The Amazing Features of a White Standing Desk!

White standing desks are of a great utility. While the white color brings more positivity to the workstation, the standing desk has many health benefits attached to it. Standing desks has become the first choice of working professionals as it very convenient to use, and using standing desk ( easyergo.co/standing-desk )gives right sitting posture and relaxation to spine. The desk has many features that makes it a comfortable option of work desk.

Features of White Standing Desk:

1. Adjustable height:

The most effective and helpful feature of this desk is the electric desk height adjustment. Consumer can set the height of the desk as per their convenience. The change is height feature gives an option to the consumer to either stand and work on it or use a chair and work. This feature makes the work station a perfect place to work.

2. Non-collision technology:

While adjusting the height of the desk, if it is striking any other thing like window or some other object, it would stop increasing / decreasing its height. That is the anti-collision feature of the product. It wouldn’t get damaged if it hits any other object rather it would stop itself.

3. Memory settings:

This product comes with an amazing feature of feeding the memory with the adjusted height. If some other person uses the desk and changes its height, you can come back, feed your pre-set height number and the desk will automatically change as per your requirement.

4. Crossbar:

This feature is installed in the product to maximize its stability. It helps to avoid any kind of shaking and unsteadily movements in the desk.

5. Wheels locking system:

The table has four wheels to help it in moving from one place to another. But this does not make the desk unstable as the wheels have a locking system installed in it. Once the desk is moved to the desired place, it can be fixed by looking the wheels of the desk.

6. Cable tray:

The desk is equipped with all the features to make it user friendly for its consumers. This product has a cable tray which enables users to plug in the electronic products in the desk itself. The consumers don’t have to find any plug-in point to access the electronic items.

Disadvantage of of White Standing Desk:

● Prolonged working hours:

If the standing desks are utilized without chairs, then this might not be a very good option for prolonged working hours. These desks can be used for small duration of working hours ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ), or by lowering the height and using chairs for the same.

● Low adjustment speed:

As compared to the dual motorized desks, the height adjustment speed of them is low. They also have less weight bearing capacity as compared to dual motorized desks.

● Noise:

They create lot of noise while changing the height of them. These desks are also low in budget as compared to the dual motorized desks.

Final thoughts:

White standing chair is a very good option for a workstation furniture. Since white color brings peace and positivity, and the electronic features of the desk makes it easier and comfortable to work on it.

Five Ways to Choose the Right Interior Designer

You have done it! You have finally made the decision to hire a high an interior designer in Los Angeles. Congratulations; this is truly going to make the renovation stage a piece of cake. You will have an experienced and qualified professional to guide you through this time-consuming process. Interior designers also have the ability to connect you with other team members, like reliable contractors ( jeffreydesignllc.com/about ), and to score you amazing deals. An interior designer knows when to repurpose something, which flea markets have the best treasures, and they come up with brilliant ideas for custom art and accessories that are unique to your sense of style. Here are 5 ways to find the perfect interior designer for you in Los Angeles.

1. Know your budget.

The first step to finding the perfect interior designer in Los Angeles is to determine your budget. What is the size of the project? What is the scope? How extensive will the remodel be? This is an amount you want to discuss and have estimates for. Some high end interior designers in Los Angeles will only take on a project of a certain size and budget. Designers also charge differently: some have fixed or flat rates, others have hourly rates and/or cost-plus. Knowing the preference of a designer will help eliminate the number of candidates you consult, saving you time.

2. Know your style.

Know what your style is and what look you are going for because personal preference is important. The sign of a good high end interior designer in Los Angeles is one who knows when to put aside their biases to focus exclusively on yours. If an interior designer has a signature look that is different than yours, then avoid working for them; issues could arise. Make sure you look through a designer’s portfolio to view past work and see if you connect. It is even helpful to bring along images of your favorite rooms, furniture pieces, fabric, lighting, and inspiration.

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

It’s so important to feel comfortable with your high end interior designer in Los Angeles because, if you can’t discuss what you want, then your renovations will not satisfy you. Many designers do not charge for an initial meeting, so we recommend meeting more than a few. Having a chance to speak to one another and answer important questions before signing any contracts allows you to get a true sense of how you interact. Do not hold back from asking questions.

