability to withstand elements. Some of the most popular varieties of wooden lighthouses for your yard include the following.

Assateague wooden lighthouse

Built from natural wood, the Assateague wooden lighthouse is one of the most beautiful replicas of the original lighthouse. Designed with simplicity and precision, this miniature lighthouse has plastic windows and doors that appear quite similar to the original version. This yard lighthouse is equipped with a 40-watt bulb and operates on electric current. You can also customize this wooden yard lighthouse according to the décor of your garden. It is also available in different sizes to suit different types of gardens. It also includes several accessories such as rotating beacon, lens, remote control, and so forth.

Cape Henry wooden lighthouse

Another variety of yard lighthouse made of wood is the Cape Henry lighthouse. This miniature replica has intricate designs with an alluring charm that appears tantamount to the original. This yard lighthouse is available in different customizable colors and designs. You can custom order this miniature version of Cape Henry lighthouse to beautify your yard and garden. It is also equipped with halogen bulbs and other accessories.

Barnegat wooden lighthouse

This handmade lawn lighthouse exudes an impeccable beauty and warmth with its exceptional designs and style. It matches the real version of Barnegat lighthouse. It includes decorative chains, glass panels, plastic doors, and windows. It is available in a huge range of sizes to suit different types of gardens and patios. You can customize this wooden lighthouse with different colors and extra height too.

Cape Lookout wooden lighthouse

Sturdy, hand painted and designed meticulously, this wooden lighthouse is another magnificent addition to your garden or yard. Built with high quality natural wood ( www.dresstheyard.com/blogs/news ), this lighthouse replica also includes attractive windows and doors made of plastic. It also includes a range of lighting options and other accessories.

There are several other varieties of yard lighthouses for sale on many of the reputed online stores at affordable prices. All you need to do is choose the right one that adds a touch of finesse to your garden.

Embellish Your Patio with Wooden Bird Feeders

What could be a better way to improvise your garden than a bird feeder and even more if you are a bird lover? Wooden bird feeders are perfect embellishments to your garden ( Dresstheyard/wooden-bird-feeders ), and patio. You can find a plethora of bird feeders made of different materials in various beautiful designs and styles. These bird feeders can augment the appearance of your garden and patio in indescribable ways.

Beautiful Wooden Bird Feeders- Why Choose Them?

Bird feeders made of wood are quite common and widely available these days. You have a huge assortment of designs, size, and styles of feeders made of different types of wood. It can be quite a perplexing task to choose the most perfect and beautiful feeder for your birds.

Wooden bird feeders are durable with the ability to withstand the vagaries of nature. You can find elegant types of bird feeders made of cedar, redwood, pine, and so forth. Most of these varieties of feeders add a sophisticated touch to your home and patio.

You can easily find bird feeders made of wood in any size you require. However, before you choose to buy a bird feeder, it is important to consider the type of birds you want to attract to your garden or patio. There are different types of feeders for different types of birds. You can choose an elegant and pricey bird feeder for a formal type of garden. On the other hand, you can buy a colorful and whimsical type of feeder to compliments your rustic garden.

Wooden bird feeders have a natural appearance, which seldom imitates other types of feeders made of metal or plastic, making it all the more popular. You can find these bird feeders in figurative images and decorative colors.

Decorative Bird Feeders Made of Wood

You can find decorative bird feeders made from an assortment of wood that includes bamboo, cedar, and pine. These feeders appear traditional and rustic. It adds an element of class and elegance to your garden.

Some of the most common types of bird feeders are range style feeders with suet, hopper feeders, tray feeders, vertical wave feeder, gazebo wood feeder, and so forth. All these feeders have designs that can complement your garden and attract beautiful and rare birds.

Finding the perfect wooden bird feeder is no longer a difficult task as you have so many choices available both online and offline. There are basic bird feeders made of elegant wood for a minimalistic and simple backyard. It is durable without any extravagant designs and adds a touch of class to your home and patio.

You can also choose large bird feeders with roofs ( www.dresstheyard.com/blogs/news ) for enhanced visibility. It is also easy to clean these bird feeders. These bird feeders also have extra seed holding capacity for a longer period.

Wooden bird feeders can literally transform your garden into a peaceful and beautiful place of retreat where you can enjoy nature with all types of birds chirping and feeding in your garden.

Tips to Select Unique and Offbeat Yard Lighthouses from a Sale

The outdoor areas of a house like the garden, patio, porch, driveway, lawn, and yard provide a creative playground for homeowners who love to deck up their abodes with décor objects and accessories. One such accessory that’s commonly found adorning lawns and yards is the wooden lighthouse. From miniature models to larger ( Dresstheyard.com/lighthouses ), people-sized designs, these lighthouses add visual interest to the landscape and exterior parts of the house. These nautical beauties are a favorite among lovers of coastal themes and who wish to bring home the charm of the island, rocks, and all things seafaring to their homes. Wooden lighthouse models are available for sale most parts of the year. Here are some tips to help you pick interesting and offbeat products that serve as focal points.

# 1 - Select replicas

Lighthouses that are miniature replicas of the actual ones found on islands and along coasts evoke an unusual nautical charm. Some commonly found replicas include St. Augustine, Oak Island, Tybee Island, Cape May, Fire Island etc. Installing a replica can say a lot of things – it may be that you’ve visited the lighthouse and were mesmerized by it. Or you simply may have read about it in books or seen an image and wish to pay a visit sometime in the future. Having one or more replicas is also a great way to build a collection, especially if you are a fan of all things nautical.

# 2 - Choose colorful designs

Most lighthouses are painted in the typical nautical colors including black, white, navy blue, and crimson. However, to add an element of interest, pick ones in offbeat color and designs such as vertical stripes, diagonal or zigzag patterns. Think lighthouses painted in the colors of your favorite sports team – navy and white pinstripe designs for New York Yankees, black and orange for Baltimore Orioles, purple and black for Baltimore Ravens, and so on. You could also hand paint a lighthouse in the colors of your choice.

# 3 - Pick handcrafted products

Handcrafted accessories are all about exclusivity and uniqueness. Though they appear similar, no two handcrafted pieces are ever alike. When buying a yard lighthouse on sale, look for handmade and hand painted pieces, such as handcrafted Amish lighthouses. These accessories made by skilled artisans have a rich, living feel and over time become legacy pieces that get passed on from generation to generation.

# 4 – Opt for LED or solar-powered lamps

Yard lighthouses sold today are designed to meet the expectations and needs of the new age, energy-conscious consumers. Exactly why there exist LED and solar-powered lamps to illuminate the inside of the lighthouses. Such lamps look very much like those that use electrical supply ( www.dresstheyard.com/shipping-returns ) but are often brighter and easier to install. Many of them also come with a revolving beacon to imitate the actual functioning of a lighthouse. Such energy-efficient outdoor décor items not only help save money but also lend an eco-friendly twist to your green thumb.