What are the Top Advantages of a Stand Up Desk?

Although standup desks have been around for many years, most people found the concept of standing at their workstations a bit strange. Now, standing desks are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of using these workstations ( easyergo.co/stand-up-desk ).

According to studies, sitting for long periods at work can have a serious negative impact on your health. People who live a sedentary lifestyle are more vulnerable to develop diseases early in their lives. They are more at risk of developing the so-called “sitting disease.”

Sit-stand desks, or the stand up desk or the variable height desks are in vogue now as it helps you to change your postures throughout the day while you work.

Some Prominent Benefits of Standup Desks

Lowers back and neck pain

Ninety percentage of the office workers complain of nagging back pain as they sit at their workstations throughout the day. Studies prove that standing desks help to alleviate back and neck pain caused due to prolonged sitting.

Lowers obesity and weight gain

The general cause of weight gain is when the body consumes more calories than it can burn. Prolonged hours of sitting at the desk all day lead to obesity and other related ailments. Stand up desks help you burn 50 calories an hour with no extra effort.

Enhances productivity

Stand up desks increases your productivity, as there is an overall reduction in physical ailments. It also helps to boost mental alertness and keeps you energized throughout the day.

Lowers the risk of heart diseases

A sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of developing heart diseases according to surveys. Active workstations prove beneficial to health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases largely as you move around while you work. It helps to burn extra fat and calories as you stand while working.

Improves cognitive functions

Sedentary behavior proves detrimental not just for the body but also for the mind. It affects your cognitive powers. Stand up desks ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ) help you to avoid long periods of sitting at your work and gives you the opportunity to move around.

Longer life span

Studies prove that there is a strong link between sedentary lifestyle and diseases. Prolonged sitting leads to cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, poor cognitive functions, diabetes, and other related ailments. Sitting for long hours reduces life expectancy. Standing desks may lower the risk of developing most of these ailments and increases your lifespan according to recent surveys.

Apart from these above-mentioned benefits, stand up desks are inclusive of a wide range of features, which makes the transition into standing easy, and hassle-free. These desks feature ergonomic designs to complement the modern work environment. Stand up desks brings a significant change in your lifestyle by altering the way you work. Moreover, you can alter between sitting and standing positions while using these variable height desks.

Custom Bathroom Vanities-Six Steps to Reach an Ideal One

Depending on the need of your family, a number of members, lifestyle, desire, and budget, with thoughtful planning and meticulousness, homeowners can go for custom bathroom vanities from renowned furnishings points. In order to make it personalized, you need careful consideration of various factors right from bathroom layout to the style of the countertop ( FoxDenDecor.com/custom-bathroom-vanities ), number and types of sinks, vanity accessories, etc. to make your vanity 100% purposeful and warmly. So, how to go about? Here are the steps

1. Consider Space and Layout

Before choosing the style, type, colors or fixtures, the essential factor is to determine the space available and layout. Even if, it is spacious, but due to odd layout, it might not be usable for any kind of vanity and which is why you need custom bathroom vanities. As per the thumb rule, the place where you like to place the vanity should have a total clearance of two vanity spaces to pass through side by side. Consider with the approach that while you’ll be using the space to wash and groom up, your kid or spouse can navigate to use the other sink. Depending on the layout, you can design L-shaped vanities which have become popular in master bath and ideal to make use of wall corner. However, for cramped space familiar horizontal vanity is a better choice.

2. Determine Number of Sinks

Before determining the number of sinks, you’ll require to ponder the vanity size and its style given that the space of vanity top typically houses the sinks you’re in need of. If space is a concern, homeowners should satisfy them with single sink; vanities smaller than 60 ‘’ are designed for a single sink. The sink can be accommodated in the middle or either side. If your bathroom space is roomy enough to accommodate vanity measuring over 60 inches and if your family unit is big, you should go for two sinks. For single or couples single sink is enough to meet their demand.

