Top Five Reasons to Hire a Digital Agency in Austin

When it comes to running your business's online digital marketing, there are several reasons you should be considering hiring a digital agency in Austin to ensure the best results. But, why should you trust your company’s growth to a digital agency when you could just do it yourself, or hire a team for it? These are good questions, but you will discover that hiring a digital agency will, in the end, wind up being the best choice for your company due to all the benefits that come with an agency of experts.

Improve Your Business Growth

The main reason you are going to be hiring a digital agency in Austin for your company’s marketing is the fact that you are looking to grow your business further. With an expert team on hand from a digital agency ( drumroll/Digital-Agency-Austin ), you will find that they not only have a lot of fresh new ideas for new marketing campaigns, but they also have the ability to optimize your current website, social media, apps, marketing campaigns, etc., to ensure the best experience for your current customers, and to draw in new customers.

Save Money on Marketing

The first thought when thinking of hiring another company to do your marketing is the money cost. You may think hiring your own marketing team will be cheaper, but no matter how large your company, hiring a digital agency can actually be very cost effective. You don’t have to spend money on the hiring process, continued training, etc. When you hire a digital agency in Austin you will negotiate a set budget, and they will be required to work within that budget, whereas, often, internal marketing teams may go over budget. There’s also the added benefit of not having to deal with payroll and the payroll taxes of extra employees.

Gain Access to Digital Marketing Experts

Hiring a digital agency in Austin means you are getting access to their teams of experts, people that have spent years studying marketing in various forms (particularly online marketing.) This means they know exactly what you are going to need after they have done an analysis of your company because of their training and experience. That takes the load of having to come up with ideas that may or may not work off your shoulders.

Benefit from the Marketing Tools of an Agency

A digital agency in Austin also will have access to a large array of professional marketing tools—definitely more than your company does. They spend thousands each year on having the latest in marketing tools that they can then use to analyze your marketing campaigns and give an accurate picture of their key performance factors. When looking at online marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are very important, and having access to a digital agency that can analyze each keyword’s performance, or tell you where most of your customers are coming from, is a great asset when it comes to knowing where marketing needs to be targeted.

Free Up Time to Focus on Your Company

Lastly, when it comes to spending your time, you’re better suited to running your company than having to deal with your online marketing. Hiring a digital agency in Austin will free up your time and allow the experts handle what they do best, all while you are busy handling everything else. While a digital agency is working on your online branding ( www.drumroll.com/about ), you can be meeting with new clients and creating meaningful business partnerships to grow your business.

Hiring a digital agency in Austin may, at first glance, seem like a waste of time and money, but once you have one on your side, you’ll find that they can greatly benefit your business and help take your company to the next level.

An Ultimate Guide to Promote Your Business Through Weibo Marketing

Embarked on its journey in 2009, Weibo is cited to be one of the most popular social media platforms in China. With 580 million registered users, it is often referred to as the ‘Chinese Twitter’ and bears a resemblance among Twitter and Facebook in different ways. With its gigantic audience, it offers great opportunities for business enterprises from all across the globe to market their products and services in China.

Get Started with Weibo

In order to initiate Weibo marketing in China ( http//adstochina.westwin/Weibo-Marketing ), first of all, you are required to register your company with the community. For having registration, you should get in touch with a Chinese social media marketing agency certified by Weibo. Once your business account gets verified and approved, a blue ‘V’ sign will be displayed alongside your account, akin to the verified insignia on Twitter. For overseas companies, the verification process takes nearly 10-15 working days and costs a one-time verification fee of US $1,000.

Subsequent to verification of your business account, you can personalize your Weibo page, matching it to your brand image. Weibo has emerged as a very effective social media and e-commerce platform these days. You can attain the advantage of Weibo Window which is the eCommerce platform of the community and enables to market your products/ services as well as increase your sales conversion ratio.

Promote Your Business through Weibo Marketing

Weibo offers tons of ways for businesses to build their brand image and earn popularity among Chinese consumers. Equipped with a number of great packages, it enables you to add them to your Weibo marketing drive, for instance social search engine promotion, display ads, and KOL marketing. Nonetheless, before you reach to this stage, developing a consistent content strategy is essential.

