Six Key Features of a Best Task Chair

If you are sitting in an uncomfortable office chair for eight or more hours daily, the truth is your back and other body parts start aching. Your physical health can be greatly put at risk if you are sitting at one place for longer periods in a chair that is not ergonomically designed. A poorly designed chair leads to various ailments like leg pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, neck pain, back pain, poor posture, and arm pain. Here we are presenting you some top features of the best task chair ( https://easyergo.co/Best-Task-Chair ).


A backrest can either be combined or separated with the seat. If you want to separate the backrest from the seat, it should be adjustable. You can also able to make the adjustments to both its height and angle. The adjustment in height will provide support for the lumbar portion of your lower back. Ideally, the backrests are 12 to 19 inches in width and designed for supporting the curve of your lower spine. The chair comes with a combination of backrest and seat, and the backrest is easily adjustable in both backward and forward angles as well as has a locking mechanism to hold in a place once you have adjusted yourself to a comfortable position.

Height of the Seat

The height of the best task chair is easily adjustable and has a curvy adjustment lever. The chair has a height of 16-21 inches from the floor. Such height will not only allow you to keep your feet on the floor but also keep your thighs parallel to the floor. The height also let your forearms to be level with the work surface.

Seat Pan

The lower portion of the spine has a natural curve. Sitting for long periods especially with proper support tends to flatten this inward curve and put a strain on this sensitive portion. The weight of the body should be evenly distributed on the seat pan. For the best comfort, the seat is being extended an inch or more from both sides of your hips. The seat pan is adjusted backward or forward tilt for allowing room for posture changes thereby reducing pressure on the back of your thighs.


It helps in reducing pressure on your lower back. The adjustable height and width help in supporting various tasks like writing and reading as it helps to ease neck and shoulder tension and prevent carpal –tunnel syndrome. The armrest of the chair is properly cushioned, broad, well contoured and comfortable.


The best task chair ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ) is built of strong durable material and is designed with enough padding on the seat and back especially where the lower back comes in contact with the chair. Materials that dissipate and breathe moisture are generally the best chairs.


A chair that swivels to avoid too much stretching and twisting of your spine is a good chair. The hard casters will allow stable movement even when the chair is locked or reclined into various positions.

The Truth about Best Stand Up Desk and Productivity

For the last couple of years more and more enterprises have started replacing their old fashioned desks with standing desks as an innovative approach to enhance employee well-being, hearten collaboration, and add to productivity. Remarkably, a recent study convened by Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health shows clearly those call center employees who are provided with the best stand up desk ( easyergo.co/best-stand-up-desk ) to work in a standing positing instead of sitting make a number of calls per day more creatively than those using conventional desks. The numbers of employers equipping their offices with standing desks and with height adjustable features are increasing at a rapid pace than the last five years. Let’s have a look at the great advantages of stand up desks that can make this hard task easy achievable for you too.

Improves Intelligence

Standing encourages blood circulation while sending more oxygen and nutrients to our brain cells which is the core of brainpower. On the contrary, continuous sitting which is often considered as dangerous as smoking slows down blood flow and impacts harmfully on our health causing various complications. Standing makes you feel an urgency while sitting leads to relaxing, lethargy and deprives your employees of critical thinking because that is closely associated with the effective functioning of our brain.

Boosts Focus

It has been reported that employers encouraging their employees to reduce their sitting time while working with the best stand up desk with adjustable features can perform more critical project works in less time flawlessly than any other team with the same background while doing the work in sitting position. It happens due to increased focus, efficiency, and brain-power.

Increases Energy

Standing and moving in hourly gaps all through the day never make employees feel being weighed down due to their staying power with increased energy levels. More than 82% of employers who furnish their workplace with the best stand up desks ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ) state that the special drive has helped them to a great extent to keep their employees fully energized throughout the day with increased alertness and more focus.

Reduces Discomfort

Our body is not intended to sit all through the day and doing so typically leads to various physical disorders and complications such as back pain, chronic headache, strained muscles which hold back productivity. Which is why; more and more American companies are investing in a high quality stand up desk with height adjustable features to promote workplace health and boost employee output individually.

Boosts Teamwork

While working in a standing position on an open office floor, employees involved in certain particular project work can share ideas more easily that creates a great sense of teamwork. Equally, project managers and senior executives can engage with their associates while working around the floor and don’t require bowing down to check certain work or share suggestions among employees. This helps in developing a healthy work environment and produces absolute results.

Tulip Table: A Timeless Furniture

Designed by Saarinen, this table has stormed the decor world. Though like in the case of any genius, Saarinen’s work did not get as much accolade initially as it got later. And even today, the tulip table ( slkhome.com/collections/dining-tables ) is very well appreciated in American homes and the preferred choice of buyers who want an authentic table for their homes.

So why should you purchase a tulip table for home? There are many reasons to buy a one. But before we look at that, first, have a brief look at what exactly is tulip table.\

A genuine tulip table is made of the cast aluminum base finished in black, white or platinum with marble tabletop. Tabletop is either in round or oval shape and available in different sizes. You can choose the design and size of tabletops depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Tulip table is ingenious addition to any home. Let’s have a look at why you should buy one for your home.

