Five Easy Steps to Custom-Design your own Fraternity Apparel

Fraternity apparel is something that you wear with pride. It shows your affinity towards a particular Greek organization in your school or college and is also a mark of unity among the brotherhood. Wearing clothing inscribed with Greek letters evokes a special feeling. Thankfully, many vendors offer customization on Greek apparel ( adamblockdesign.com/fraternity-apparel ). Here is how you can create yours online in five easy steps.

1-Select a product

The first step is to select an apparel product that matches your needs. Most vendors of custom Greek apparel offer a wide range of clothing. So, you could choose from t-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, formal shirts, running shorts, track pants, hoodies, or others as desired. When selecting the clothing item, ensure that it is appropriate for the event or place to which you or the brotherhood would wear it.

2-Choose the colour and sizes

The next step is to pick a color. Greek apparel suppliers typically have custom shade cards, which display the various color choices against each apparel item. You could choose from the available color palette or ask the supplier for a custom shade if you cannot find the one that you need. Once you’ve narrowed down on the color, determine the size breakdown for your order. Most vendors carry merchandise in standard sizes, so your task gets reduced to pick and choose.

3-Describe the design

You’ve decided the apparel item, chosen the color, and also given the breakdown of sizes that your team needs. The next is the most crucial part – design customization. This involves sharing the print or embroidery design with the supplier. Some vendors accept hand drawings and detailing while others specifically need editable soft copies. So, be sure to inquire what your vendor needs. Check with your supplier about the different options available in print or embroidery. Give out as many details as possible regarding the size of the design, its placement, the colors to be used, the type of print etc., as it makes it easier for the supplier to replicate what’s in your mind onto the garment.

4-Ask for a price quote

Once you’ve shared relevant information regarding the order, the supplier would provide you with a price quote. See if the price fits into your budget and if necessary, ask for quotes from multiple suppliers before you narrow down on one. Also, if the price falls beyond the set limits, ask the vendor for what modifications could be made to bring down the cost - a reduction in the size, the number of colors in the print, a change in the type of embellishment, and so on.

5-Place the order

Once you’ve received a satisfactory quote, place the order with the vendor. It may be necessary to pay part of the order value in advance in some cases. Be sure to check about this aspect with your supplier before you place the order ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ). Once done, sit back and relax as your custom fraternity apparel gets made and shipped to you.

Greek Apparel Checklist- Everything You Need to Know

Indeed, wearing sorority letters is a special feeling for every member. Greek apparel is a very important part of Greek life. It is the best way to show your pride in the sorority and telling the world to which sorority you belong.

Sorority clothing is fun, and almost every sister is an expert on it. But still, it is worth to have a quick look on a checklist of Greek apparel you might want to buy for making your sorority life more colorful.

List of Greek Apparel You need to Add to Your Wardrobe

1. Sorority Shirts

Wearing Greek letters of the sorority is something every sister is waiting for. The first item you need to buy is a sorority shirt. Every week you have to attend the sorority meeting ( adamblockdesign/greek-apparel ), and it is mandatory for every sister to wear a sorority shirt for the meeting. Add a classic sorority shirt to your wardrobe. When it comes to buying sorority shirts, you have unlimited styles available. Choose a style that represents your sorority because what you wear, tells a lot about your sorority.

2. Sweatshirts

Sorority life is full of events and social activities. Buying sorority sweatshirts is a super cool way to show unity in the house. A vast range of designs of sweatshirts are available in the market, ranging from a crewneck to wide neck, full zips with hood, quarter zips, and pullover. You can easily find the ideal sweatshirt for yourself. You can customize your sweatshirts with sorority symbols, name, or letters. Whether you are organizing a philanthropic fundraiser, sports event or other special events, stand out from the crowd with supercool sorority sweatshirts.

3. Tank Tops

You cannot take tank tops out of women’s wardrobe. It is the must-buy item of your Greek apparel checklist. Buy customized tank tops printed with Greek letters of your sorority and wear your sorority letters with pride.