4. Be (a little) flexible.

You might not love everything your high end interior designer in Los Angeles suggests, but your designer might not love everything you suggest, either—and that is okay. No one can always agree on the details, so keep an open mind and don’t dismiss suggestions without giving them a chance first.

5. Set it up.

Once you have meet with high end interior designers in Los Angeles and found the right fit for you, then sign a contract and set a schedule. You do not want to pay for anything before you have terms clearly laid out in writing. The terms should specify responsibilities ( http://blog.jeffreydesignllc.com ), a timeline—just understand that you will have to adapt your schedule with the plan and designer you have chosen—a budget, and any other important notes.

Things That You Should Consider Before Buying Height Adjustable Desks in San Francisco

With the increasing popularity of height adjustable desks in San Francisco, now you can experience the pioneering concept of ergonomic technology in modifiable standing desks in diversified models with great collection of features. However, among the profuse varieties ( easyergo.co/products/height-adjustable-desks ), before choosing one, you must ensure that it’s in accordance with your customized use and has been prepared with the desired quality and features. Following are five essential features that you should verify with due carefulness?

• Height Adjustable Mechanism

Whereas the greatest benefit of adjustable desk in San Francisco is, its height can be adjusted as per one’ personalized need, the high-quality robust workstations can cause injuring you at the time of moving it up or down. After all, the whole idea to go for ergonomic technology is to protecting the user from all sorts of possible injuries that an average desk cannot. Look for electrically controlled adjustable desks which come with handy motors for moving the surface to different heights impeccably, be you’re in sitting or standing posture. Global brands are available with duel motors in the legs that make them easy-to-move, noise-free, and long-lasting.

• Height Memory and Control Panel

Choose height adjustable desks in San Francisco that are prepared with hottest control panels with LED keypads enabling you hoist or lower the podium and preset them into its memory. This makes the entire adjustability procedure as simple as anything. Another good advantage of having upgraded control panel allows you to store various heights setting especially when desk is likely to be used by multiple users depending on their personal preferences. The mechanism automatically synchronies the level with 100% accuracy and helps avoid accidental damaging of your valued accessories.

• Cable-Friendliness

Give that, you will be using the height adjustable desks in San Francisco to place your laptop, monitor, keyboard, speakers, and other stuff; the desk should possess high level cable managing features. Perfect routing of cables is a must-have to keep the place look tidy, well organized and uplift the visual look of the area.

• Greater Holding Capacity

Equally, since the desk tends to take in heavy systems including desktop, bigger printers, scanners, apart from intercom or telephone, it should have high capacity to support a minimum 250 to 300 lbs weight, which is a global standard. When it comes to high-adjustable desks, never consider having low quality market products that can harm you as well as your office equipments.

• High Quality Products

The workstation adds to your office décor and boasts your business status. While you should ensure about the quality of the wood, superiority of components ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ), and to its aesthetic part, all elements should be resistant to common wear and tear, rust, water with anti-aging facet.

Give an Interesting Touch to Custom Bathroom Vanities with these 2018 Trends

A custom bathroom vanity is one that is made to match your tastes, specifications, and unique needs. Such cabinets offer many benefits as they let you plan the overall layout, build creative storage options ( FoxDenDecor.com/custom-bathroom-vanities ), play around with materials and colors, choose countertop and sink types, and do lots more. If you are looking to create a custom bathroom vanity from scratch or repurpose a different object, you may want to incorporate some of these trends that have become the favorites of interior designers, decorators, and homeowners in 2018.

From white and pastels to dark and black cabinets

It looks like everyone’s had enough of white in the bathrooms as cabinets now tend more towards darker shades and stains. The natural color and texture of wood have more takers than ever with walnut, chestnut, and myriad other shades of brown reigning supreme. Designers are also moving towards opaque black, especially in matte finishes, as the richness of this color adds a unique character and transforms the appearance of the bathroom manifold.

