Learn How HDMI Matrix Switcher Can Connect Multiple HDMI Devices to Multiple Displays

If you have multiple HDMI devices and HDTVs at home or office, you would want a hassle-free way to connect all your devices without a mess of tangled wires. The solution to your problem is HDMI Matrix Switcher. Unlike HDMI switches or Splitters ( AviShop.com/HDMI-matrix ), Matrix switcher has multiple HDMI inputs and outputs. Let’s learn more about this device and see how it can resolve your home theater connection woes.

What is HDMI Matrix?

HDMI Matrix is a combination of HDMI Switch and Splitter. It can display video from multiple HDMI sources to different HDTVs or digital displays in your home or office. The HDMI Matrix is a must have device if you have more than one HDTV in your house or office and want to enjoy video in any room without moving HDMI devices around.

The HDMI Matrix can display one HDMI source on all TV’s or different HDMI sources on different TV’s thus giving you maximum flexibility and options in choosing the entertainment source.

Available Sizes

HDMI Matrix Switcher is available in different sizes including 4x2, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 port configurations. The 4x2 Matrix switch would have 4 HDMI outputs and 2 HDMI inputs while the 4x4 Matrix switch would have 4 HDMI outputs and 4 HDMI inputs.

The larger HDMI Matrix sizes are ideal for conference halls where the video needs to be routed to more displays. No matter what size of HDMI Matrix, it is a useful device that can give you freedom from tangled wires and help you enjoy video from any HDMI source without any fuss.

Devices you can connect to HDMI Matrix

If you go by the name and type of the device, it is not hard to guess you can connect any device with HDMI port to your Matrix Switcher. But that is not complete information ( AviShop.com/About ), the Matrix Switcher also has an Ethernet port and a DB-9pin Female connector that allows you to connect a computer monitor to Matrix Switcher.

Features to Look for in an HDMI Matrix Switcher

Automatic EDID Function

Not all digital displays have same video capabilities. The EDID is a useful technology that helps in finding a compatible resolution between video source and display. The EDID function in Matrix Switcher works to determine the best resolution based on the digital display capabilities that translate into the good viewing experience.

Remote Control

Though the Matrix Switcher has physical buttons on the device to select HDMI source and display, the remote control comes as a much-needed convenience that allows you to select desired HDMI sources without walking up to the matrix switcher.

The HDMI Matrix Switcher provides you an easy way to connect multiple HDMI sources to multiple digital displays and give you total control over the entertainment source selection without much hassle. One good thing is it also does away with the need to move HDMI sources or connecting and disconnecting devices frequently.

Have you used HDMI Matrix for your home theater setup?

How to find best HDMI splitter

If your HDTV has one port or you want to route audio-video signals to multiple displays, you would need an HDMI splitter. The HDMI splitter is a sophisticated piece of the device which can split the HDMI signals to two or more displays.

Having some basic knowledge of HDMI splitters ( Avishop.com/HDMI-Splitter ) can help you purchase the right devices with essential features. Here are some useful tips that will help you select best HDMI splitter as per your requirements.

What Are the Available Configurations?

The HDMI configuration refers to a number of HDMI outputs in the device. Some of the common HDMI splitter configuration available is 2, 4, 8, and 16 port configurations. The 16 port HDMI splitter is ideal for large installation where you need to route the HDMI signals to 16 TV’s or monitors.

What Is the Ideal HDMI Splitter Configuration for You?

The ideal HDMI splitter configuration for you depends on the number of devices you currently have. For example, if you have 2 HDMI devices at home, a 4-port HDMI splitter might be ideal for you which will ensure you will not run of HDMI ports very soon in the near future.

Purchasing a splitter with additional ports than needed is a good idea as HDMI is slowly becoming de-facto standard to connect HD devices. Also, a large number of manufacturers integrate HDMI ports in their devices and majority of HD devices in the near future would have HDMI ports. Even if you buy 1-2 new HD devices in near future, you would not feel the need to purchase new HDMI splitter to accommodate the new devices in your home theater setup.

What Are the Important Features to Look For?

There are two types of HDMI splitters- active and passive. The passive HDMI splitters are designed to split the signals and route it to HDMI outputs in the splitter. The active HDMI splitters are a bit advanced due to the technologies integrated to maintain or enhance the quality of the AV signal. Here are some of the important features that you need to look for when looking for best HDMI splitter.

● EDID Management

EDID is an acronym for Extended Display Identification Data. The EDID technology enables the digital display to communicate its video capabilities to the HD source which then negotiates the best compatible resolution.

If the HDMI splitter has EDID management feature, it will allow the digital display and the HDMI source communicate successfully and negotiate a best compatible resolution for the transmission.

● HDCP Compliance

HDCP is employed by all major broadcasters and entertainment companies. The content is protected by High Definition Copy protocol which prevents copying of content ( https://www.avishop.com/about-us/ ) when transmitted between HDMI source and digital display.

Only an HDMI splitter meeting HDCP compliance or HDCP transparency would be able to route the HDMI signal successfully between the HDMI source and digital display.

The above tips will help you select the best HDMI splitter that will allow you to enjoy HD content from different sources on more than one digital display.

Did we miss any important feature in HDMI splitters?

Are You Looking for a User Friendly Laptop?