4. Long Sleeves

A long sleeve printed with sorority letters is the most decent way to show unity in the house. If you have made some great friends, you can order long sleeves for the whole group and stand out from the crowd. Definitely, it is going to be great fun.

5. Bottoms

Sorority life is not only limited to college. When you know that you have joined the best sorority in the world, it is fine to boast off a bit. Buy a pair of sweatpants or running shorts. It will be great for doing yoga or morning exercise with your sorority sister ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ). If you are living in sorority housing, it is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

So these are the five items that can easily find the place in your wardrobe.

In The End...

Greek life is an important aspect of every student’s life. It gives you the opportunity to interact with people, make new friends, have fun together, and do good. So make most out of your Greek life, and wear your Greek apparel with pride.

Fraternity fashion is everything about comfort with a sophistication touch

Fraternities mean friendship and friendship is about having everlasting fond memories. Let us do something memorable for the fraternity so that it can again revive the evergreen memory lanes of happy times in college. With various casual and formal events ( adamblockdesign.com/fraternity-apparel ), it is a little bit happy headache to choose the right fraternity apparel. The right clothing helps you in making a good impression among the fraternity. We can divide fraternity style in casual, semi-formal, and formal wear.

• Formal Wear – For fraternity events like dinners, fundraisers, etc. it is good to invest in a tuxedo or suit. With that, you also need a bow or tie, dress shoes, and cufflinks. Those in a tight budget can opt for different ties and dress shirts and can wear in all events. Have a pair of oxfords, as it will give you the option to choose navy, plain white or black socks.

• Semi-Formal Fraternity Apparel – Khakis should be in the top of the list of fraternity apparel. Wear khaki with blazers, sweaters, or shirts. One of the popular looks is to wear khaki with dark-colored plain sweatshirts and cotton shirts. Wear semi-formal style shoes or oxfords with slacks or khakis. You must pair your dress shirts with slacks. One has to wear in semi-formal wear for attending dinners, chapter events, interviews, etc. Colorful chino-style shorts with formal shirts are popular among men.

• Casual Wear – This type of fraternity apparel is cool and funky. Wear loose-fitting pants, fleece jackets, shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. You can also try chinos with jeans or polo t-shirts having crew necks. Wear your fave hoodie with dark colored jeans. When wearing casual wear, compliment with headbands, beanies, stylish sunglasses, and caps. Casual wear is one such type of fraternity apparel where there is no formal look. One can wear anything one wants. You can rock your look for daily campus events and hang out with anyone.

Some other things to consider for choosing fraternity apparel like sticking to your basics and do not look crazy by wearing lots of prints or colors at the same time. Sunglasses having a semi-formal or formal look are best for recruitment events and one can pair with formal short-shirt ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ). It is best to invest a few pairs of shoes for various events. In this way, one can save the expensive shoes from damages and only wear in selected events. Buy different style of tees to have a different casual look as only same tee or sweatshirt with jeans or chinos can be boring at times. Always try to change your taste but keep a look at the budget.

Kappa Delta Shirts- How to Buy the Best

Finding the best Kappa Delta shirts is no longer a difficult pursuit as you can find a great number of online stores selling sorority and fraternity shirts. However, there are some important things to consider before buying these shirts to ensure its authenticity and quality.

Some Important Factors to Consider

High quality and authenticity

Before buying Kappa Delta shirts ( AdamBlockDesign/Kappa-Delta ), you need to ensure that the product is authentic. Check for quality before you make your purchase. You can find many reputed manufacturers who offer customized Kappa shirts at affordable price rates.

Time taken

Majority of the orders have a specific turn-around once you place an order. It usually takes two to three weeks to manufacture an order. Therefore, you need to know the time taken by a company to complete your order.