Creating an appealing content strategy incorporated with media-rich contents such as pictures and videos works wonderful. Make sure that your business message delivers value to its viewers through ideas, humor, aspirations, news, and promotions etc. Develop meaningful articles and blogs using guest bloggers and influencers wherever possible to create engagement. Here are a few content types which you can utilize when marketing on Weibo.

Content backed by influencers (KOL)

KOLs are brilliant options of Weibo marketing to promote your business. The possibility for your business to flourish and gain brand awareness can be enormous integrated with your right marketing strategy and KOL.

Content promotion in festivals

Brands can generate their personalized content, which revolves around the most popular Chinese holidays and festivals like Singles’ Day or Chinese Valentine’s Day. Taking advantage of these kinds of events and providing creative contents for your business, users can considerably boost awareness of your brand among Chinese consumers.

Content offering rewards

Business campaigns involving giveaways as well as rewards have become highly popular on Weibo. It is a very common way to build your follower base and also generate sales, especially when you are new on the Weibo marketing ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) platform. These kinds of campaigns generally consist of users who like to take chances to get an entry in its lucky draw programs. Lucky draw campaigns are promoted by Weibo’s lucky draw official account and it has been proved to be an effective program to convert potential customers to loyal consumers in no time.

Ways to Advertise on Weibo for Boosting Your Business

Sina Weibo, termed as Weibo is one of the largest social media platforms in China. The meaning of Weibo is micro-blogging. Advertising in Weibo holds huge potential for foreign companies that have utilized it properly. Let us discuss some statistics – Weibo has over 850 million years, 245 million active users every month, 49.9% female and 50.1% male users, 82% of Weibo users shop on the internet, and over 73% use the mobile app for accessing Weibo. With these stats, you can imagine how this platform is effective for advertising your brand. When you include the Weibo advertising ( www.adstochina.westwin/Weibo-Advertising ) component to your Chinese social media marketing strategy, it helps in building genuine followers, promoting your business, and engaging directly with an active, large community of potential users in the most targeted way. Finally, the objective is to convert the leads into sales. Here is a guide to advertise on Weibo that help in boosting your business.

Models of Weibo advertising

Fan Tunnel

The best method for reaching new customers and followers in huge numbers is Fan Tunneling. With this advertising strategy, you can able to promote wither your account or a single post. It is quite similar to Fan Headline that appears on the top of the news feed on the customer’s account. This procedure is great for new businesses when they do not have followers and focus on the entire Weibo community.

Fan Headlines

This option helps to target existing followers and their connections that help in attracting other followers in huge numbers. Your account or post gets highlighted at the top of the news feed of your followers and their connections. Fan Headlines help to re-share content and improves your visibility among your followers. There is an option for Fan Headline for Posts where the pricing differs according to your follower base, the more followers you are having, the more costly it becomes. Fan Headline for Other’s Posts is quite similar to the last one expects it places another user’s post near or at the top of their follower’s feeds. This option helps in promoting an influencer’s post that is related to your company.

Search engine promotion

Weibo platform has an inbuilt search option that enables posts, fan pages and browsing accounts. Weibo marketing provides a constructive way for boosting visibility to consumers while making targeted keyword searches. It serves as the best platform to increase quality traffic on your account and account visibility. When it is about Weibo advertising ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) rates, the costing varies on the competitiveness and the popularity of the keywords you are using for promotions. So, when users will be hitting the search option, your account will be displayed on the top of the search results page. The biggest advantage is when the search results showing trending news and hit topics, your account will also be visible alongside them. This in turn will help increasing your account’s reputation and visibility. You can also use display advertisements to increase advertising as when the users will be clicking on the ad, they will be directed to an advertising site.

Important Benefits of Using Baidu SEM

Baidu, the leading search engine of China, has some of the most distinctive features that can be leveraged to meet different requirements. It is the strongest platform that must be utilized by both Chinese and oversea businesses to penetrate into the Chinese markets. In other words, it is perhaps the only channel to connect with the ever-expanding Chinese market space. Some of the most significant reasons to use Baidu SEM ( adstochina.westwin/Baidu-SEM ) to grow your business in China are as follows.

