Determine the Must-Have Attributes in Gym Backpack with Shoe Compartment

Prior to investing money in a high-quality gym backpack with shoe compartment, you should diligently ponder certain factors that help you reach the ideally one that you are in quest of. Judge carefully, its purpose of use; like whether it would be used only for your gym or workout purpose, or it likely to accompany you on holidays, weekends as you leave for hiking, hunting, fishing being a outdoor enthusiast. The whole idea of this homework is picking up a perfectly purposeful, long-lasting budget based gym backpack complementing to your status, style, and personality.

The Perfect Material for Your Gym Backpack with Shoe Compartment

Undeniably, the selection process of your gym backpack with shoe compartment ( https://www.Livewell360.com/Gym-backpack ) should begin with the assessment of the material in terms of its sturdiness, visual appeal, and maintenance that eventually determine how long you are going to use it. Materials that are commonly preferred are three types.


Amidst all kinds, no doubt, nylon finished gym bags are the No. 1 selling products in the global market. Right from teen college girls to gym enthusiast homemakers or highly active professional women as well as men of all ages, love investing in nylon produces. The key causes that make synthetic nylon so popular are because of their lightweight, aesthetic, robustness and no-hassle maintenance. The ever-increasing demand of nylon gym bags has inspired producers to satisfy buyers need with sizes, features, and carrying options.


Materials made of canvas are no doubt inexpensive, relatively lightweight, and lasting. They are easy to clean and are used extensively even though not up to the level of nylon. The lacking sides of canvas that makes it less popular is they are not fit to carry valuable gears like camera or laptop while canvas hold dirt easily, absorb moisture and vulnerable to wear and tear.


Very stylish, visually appealing and tough, however, extremely expensive. Leather is very much prone to fast scratch and abrasion and unfit to carry sweaty or wet clothes.

Popular Features

Shoe and Wet Cloth Compartment

Once you choose the right material, in the next process, go through the features considering your need purpose and budget. Given that, shoe compartment in your gym bag is a must-have for you; therefore make sure that the product you buy is prepared with an ideal shoe compartment. Keep in mind, a shoe compartment must be mesh type that equally applies for wet costumes. They should be completely isolated compartments that help keep all your other gears tidy, hygienic, and odor free.

Other Counters

Like many others, as you carry things like laptop, I-phone, office docs, toiletries, water bottle and necessary costumes ( https://www.Livewell360.com/Products ), choose a backpack with shoe compartment that has more than your needed numbers of counters and pouches. Ensure the bag is 100% waterproof, having cautioned compartment to keep your valuables.

Construction and Carrying Straps

Look for well-built construction, superior standard rust-resistant hardware, zippers, fasteners, clasps that make your product lasting for ages. Make sure that the gym bag is equipped with padded well breathable net strapping with heavy duty stitching.

Catch the Most Ideal Girls Gym Bag Online Out of the Globally Popular Series

No denying, when it comes to girls gym bag, everyone’s best choice is super stylish, easy manageable, colorful bags that can hold ‘more than plenty’ of things of their necessities. While many love tossing everything into their big bags ( Livewell360.com/Girls-Gym-Bag ), most women go with compartmentalized keeping of required stuffs from laptop to Smartphones, knick-knacks to makeup box and costumes to towels within the zipped pocked, divided compartments and detachable pouches in a shipshape way.

Home to Gym plus Yoga Goers

It is rather bothersome to carry your eco friendly yoga mat in a single hand while carrying your girls gym bag slinging over the shoulder. Think of ideal duffel bags that come with heavy-duty mat holder in its frontal part. Waterproof nylon and high quality fabric duffels with plenty of inner zipped pockets, padded compartments and vented pouches keep your sweaty costumes isolated from other staffs. and among popular choice gym bags for women’s today. You can get duffel girls gym bags with handles plus shoulder straps that make them easy portable while you’re on the road or travelling in public transport. Make sure it is prepared with mesh outside water bottle and umbrella pockets that you may require anytime or every time. Never forget to get your gym bag with padlocking system.

