Alpha-Phi Clothing- Customize Them Your Own Way

Rather than plunging into on a long hunt for the perfect sorority clothing or fraternity clothing throughout retail stores, with the implementation of custom printing you can take all of the clothing that you could ever need. Whether you are looking for a personal order or a bulk order for your entire house ( adamblockdesign.com/app/alpha-phi ), you can be at rest as there are numerous companies available to process your request. With the high quality that their clothing is made out of and the printing that is made to last, you will have a piece of clothing to remember for years to come.

The Benefits of Using Custom Printed Sorority Clothing

One of the best things is that you will get a chance to sport your letters everywhere you go. There are many websites where you will find the selection of world’s best attractive and affordable customized apparel and sorority apparel. They also sell sweatshirts including shirts tank tops, shorts long sleeved shirts and many more. If you are a money conscious student, then there are many other choices. Go through our best sellers like the fraternity license plate frames crest decals customized cups. Luckily, you will also get the option to design your own glassware, stadium cups etc.

Another benefit is that there are an abundance of different retailers that you will have the ability to choose from when you begin your search for the perfect custom printed gear. This can prove to be exponentially beneficial because you won't have to go through different websites all over internet in order to find the perfect printing company.

Choose the exact style you want, and then add your custom text and artwork. Because of the years in the business, many online stores have fraternity letters and crests available or you can upload your own art for a unique look. You can plan a surprise gift to your loved ones. Select from different lettering styles of window decals that are available in many sizes.

Alpha phi is a women’s fraternity sorority with over 20,000 members. Its motto is ‘union hand in hand’ which values scholarship, sisterhood, loyalty and leadership.

Shop by your choice without compromising

Huge number of products can be ordered with a bulk discount to help save your chapter big bucks. We do offer awesome rush week gifts. Our store also has gifts for alums as well as family members and even pets.

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Tips to Find Quality Sorority Apparel

When it comes to sorority apparel ( adamblockdesign.com/order/sorority-apparel ), quality matters a great deal. After all, these clothes represent your fraternity and in a way reflect on its values and motto. A t-shirt of poor quality can not only be a waste of money (as it is unlikely to last long) but also make you feel not that fashion forward (utter waste of the sorority fashion potential).

Here are some tips to help you find quality sorority apparel easily.


An online search for quality Greek life apparel stores can provide you with some good names to shop for your sorority clothing items.

The good thing about shopping online is that you can buy superior quality sorority clothes irrespective of the location of your college campus.

What to look for –

Check if the prospective stores offer a huge variety in terms of sorority apparel and accessories. You should be able to shop for t-shirts, tops, leggings, shorts, sweatshirts, and other fraternity fashion items from a single store.

Find out if these companies have a dedicated team of designers and artists to create exceptional designs. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with outdated designs and patterns after having bought a ton of sorority apparel for the first time and not knowing any better.

Browse through the websites of some of these companies that you like. See if they use advanced technology for screen printing. The poor quality of prints can totally ruin your fraternity fashion. Imagine getting ready for a special sorority event in your favorite blue t-shirt only to notice that the Greek letters are on the verge of fading from the material!

Find out about the location of their manufacturing unit. Is it local or based elsewhere in the world?

These are some of the parameters that can help you identify the quality of sorority apparel available with a store.

The Merchandise

Now onto the actual items for sale in a store – look for the quality of designs, prints, and the styles available with them.

Before you order sorority t-shirts and a ton of accessories, talk to a representative of the company about your specific requirements. Reputed Greek life apparel stores always have representatives around to aid college students select the finest products for their sorority events. Even if it is a small order for t-shirts, good sorority apparel companies will work with you to help you find the right item of clothing.

It is very likely that only those companies well-versed with fraternity culture can understand the significance of the right outfits for recruitment events, fundraisers, and other occasions. Many Greek life apparel store owners or designers have been members of sororities during their college days. They are able to create and curate the best sorority apparel ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ) for different fraternities. They know how to best represent values and mottos of different fraternities on t-shirts and other items of clothing.

