Five Reasons to Hire Video Marketing Companies

And when business owners decide to invest in video advertising, they often ask this question- “Is it necessary to hire video marketing companies for producing corporate videos?”

Well, if you are interested in making the business out of your marketing efforts, then it is definitely necessary. All of us have seen the fair share of poor videos in our lifetime ( nycvideopros.com/video-marketing ), and the impression it creates is even more damaging. Therefore, when it comes to producing business video hiring a video marketing company is a sensible decision.

Here are the five reasons why you should hire a video marketing company:

Creative Script Writing

Producing an engaging video starts with a creative vision. A video production company has a team of scriptwriters, directors, and producers which works on creating a video that can resonate with emotions of consumers. Scriptwriters know how to tell the story of the company and convey company's message effectively and concisely.

High-Quality Production

The quality of video produced by professionals cannot be matched unless you have years of experience in video production, and have the high-end equipment to shoot video. Video marketing companies use HD digital camera, tripods, lighting effect, sound equipment, and various other types of equipment to shoot a video. Crew members work with professional artists and designers to make the best possible video. This sort of professionalism and quality is difficult to achieve with an ordinary camera.

Marketing Expertise

A video marketing company not only produces videos but also advertise them. They have the team of marketing experts that plan and develop the marketing strategy. Your video marketing company is responsible for sharing and uploading the video on various platforms. They also have strong relationships with various media outlets that allow them to broadcast video on various media channels.

Save Time

Video production is time consuming and laborious process. Writing script, arranging equipment, hiring staff, shooting video, editing footage and publishing video on various channels demands the whole lot of efforts time and energy. Hiring a video production company saves your precious time and helps you focus on other core activities of the business.

High ROI

No doubt producing a corporate marketing video will cost you a few thousands dollar, but it also offers high returns on investment. A high-quality video can earn you new customers, improve the brand image of the business, and increase the brand awareness ( www.NYCVideopros.com/about ). On the other hand, poorly made videos can do more harm than good. It can tarnish the image of the business, and in the end, you have to hire professionals to run an advertising campaign to improve the ruined business image.

These are the five key reasons to hire a video production company.

If you are planning to run a video advertising campaign for your business or want to produce high-quality business videos for various business activities, it is better to leave the job in the hands of video marketing companies.

The types of video production companies in NYC can produce

Video marketing is a critical part of today’s marketing mix. To be effectively used, it requires a strategy that identified how and where the organization can utilize video to promote it’s story. The fact of the matter, is that correct and effectively using video can be a complex task, which is where video production companies can help your business to identify and produce video content for promotional videos, training videos ( www.NYCVideopros.com/video-production-companies ), or brand film projects. Here is some high-level information to consider about video production companies in NYC as you seek the right partner to help your organization produce marketing videos.

Complete Video Production Services

Video production is a complex task which can be categorized into pre-production, video production, and post-production services. Providing these services requires an organization that is experienced in facets of video production.

High-Quality Equipment

A good video production company will have a wide variety of camera lenses, different cameras, lavalier mics, boom mics, shotgun mics, lights, sliders, sound mixers, stabilizers, and all of the supporting gear to produce your brand film, or corporate video production project.

Full Fledged Video Production Team

Corporate video production requires a variety of professionals such as producers, directors, camera operators, and professionals to handle lighting, sound and of course editors and animators to finalize footage and produce a high-quality corporate video production.

Different Types of Videos

Every campaign and every corporate video production is unique. Experienced video production companies in NYC know about producing a litany of different types of videos for inbound marketing - from animated video concepts to live action interviews with C-suite executives, or brand films. The fact of the matter is that fresh video content is necessary for brand awareness campaigns, marketing, and sales. A good video production company can help you identify a strategy to use video and create content on a regular schedule.

A closer look at some of the different types of video productions a video production company in NYC can help you to produce:

Company Overview Videos

A company profile video is the starting point of sales for many businesses. Every business has its own unique characteristics and offerings that make them different from others. Video production companies can create great company overview videos that showcase the company’s passion, culture, products, and services. Like building a home there are many different ways to style these kinds of videos - the right video production company in NYC will be able to help develop a video that is in- line with the marketing department’s vision and the organization’s brand.

