A Smart Chic’s Gym Bag Secret to Workout in a Stylish Way!

Women and their style can never leave each other apart irrespective of the place they are in. Even a place where you sweat calls for a need to be dressed to kill for every woman who is keen about her dressing vogue. So here are few things that every smart chic need to have for a sassy workout session.

The Right Bag

Firstly, if you want to match on with your style statement, then you got to have a proper Girls Gym Bag for yourself in which you can carry your world every time you step in for your gym classes. Gym bags are available in a vast variety ( Livewell360.com/Girls-Gym-Bag ), and you just need to choose the right one between the duffels, backpacks, etc. to organize your gym gears.

The Clothing

When it comes to clothes, women are the ones who can spend hours thinking about what to wear. If you are a fashionable gym devotee who is love with the trends, then you can have a couple of gym-wears that you can choose for your everyday workout schedule. Also, do not forget to keep an extra pair of gym clothes in your bag just in case you need a change after sweating it out.

A Girly Water Bottle

You can’t stay away from water if you are an exercising ninja as too much of sweating calls a need for being hydrated. So why not have a cool water bottle even to sip that common drink in style? Cute, rough and tough, casual, whatever your style statement may be, you can look out for a fashionista water can to be hydrated after a sweating workout session. Make sure that you go in for a good quality container so that it stays in place in your Girls Gym Bag ( Livewell360.com/Products ) and does not leak spoiling your other gym essentials.


Headphones are life-changing, having your own DJ is just a mind-blowing thing that you can carry every day for your classes. Every time you feel like sitting down, the fast music may get you working more on your own favorite tunes. Your gym may have the best collection of songs but having your own playlist with you with your earplugs fitted in your ears can get you more motivation and enjoyment to go on for your workout. A hands-free mobile case and a pair of headphone can get you rolling on the treadmill harder.


A towel is also a must-have in your gym bag to wipe yourself every time you feel that you are sweating profusely. Even those slippery hands on the treadmill are not safe and calls for a towel to wipe you dry. So never forget to stash a towel in your gym bag before you leave for your workout session.


Post workout meals will be an excellent handy thing that you can have in your Girls Gym Bag to munch it all the way when you leave your classes. To be a fit chic, you should be in possession of such snacks to gain some replenishment after a tiring workout huddle.

How to Reach the Most Purposeful Gym bags for Men To Make It a Worthy Investment

No denying that a gym bags that feels suitable for a professional who reaches gym after the office day is not preferred to someone who is a sportsman and equally differentiates from a college student. When it comes to choosing the ideal gym bags for men ( www.livewell360.com ), other than boasting personal style, taste, and status, possible selection and housing of accessories needs to be taken into consideration. In other words, its functionality matching to your needs, features and aesthetic look are the essential selection criterion in the quest for a perfect gym bag where you should invest.

Choose the Most Suitable Gym Bags for Men

Formal Bags

Formal gym bags are widely used by men and women who are intended to carry things for their workplace as well items necessary for gym or yoga center. They come in variety of briefcase types and portfolio bags with spacious inside allowing you to carry everything from gym clothes, water bottle, towels, and toiletries and equally the necessary documents, office papers, pens, laptop, lunch pack etc. that you need all through the day.

Always go for high quality formal gym bags that offers lots of compartments and fitted with vented counter to keep shoe and wet clothes. With this, you can keep your things, orderly, easy to find and odor free.


Among new generation, use of large oversized rucksacks as gym bags for men has been increasing worldwide. With its manly design, they are mostly used by trekkers, hikers, travelers, and people fond of hunting. Completely different from formal types, they are relatively big in size but comfortable to carry and come in varieties of muted mannish colors like dark blue, black, brown, or turquoise.

The gym bags are ideal for people who often go for outdoors, involve in sports, like hiking apart from being a yogi or gym lover. Do not be tempted to buy a huge one that you practically don’t require and get upset to find them bigger than the storage locker in your gym class.