So, it can help you find quality sorority apparel when you deal with businesses that are more familiar with fraternities and their special requirements.

Make a Fashionable Statement with Your Fraternity Apparel

The good thing with fraternity apparel is that you don’t really need to try too hard to make it work. Fraternity apparel in itself is stylish, trendy, and perfect for the life of college students.

Here are some easy tips to look really stylish with any kind of fraternity apparel.

Keep it Simple

The key to look effortlessly stylish in your fraternity clothing ( adamblockdesign.com/order/fraternity-apparel ) is to keep the look really fuss-free. Don’t use too many accessories at the same time. Stick to one or two items of add-ons if you really need to and keep the rest of your look minimal.

Some ideas –

If you are pairing bright-colored tees with white pants or jeans then keep your makeup minimal. You don’t really need to wear bright red or fuchsia lipstick with your orange or burgundy tops. Nude colors can enhance your appearance if you are wearing bright colors on top.

Another idea is to use a bandana in contrasting shades if your fraternity apparel is in white, black, or any lighter hue. Just the addition of this simple accessory can accentuate a simple jean/short and a tee look multifold.

It is best for boys to stick to the basics with their fraternity apparel. Slacks, pants, and knee-length shorts with t-shirts or sweatshirts and appropriate footwear with each look is all they need to look stylish. Add-ons can be sunglasses and caps. Anything more and it can look messy or cluttered.

Opt for Custom Designs

One great way to really take your fraternity fashion up a notch (or two) is to buy custom-designed apparels. Not only you can have your sorority clothes in designs with your unique inputs, you can also add little details to make them really stand out.
Buying clothes from a Greek apparel store where other fraternity chapters might also shop for their requirements can mean you ending up wearing the same clothes as countless others. When you opt for custom designs, you can sport your Greek letters but in your own distinct manner.

Some ideas –

If you are unsure of your creative inputs, one trick is to choose various elements from different items of clothing to make your own unique fraternity apparels. In case you have ideas of your own, many Greek apparel companies are open to using them to create clothes for you and your fraternity members.

Choose from different backgrounds and prints with your Greek letters prominently displayed in the center. Select different lettering style to add variations to the same designs. Use simple nature prints from your own collection or ideas such as trees or flowers for tank tops. Create your own witty slogans for fraternity apparels ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ) you need for special events such as recruitment days or fundraisers.

Geometric prints can look trendy and you can combine them with your Greek letters for specific looks. Think golden foil design on coral tank top – inverted triangles in a line with your Greek letters in the center!

Styling fraternity apparel is really this simple!

Women’s’ Underwear Sets: Autumn Winter Trends

Every season brings with it a style or trend. Some get carried over from the previous seasons, while some are discarded, and some others, introduced fresh. Such seasonal trends are relevant not just in the context of readymade outwear clothing ( theconfectionery.uk/lingeriesets ), but also to innerwear, especially women’s lingerie. Here are some trends ruling women’s underwear sets this autumn winter.

Peek-a-boo bottoms

Lingerie with cut-out and peek-a-boo designs were much sought after during spring summer, especially in women’s bras. In autumn winter, this trend spills over to women’s panties that reinvent the style in multitudes of ways. Solid coloured sheer fabrics, see-through meshes and fishnet, a combination of straps and laces, cut-out patterns in geometric and other interesting shapes, and many other variants add beauty and sensuality to women’s lingerie and underwear sets.

Velvet underwear sets

Lingerie made from velvet, like peek-a-boo underwear, is a spring-summer favourite that gets carried over to this season. While earlier designs were dominated by glossy fabrics in bright or dark colours, newer trends embrace lighter, pastel shades in blue, pink, lavender, and so on. An equally popular pick is the pairing of velvet with lace, which lends a luxuriously sensuous feel. A velvet underwear set with a plunge bra and frilled boyshorts is just perfect to bring out the teenage girl in you.