Training Videos

There are different ways of delivering training to your employees which includes interactive software, textbooks, live classes and online training videos. While each way of training has its place, training employees through videos come with several key advantages.

First, training video assets are typically more engaging than the written word, they can capture the personality of the organization and it’s key staff. Second, training videos allow employees to learn about the company’s processes and rules on their own time, at their own pace, and tie together both visual and auditory learners. Finally, training videos once produced are available for both current and future employees; which enhances the on-boarding experience.

Marketing Reels

Video promotion is a great way to introduce your products and services to your customers. It is often easier and more convenient for customers to learn the benefits of your products and services through promotional videos.

You can create 2 to 5-minute short videos of your products or services and upload them to YouTube, your social media channels, or your website where customers can view them at their convenience.

These kinds of promotional videos may be very product focused, or may be done as white papers brought to life through a customer focused story, or they may introduce thought leaders to talk about a specific topic. The reality is promotional videos can take on any number of formats.

Sales Videos for Pre or Post-Sale

Whether you want to engage a prospective client in advance of a sale, or share insights and help on-board them after a sale is complete - product demo videos, or corporate videos along these lines can help to enhance the sales process. Perhaps you want to introduce key team players that can’t meet with every potential client ( www.NYCVideopros.com/about ), or you want to let them know about resources or the process once they’ve committed to working with you - video provides a powerful avenue to allow you to engage these audiences and video production companies in NYC are able to help you connect the dots to use video effectively.

Have any questions? Or tips for hiring the right video production company? Feel free to comment.

Saving Time and Money by Using Omnibus Surveys

Omnibus surveys are a very useful marketing tool when it comes to conducting quantitative research. With the ability to save companies both time and money, these surveys produce results without depleting your resources.

Quantitative Research in Marketing

Quantitative research is an important part of marketing. At its core, it involves the collection of research for a client in order to develop a successful marketing plan. It is often the important first step in a larger marketing plan. Inspired by research data ( keltonglobal.com/omnibus-surveys-company ), quantitative research can solve problems, prove business cases, uncover opportunities, and inspire others. Omnibus surveys often use tools, such as questionnaires and scales, to gather information. Once collected, this data comes together to weave the stories that will inspire businesses to make intelligent, data-driven decisions for their companies. Marketers can use the answers of these respondents to determine the needs of such individuals in the marketplace. It is only with solid research that businesses can move forward, creating brand communications that make headlines and adhere to a central marketing strategy.

Choosing to Use Omnibus Surveys

Surveys are an effective tool to collect the quantitative research that marketing teams need to develop strategies and marketing plans that will work for their businesses. An omnibus survey, in particular, collects data on a wide variety of subjects from respondents in a singular interview. The reasoning behind this is because that single interview can reduce a company’s individual costs by sharing common demographic data with other businesses. Often, many different research clients will provide proprietary content for the survey, and once collected, the results are distributed to all involved. As the sampling and screening costs are shared among multiple clients, the cost-savings often make it worth sharing data. This method also saves a great deal of time since omnibus surveys are often quite large and interviewing is an ongoing process.

Conducting Omnibus Surveys

Because omnibus surveys save researchers time and money, they are a great tool to use when facing an unexpected threat. On the other hand, omnibus surveys are also a great way to get information fast in order to take advantage of a sudden opportunity. These surveys give businesses the rare opportunity to work together towards a common goal. By sharing the information collected, rather than conducting separate surveys with different respondents, everyone can reap the benefits. Omnibus surveys are usually conducted over the phone, online, or by mail. It is easy to administer surveys in this fashion, and that accounts for the large number of participants who are able to take part in the process. These surveys may be on a wide variety of subjects ( www.Keltonglobal.com ), which can be somewhat related or not at all related to one another. As the information is coming from many different sources, it doesn’t matter if it is all connected. Researchers ensure that respondents are diverse, as well, in order to produce results for all of those companies involved. Businesses are able to quickly gather the information that they need for a fraction of the cost of going it alone by partaking in omnibus surveys.

Everything about Film Production Companies in NYC

Videos as a marketing collateral is one of the most promising trends to emerge in the recent years. Videos for business organizations can be of a wide variety of formats including animation, stop-motion, feature films etc. These videos or films can either be produced in-house or outsourced to professional film production companies in NYC ( NYCVideopros/film-production-companies ). Outsourcing has its own benefits compared to in-house production and there are certain things you need to consider while hiring one of these production houses. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Benefits of Outsourcing Film Production

• First and foremost, you don’t need to worry about having a dedicated production team for the videos you intend to use. You don’t need to hire technicians and artists, need not buy filming equipment or even worry about the operational or logistical issues that emerge during film production.