With comprehensive range, designs, features, and sizes, backpacks are the most popular kind of gym bags for men. They are just not used only by gym enthusiasts ( Livewell360.com/Products ) but equally preferred by travel lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and college students to family men as an ideal travel backpack. Many people go for retro style, multicolored unisex gym bags that are available in vibrant color with contrasting well built handles with numbers with pockets inside and outside to house from wet costume to gym shoe, laptop to hiking accessories to camera, raincoat and umbrella.

Why Your Employees Should Take Part in the Escape Room Game in Dallas?

Imagine being trapped with 7-8 people inside a normal looking room? There is no escape except the door that is locked. The key is hidden somewhere in the room itself. But you need to play a game of solving riddles and puzzles to get the clue of an exit plan or door key. The game is not that simple! You need to stay away from some ghastly zombies as well. The ugly and dreadful looking zombies are present in the room but are chained to the wall. With every passing time, one of them will come closer to you.

This thrilling game is called escape room. Within a short span of time, it has gained huge popularity among the people of every age group. A bizarre setting of the room, different puzzles, and various room escape adventure themes allures and makes people enjoy at these gaming centers. Apart from the adventure and thrill, there are certain hidden lessons that can be learned through these games.

Why Room Escape for the Millennial Workforces?

These adventurous games are a wonderful option for the corporate world to make their teams more efficient. The small business owners can select the candidates on merits and their overall performance in the past. But simultaneously, it is significant that each employee works for the welfare of the company as a whole. Here, comes the necessity of team building. Success of your business always depends on how well your team performs.

Why the need of Team Building?

Small scale industries and businessmen need an all-rounder team to handle an effective execution of its operations. For that reason, each and every member should work in tandem and in a rhythm to deal with every problem. In a short span of time, it is impossible to develop a generous behavior among employees. Hence, this game of escape room in Dallas ( RoomEscapeAdventures/Dallas ) is a quite effective way to build a robust team for your office.

There are many advantages of team building through escape room in Dallas. It includes :

Accentuated Communication :

Through room escape adventure in Dallas, you can persuade the skills of better communication among the employees. Loud and clear transmission of information can be very advantageous to your business. Mostly, when employees are not well connected to each other, they hesitate to pass on certain crucial information despite being aware of the consequences. Ultimately, this issue may not hurt the employee but it hampers the business. So, good communication is always effective.

Learn to Handle Pressure Situation :

Participants are allowed only 60 minutes to escape the room. Within that time, they have to find riddles, solve them and come out winning. Time pressure always matters in the business. As an owner, you need to complete every project in time to satisfy your clients. This room escape game ( RoomEscapeAdventures/About ) teaches your employees the value of timely delivery while enjoying their work as well.

Accept Challenges :

The knack of taking up challenges is very useful for a company’s future prospects. Through room activities, the skill of accepting challenges can be largely developed. Employees take up difficulties proficiently without any hesitation. This tendency helps your business in difficult situations. A skilled team comes together, helps where needed, and provides support to each other without blaming.

The interesting game of escape room in Dallas delivers unlimited advantages to a team comprised of 8-10 people. They have to be multitasking and must fit in every situation. So, these games accentuate the qualities of adjustment, exposure, compassion, and dependability in every participant.

Why Companies Choose Room Escape Games for Team Building?

It is a popular notion in the business world that there is a successful team behind every successful endeavor. Hence, corporate houses deeply emphasize on building a reliable, dependable, and passionate team for their business. As a matter of fact, despite choosing the best talent of the industry, they may fail to inculcate team spirit in this millennial workforce. A lack of coordination, motivation, and spirit may detrimentally hurt the progress of their business. Slack communication and deficiency of personal comfort can create a negative working atmosphere in any organization.

In this regard, innovative techniques like room escape for team building ( RoomEscapeAdventures.com/Team ) are becoming quite popular across the corporate world. Despite the size of your business, it infuses the requisite qualities in your teams and encourages them to diligently work for delivering desired results.