Sporty stripes

For women who love to embrace their bold and active side, this season brings with it the trend of two-toned, multi-stripe designs with a sporty touch. Seen predominantly in bottom bands or straps of bras, as well as on the waistbands of panties, thongs etc., these patterns add an athletic touch to your style. Stripes in black and white are classic, but for those who want a little perk up, there are patterns in neon yellows with white, navy blue and red, and so on.

Unconventional bodysuits

Bodysuits have a special place in a woman’s lingerie drawer. This season, the function piece of women’s underwear sheds its usual simple or sporty design to embrace a romantic mood and a glamorous look. From gilded elastics to opulent laces, coloured fishnet, and lace ties, opulent and unusual details make their way into these body hugging and body defining underwear.


As suspender continue to return to their former glory, here is another separate in an underwear set that’s bound to become the season’s latest hit. Harnesses with elastic, lace, satin, velvet etc. along with accessories like rings, adjusters etc. are slowly becoming a hit among young women ( www.TheConfectionery.uk/Blog ), and those who love a little cheerful and playful dressing up within the bedroom. Their versatility also makes many designs a great choice for use under low neck or a tank top.

Cage designs are slowly making their exit, but strappy designs continue to reign supreme with a little remodelling – thin straps are now replaced by broader ones, often with striped or other designs. Multicolour prints on satin are an equally interesting choice to experiment in women’s underwear sets in autumn winter 2018.

Four Distinct Women’s Suspender Sets to Try out this Season

Suspenders for women were initially designed as a piece of functional clothing to hold the stockings in place without rolling down. However, with the passage of time, this piece of underwear became a fashionable item that got attached to erotic apparel and sexy lingerie ( TheConfectionery.uk/Suspenders-for-Women ), which enhance the confidence, sensuality, and desirability of a woman. Many types of women’s suspenders are available in the market today. From lace laden vintage designs to bare minimal steamy styles, these intimate apparels match the tastes of traditional and modern women alike. This kind of lingerie is often bought as an underwear set – with matching bras, bralettes, panties, thongs, and the like. Take a lot at some unique designs and trendy styles in women’s suspenders.

Strappy garter belts

Lingerie created predominantly using straps has been trending for quite sometime now. The thin strips of cloth or other material are used in different ways – as an accent to a basic design, or as the body itself. The trend spills over to suspender sets as well. An interesting design of this kind is a strappy thong that doubles up as a garter belt. Such an underwear usually features multiple straps in place of fabric around the waist and rear, and has bare minimum coverage on the crotch, usually in luxurious laces or sheer meshes. The garter straps are attached to the lowest strap that forms the body of suspender-like panty.

Camisette suspenders

Yet another design where the suspender fuses itself with another piece of lingerie to create a multifunctioning underwear. In this design, the camisole gets extends to the hip, taking the shape of the body, and ends in adjustable garter strings that can be attached to the stockings. A camisette lacks a separate garter belt around the waist, but is usually accompanied by a matching thong, bikini, or g-string. Camisettes in laces are widely used for everyday dressing, bridal wear, and erotic needs.

Girdle skirt suspender

The garter skirt suspender is a high-waist design that looks more like a fitted skirt than a garter belt. It covers a good part of the torso and has a vintage yet erotic feel. Such suspenders have naturally elevated waistlines and end lower than usual garter belts, often covering the panty, thong, or g-string completely. Such underwear is paired with bras or bralettes of matching style, and looks extremely enticing when fitted with adjustable bows in place of regular garter straps.

Shaping garter belt

Here is another multitasking garter belt. The shaping suspender looks similar to a girdle skirt suspender, but is often made from a more stretchable and lightweight fabric, which also shapes the abdomen. This tummy tucking or tummy smoothing suspender is a great choice for women who need shaping solutions to use with their pencil skirts or bodycon dresses. Being a 2-in-1 product ( http://www.TheConfectionery.uk/Blog ), the suspender also holds up the stockings with the help of garter belts that extend from the lower ends of the shaping underwear.

For everyday wear or occasional use, choose from these designs for a unique twist to your style.