Office to Gym plus Shopping Goers

With a slinging nautical handy tote, you simply look top-notch, smart, and super stylish, as committed in your professional setting, equally energetic in gym class and cool as you reaches the malls. With numerous compartments, detachable pouches, ventilated zippered pocket on the side or bottom you can easily carry everything of your necessities from laptop, keys, gym costume, toiletries plus makeup container, shoe, wet clothes in a practical and well-organized way. Look for especially hidden easy-reachable sachet inside to pick your lipstick cum mirror box or credit card without having to drive into the oceanic gears. As if the tote Girls Gym Bag series is especially designed for professionals like you who love, staying activated throughout the day in different looks of a profession, a sweaty yogi, and a shopping enthusiast.

Gym, Athlete and Outdoor Passionate

For constantly ‘on the toes’ gym and athletes who often get going to unwind with outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, or snorkeling, backpack like sweaty betty should be their best choice. With sleek outline corresponding to your figure and body type, larger space and profuse pockets and counters in built; you can access them online in varieties and with varied shoulder straps. Look for bass zippers, heavy duly, mesh wet cloth, and shoe counter featuring with waterproof and breathable materials. As many others, if you use motorbikes to reach your gym center ( Livewell360.com/Products ), sports group or boating club you can carry with backpack without any hassle due to its ease of carrying over the shoulder.

New and Stylish Small Gym Bag for Women

Designed specifically for girls and women, an average gym bag is designed in the latest style, fantastic colors, and sturdy materials. Slightly lighter in weight ( livewell360.com/products/the-core-2-0 ), it fits the women's frame better than the heavier men's gym bag does. Also, the female bags have lots of storage compartments for carrying personal items along with other added features.

The Core 2.0 is a nice lightweight medium sized gym bag for women. The bag has a highly sleek design, even when it is packed up to the top. It is highly comfortable to carry due to its small size, light weight and a broad strap made up of soft material and the seat belt material are also up to the mark along with a leatherback padding.

Features of the Small Gym Bag for Women-

1. The bag is a must have as the bag has space for almost anything even after its small size. The bag has a highly spacious interior with a large pocket with a zip facility to keep essentials in an organized manner. Also, there is another vented expandable pocket for the storage of dirty or sweaty clothes.

2. The bag is the best choice in case of travelling due to its number of pocket facilities. The bag is designed keeping in mind all the travelling requirements. There is a pocket for a water bottle at the exterior of the bag, along with a magnetic slip pocket for keeping the phone. There is a large pocket on the front with zip facility for quick access to items. There is another pocket in the interior of the bag; it is a padded pocket that is apt for carrying laptops and tablets of about 15 inches in size.

3. The bag is made up premium quality material which is not just water resistant but also odor resistant in nature. The bag is easy to clean. This bag also contains a special shoe bag in order to help you keep your shoes separately from your important stuff.

Material Used- Since these bags come with a lifetime guarantee; one should make this investment judiciously. Hence it is important to know the material used. The exterior of the bag is made up of top grade nylon which is lightweight in nature. The interior of the bag is lined with a modern heather grey poly liner which is taken from the limited edition LW metal plaque.


Before buying any gym bag ( Livewell360.com/Products ) it is important to check the size and the weight of the bag since it will ensure the suitability of the bag for the user. The weight of the bag is 2lbs. The size of the bag goes as follows:

Length - 21 inches

Height -13 inches

Base width -9 inches

Clutch Bags: Trendy yet Functional Accessories for Women

The clutch bag is, as the name suggests, is a kind of accessory usually clutched or grasped firmly by the hand. These bags often carry straps or handles but are not generally used as bags for day-long use. They are rather used as elegant add-ons that complement an outfit to a special occasion like a party, a night gala, a wedding, and so on.