The qualities which are developed through these innovative room escape games are truly incredible. Your team will be locked in a room with some intriguing clues and riddles. They have to work in perfect synchronization to crack the hurdles and escape out of that room. To make it more effective, time limit allowed is set at 60 minutes and zombies in the room adds a lot of thrill and excitement to the game. Here are the ways in which room escape games help to improve the team building.

Communication :

A team has to communicate well for completing a given task. They have to work with collaborative efforts for their ultimate target of escape from a scary room. Each member is induced to share ideas and information relevant to the situation. Here, team members have to pick, pull, and touch everything kept in the room to find the clues. It is necessary because only the right clue and accurate solutions will help them to find a way through it.

Leadership :

Leadership is a natural trait that can be exposed through such adventurous team building programs. With this tested ambiance, you come to know about the potential and leadership quality of your team members. A good leader can lead a team successfully through any situation. These games can help to find such hidden leaders by provoking them to excel and outperform others under extreme pressure situations.

Intellectual :

The situation in the escape room forces everyone to think out of the box. It is not necessary that each member has an exceptional intellect. But sometimes, a capable employee may be left behind in the rat race due to lack of initiative. They just need a spark or situation to show their caliber. So, room escape provides excellent circumstances to discover such treasures of your organization.

Working as a Team :

Your team actually starts to work as a team. In order to successfully escape from this room, they listen to each other and collaborate to deliver desired results. They strive to support each other in each task, regardless of their personal differences. It makes them think and accomplish the task as a team, not as an individual. This is where you can find their best performance.

These are the best advantages of team building ( Roomescapeadventures/About ) through adventurous and engaging room escape games.

4 Best Fun Team Building Activities that You Must Explore

Teams that work together are more productive, effective, and successful. Hence, organizations must focus on conducting team building activities in frequent intervals.

There are many team building activities; some are fun and some boring.

Team building activities that have a fun element helps employees in several ways. These activities help in relieving stress, refreshes mind and help them learn problem-solving skills in an entertaining way.

So, here we are going to tell you about 4 fun team building activities ( http://roomescapeadventures.com/about/ ) that really work.

1. Live Escape Rooms

Live escape rooms come with the best team building activities with live real action adventure games.

In these games 3 to 8 people are locked in a room with hidden objects and clues. Team members have to work together to find the clues, solve riddles and puzzles that help them escape from the room.

And, the team has to solve puzzles and riddles within an hour or specified time which leads to opening of a door.

The time limit of the games creates urgency while the mental challenges in the games force the team to play together. The concept of these games does wonders for players who lack self-confidence. Forcing them to contribute to team’s success is a great way to enhance self-esteem.

2. Zombie Escape

The Zombie Escape game has a fun and a thrill element combined together. Before starting the game, one of the team members who play Zombie is tied with ropes in the room allowing one-foot leeway.

Once the games start, the ropes are restrained every 5 minutes, allowing Zombie to move further by one foot. The players are required to solve a series of puzzles and find clues that will help them find the key to the door. They have to act fast and escape the room before it’s too late.

3. Scavenger Hunt

The purpose of the Scavenger Hunt game is to force the team to work together.

The team is divided into equal groups and each group is sent to find hidden items inside the room. The game has a time limit. The ultimate goal of each team is to bring most of the items back within a given time limit.

The Scavenger hunt game comes with different themes and including a variety of clues and tips to make the hunt more creative and force players to work together.

4. Shrinking Vessel

You will need a blanket, rope, and marker to mark space on the floor. The number of players in this team building activity ( http://roomescapeadventures.com/team-building/ ) is a matter of your choice. As time passes, the space shrinks and there is no room left for individuals in the group. The team members have to get creative to accommodate in shrinking spaces. Having one team member ride over another is one of the options.

The above list of team building activities offers dual advantages. Besides the entertainment and the fun elements, these activities promote creative thinking and teamwork that makes employees ready to face any problem in the corporate environment.