A pop of color in the sink

For those who love to add color to their living spaces, this may just be the right time to get your custom bathroom vanity made. The sinks attached to such cabinets are now taking the bright route with many designers opting for colored sinks atop sober vanities. Such designs can look extremely trendy irrespective of whether they are painted or finished in bright colors like orange, turquoise etc.

Quartz for the countertop

Vanity countertops have predominantly used granite for its durability and a wide range of color and pattern choices. Designers, however, are tending towards quartz, an engineered stone, which can be manufactured to incorporate unique patterns, colors, and even consistency. The material, unlike granite, doesn’t need resealing and isn’t porous either – making it all the more favorable for use in bathrooms.

Warm metals dominate the bathroom

Metals that were once in exile are now returning to the bathroom with added fervor. Brass, copper, bronze in polished or mottled finishes have become an indispensable part of custom-made vanities. As knobs, inlays, scrollwork, accents, or other kinds of detailing, these metals are making quite the style statement. As deeper colors like navy blue, plum, and lavender become popular in bathrooms, vanities that use metallic detailing in polished and warm finishes (think Rose Gold) become the apt choice for a unique look.

Smarter storage solutions

In an increasingly tech-savvy world, it only makes sense that bathroom vanities turn smart too. Newer trends indicate cabinets that combine functionality beyond storage into its design. Clever drawer organizers ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/blog ), tall cabinets to separate dual sinks, and electrical outlets inside drawers are some of these trends that make the bathroom vanity something more than what it used to be.

So, don’t forget to incorporate such unique and handy features when designing your piece. Pick one or more of these trends and build your custom bathroom vanity around the same and you are sure to be greeted with praises pouring in from all quarters.

Five Top Reasons That Inspire People to Bring Home Rustic Vanities

Trees around us not only provide us the natural oxygen, but embrace an enormous part of human lives, nourish ecosystem, modernize our lifestyle and bring history. With the inclusion of invaluable reclaimed woods in the form of rustic vanities to homes ( FoxDenDecor/Bathroom-Vanities/Rustic-Vanities ), you can almost seamlessly bond your abode to the nature and introduce a sense of individuality, boast history, foster ecological sustainability and enjoy the beauty of organic texture.

Why Should You Choose Rustic Vanities?

You Love the Environment

Employing distressed lumber reduces the demand of cutting down the virgin trees that help in preservation of forests rather than deplete them. We are quite aware of how conversation of newly harvested trees has become essential to save our environment, let the creatures foster pollination and avoid deforestation and draught. By adding rustic vanities and other distressed furnishing you not only pride yourself of being a nature enthusiast but communicate the message to others to lower the impact on environment with increasing use of recycled woods instead of new ones.

You Love Giving Old Woods New Life

As per studies, it’s crossing one billion feet aged reusable lumber pieces come out of demolition of old properties. The amount is always uprising due to remarkable growth and mounting demand of residential and commercial complexes all over the United States. As you buy rustic vanities made of old solid woods, you basically stay away from buying new sets and bring home its exclusive alternative. The highly enduring rustic fixtures can be nicely passed through generations with their vintage look intact.

You Love Preserving History

Rustic furnishings produced from distressed woods are, in fact, sourced from the knocked down houses, old barns, and warehouses etc where the American heritage live. Outfitting your master bath with great collections of rustic vanities echoes those history that owners can be proud of. If you are one of those who are passionate of antique collections, there is no second option of decorating your home with these historical lumbers.

Rustic Woods Are Distinctive

Every piece of rustic wood offers timeless beauty, a distinct natural feel that differs amid and can never be replicated. They display random characteristics not only with their distinct color and texture but combining with varieties of nailing marks, tissues, cuts; their rough ( FoxDenDecor/In-Stock-Bathroom-Vanities ), distressed appearance can easily beat the glamour of polished new generation furniture pieces. Every wooden part of rustic vanities has its own identity, look, appeal, and history which make them superlative.

They Are Stronger and Durable

Old weathered woods that come to you as rustic vanities are far stronger and durable than the class of lumber that are available today. One good reason of their toughness is that most of these wooden pieces are derived from collections that received absolutely no or negligible amount of air pollution.