Yoga Mat Bag- Three Vital Factors That You Should Take Into Consideration While Buying

Unsurprisingly, for a yoga enthusiast, buying a yoga mat should be accompanied with a yoga mat bag ( http://livewell360.com/yoga-mat-bag ) since without having a bag investing in a yoga mat is pointless for you. This is as practical as anything. To be precise, you simply cannot carry the huge immovable mat to your yoga center unless you have a mat bag for carrying your mat. They are just made for each other and naturally should be bought at the same time which makes it easy for you to choose the bag pairing with the mat.

Accordingly, once you carry your mat, you need to rotate the mat lengthwise tightly, and then you can place it within the mat bag through its top opening section. Now you can get started while carrying your mat bag (included with the mat inside the bag) by tossing over the shoulder or crosswise on your back (as you’re moving by your motorbike or bicycle). You can obviously buy a yoga mat bag separately; however, buying them together makes a better sense. Now, we will discuss the major factors that you need to consider while buying your mat bag.

Select the Right Size

Probably the foremost factor that you should consider with diligence is the size of your mat bag, which should be capable to house the mat without any hassle. While investing considerably a lot for buying the right mat, you should also be caring enough to buy the mat bag which should be used as a carrying unit of your mat. Make sure to choose the mat considering your length since you are likely to spend the maximum time of your session while sitting, standing, twisting, or lying down the mat. It is equally vital for you to pick out the yoga mat bag which can carry it nicely and comfortably. With the rising demand of mats to young yogis, these days mat bags are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

Go for Organic Mat Bags

The next thing you should care for is the type of material of your mat and yoga mat bag. Due to the sudden increase of popularity in the market, plenty of materials out there are produced in mass scale with unfriendly materials like PVC or its equivalent, which tend to be among the primary industrial pollutants. Always stay away from materials that contain harmful substances like TPE or Thermal Plastic Elastomer. Always consider those that are made of organic latex while for your yoga mat bag you can consider using materials like cotton, canvas, or ballistic nylon that comes with breathable holes all through the body of the bag. All the above materials are easily washable and keep your mat healthy and hygienic at all times.

Counters / Pockets

Remarkably, almost all yogis nowadays prefer investing in high-quality yoga mat bag ( https://www.livewell360.com/products/ ) which can be found with numerous built-in counters and pockets of various sizes facilitating you to keep all most vital belongings like towels, water bottle, yoga costume, yoga block, purse, and mobile phones inside the mat bag. While choosing your favorite design as well as color, you can find plentiful varieties with fantastic color options with attractive embroidery and design work.

Few Things You Must Consider When Looking For Ladies Gym Bag

When planning to buy gym bags for women, there is a lot to consider. To help you choose that perfect bag, below are some tips that you must look into before purchasing.

Quality and Durability

Many people overlook the quality and pay more attention to the design. Quality should be your first priority and choose a bag that is built of good quality materials. When putting the bag over your shoulders, you should feel comfortable and at the same time, the bag must last long.

You should also look at the durability factor. When planning to buy a great gym bag, and use it for your workouts on a daily basis, ensure the bags can sustain pressure. Often these bags get knocked around and you carry a lot of items. So look for nylon materials, metal support liners and interior as well as exterior fabric liners so that your bag will be in good condition.

Aesthetic and Ergonomics

When you are buying gym bags for women ( livewell360./Gym-Bags-for-Women ), the bag must look great. You will always feel better when you have a quality bag. But at the same time, choosing an appealing and stylish bag will help in boosting your confidence to go to the gym means there are higher chances to get success in your goals if you are doing it in a fashionable way.

Another thing you must look into when considering a ladies' gym bag is ergonomics. The fact you should experience soreness or pain in your body only from the high-intensity workout but never from your gym bag. If you use a wrong bag that the straps are not comfortable, that means you ought to experience shoulder and back pain and face other problems. The last thing you expect is getting injured from your bag and if you are using the bag all the time like bringing to the office, a short trip or for shopping, the risk becomes significant. Please make sure that you are taking care of your body in a proper way and choose a bag that is ergonomically correct.

