Steps to Follow for Selling To China via Online

The Chinese marketplace is infamously challenging to penetrate, especially for foreign firms, as the government always favors domestic brands, and there are considerable differences in business cultures and technology. Before making a move to sell to China online ( AdsToChina.Westwin.com/Sell-to-China-Online ), you need to understand a few factors, or else it can be dreadful for your brand.

In several markets like fashion, beauty, and health, the US, UK are seen by Chinese consumers as a trusted and reputable place to purchase. The chances of buying a fake brand are lesser than local suppliers in China. At the same time, western health and cosmetic items are superior in terms of testing, quality, and production standards. Due to high disposable incomes, Chinese consumers are ready to pay a higher price to get the best quality products from trusted sources. If you have the right products combined with the motivation to increase your sales, then selling to China will be more comfortable.

Payments and Fulfillment

It is crucial to choose the right way of transaction that is trusted and familiar by your consumers. The Chinese always prefer paying their bills using WeChatPay, and AliPay and these two have over 90 percent of market share. These payment channels are global, secure, and safe. You need just a few minutes to set up a personal AliPay account, and if you are based outside China, then payments can be received to your bank within two days.

All major couriers deliver to mainland China from the US and UK. The charges vary depending on the speed of delivery, size, weight, and service quality. The majority of the cost depends on the import duties when entering China or importing duty-free. You need to contact local experts familiar with this complex process so that the products can reach on time. When buying foreign products and importing, the international company needs to provide a Custom Clearance Certificate. However, the Chinese government has tweaked the trade policy, as no documents are required when eCommerce companies want to sell to China online ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) and courier the products.

Alibaba and Tmall

Alibaba is a globalized wholesale B2B channel specially designed for high volume sales. If you plan to sell your products via Alibaba, register for a free or paid account, and provide your business details, product details, shipping, and payment terms. Apart from these, you have to offer prices and minimum order quantity, estimated delivery time requirements, packaging details, and production capacity. To increase the visibility to your potential buyers, you can choose the Gold Membership. In this way, it will be easy for you to sell a large number of products to Chinese consumers.

Alibaba controls more than 80 percent of eCommerce sites in China through websites like Taobao, Tmall, and Alibaba. The primary destination for Chinese looking for authentic premium brands is Tmall. Several western brands have their stores on Tmall. For setting up a store, follow the instructions mentioned in their site, and you are good to go start selling your products.

Why Choose a Digital Agency in Austin?

The world went digital, and with it, so did marketing and advertising agencies. If you are looking to create a campaign that reaches people where they already are, then you need a digital agency in Austin ( drumroll.com/Digital-Agency-Austin ). Here are a few ways in which a digital agency can help your company find new customers, and new heights of success.

1. Data-First Campaigns

The truth is the we are living in a new world of data, so much so that there are numbers and figures for literally anything under the sun. Much of this data is easy to discover and easy to build as well. There is no longer an excuse for “going with your gut.” Today, every marketing and advertising campaign, whether it is completely digital or not, should be grounded in data. That’s where a digital agency in Austin can help.

A campaign that is built on assumptions instead of facts and figures isn’t simply a bad idea; it is refusing to use one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s toolbox: the numbers that can help you craft a campaign that speaks to your intended audience. And the right digital agency in Austin can help you create a campaign that is data-driven and gets results.

2. The Ability to Pivot

One of the other main advantages of using a digital agency in Austin is the ability to pivot a campaign to the situation. The world, much like the new cycle, is fast, agile, and runs minute-by-minute. To create a campaign and expect it to remain the same for its entire run no longer makes sense. Campaigns today should be built by data but managed by an ongoing processing of that same data. So instead of simply crafting a campaign, a digital agency will craft a set of tools and ads that can be tweaked as the campaign goes on. So if something isn’t working, or can be easily changed to fit more with current events, then the campaign can remain relevant and more impactful throughout its lifespan.

3. Reports that Matter

While we do have access to more data today than ever before, that doesn’t mean that every bit of data is important or relevant. In fact, there are arguably fewer data points that are important today than before, but that doesn’t mean they won’t show up anyways. Take, for example, a Facebook advertising campaign. Many businesses who pay others to do their Facebook ads will often look at the reach number to see how well their campaign is doing. Yet, reach in a Facebook advertising campaign is almost completely related to money spent. Focusing on reach doesn’t actually tell you how well the campaign is doing. It tells you how much money you spent. A digital agency in Austin that focuses on the right numbers, like conversions, will give you a better idea of how your campaign is performing. And it will help you craft future campaigns with the right numbers in mind.

