Clutch Bags: Trendy yet Functional Accessories for Women

The clutch bag is, as the name suggests, is a kind of accessory usually clutched or grasped firmly by the hand. These bags often carry straps or handles but are not generally used as bags for day-long use. They are rather used as elegant add-ons that complement an outfit to a special occasion like a party, a night gala, a wedding, and so on.

The different parts in a clutch bag

Every clutch bag has a design that includes a frame, closure, lining, and gusset. The frame is what builds the body of the bag ( bellorita.com ), though many modern designs skip this component. The material that is used to make this accessory is usually folded into the frame and stitched around the edges. Traditional clutches were designed with metal frame and ball closures (also known as kiss-lock closures), which snapped together to keep the bag shut. However, many of them today carry other kinds of fold over closures that makes use of buttons, magnets, snaps, or zippers. The lining is the material sewn into the interiors of the clutch bag. It is typically made of fabric and protects the outer material from being damaged by the inner contents, especially keys, pens, or sharp objects. The lining also contains small items such as coins, earrings etc. from getting stuck in the seams of the bag and adds a style quotient when made from contrast fabric, quirky prints, and so on. The gussets in a clutch bag are material inserts that allow the clutch to be opened wide for accessing the contents inside. They also prevent cash, cards, keys etc., from spilling out when opened.


Clutch bags are available in many designs with different features. The shape of the bag is typically rectangular (also called envelope), but may also be oval, or have rounded or tapered edges. Bags maybe simple with minimal detailing or may carry embellishments and trimming such as laces, beads, cut outs, fold over, buckles, bows, metallic ornamentation, and so on. Such bags also come in a wide range of sizes from small purse-like ones to those that are almost as big as handbags. Small clutches are better suited for parties or evenings ( Bellorita/story ), while larger ones may be used for formal occasions. Additionally, many clutch bags also have small straps that serve as handles, or longer ones, which allow for the bag to sling over the shoulder. Such long straps may be made of metallic chains, beads, pearls etc. for added beauty.


Leather is a popular choice of material for clutch bags. They are expensive, but long lasting and timeless in beauty. Faux leather is also used widely to make more pocket-friendly versions. Other materials used to make such accessories are satin, velvet, silk, beads etc.

The clutch bag is an essential in every woman’s accessory drawer. It not only serves as a storage tool for essentials, but also adds flair to dressing, making it an apt choice for occasions.

Small Gym Bag for Women – To Help Them Tote Their Gear!

Getting ready for your gym class? Wait! Have you packed your bag well? If you are a woman who loves to sweat in grace and style, then here are few things that need to be necessarily packed in Small gym bag for Women.

1. Water bottle

It is said that water is the drink for a common man and when you are exercising this common drink becomes essential to give you some relief from your exercising schedule. A PET bottle is one of the most important things that you need to have in your gym bag to keep yourself hydrated during your work out sessions.

2. Face wipes

A woman can never part herself from her makeup, but when it comes to exercising, how much hard you try you can’t have that makeup on your face as you sweat, and all your makeup goes in vain. But if you want to have a clear face in your gym class ( livewell360.com/products/the-core-2-0 ), then you should be in possession of few face wipes to clear out the dust and sweat every time you feel so. Even these wipes are gonna help you out when you have smeared and smudged up makeup during your run on the treadmill. Using these wipes, you can also get yourself ready for a couple of gym selfies to post it on your social network to show your hard work out.

3. Cream

Moisturizing is another vital need of every woman who is in love with her skin. A BB or a Cc cream is another essential to have in your Small Gym Bag for Women to keep your face moisturized. It also helps to subtle down and reduces the tomato red color that you may have attained on your face while working out hard in your gym classes.

4. Deodorant

Deodorant or a bottle of perfume is another thing that you should have handy in your bag to save yourself from a bad odor day. To get some instant freshness and to feel free like a bird when you pass by someone you got to have a roll on deo or a spray to spray it on yourself whenever you need some freshness and fragrance. A deodorant can also save you from being called as a stinky creature.

5. Extra pair of socks

An extra pair of socks in your Small Gym Bag for Women is necessary to get you wearing a new one whenever you feel that your socks are stinking and you need a change when you are slipping out of your gym classes. Especially in summers, an extra pair is a must-have in your bag to prevent any such embarrassing situations.

6. Dry shampoo

A dry shampoo handy in your gym bag can get you walking out of your gym like a chic. A sweaty scalp and oily hair may make you look dull ( Livewell360.com/Products ), but a short and quick magic with some dry shampoo can help you tie a top knot or a messy bun and get you walking in style when you are about to leave your gym class.

Drink a Cup of Kenyan Tea for Getting Proper Refreshment

The Taste and Aroma

Suitable climatic conditions are very important for agriculture, and there is no substitute for this natural boon, which boosts all kinds of cultivation. This is the reason why the nature and quality of the plant life differ from country to county, and place to place. The great tropical climate of Kenya serves as a best base for tea production. The county gets enough sunshine and rain needed for proper tea cultivation. Moreover ( www.kenyatea.co.uk ), all the tea gardens stay at higher elevations, which ensure direct sunlight. The abundance of sunshine and the desired level of rainfall pave the way for the excellent and rich growth of tea leaves. The fertility of the soil is another added advantage that makes Kenyan tea copiously rich with taste and aroma. Because of the availability of proper sunshine, there is no need for pesticides or herbicides for pest or weed control.

Fresh and Tasty

Tea production is an all-year process in Kenya; however, the harvesting of the supreme quality tea takes place from January to March and from June to July. The processing takes place, using sophisticated machinery, within the early hours of plucking, because of the proximity of processing units. In the same way, as soon as the processing is over, the products are packed and moved to the sales department for speedy distribution. This fast and effective processing and packing methods are the additional key reasons why Kenyan tea is globally famous for freshness, aroma, and taste.