Easy to clean and check the pockets

It is also important to buy a gym bag that you can clean it easily without facing any difficulties. The material of the bag should be of good quality so that your bag does not become sweaty and smells all the time. The stains in the bag can also be removed with ease and find a bag that can save you from the disappointment of ruining your new bag as well as the cost to replace it.

Gym bags for women ( Livewell360.com/Products ) must be having various useful pockets. The bag should be pretty organized as the pockets will help to avoid clean and dirty clothes, help you to keep your headphones in the proper pocket and other valuables in designated pockets. The pockets save your precious time and help in reducing your frustration at the locker room when not getting the item you need.

Cheap Eight Day Cuckoo Clock: Points to Determine While Shopping One

The great appeal of the cuckoo clock has made it one among the most wanted gifts from Germany. The Black Forest cuckoo clocks are found in a variety of styles and quality. They usually feature elaborate wood figurines, amazing themes, and the most charming call of the cuckoo that comes out of the log cabin at the end of every hour. No denying owning a cuckoo clocks add a special touch of elegance and class to anywhere it is displayed.

Now, when it comes to the selection of an authentic cheap eight day cuckoo clock ( timelyandtimeless.com/Cheap-Eight-Day-Cuckoo-Clock ), it should be noted that the movement mechanism of the German cuckoo clock is of two types. The clocks that require winding once in a week are high-quality eight day clocks and you can get them in different styles that include the traditional as well as chalet types.

Contextually, the heritage clock also includes- 1 day movement types, and they require daily winding. In addition to the above, it has other models with varying characteristics. While buying your most cherished cheap eight day cuckoo clock consider the most vital three factors as stated below

The Style

Traditional types

The traditional types of cuckoo clocks are globally acknowledged as a great piece of art from Germany. The hand-engraved clocks generally include wildlife aside from natural beauty. Typically, they include the two most common themes-

• The natural scenes found in the Black Forest including the animals and plant life;

• Hunters with rifles in the forest and also big stags;

Chalet types

Chalet cheap eight day cuckoo clocks ( https://timelyandtimeless.com/ ) are regularly found with classy engraved details. The Chalet is generally related to various animated characters. On every hour, the most adored cuckoo appears from its log cabin and states a Black Forest ballet. During the music, woodchoppers hack, mill wheels turn as happy couples start dancing with the music.

The Movement (a mechanism)

Buyers can find two types of movements, including the mechanical and the quartz. In mechanical types, depending on how often you wish to wind your cuckoo clock, you can go for 8-day or 1- day model as stated above. On the contrary, the new generation of cuckoo clocks is also found in quartz movements. They are a good alternative to mechanical clocks and found in low cost as they are battery-operated. Music and animations of quartz clocks are electronically operated. They don’t qualify for VdS certification like mechanical clocks.

The Shut-Off Feature

Nothing could be more irritating than owing a cuckoo clock that doesn’t have shut off feature and buzz all through the night. There are two shut-off options like-automatic and manual. With a manual shut off system, you need to set your clock to the off position manually. 1-day cuckoo clocks chiefly come with manual shut-off system while the biggest advantage of having 8-day clocks is that they have an automatic shut off system. Once set, your clock’s chime will remain off until you manually alter its switch to the on position.

Why Doctor Recommended Baby Bottles are the Best?

Although breast milk is best for your baby’s growth and nutritional requirement, the baby bottle is indispensable as it is often difficult to breast-feed your baby every time. Bottles become even more essential if your baby is exclusively bottle-feeding. Innovatively designed baby bottles not just feed your baby but also prevent problems such as colic and gas.

There is no dearth for baby bottles, and therefore choosing the right one for your baby is important to avoid leakages, collapsing nipples, and air bubbles. It is not easy to anticipate which type of bottle your little one might prefer so it is wise to choose doctor recommended baby bottles ( babyblendybottles/Doctor-Recommended-Baby-Bottle ).

