Quick Tips to keep your Rustic Bathroom Vanity Looking New

The wooden rustic vanity is a piece of furniture that amps bathrooms or powder rooms. This functional piece also gives character to these spaces and helps build the countryside feel inside the house. However, this piece of furniture needs regular cleaning and maintenance in order to last long, while looking as fresh and beautiful as it was when first installed. Here are some tips to care for your rustic bathroom vanity.

• Clean and polish vanities regularly

For a rustic bathroom vanity to last long ( FoxDenDecor.Com/Rusitc-Bathroom-Vanities ), it is important that you clean it and polish it from time to time. Remove dust, loose hair etc. with the help of a soft, dry cloth. Apply suitable wooden polishes regularly. Use those that suit the kind of wood used in the bathroom vanity – this information is usually given by the manufacturer when you purchase a new vanity. Cleaning and polishing the vanity from time to time helps retain its beauty and pristineness.

• Protect vanities from water and moisture

Rustic vanities are mostly made out of wood, and use timber or finishes that are water resistant. However, this does not mean that that the furniture is waterproof. Water that comes in contact with the countertop or inside can potentially damage the wood and the vanity if left untreated. Mop up water spills that form on the countertop promptly. Constantly monitor plumbing for leakages, and fix them as soon as they form. Else, they may result in water spots, stains, warping, mold and mildew formation etc.

• Keep away from harsh chemicals

In an effort to keep your bathroom spic and span, it is possible that you use harsh chemicals on the bathroom floor, shower or toilet etc. However, the same liquids or abrasives, when used on the vanity, can ruin its surface and the finish it carries. This is true with many spray cleaners as well. So, when cleaning rustic bathroom vanities, use only non-abrasive cleaners and gentle ones made specifically for wood.

• Reapply sealants and finishes regularly

New vanities sold in the market carry sealants and water-resistant finishes. The efficacy of these protective coatings however, decreases with time. When this happens, your vanity gets stained or damaged quite easily. To prevent this, reapply the finishes and sealants every year. This helps protect the vanity from dust, dirt, and stains. Some finishes not only protect the furniture piece, but also restore its actual look and beauty, as when first bought.

• Take care of the countertop too

The countertop of rustic bathroom vanities may be made out of wood or of a different material like soapstone, marble etc. The countertops of the rustic bathroom vanity need as much care as any other part ( FoxDenDecor.Com/Shop ), and needs to be kept free of spills. Also, they should be protected from acidic liquids or strong chemicals, which could react with the stone and leave it stained or damaged.

Follow these simple tips and your rustic bathroom vanity will look new and feel fresh for a long time.

Find the Great Features of Rustic Dresser That Makes the Species Globally Cherished

While opting for a stylish dresser for the bedroom, you have typically two choices and these are traditional type or contemporary one. Opposed to metal ones, most people prefer buying wooden dressers since it offers wide variety of options, great configurations, and variation in design harmonizing to their time-honored background. From traditional to contemporary, minimalist to rustic and multifaceted to simple, rustic dresser made of high class wood can be found in wide array of designs.

What Makes Rustic Dresser Globally Acclaimed

Amidst of all options, however, a good number of homeowners prefer to outfit their bedroom with rustic dresser due to their distinct attribute that never keep them beyond of the style. The key component of rustic dressers ( https://foxdendecor.com/rustic-dresser ) is the finest class of woods collected from pine, oak, teak, cherry, and mahogany.

Prepared with highly talented artisans and architects, specialized furnishing houses offer amazing variety of stunning pieces of rustic dressers that display great combination of grains, natural colors, and tone textures with a bucolic feel. Notably, rustic chests and dressers are different species from traditional and trendy ones. With their uniqueness as they can exactly pair with the ambiance of your vacation home, farmhouse or beachside cottage, accommodating them in the urban life is a great experience of relaxation apart from being a style complement.

Rustic Dresser Style

While choosing the style, in order to keep the right match, you must consider the color, texture, and designs of the furnishings and fixtures present in your bedroom. Also, note the size, shape of your bedroom and colors of the wall. All these are key elements of consideration that enable you to buy the best complimentary rustic dresser for your bedroom.

Dresser Design

Design being one of the major decision making element, you have to narrow down your choice bearing in mind the purpose of using the dresser.