Reaches a wide spectrum of consumers

With more than 700 million internet users in China, what could be a better channel than the most popular search engine to advertise your products and services? Baidu is the only search engine, which is used by more than 90% of the population in China. Moreover, this popular search engine operates in the Chinese language and includes most of the Google platforms available today. Therefore, it is essential to market your products on Baidu to connect with the target audience and gain maximum brand awareness.

Online advertisements are effective

It is beneficial to use Baidu for search engine marketing as the Chinese consumers react well to online advertisements, which is quite different from other scenarios. When millions of consumers in the west tend to ignore online advertisements, a large share of the Chinese consumers look forward to online ads and support targeted marketing. While most internet users in the West tend to be skeptical of paid advertisements and avoid such websites, the reverse happens in China. Chinese consumers believe that if businesses are willing to pay to advertise their products, it must be worthy of consideration and purchase.

Online purchases

Chinese consumers spend both time and money online lavishly. According to recent surveys, there are more than 6 billion queries everyday on Baidu where consumers are searching and purchasing all kinds of products, which include toiletries, furniture, electronic goods, and so forth. Baidu, the top-ranked website in China, is the most affordable channel to market products strategically. With more than millions of smartphone users in China, mobile ads are also gaining immense popularity, which further increases the opportunity for businesses to market their products on this exceptional social media platform.

Baidu SEM ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) is an efficient and smart approach to penetrate into the Chinese market, which is otherwise relatively impossible for oversea entrepreneurs. China, one of the most technologically advanced and digitalized countries in the world, is also home to the largest online buyers. Therefore, by utilizing Baidu for search engine marketing, it is possible to achieve your business goals.

Weibo Marketing and Its Scope to Promote You in China

There is no denying that for businesses intended to enter the social media marketing landscape in China, the potential of Weibo Marketing ( adstochina.westwin/Weibo-Marketing ) is gigantic. Notably, the popular microblogging social site has been operational with wonderful advertising options keeping parity to your business promotional goal.

All you have to register your company with Weibo and then applying your insight while choosing the type of advertisement with a view to reap the maximum mileage of your investment. If you are wondering why only Weibo than carries on reading the article to explore the top reasons that drive from corporate giants to small and medium companies to place their promotional advertisement on Weibo.

The Scope

With more than 580 million active users, it unveils you the great engagement tools through advertisement encouraging your social media performance. With different classes of advertisement, it enables you to ascertain wide visibility of your promotional content to current business followers as well as to the potential audience who are linked with them. As your business followers can pass their comments or post ‘‘likes’ equally, they can refer to your advertisement and share them with their peers, which leads to your SMM success.


Opposed to different outbound advertisement methods and as compared to different social media platforms operational in China, the cost of Weibo marketing is quite cost-effective for all classes of business houses. Thereby, the social site enables you to try different advertising tools available with Weibo and accordingly identify the most suitable ad product that works wonderful for promoting your product or services.


Weibo marketing channel is outfitted with four types of product promotional opportunities. The specialty of Weibo marketing, which makes it so demanding to all business groups, is that with a minimum investment, you can avail the opportunity to promote your ads in ten different ad formats available under it. Thus, in order to perform your Weibo marketing ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) successfully in China, follow the steps stated below based on your advertisement objective.

Consider Your Advertisement Goal

Having engagements - Having more users’ engagements helps consolidate your social presence among your present as well as prospective business followers who eventually convert into your loyal customers in the long run.

Gaining followers - Through promoting your content and posts on the Weibo account, aside from encouraging an increasing number of your current followers, you can gain those who are linked with your existing follower base and make it possible to reach the vast number of the Chinese audience.

Increasing Brand Awareness - To boost your brand audience, Weibo enables businesses to post the most appealing digital ads such as banner that has high potential to build brand awareness.

Choosing Ad Formats

For engagement

Devoid of using a single penny, you can own a hashtag, and so long you remain as the first user of the hashtag, you can have ownership on it. Being the owner of the hashtag, you can then propose your Weibo page to display incorporated with a hashtag that appears on the top of the hashtag page and bring increasing numbers of engagements.

To gain more followers

Fans Tunnel is a potential advertisement channel that enables you to reach followers other than your existing market base. The adv plan has been proven successful to gain more followers base for your products and services.

To build a brand image

Consider display adv, which is ideally great to appear as banners and helps construct your brand image.