Modern advertising is a digital-first game, and to be successful in a digital world, you need a digital agency in Austin ( www.drumroll.com/about ). Only a digital agency will have the tools, experience, and data to help you craft an agile campaign that will help your company succeed.

What Makes Game Marketing Different?

Gaming is a massive industry, one that generates billions of dollars a year. But it is also one that works differently from most. Here are a few reasons why gaming companies are turning to game marketing ( batteryagency/Game-Marketing ) agencies to help them market their products, and how the right agency could help you see new levels of success.

1. Gamers are passionate, and ruthless

If you want to see how fast a gaming community can turn on a franchise, look no further than SimCity from 2013. The series of city-building games had long been beloved, and the franchise had expanded into other areas that also saw success. So when the latest version was set to launch, the world was ready to fall in love with SimCity all over again. Then it came and players were disappointed. The game was given poor reviews by top critics, and certain aspects of the game were openly criticized by fans before it even launched. No amount of goodwill or advertising dollars in even the best game marketing strategy could make up for the disappointment, and now, seven years later, no sequel has been made. Instead, other companies have moved in to create their own version of SimCity, and the original publisher was left to deal with a severe loss in profits.

The lesson to be learned from SimCity is that gaming audiences are fiercely passionate. It is passion that can keep people loyal to companies and franchises for decades, but it is not one that will suffer poor quality or feeling taken advantage of. If you want to harness the power of gamer passion, you will need a quality product and a game marketing campaign that will fuel that passion. And the best way to do that is by partnering with a game marketing company.

2. Gaming is More than Self-Identified Gamers

Did you know that almost everyone is a gamer? From seniors playing on their smartphones to kids also playing games on their Nintendo Switches, there are literally millions of people that love to play video games. And most wouldn’t consider themselves “gamers.” One of the most useful tools in game marketing is understanding that your audience may not be the stereotypical gamer. In fact, your game may be perfect for non-traditional markets. That’s where a dedicated and experienced game marketing company can help you connect with the right audience and turn them into lovers of your games and products.

3. Gaming Relies on Build-Up and Suspense

One of the most powerful tools that the Marvel movies has isn’t the properties they are using, the universe they have built, or even the movies themselves. Marvel succeeds because the marketing campaign is part of the experience. Everything from casting announcements to teaser trailers, and cameos in other movies, are all part of the experience, and game marketing works in the same way.

Most games today take years to create, which means you have years to develop and execute a marketing campaign. You can turn every gameplay teaser, every improved system, every asset and detail and character into a part of the hype machine, building suspense for launch day. And a game marketing ( https://www.batteryagency.com/#about ) company can help you get there.

Game marketing is a completely different system from traditional marketing. To do it right, you need a dedicated game marketing agency that understands the products, the culture and the markets.

How to Make Your Baidu PPC Project Profitable – An Expert Guideline

With more than 600,000 websites, over 75% digital market share, Baidu is undeniably the most demanding search engine in China. Naturally, as marketers from the West consider promoting their market in China, Baidu happens to be their foremost marketing channel especially for Baidu’s paid search marketing. In order to make your Baidu PPC ( https//adstochina.westwin/Baidu-Pay-Per-Click ) endeavor a real success and greatly yield providing, consider following a set of four factors as an ultimate guideline.

Be localized

Apart from publishing your especially designed Chinese website in Baidu, the agency you hire in China will make your entire marketing plan and promotional strategy with consideration of how the Chinese consumers like to view marketers on Baidu. As you’re planning to penetrate in the fastest-growing Chinese digital market, it’s vital for you to customize your business objective and its marketing policy in accordance with the culture of the Chinese nation. The bottom line is that, when intended to promote your product through Baidu’s paid advertisement or PPC ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) in a completely different market like China, ensure that your whole marketing approach and its action plans are designed according to the localized demand, culture, and preferences.

