How to Choose Men’s Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

Gym bags have evolved like any other fitness technology. Thus every time there is a need of purchasing a new gym bag, the feature of separate shoe compartment must not be ignored. Men’s gym bag with shoe compartment ( livewell360/luxx ) is the new must-have for all those who hit the gym as people are more aware not just about the fitness but also the fitness accessories. Nobody wants to drag the gym bag or carry all the gym essential, including shoes, in an unorganized one compartment huge bag. Also, wearing gym shoes all the way to the gym is not possible all the time because some people might go to the gym straight from work or some might have their gym at a farther distance. Therefore, Men’s gym bag with shoe compartment is suitable to carry gym shoes with a laptop or other daily essentials in a separate compartment with ease and convenience.

Even when the shoes are properly cleaned from time to time, shoes suffer daily from sweating, and other wear and tear of the fitness training. The internal lining and the material of men’s gym bag with shoe compartment prevent the dirt and the sweat odor of the shoes from spreading in the bag. The sweat and the dirt not only gives a stinky bag but may also lead to bacteria growth causing skin and health problems. This means a men’s gym bag with shoe compartment not only provide convenience to carry shoes but, in a way, also has a little contribute for health.

There is a huge variety of men’s gym bag with shoe compartment available in the market. For those who walk to the gym or drive bikes or scooters, shoulder gym bag with the shoe compartment is best suited. Whereas, those who catch up gym training right after work, the gym tote bags with separate shoe and laptop compartments, compliment both the work and fitness. One thing that is common in every type and style of these bags is the separation of the shoes from the rest of the bag items including small meals, drinking water, and protein shakes. This means no more separate bags ( Livewell360.com/Products ), no more wearing gym shoes all the way to the gym and no more stinking bags. For the beginners, choices are even better for they do not have anything to compare with and can simply choose the best from a number of options available for men’s gym bag with shoe compartment without any biasing and compromise to the design, durability and style of the bag.

Benefits of Purchasing the Crossfit Backpack

Cross fit training is a fitness regime that combines various exercises such as weight training, stretches, and cardio. People with different shapes and fitness level can do it. The cross fit athletes often use various gears for their training and are required to carry them to their gym or training center, and the crossfit backpack is a suitable companion for that. Some crossfit backpack has the features like a padded laptop compartment and separate shoe compartment ( livewell360/backpack ), also makes it suitable for the office. This way the athletes may directly hit the gym after their work without bothering to change the bag. With the increased fitness awareness, athletes started expecting more from a crossfit backpack than being just a gym companion. This made the manufacturers to produce various styles and sizes of crossfit backpack meeting different requirements of cross fit training regime. Where some athletes are specific about the weight of the bag, other might simply prefer the size of the compartments and pockets over the weight and design of the bag. Similarly, others may want the look of their crossfit backpack equally attractive as its features. Thus, whatever the preferences are, athletes may always find their type from the available wide range of a crossfit backpack. Even for those who don’t just walk-in but make a statement with their entry in the gym, a crossfit backpack completely compliments the attitude. Some of the features of a crossfit backpack other than its size, style, and design are:

• Cushioned shoulder belts

• Long lasting zippers

• Safety locks, and

• Durable stitching

These features are generally ignored in the priority list of the athletes while buying a crossfit backpack, but these do contribute to the overall performance and durability of the bag. Apart from this, the multiple pockets and different sized compartments are the key features of a crossfit backpack that everyone looks for. These sections generally accommodate the following things:

• Gym clothes

• Wet clothes and towels

• Cross fit shoes

• Dumbbells

• Water bottle

• Protein shakers

• Post-exercise meals

• Laptops in some designs

• house and driving keys

Needless to say, the styles, sizes, and the designs of a crossfit backpack are as versatile as the cross fit training regime and fulfill all the training requirements of the cross fit athletes. This bag is available in both online and traditional market with a number of options to choose from. In simple words, it can be said that a cross fit athletes are incomplete without their crossfit backpack ( Livewell360.com/Products ) and this bag allows them to carry their world with themselves.

How Should You Select the Yoga Mat Bag?

Your mat needs care and irrelevant of whether you leave your yoga mat bag in your car or take it along with you, it is important that you ensure that the bag that you use to store your mat is sustainable and a good fit. There are many different varieties and styles of yoga bags ( livewell360/yoga-mat-bag ) for your mat so you need to spend some time in researching and choosing the right one.

Things that one should consider before purchasing yoga mat bag.

1. The size of your mat bag is important. The standard sized mats will easily fit into most of the bags. However, make sure that you check it out because you do not want to end up squeezing your mat. If you use an extra thick or long mat then be particularly choosy about which bag you select for your yoga mat. These mats do not fit into the standard sized bags available for your yoga mats.

2. The bags come in varied styles. You could choose a bag that can be used exclusively to keep your yoga mat. Alternatively, you could purchase a multi-purpose bag that can fit your other valuables too. There are bags that have a backpack look or you could choose the horizontal tote bag that can be worn on your one shoulder. It is all about what you prefer so narrow down your choices carefully.

3. The material of the bag should be durable so that it serves you for a long time. The yoga mat bag should also be stain and water resistant so that it protects the belongings in the bag. Many yoga mat bags are designed using materials that are breathable. This is highly recommended because it helps to prevent any bacterial growth.