 Horizontal Dresser: Horizontal dresser is one of the most popular dresser designs used in millions of families. With a horizontal structure, they contain two separate columns of drawers for his and her use.

 Vertical Chest: Globally popular as ‘tallboy’, they come with duel stack of drawers. In the upper part, you can find cupboard making it into an armoire.

 Combo Dresser: Combo rustic dresser is a combination of the above two elements. It offers higher storage options with its unique design.

Wood Type

In wood types, the most demanding one for wooden dresser is cherry ( https://foxdendecor.com/blog/ ), maple and while oak. Mahogany and pine are also used widely in rustic dressers apart from the new generation wooden types. Since, rustic dresser is one of your valued assets and passes through generation; it is always the best choice to buy to go with the best one.

Accents to Use with Rustic Living Room Furniture

Rustic décor spells cozy and wonderful. It gives a sense of warmth and can add charm to your home. One of the best places in a home to display your unique sense of style is the living room. It is where you and your family can experience daily bliss of a beautiful living room. It is also where your guests get a glimpse of your home’s unique aesthetics. But finding accents to complement your rustic sofa table ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/rustic-sofa-table ) or chairs is not always easy due to the uniqueness of the items.

Here are some decorating ideas to use with rustic living room furniture.

Idea 1:

Decorate around a Single Item

One great idea for decorating when you have rustic furniture in a room is to make it the focal point in that space.

If you have a rustic sofa table without any add-on paint, create the whole living room in the same shade of wood. Your sofas can be in the same or similar color scheme as well as the rug and curtains. Such a look works best if you have a fireplace in the living room as the addition of browns can add more warmth to the space. Beautify the space further with a lamp on a wooden corner table with a yellow shade. You can also add yellow or white candles in golden or brass holders for extra charm.

Alternatively, you can still keep the theme neutral but instead of using browns add other shades such as black or white sofas. You can also use rugs in multiple hues featuring delicate embroidered patterns.

Idea 2:

Add Colors

Use colors in other decorative accents can complement well with rustic furniture. Use of colors is also a great way to accentuate rustic furniture in any room.

Use accents in fuchsia, red, orange, or royal blue on a rustic sofa table. You can use placemats, colored terracotta bowls, or figurines. Use trinkets like wooden jewelry boxes with carvings or stones. A ceramic or metal tray with large stones or crystals on top of a rustic table can be a very stylish look for your living room.

You can also use colors around the room to complement the wooden table. Use colorful cushions and curtains. You can also select a velvet sofa in a bright color to go with your rustic center table.

Idea 3:

Bring Nature Inside

Use of indoor plants is perfect with rustic furniture ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/blog ). If you have a rustic sofa table, you can place small indoor plants on top of it. You can use colorful planters or terracotta ones with intricate designs. Also, place big plants in the corners or as bookends to a rectangular wooden table against a wall in your living room.

You can combine colors and nature together by placing small flowering plants on a center or side wooden table. Choose from white, yellow, pink, or red flowers for a stunning effect.

How You Should Settle on the Rustic Bar Stools Perfectly Matching to Your Purpose

Nothing can be more irritating to a customer while enjoying his drinks seating on bar stools that are too short or tall. Not only they look carelessly chosen but very much mismatching with barista tables or bar counters and this divergence can be extremely uncomfortable. When it comes to rustic bar stools ( https://foxdendecor.com/rustic-bar-stools ) before buying them never forget considering the following factors.
Material of Rustic Bar Stools

 These are typically made out of wood, wrought iron and skeleton steel pipes. Among them wooden stools with upholstered cushions are high demanding in drinking bars and pubs. Always go for high quality solid woods such as eucalyptus, teak, oak which are exceptionally durable to extreme weather condition, and boast high aesthetical look.

 Wrought iron and metal bar stools are found in sleek shape, which makes them perfect fit for industrial uses while many people buy them as their bathroom ( https://foxdendecor.com/in-stock-bathroom-vanities ) or kitchen accessory. While buying from stores, make sure that products are well treated to prevent possible rusting. Apart from this, lightweight robust wicker and bamboo stools are also used in sunroom, kitchen, seaside drinking pubs etc.