Real-time support

Before you get started, spend considerable time, maybe a few days to study a number of Chinese websites, particularly of those companies that deal with your particular product/services or in order words, your rival entities. This will benefit you to notice how Chinese audiences prefer sharing their opinions and experiences with such community people via chat boxes! Amidst the most common ways to communicate the most popular and cost-effective ways include website chatbox, QQ messenger in addition to phones. Notably, the millions of internet users in China prefer employing real-time chat to get market/ product information, support from your marketing team, and make a deal. Providing real-time support to the community is expected to increase your customer conversion rates by 3 to 4 times.

Be well-planned

Being a foreign business house, as you’ve a new entry in China, you’ll be facing hard-hitting competition with your rival company who are already having a strong market base within China. Fighting with them is not so easy that you can presume without difficulty. Thereby, let them enjoy their position in the marketplace while you should make your company well-prepared based on the seamless market promotional plan. In this context, get all necessary assistance from a Chinese digital marketing agency, registered with Baidu and the popular social sites like WeChat and Weibo. It will work in combination with you to choose the most ideal keywords and place bid strategically. Keep on reviewing your quality score, the position of advertising in Baidu SEM, and appear as among the key competitors of your rival houses.

Maintain your quality score

The biggest advantage of having a high-quality score not only lessens your CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click), but it equally determines the position of your paid advertisement in Baidu SEM. The position of your ad also depends on Baidu’s trust score, your quality score, bidding price, and the behavioral data of searchers. When looking at the quality score:

• Stick to the advertising rules and business guidelines as stated by Baidu, violation of which lessens your trust score of 100 points which you’re assigned initially by Baidu.

• An advertiser’s quality score is determined based on the quality of their ads, consistency of landing page, CTR (click-through-rates), the relevancy of contents, and users’ experience.

• The bidding cost is how much you like to pay against each click of your advertisement.

• Importantly, advertisers having low-quality scores are penalized in terms of their bidding price whereas a high-quality score enables you to attain a super ad position or ranking while paying a lower PPC.

Tips for Creating a Successful WeChat Marketing Strategy for Outbound Tourism

The outbound travel market of China is growing at a fast pace with close to 150 million overseas tours made by Chinese travelers in 2018 that is a mammoth growth of 1.326 percent from only 10.5 million in 2001. The current trend shows that China is the most powerful outbound market even surpassing the United States and also Chinese travelers spend nearly 270 billion dollars in the process. Therefore, the attractiveness of this market among western brands is obvious and several businesses are using marketing strategies for accommodating the unique requirements of this cosmopolitan audience. We will be discussing WeChat, which is one of the popular social media platforms in China, and provide some insights on how western businesses can leverage this platform for marketing ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) success.

Steps to create a flourishing travel-based WeChat marketing strategy

The Chinese marketplace is complex and dynamic and the tech-savvy users expect unique, engaging, and tailored online experiences that offer them real entertainment, value, and flawless user experience. Sixty percent of China’s outbound tourism comprises of Gen Z and millennial travelers and over seventy percent of this audience are hooked into blogs, social media, and travel websites for creating their custom-made itineraries.

Using the proper Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Travel KOLs play a major role to attract the millennial market, as they extensively use their smartphones and value recommendations of trusted influencers. When engaging with the right KOL, your business can start engaging with Chinese travelers when they are planning their itineraries. A proper WeChat strategy will be to agree on a partnership or sponsorship arrangement where the opinion leaders will be providing reviews, live experiences at your destination, and offering advice that can position your brand in the market. You need to research to get the right influencer so that it can attract the audience by marketing your services or products. Moreover, you also have to provide your influencer with free hotel accommodation, high-end product, or discount code so that they can able to launch a viral competition.

Right timings and creating good content

Traveling in China peaks during Chinese New Year, summer, and in October Golden Week. Make sure your WeChat marketing ( www.adstochina.westwin/WeChat-Marketing ) strategy must be designed to kick in during the planning phase beforehand primarily 3 to 4 months before customized WeChat marketing campaigns that help in generating travel inspiration to your preferred destination.

A major source of inspiration to these outbound travelers is WeChat articles, so make sure your content has to be curated carefully so that it has a visual appeal, beautiful design, and engaging, as Chinese love informative, entertaining, and witty content. They are very much inclined to nature when it comes to traveling. For instance – a waterfall or a serene, clean beach can be used as a scenery-based image and messaging that conveys the ‘beautiful, un-spoilt, and clean image thereby generating high engagement among people living in China. Conduct innovative campaigns and travel contests for inspiring new visitors to buy your services and products.