3. Go with the Style

Undeniably, when you invest in a vanity, no matter whether it’s single sink or a double one, it should be complementing to the interior or your bathroom and home. It depends on whether you will prefer a traditional type, an antique rustic wood vanity, or a trendy one. Uniformly, based on the space available, you can consider having a free standing vanity or wall mounted floating custom bathroom vanity for overall convenience. While choosing the type and style of vanity cabinet, it’s vital for you to decide on the amount of storage need for your family members. You can go for sliding door or closets with separate closers, cupboard with storage units of different sizes as per your storage need.

4. Find the Right Countertop

When it comes to the type of countertop, you can choose from varieties counting granite, marble, concrete, quartz, as well as the reclaimed solid wood top. Granite, quartz, and solid wood or hardwood countertops for vanities have been a popular choice nowadays.

5. Type of Sink

Determine if the type of sink from available drop-in, recessed and vessel or vanity mounted types. As drop-in sinks are a most popular choice, style-conscious people nowadays have started outfitting their custom bathroom vanities ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/blog ) with great looking vessel sinks made of natural stoned, hammered copper, stainless steel, or with country type bamboo finishing.

6. Fixtures
Fixtures embrace everything from cabinet hardware, mirror, faucets, lighting systems, etc. The design plan of your custom bathroom vanity drainage system should be well thought-out before placing an order.

Rustic Writing Desk- Boost Your Creative Prowess

Writing desks are essential additions to any home or office. Apart from adding a touch of elegance, a resourceful desk can inspire one’s creativity level which eventually contributes to productivity. No denying, while you consider using ergonomic seating system to boost your posture and energy ( https://foxdendecor.com/handcrafted-furniture/office/ ), why not choose rustic writing desk that brings a feel of working on the lap of nature. Whether you’re a writer, professional designer, or engineer; fitted with appropriate rustic furniture in a home or commercial setting, you can work more creatively and resourcefully. It would be electrifying news for you that the use of rustic workstations has been most sought after in commercial to home domain today.

The easiest way to make your home radiate warmth, affection, and nature is the consideration of having rustic furniture. And one of them is writing table. With the increasing popularity, the market is geared up to meet your demand of the most suitable rustic writing desk with great varieties. Whether you need desk ideally designed for students, writers, staff, or secretariat desk for your home or small office, with the diligent choice you can reach abundance and make the user feel like working in a country home. So instead of investing plenty to get trendiest working desks, with rustic fixtures, you can make the best bet with its price affordability while making the surrounding feel warmer than ever opposed to all modern fixtures.

A rustic writing desk is made using the logs, also refers to a class of reclaimed wood as well as recycled timber pieces. The key sources of recycled solid wood include old horse barns, exhausted houses, warehouses, wine barrels, ships, and boats, etc. These woods are the species of pine, maple, cedar, walnut which are typically acclaimed throughout the world due to their resilience. Further, they get heavily seasoned due to their long-term use and passing through various climatic conditions. So what you get while buying rustic writing desk is the endurance of hardwood pieces that are aged, dried up and empowered to retain its shape irrespective of how intense is the weather condition of your home setting.

Essentially, before procuring your rustic writing desk, it’s vital to determine the purpose for which it will be used. Depending on whether it’ll be used by students, a designer, a computer operator, an accountant or office executive the size should be determined. You need to consider what kind of storage system the writing desk should have, which is an essential feature and must have for working tables. Since the vast majority now uses laptops on their working desks, it should have proper holes and arrangement for ease of having devices with minimal cable hazards. While buying your most desired rustic writing desk ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), look for only professional furnishing houses that specialized in rustic furniture and accessories.

Why Should You Choose Small Rustic Desk for Decorating Workspace?

Wood can become rustic naturally or made rustic using handcrafted techniques. Rustic furniture is one a kind of creation! It not only mesmerizes users with its alluring visuals but also offers a wide range of benefits. Let’s have a look at the advantages of choosing a small rustic desk.