Provide ample space for legs

This is what a tulip table is designed for. Tulip table provides ample leg space. Saarinen said: “The undercarriage of chairs and tables in a typical interior makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world. I wanted to clear up the slum of legs. I wanted to make the chair all one thing again.” This was the philosophy behind the unique, ergonomic and sleek design of tulip table. Tulip table keeps things from getting crowded under the table. And more importantly, it does not consume too much space and provides enough space for four to six people.

A great home decor

Tulip table is a versatile piece of furniture. The sleek design of the tulip table allows it to seamlessly blend with aesthetics. Tulip table is great home decor. Tabletop is made of the natural Italian marble that looks beautiful, and can easily enhance the appearance of any space. You can also add the sleek and minimalist tulip chairs with tulip table to have a modern dining set. You can also create the focal point in the vivid room by combining it with more stylish elements.

Last for ages

Pedestal base of a tulip table is made of one piece of aluminum, and marble tabletop is resistant to scratching and chipping. Hence, your tulip table is going to last for ages. More importantly, tulip table ( slkhome.com/pages/shipping-returns ) is very easy to maintain and not affected by the weather changes. Unlike a wood table, you don’t have to spend a few extra bucks every few years on its maintenance.

So these are three key reasons why you should purchase a tulip table for your home.

Standing Desk for Tall Person- Why Should You Purchase One?

According to various case studies, the people who are spending more time while sitting at work is more prone to serious health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, and in some cases, even early death.

If you are a one who spends hours sitting in the office, standing desk for a tall person ( easyergo.co/dual-motor-standing-desk ) could be one best-fit option for you. With the help of standing desks, you can change your posture while working without affecting your work. According to experts, if you stand for 30 minutes while working, this could have a major positive impact on your health.

Here are some of the key benefits of standing desk for a tall person:

1. Lower the Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

There is no hidden secret that weight gain occurs when you consume more calories than your body is burning. As per the reports, the workers who are sitting at their desk for the whole day gained more weight. On the other hand, the workers who prefer standing at their work tend to shed some extra calories.

2. Lower the Risk of Heart Diseases

According to the researchers, there are many side effects of prolonged sitting on your heart health. The negative effects of sitting for the whole day is so severe that even intensive exercise of an hour would not be enough to make it up. Hence, no doubt that spending more time on feet is beneficial for heart health.

3. Reduce Back Pain

Chronic back pains are one of the most common complaints of the office workers who sit for the whole day. According to several studies, a standing desk for a tall person is one of the best ways by which these workers will be able to get rid of their chronic pains that caused due to prolonged sitting while working.

4. Lower the Blood Sugar Levels

After every meal, the blood sugar level is expected to spike up. The more sugar level goes high, the worse it is for your health. Studies have shown that people who tend to stand for a few hours after meals shown a decrease in their sugar levels as compared to the people who sit immediately after their meals.

5. Improve Mood and Energy Levels

According to the survey, the people who use to work for a prolonged period while sitting have reported more stress, depression and higher fatigue level as compared to the one who makes use of the standing desk. Additionally, people who work while standing have reported an increase of vigor and energy level with better productivity.

If you are also looking to boost your productivity and enhance your health, then a standing desk for a tall person ( https://easyergo.co/products/ ) is one of the best fit options for you which you can use at your workplace.

How an Interior Decorator in Los Angeles makes it all easier

Everybody has a dream project that they can’t wait to see through to completion. So why put it off? Most people worry that they themselves may not have the expertise or the funds to carry the project, and that is why hiring a team to pull it all together is the best way to get the jobs done right and ontime. Begin the project and be sure to include an interior decorator ( jeffreydesignllc.com/Interior-Decorator ) in the mix. Hiring the right interior decorator can save time, money, and substantial headaches. Their job is to make things easier.

An interior decorator’s part of the job is not to design, or to be the architect of the project but to decorate it beautifully in the final stages. However, don’t wait until the end of the project to hire one. Bringing in the interior decorator at the start to work closely with the contractors and others on the project will make the project move more efficiently.

But doesn’t the interior decorator just come in at the end and choose colors and fabrics and paint and stuff? Don’t they just work with what’s already there?

No, hiring the decorator last deprives the project of cohesiveness, and the ideal space the clients are looking for. Yes, the interior decorator does work with the final touches, such as choosing the furniture and the finishes, the paint, the colors and the fabric swatches, but these touches are not the final step. For an ideal project, the design and the decoration and the client need to be involved, and communicating from the beginning.

Having the Inside Track

The interior decorator knows where to find the samples, curtains, colors and fabrics, but more than that, they work with contractors and all of the other people on the project to come up with what the client really wants in the space. How do they do that? They get to know their clients and gain an understanding of who they are, and what they want from the room and the project.

As the Interior Decorator will be supervising and choosing the items for the space throughout the project, they should be someone that the client and the other contractors trust. The client should take the time to get to know the decorator ( http://blog.jeffreydesignllc.com ), as that is how the decorator will decide what is really wanted and needed by the client for the space. The project will run smoothly and extra expenses can be eliminated when the client and the decorator connect.

Colors, fabrics, layout, and design are all part of the overall make up of needs and wants and the psychology of personal preference. When the decorator knows the client’s needs and their lifestyle they can manage the project so that aesthetically and functionally it is exactly what the client wants. The best interior decorator in Los Angeles is detail-oriented and organized and cares about the client’s needs and their budget too. They will keep everything moving smoothly, to make it all easier for those who are on the team, and be as excited about seeing the dream project come together as their client is.