• Secondly, when you outsource your video requirements to film production companies in NYC, you are gaining access to a number of talented artists and technicians who have years of experience in this industry, working for multiple clients belonging to varied industry backgrounds.

• Another benefit of outsourcing is that you can count on the turnaround times offered by these production companies. Given that they are skilled in video and film production and have all the equipment and staff to deliver your requirements, they can complete the required within the stipulated time. It is also available to get immediate corrections done, get videos within a short notice which in-house teams normally struggle to pull off.

• Lastly, there are multiple options available for you when you outsource your requirements to film production companies in NYC. If you want an animated video for your infomercial or commercial, you can approach a production company which specializes in animated and stop motion videos. If you want a feature film for your ad, you can approach video production services in NYC ( NYCVideopros/about ) that specialize in making compelling movies.

How to Hire Film Production Companies in NYC?

There are a few basic things you need to consider when you hire these production companies. They are as listed below :

• Firstly, you need to formulate a detailed creative brief so that the production company can understand your requirements and produce the movie accordingly.

• Once you have defined your requirements well, you can look for film production companies in NYC which serve your requirements and make a shortlist of them so that you can approach each of them. Include previous clients, previous works and customer testimonials as criteria to prepare this shortlist.

• The next stage is to approach these shortlisted companies and request for a detailed quote which states all the required details including flat fees, turnaround time, details of the filming process, major milestones of the project etc.

• Based on the quotes you have received, you can select one of the film production companies in NYC that you think can deliver your requirements. You can arrange for a face to face brief where you can explain your requirements, ideate on the script and negotiate on fees and turnaround time.

How to use market segmentation for your business strategy

When selling or marketing a product, brand promoters want to be sure that they are marketing the product to the correct audience. Why do some things only appeal to a few particular segments of the market while other things have a vast appeal and a bigger market? Understanding the market segments can be a benefit when deciding to focus on one particular segment of consumers rather than as many as possible. Market segmentation is the answer.

What markets are available?

Begin by determining the markets that are available. There are some markets that the shopping public naturally falls into, such as age, sex, geography, education, and spending. A market segmentation ( KeltonGlobal/Market-Segmentation ) is developed based on a particular strategy and an understanding of the customer buying the product. That includes answers to some or all questions about demographics and behavior. Demographics, specifically, refer to where your customers live, their age, their education, and their earning potential. Behavior looks at what they do with their education and earning. It looks at hobbies, beliefs, and spending habits.

Where do you fit

It is a good idea to be aware of the markets that exist that relate to the items and the brand, and market segmentation can help you understand this. Certain products find their home within particular markets, and this often creates a certain comfort for the product’s purchaser. Alternately, certain products can decide which aspect of the market to target, and thereby can build a reputation. Most people have a wristwatch, but not everyone owns a Rolex. If you do buy a Rolex, you trust that you are getting a wrist watch that is better in all aspects than a watch from the corner drug store.

Is one market enough?

Now you have to determine how you will approach market segmentation: if you will concentrate on one segment and focus your efforts on building one strong brand that appeals to a niche market, or if you will try to appeal to more than one audience. If you choose to concentrate on just one, how can you be sure that that one market will be enough? Once chosen, your market must be measurable. Quantitative market research shows whether or not your chosen market will be large enough to earn a profit for a long time to come. Those within the market must be open to promotion and willing to buy. You should be able to target specific customers within the market, and it should be cost-effective to do so.

For market segmentation to work, all members of the segment must be the same in their preferences. And members outside of the segment must be different in their preferences. Rolex, for example, chose a segment interested in luxury products and marketed the idea of luxury in their wristwatch. Those not in the luxury segment would not consider themselves part of that market.

Once you have chosen the market you want to reach, your target is to reach it. You will need to understand the customer, and that means creating a good picture of the customer so that you know what they need—that will define your marketing ( KeltonGlobal ) strategy. If you are planning on focusing on a particular market, make sure you use market segmentation to get the right information.