Rustic Bar Stools Height and Design

 Considering the height of the bar countertop, one should think of buying stools with 24-26'' or 30” height that pair effectively with counters having 36” and 42” height respectively.

 While bar stools are found in vast range of shapes, designs and styles, among them the most common and top demanding are backless stools. Typically, with a round shape, these stools have small footprints and they can be fantastically hidden under the countertops.

 Whereas comfort is the major concern like in premium category bars or in-house wine cellars, go for stools with arms that boost seating comfort. In this regard, never overlook the other demanding category of swivel stools made with sturdy pedestal and heavy material enabling one to rotate and talk to their companions while imbibing.

Shape and Color of Rustic Bar Stools

While opting for the most suitable rustic bar stool, make sure that it confront with the users requirement. When it comes to the shape issue, you can ponder beautifully looking country design that has hot market demand and widely used in tourist spots. Urban design, high tech swivel, or static in nature stools are ideal for bars as well as commercial place.

Shapes of the seating systems are available in oval, square, and round types. Navigation through internet pages can give you idea of available ranges and types of rustic bar stools. Last but obviously not least concern is color decision, matching of which with the interior furniture colors or an infusion both are in vogue.

From Beds to Dressers - How to Lend a Countryside feel to your Bedroom with Rustic Furniture

When building a rustic themed home, or when incorporating certain elements of this style into your abode, it is important that you bring it to each and every space for a uniform look and feel. The furniture that you choose for the interiors has a great bearing on creating the rustic feel in your dream dwelling. Different kinds of furniture work for different spaces, and here are five items of the rustic kind, which bring the look into your bedroom.

● The bed

The bed is probably the largest and the most visible piece of furniture in any bedroom. So, it makes sense to pick a rustic bed ( Foxdendecor.com/Rustic-Bedroom-Furniture ) before any other article to create that warm and homespun feel in this cozy space. This could be a basic design made with reclaimed wood. The footboard could be a simple rectangular piece, or feature multiple panels placed in horizontal, vertical, or event diagonal fashion. Instead of wooden panels, you could also build a bed with full wooden logs. The crude appearance of the timbers adds to the unsophisticated feel of this style. Yet another way to style your rustic bed is by giving the different panels different colors or finishes, or by adding metal accents.

A rustic bed maybe simple, but it definitely does not stop you from utilizing your space well. Even beds of this style can be designed to double up as storage spaces with drawers underneath. They can also be of the convertible type, in case you wish to save some space within this relaxing joint in your home.

● The headboard

Well, you may already have a wooden bed in place, and you do not want to invest in a new one. A simple way to still add the rustic charm to your bedroom is by opting for a rustic headboard. Reclaimed wood, especially barn doors or planks sourced from demolished buildings, is a great choice for rustic headboards. You could also opt for a natural, weathered finish, and add a hint of style with an engraving in the center, or on the planks.

● The bedside stands

When you have a bed and a headboard that exudes a rustic charm, how can you forget their closest aide? The stand that holds your night lamp as well as the night time paraphernalia, when made with salvaged wood, brings the countryside charm straight to your bedroom. You could opt for the standard design with drawers to cater to your storage needs. For those who are willing to keep it as simple as possible, a rustic stool or a wooden pallet box is a great substitute. Refurbished wine barrels are an equally interesting choice for bedside stands that lend a rustic feel.

● The dresser

Your clothing, accessories and multiple other things that need to be stored inconspicuously, can go into a rustic dresser. Opt for a wooden dresser with a weather or distressed finish to bring a completely homespun look. You could also pick ones in aqua, red, lime, or even white if you don’t want an overdose of brown, and want to add a pop of color to the room. When willing to experiment, invest in an oversized trunk with brass accents. Not only would this unusual choice of dresser give you sufficient storage space, but it would also bowl every one over with its style and old-world charm.

● The armoire

An armoire is very similar to a dresser. This too is a storage solution within the bedroom, but is taller and features larger doors instead of drawers. A wooden armoire in silver oak or pine is a classic pick. You could also select ones made from barn wood, for that farmhouse inspired feel. Choosing armoires with a weathered or distressed finish on the wood can also lend the bedroom a rustic charm.

Add these five articles of rustic furniture ( Foxdendecor.com/blog ) to your bedroom, and witness the countryside charm take over the coziest of spaces in your home.