Custom order

Personalized Kappa Delta shirts are mesmerizing and unique. If you need to custom order sorority shirts, you need to know if the company provides assistance in designing the shirts, you need for your sisterhood. With a design concept in mind, you can custom order Kappa shirts from reputed companies.

Colors and designs

Another factor to consider while ordering Kappa Delta shirts is the availability of range of colors and designs. You can find a myriad of beautiful colors and designs, which speak volumes about your sisterhood and fraternity. You can select from different arrays of designs and conceptualize a design with the professional designing team of the company.

All budgets

You need to choose companies that provide Kappa Delta shirts at all prices but appear equally magnificent. Ever shirt must be a piece of art regardless of its price. There must be no compromise in the quality of the shirts, though it is inexpensive.

Myriad of varieties

Reputed manufacturers offer a myriad of varieties, which include long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops and many more. You can choose from different types of colors and designs too.

You can create many styles and designs with sorority shirts- pocket tees, v-necks, scoop necks and so forth. You can also save money with bulk orders for your sisterhood and buy shirts that stand apart from rest of the crowd.

You can easily design your own Kappa Delta shirts online with many of the reputed companies. All you need to do is select a specific product, choose a color, and explain your design and provide your contact details. You choose the number, type, design, style, and color of the shirts you want the company to manufacture. An experienced stylist will get in touch with you to assist you design your shirts ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ).

Most of the reputed Greek clothing designers provide multitudes of colors and styles at affordable price rates. All you need to do is choose the right online store that manufactures authentic and top-notch Kappa Delta shirts that make a great impression.

How to Choose Best Chi Omega Shirts?

Every collegiate chapter represents and brands the fraternity in college or university by wearing sorority shirts. And when you are trying to create an impression by clothing ( AdamBlockDesign.com/Chi-Omega ), without saying a single word, it has to be unique and best.

So, why not your collegiate chapter should wear the best? Today we will look at the few tips to choose best Chi Omega shirts. Let’s start.

Choose the Right style

In fraternity life, one often indulges in a lot of activities. Every occasion demands a different kind of clothing. When you are attending the fraternity formal meeting, long sleeve button-up Chi Omega shirts will work best. And when you are out on the beach for the cleaning or some other social activities, cool tank tops will suit you best. However, a stylish tee is best for roaming around the college campus. Therefore, choose the right style of shirt as per the occasion.

Customized Design

Customized Chi Omega shirts are always the best. You can create whatever you want. Designing the sorority clothing is a fun when you work with designers. You can create unique and custom designs. Whether it is v-neck, crew neck, scoop neck, organic, casual, or athletic design, choose the design that screams your sorority style.

Quality Printing

The quality of finishing depends on the method used for printing shirts. You can choose embroidery, screen printing, heat press, or direct-to-garment printing for designing Chi Omega shirts. Screen printing and embroidery are the most commonly used methods for printing sorority shirts. Screen printing gives vibrant and long-lasting colors. Choose high-quality ink for printing so that it does not fade away easily. However, for detailed designs, you can opt for embroidery. Design made by embroidery lasts long, and of the supreme quality.

Personalized Shirts

If you want to go one step ahead, you can also personalize the fraternity shirts. Whether it is a lucky number, nickname, or anything that tells something about the individual, you can add this personal touch on the back of the shirt or above the breast pocket. This will help in fostering relationships among sisters.

High-quality Fabric

When it comes to clothing, comfort is equally important as design. The major advantage of customized clothing is that you do not have to stick to poor-quality fabrics. You can choose the high-quality fabric ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ) for fraternity shirts. More importantly, when you place the bulk order, you can easily get the discount. Hence, you get the supreme quality at a cheaper price.

These are the few suggestions that can help you to choose the best Chi Omega shirts.

The Bottom Line

Clothing should be a fun. This is what, customized designs are all about. And fraternity clothing has to be captivating and awesome. So, choose the best Chi Omega Shirts for your lovely sisters, and enjoy the fraternity life in style.