4. It is crucial to check the pockets and the closure systems. The bags could have the pockets on the outside or in the bag. These could be sealed using a Velcro or a zip. You need to make sure that you check these because you may have to leave your valuables behind when you are practicing yoga. In addition, if you will be carrying your mobile phone along with you then choose the bag ( www.livewell360.com/products ) with padded pouches. The bags have a variety of strap designs from long shoulder to a cross body strap. The strap should be adjustable.

There are many subtle differences and this is what you should be careful about when picking up a yoga mat bag. No one baggage fits all. Buying the perfect bag is all about your individual preferences and your personal taste.

Determine What Makes Mens Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment a ‘Class’ in Its Group

When it comes to mens gym bag with shoe compartment, which is all the rage, you can find varieties from time-honored duffel to next generation crossfit backpacks ( livewell360.com/luxx ) through online stores. The varieties prepared with manly colors, global standard features, and their specs are just enough to make you perplexed to settle on which should be perfectly fitting to your need and desire.

Therefore to reach your most purposeful gym bag, first of all, make a brief groundwork to decide your purpose, the things mostly as well as occasionally (especially on outdoors) you carry, the relative numbers of compartments you need as well as the extra features that it should have, say for example, waterproof quality or nylon standard etc. Unsurprisingly, most of the buyers are aware of these preliminary techniques of choosing their gym bags while certain key points they often overlook. Let’s highlight on them.

Mens Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment: Features to Diligently Consider

Bottom of the Bag

Even if, it may appear a trivial part of your gym bag, however, like many others, you too put your gym bag on the ground like at bus stops, cafe floor, and airport and so on. So, considering all possible cases, it is better to invest in a mens gym bag with shoe compartment, which is outfitted with heavy duty small legs that works as a buffer. Aside from the wheels that come with trolley gym bags, having buffers underneath keep you bag from getting dirty when kept on the ground. This will increase the durability of bag keeping its shine and look intact.

The Straps

Depending on your engagements, you need to decide what kind of straps should be the right fit to serve your needs and let your return home without having a bothersome back pain. So, considering heavy duty straps is best for people carrying enough stuff, heavy gears apart from laptops, costly camera etc. Good news for backpackers is the presence of corssfits that not only come with hardwearing straps but with their cross-body strapping, carrying your heavy weight bags becomes easier than ever.


Just having adequate number of counters and pockets inside is not going to help. Significantly, this is where global brands differentiate them with local manufactures, since they know how your bag ( Livewell360.com/Products ) needs to be compartmentalized not only to keep your things safely and separately but with an arrangement that helps you locate your things in seconds while you’re on the way. Look for bags that are available with removable pockets meant for keeping your sweaty costumes unconnectedly. Equally, washing of detachable pouches is easier that keeps the gym bag odor-free.

Shoe Compartment

Shoe compartments must be isolated from everything to keep things tidy and hygiene. Compartments that come in web sections and having outside air exposure are the most ideal choice that help keep your shoe in shipshape condition.

The Necessity of Yoga Mat Bag That Makes Them Demanding in the Market

Carrying a reasonably large heavyweight yoga mat is unsurprisingly an awkward job and which is why; modern yogis prefer using yoga mat bag ( livewell360.com/yoga-mat-bag ) that is efficient, handy, and safe to carry things as well as the mat. Importantly, more durable bags mean, they are thicker and hefty; while the length that needs to be accommodating to an average man’s height makes it burdensome to carry without being equipped with the right means.

Appreciatively, with the presence of mat bags perfectly designed considering the length, width and thickness of mats and with various kinds of straps, you can carry them slinging over the shoulder keeping your both hands free. Taking into consideration the safety concern of your expensive yoga mat and let it stand all possible beatings on the way, it’s recommended to go for high quality mat bags.

Key Points to Consider

Choose Material

Choosing the right material of a yoga mat bag is an essential point; given that the containers are basically the protectors of your mat. Not only from all possible damages that can occur on the way during your travel but uniformly from getting mold and bacterial growth, which is extremely damaging for your wellbeing. Bags made of ballistic nylon have high demand in the market since the superior grade nylon is lightweight, robust, and easy to maintain. Simple washing with ton-toxic chemical detergents keep them shiny looking and well sanitized over the years. Canvas is also a good product for mat bags and is widely used by young yogis.

Find the Size

Essentially, prior to buying your yoga mat bag, determine the size in rolled condition, and also confirm the thickness, length, and width to cross-check. While buying bags online, go through the specs column, where you can find the sizes or thickness of mats that they can hold.

Design and Construction

When it comes to design, all you have to verify is the number of compartments and pouches that it has, apart from the zipper type and its method of opening. With horizontal full upper part opening ( www.livewell360.com/products ), it would be easier for you to load and unload your mat. As you should look for biodegradable organic materials, always go for breathable quality of bags or items with tiny air holes that keeps them well ventilated and hygienic. Mat bags are available with eye-catchy colors and printed designs. Finally check the constructional part including quality of knitting, straps, zippers etc. Look for straps that are adjustable by which you can adjust their length depending on your need. Length of straps is a basic point of consider especially those who use bike, motorcycle or cycle to reach yoga points.