The different parts in a clutch bag

Every clutch bag has a design that includes a frame, closure, lining, and gusset. The frame is what builds the body of the bag ( bellorita.com ), though many modern designs skip this component. The material that is used to make this accessory is usually folded into the frame and stitched around the edges. Traditional clutches were designed with metal frame and ball closures (also known as kiss-lock closures), which snapped together to keep the bag shut. However, many of them today carry other kinds of fold over closures that makes use of buttons, magnets, snaps, or zippers. The lining is the material sewn into the interiors of the clutch bag. It is typically made of fabric and protects the outer material from being damaged by the inner contents, especially keys, pens, or sharp objects. The lining also contains small items such as coins, earrings etc. from getting stuck in the seams of the bag and adds a style quotient when made from contrast fabric, quirky prints, and so on. The gussets in a clutch bag are material inserts that allow the clutch to be opened wide for accessing the contents inside. They also prevent cash, cards, keys etc., from spilling out when opened.


Clutch bags are available in many designs with different features. The shape of the bag is typically rectangular (also called envelope), but may also be oval, or have rounded or tapered edges. Bags maybe simple with minimal detailing or may carry embellishments and trimming such as laces, beads, cut outs, fold over, buckles, bows, metallic ornamentation, and so on. Such bags also come in a wide range of sizes from small purse-like ones to those that are almost as big as handbags. Small clutches are better suited for parties or evenings ( Bellorita/story ), while larger ones may be used for formal occasions. Additionally, many clutch bags also have small straps that serve as handles, or longer ones, which allow for the bag to sling over the shoulder. Such long straps may be made of metallic chains, beads, pearls etc. for added beauty.


Leather is a popular choice of material for clutch bags. They are expensive, but long lasting and timeless in beauty. Faux leather is also used widely to make more pocket-friendly versions. Other materials used to make such accessories are satin, velvet, silk, beads etc.

The clutch bag is an essential in every woman’s accessory drawer. It not only serves as a storage tool for essentials, but also adds flair to dressing, making it an apt choice for occasions.

Small Gym Bag for Women – To Help Them Tote Their Gear!

Getting ready for your gym class? Wait! Have you packed your bag well? If you are a woman who loves to sweat in grace and style, then here are few things that need to be necessarily packed in Small gym bag for Women.

1. Water bottle

It is said that water is the drink for a common man and when you are exercising this common drink becomes essential to give you some relief from your exercising schedule. A PET bottle is one of the most important things that you need to have in your gym bag to keep yourself hydrated during your work out sessions.

2. Face wipes

A woman can never part herself from her makeup, but when it comes to exercising, how much hard you try you can’t have that makeup on your face as you sweat, and all your makeup goes in vain. But if you want to have a clear face in your gym class ( livewell360.com/products/the-core-2-0 ), then you should be in possession of few face wipes to clear out the dust and sweat every time you feel so. Even these wipes are gonna help you out when you have smeared and smudged up makeup during your run on the treadmill. Using these wipes, you can also get yourself ready for a couple of gym selfies to post it on your social network to show your hard work out.

3. Cream

Moisturizing is another vital need of every woman who is in love with her skin. A BB or a Cc cream is another essential to have in your Small Gym Bag for Women to keep your face moisturized. It also helps to subtle down and reduces the tomato red color that you may have attained on your face while working out hard in your gym classes.

4. Deodorant

Deodorant or a bottle of perfume is another thing that you should have handy in your bag to save yourself from a bad odor day. To get some instant freshness and to feel free like a bird when you pass by someone you got to have a roll on deo or a spray to spray it on yourself whenever you need some freshness and fragrance. A deodorant can also save you from being called as a stinky creature.

5. Extra pair of socks

An extra pair of socks in your Small Gym Bag for Women is necessary to get you wearing a new one whenever you feel that your socks are stinking and you need a change when you are slipping out of your gym classes. Especially in summers, an extra pair is a must-have in your bag to prevent any such embarrassing situations.

6. Dry shampoo

A dry shampoo handy in your gym bag can get you walking out of your gym like a chic. A sweaty scalp and oily hair may make you look dull ( Livewell360.com/Products ), but a short and quick magic with some dry shampoo can help you tie a top knot or a messy bun and get you walking in style when you are about to leave your gym class.