Why to Buy Doctor Recommended Baby Bottle

Comfortable and easy to latch on

Baby bottles recommended by doctors are often designed to mimic the shape of the mother’s breast and therefore, it is comfortable and easy to feed. Even a breastfed baby can easily latch on to it without any hassles as it has soft silicone nipples. Doctors can help you to choose the right nipple sizes and flows, which have a huge impact on the feeding experience of your precious little one.


Most baby bottles, which are made from plastic, contain BPA, which is extremely harmful to health. However, baby bottles, which are recommended by doctors, are safe and free from all kinds of toxic. Good quality baby bottles are made from silicone, which is devoid of latex, PVC, lead and BPA. It is safe to heat and sterilize these bottles in high temperature as it seldom leads to plastic leaching and food poisoning.

Simple and easy to clean

Sterilizing and cleaning baby bottles after each feed is important to prevent contamination. Baby bottles with small necks, vents, and other additional features can be a tad difficult to clean. Doctors often recommend feeding bottles with wide necks and wide nipples, which are comparatively easy to clean and maintain. Soft silicone bottles can be gripped easily while feeding.

Anti colic

Baby bottles recommended by pediatricians are designed with venting systems to reduce colic, spit-up, and gas. One of the main causes of colic in babies is due to intake of excessive air while feeding. This causes indigestion and stomach pain, which makes your baby cry uncontrollably, thereby ingesting more air in the process. It becomes a vicious cycle, which is extremely distressing for both the baby and the parent. Anti colic baby bottles ( https://babyblendybottles.com/pages/about-the-best-baby-bottle ) eliminate the chance of developing colic as the baby seldom ingests air while feeding.

You can choose from a wide range of baby bottles that are specifically recommended by doctors in different sizes for different age groups. It is wise to buy 2-3 different types of bottles and check which one your baby prefers.

Four Tips to Buy Women’s Boxers

Women’s underpants have evolved largely since the past decade as now most women choose comfort above style. Earlier, women and girls had fantasies about wearing boy’s boxer shorts, but now this comfortable innerwear is available for women too. Owing to its high level of comfort, it has become one of the most loved underpants by most of the women these days. The luxury of wearing boxer shorts are incomparable. However, it is important to know how to choose from a plethora of varieties available these days.

When you shop for women’s boxers ( woxer.com/Womens-Boxers ), it is important to consider a few important things, which will simplify your task of choosing the perfect underpants.

Type of material

There is no dearth when it comes to the fabric of boxer shorts as you can find them in cotton, silk, Lycra, and nylon. Each of these fabrics has different advantageous properties, and it can be worn in different climatic conditions. Lycra is a perfect material with wicking properties that allow you to stay dry and cool. Cotton boxer shorts are also comfortable as nightwear. Lace and silk boxer shorts are also popular among those who love to flaunt in style and elegance. Therefore, before you choose to buy boxer shorts for women, check the type of material and pick those, which are comfortable to wear.


Boxer shorts are also available in different colors and designs. Most women choose colors that camouflage their outfits so that they can be worn as innerwear. Some of the most popular colors include black, beige, green, brown, and so forth. You can choose from other alluring styles and colors from most of the online stores too.

Body shape

The size of the waist, hip, and thighs must be considered while shopping for boxer briefs. As most of these briefs are available in body-hugging styles, it is easy to pick the correct size. However, you can find boxers for women of all sizes, which include plus-size women. Choosing the right size matters as boxers, which are too tight, can be uncomfortable. After all, the sole purpose of wearing boxer briefs is the comfort it offers!


With so many types of women’s boxers ( https://woxer.com/blogs/news ) available, choosing affordable underpants, which offers both comfort and style, is not a difficult task. Plenty of reputed online stores offer these ultra-comfortable underpants at unbelievable prices. You can choose boxers that are fashionable and reasonably priced in many of the offline stores, too, when you know how to pick them correctly.

Choosing comfortable and perfectly sized women’s boxers is not as difficult as it seems when you follow these simple tips and tricks. However, make sure to purchase these underpants from trusted and reputed sellers.