Wood matures over the period and develops the strength and rustic looks over the time. A small rustic desk is made of reclaimed wood ( foxdendecor.com/handcrafted-furniture/office/ ) which is extremely durable. Reclaimed wood has tight-grains that make it durable and highly resistant to weather. It is non-porous, tough, and highly resistant to wear.


A rustic desk is made recycled wood. No new trees are cut or harmed that helps to reduce your carbon footprints. When you invest in a small rustic desk, you are investing in the sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing. You are using the existing stock of wood which is reclaimed from the old factories, barns, mines, and sheds. Hence, contributes to the environment protection.

Long Lasting

Wood is long lasting and robust material that is used for manufacturing furniture which lasts long and holds its value even after years of use. Desks made of the natural wood last for over 100 years or more. They are strong, durable, and highly resistant to wear and tear. Also, rustic desk requires occasional maintenance. If you take care of the occasional oiling, waxing, and polishing, then your rustic desk will not lose its luster for a lifetime.

Aesthetic Appearance

Rustic appearance of reclaimed wood makes it the preferred choice for manufacturing furniture. Its natural rustic looks are just awesome and add charm to the house. It can be left unstained if you are happy with the original looks. However, it is generally stained with dark stains to look better and adding natural charm to the house. The dark aesthetic appearance of the small rustic desk can enhance the beauty of any place significantly.


Every piece of wood is different from the other. Every piece has different grain patterns, finishing, and color. No two pieces of wood are identical. Therefore when you choose the solid wood furniture ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), you add the unique piece of furniture to your home. Also, a vast range of colors and finishing of natural wood also gives you the luxury of choosing the color you want. You can easily match the color of the desk with the rest of the furniture.

So these are the key advantages of the rustic desk.

If you are planning to purchase a new desk for your office or home, investing in a small rustic desk seems to be a sensible choice. Once purchased, you do not have to buy it again in the lifetime.

What are the Key Advantages of Using Stand Up Office Desk?

Stand up office desk is an arrangement of furniture ( easyergo.co/products/standing-desk ) that allows you to work while standing. It is best suited for working professionals who have to sit for eight hours a day.

Stand up office desks offer a wide range of benefits. Let’s have a look at five key benefits of using stand up office desk.

Reduce risk of obesity

We all know sitting for prolonged hours increase the risk of obesity. Stand up office desk helps to avoid this. Studies have shown working while standing burns more calories than sitting. So, simply standing while working is a great way to avoid weight gain.

Better body posture

You often heard of people who indulged in office job complaining about back pain. Poor body posture and prolonged sitting are a cause of this. Standing desk gives you the freedom of standing while working. You can maintain better body posture with the simple act of standing. It relaxes your body, encourages organic movement of the body, and reduces back pain.

Active working style

Our mind and body need break. Doctors keep telling us, sitting all the day is not good for health. Therefore, one needs an active workplace where he can work in a more active manner. Stand up desk is the best when it comes to making your workstation more active. Your employees can work for a few hours while standing. It keeps their energy level up and body active. More importantly, when you work while standing, it automatically encourages you to take a few steps when feeling lethargic. All of this makes you more active which is good for health.

Reduce blood sugar levels

The simple act of standing while working has a great impact on the whole body metabolism. After having lunch if you work while standing instead of sitting, it helps in reducing blood sugar levels and overcoming laziness. This is very good for the body and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Comfortable and Improve productivity

Standing desks help in improving productivity. When you are active and there is less strain in the body, it enhances efficiency automatically. Sitting for long hours makes you lethargic. With the help of standing desks ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ), you can create the right balance between sitting and standing. You can adjust the height of the standing desk as per your comfort and work more productively.

These are the five key benefits of stand up office desk. If you are tired and bored of sitting long hours at a workplace, standing desks can be a good addition to your workplace. With help of these desks, you can make your office space more active and agile.