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Based on your usage requirement, you can choose the laptop according to the specifications and the software configuration. The laptop has a range of options to choose from, whether you need it for business purpose, entertainment or gaming. The light in weight laptops are easy to carry and convenient to use. It comes with a quick start and shut down button which saves your time and efforts. Dell laptops have a battery which lasts longer than most laptops and also offers quick charging. The entire range of Dell Latitude is suitable for business and supports small business requirements as well. The laptops are available in a flexible price range which varies on the features and the software ( http://www.techdirect.asia ) supported by the laptop.

HDMI Audio Extractor - Tip and Tricks of finding best device

Today entertainment content is delivered digitally. The new standard of connection is HDMI which delivers sharper images, rich colors, and crystal-clear sound. But not all devices support HDMI. If your home entertainment system does not have an HDMI audio input, you will need an HDMI audio extractor to extract the sound from the HDMI video signal and deliver it to your speakers.

With the availability of so many brands of HDMI audio extractors and little knowledge of HDMI technology, selecting the best HDMI audio extractor can be a daunting task. To make things easy for you, we are sharing some tips and tricks to find the best device.

Features To Look for

Hassle Free Integration

The HDMI audio extractor should have the smallest footprint and blend easily with your existing AV system and hardware ( AVIShop.com/About-Us ) setup for a uniform look. The device you select should offer multiple audio connectivity options that match your AV system. The best HDMI audio extractor would offer hassle-free integration even with your computer system.

Versatile Connection Options

Not all home entertainment systems have digital audio inputs. Hence it is necessary the HDMI audio extractor you select offer both analog and digital audio connectivity outputs. The device should offer connectivity options like 3.5mm audio output and TOSLINK adapter along with SPDIF output and HDMI output. This will ensure you can stream audio output to any non-HDMI equipment.

Maximum Compatibility

The HDMI audio extractor should be HDCP enabled, and HDMI 1.3b compliant. The device should also support resolutions up to 1920x1080 (1080p) at 60Hz to ensure it works with an HDMI compliant device.

Another thing you need to understand is the technology used in the HDMI Audio extractor devices. If you look closely to the specification of the HDMI device, you can see HDMI pass-through feature mentioned on the device specifications.

As advanced features affect the price of the device, you need to ensure you want the HDMI pass-through integrated into the device.

What Is HDMI Pass-Through and Do You Need It?

An HDMI audio extractor with the HDMI pass-through feature ensures the HD video signals are transmitted to the video output devices without any changes, compression, alteration, or loss of quality. Some devices mention HDMI pass-through in standby mode, which means that the video signal will be transmitted uninterrupted through the device even when the HDMI audio extractor is not switched on.

In some scenarios, like playing games you would only want to enjoy the HD content on the screen and not worry about sound. In such cases, an HDMI audio extractor ( AVIShop.com/Best-HDMI-Audio-Extractor ) with HDMI pass-through would be helpful as you need not switch on the device when you don’t need audio.

Don’t forget to match the analog and digital inputs and output of your home theatre system and TV with the HDMI audio extractor before purchasing the device. The above tips will help you find the best HDMI Audio extractor that satisfies your needs and also offers the best value for the price.

Electrical Cable Assemblies : A Brief Introduction

Cables or wires that are made of different wires inside is known as a Cable assembly or wire harness. Gatherings that are devoted to transmission of electrical force from one end to the next end are known as an electric cable assembly. Bound by basic connector creases, the wires inside might have changing qualities as for transmission capacities, protection, kind of metal conductors and so on.

What are Electric Cable Assemblies?

Before we delve into the advantages offered by electric cable assemblies, let us comprehend what electric cable assembly are and what goes into their assembling. Electric cable assembly ( MeridianCableAssemblies/Electric-Cable ) are a get together of different electric cables which are bound together on both bearings by basic connector lodgings. They are all sliced to equivalent lengths, their metal channels are peeled off the protection cover and associated with connector lodgings that are basic to all the electric cables present in the pack.

Uses of Electric Cable Assemblies

Electric cable assembly are utilized as a part of an extensive variety of utilizations, attributable to the numerous solutions they offer, which will be talked about in the following segment.

1. Aviation : Be it in-flight stimulation frameworks, cockpit instruments or pilot training programs, electric cable assembly are utilized wherever there is a requirement of electric supply.

2. Military : A great deal of military applications, vehicles, ammo and specialized gadgets require these cable assembly for their operation.

3. Medicinal services : They are generally utilized as a part of various diagnosing machines like EEG and EKG and imaging frameworks like MRI, x-beam.

4. Hardware : Electric cable assembly are broadly utilized as a part of electronic things like TV, DVD players, sound frameworks, PCs and substantially more.

5. Telecom : Network focuses, web access suppliers (ISP), server farms, distributed storage units, phone organizes these workstations can't keep running without electric cable assembly.

Benefits of Electric Cable Assemblies

1. Since all the individual electric cables are bound together, it is anything but difficult to move them around in mechanical situations without worrying about the tangling of electric cables. Portability is especially sought in commercial ventures, given the testing workplaces and restricted time allotment to finish the work.

2. Since the electric cables ( http://www.meridiancableassemblies.com/capabilities/design/ ) are not tangled together, it is anything but difficult to wrap them up and store also. Electric cable assemblies expend less storage room, less time and less human work. Thus, they advance profitability in businesses.

3. Since the cables are held together, they bring about less wear and tear and thus the protection stays in place. This further lessens the dangers of short-circuits and doesn't pull in any scraped spots when the cables interact with oils or destructive UV beams.

4. Electric cable assemblies can be tweaked to suit a wide cluster of requirements effortlessly. Transmitter sizes, conducting metal, protection material, everything can be tweaked to suit the final requirement.