Buy From the Leading Importers

Whether it is for individual purpose or commercial use, it is always sensible to buy Kenyan tea from top merchants, who have direct contact with the leading the Kenyan tea plantations. Besides, such companies will always be attentive to provide the finest and purest blends of tea. For this, they generally build up good rapport with plantations that make use of sustainable farming methods. They handpick the exact qualities that will give the true taste of tea to their customers. In addition, by buying from the leading tea importing companies ( https://www.kenyatea.co.uk/products/ ), one can make sure that the price tags are not exorbitant. This will be beneficial to all buyers such as individuals, restaurants, hotels, retailers, etc.

You will get the various products at wholesale rates. The popular products are the loose tea, black tea, green tea, tea bags, English breakfast, and Tangawizi tea. You can also find flavoured teas. The availability of various varieties of tea bags like the string & tag teas, pint tea bags, tagless tea bags, envelope tea bags gives the buyers specific buying options. Some of the companies offer highly customer-friendly features like setting up of private trade account and attractive trade discounts.

Go For Limited Edition Black Leather Clutch Bags

Clutch Bags

Handbags have become one of the unavoidable items as regards the dress code of all modern-day ladies. Almost everyone buys unique models of clutch bags so that they can wear it during different occasions. It is good to have specially created attractive ones for special events like marriage or birthday parties ( bellorita.com/black-clutch ), weekly get-togethers, etc. Black leather clutch bag is one such special item, which one and all can carry during such times. The charming shine of the leather is indeed an attraction, and when the same is with distinct decoration, then, there will be added allure.

Distinguishing the Genuine Nature of Black Leather Clutch Bags

Genuine leather comes from the skins of animals, whereas synthetic leather is man-made. Animal skin goes through numerous treatments like salting and other chemical preservation processes, and comes out as bona fide leather. Synthetic leather will look very much similar to original leather; this is due to the various dying and artificial treatment processes. It is always good to buy genuine leather bags, because, only then the item will have the desired level of attractiveness and durability. Bags created using synthetic materials will damage very soon. The best bet to get authentic leather clutch bags is to buy from reliable dealers.
Some Notable Features

• Price: There will be price difference. Original leather will be a bit pricier.

• Look: The pores are clearly noticeable. Hence, even from the look itself, one can notice the difference.

• Smell: When you take the bag near to your nose, synthetic bag will smell plastic, whereas, the smell of leather will be exclusive.

Buy Online

The most practical and easy to buy handbags in our time is to do online shopping. However, you must make sure to buy authentically created black leather clutch bags. When you search through the internet sources, you will surely come across the websites of various original designers who have devoted passion in designing fantastic shapes and patterns. Their creations will look not only look extremely unique, but also will have that desired brilliance that will catch the attention of onlookers. Moreover, you will get them at a bargain price. However, it is imperative that you must buy only from reliable sites.

You Can Pre-order

It is possible to pre-order; in fact, this is the feasible way to buy fabulous looking unique black leather clutch bags. This guarantees the delivery, because, it’s a prevailing practice to give preference to pre-ordering customers while delivering the item. As far as the shipping process is concerned, some of the modern-day online stores offer both domestic and international shipping. Besides, some of them offer free shipping to addresses within the USA, and that too, within two days. It’s indeed amazing ( https://bellorita.com/pages/story/ ), and customers can have immediate purchasing, which will be beneficial for urgent needs.

Things to Look for in a New Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment!

Not only clothes but when it comes to shopping a gym bag, women have lot many options available to select a perfect gym bag to sweat in style. A gym bag is your friend that can accompany you daily to your work out place ( LiveWell360/womens-gym-bag ), and thus it should be perfectly best that might cater to all your needs of keeping your belongings in place.

A discounted gym bag can attract you, but there may be many disadvantages of choosing such a bag because they may get ruined after few times of use. You might then regret of spending a few more pence’s to buy a kit according to the service they offer. So a perfect piece of advice for all people who are planning to buy a gym bag is to not run behind the bills but to buy a bag that can serve you for a long-term considering all the necessary aspects of a gym bag. So here are few points that you should look for while buying a Women's Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment.

1. Size constraint

When you talk about the size of your Women's Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment, then it should be of the appropriate size that you can carry daily to your gym. These gym bags come in various sizes and should be chosen according to the stuff you need to carry on a daily basis. It should be apt enough to cater all your belongings. These bags also come in adjustable variants which can be moulded according to the space that you need to use for keeping your things.

2. Straps and bands

The straps have a significant role to play when you are making your gym bag selection. Go in for purchasing gym bags that have two straps easing out your gym essential goals. If you are going in for gym backpacks, then you must ensure that the gym bags have padded shoulder straps so that it doesn’t lay much stress on your shoulders when you are carrying it on your back.

3. Wheels

Having those wheels on your gym bag can be beneficial for you if you travel a lot and use your gym bags as a carry-on bag. If you have stuffed your bags with a lot many things, then you can easily drag those bags using the wheels on the airport or railway platforms without laying stress on your shoulders. They can help you to reduce the weight that you are carrying and allows you to drag your belongings rather than hanging it on your back.

4. Compartments and sections

Compartments are another thing that you should look for while selecting your gym bag. Especially you should always look in for Women's Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment ( LiveWell360/products ) so that you have a separate section to store your shoes. You can get a lot many variants of gym bags which have a different number of pockets and sections to store your gym accessories. So make sure that you choose such a bag which offers options to store different gym utilities in different sections especially your shoes which may cause your bag to stink if your shoes are smelly and kept along with your clothes.