Ways Dental Clinic in Northern Virginia Promotes Health Equity

Dental clinic in Northern Virginia has been serving our region faithfully for over 20 years. However, the clinic’s dedication to oral health access goes beyond fillings and cleanings. Here we have mentioned three ways how dental clinic works in promoting health equity as well as expanding opportunities for all.

Collaboration with Fairfax County for providing care to homeless residents

Fairfax County Health Department and Dental Clinic in Northern Virginia ( www.dulacdds/Dental-clinic-Springfield ) joined in 2011 to make dental care more accessible to homeless people residing in the county. For the homeless, getting basic dental care is very challenging due to a lack of money or insurance for covering the cost, or they may never have interacted with a dentist. Every week, workers from the health department bring a few homeless residents to the clinic for treatment. Providers work with the patients for assessing their requirements and develop a treatment plan. Currently, over 1500 visits have been logged for homeless patients. The county pays the appointment fees and allows the patients to visit the clinic up to six times for extractions, cleanings, and fillings to dentures or other prosthetic pieces.

Provides training to the dental students from around the country

Their diversified client base is a big reason why dental schools from Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, New York, and Washington D.C. send their students for training every year. There are many dental schools that require students working in community-based settings before they become graduates. It is a perfect way to provide exposure to future dental professionals to the latest procedures and learn how to deliver care that is culturally competent and respectful of linguistic, cultural and social differences. Students are trained at the clinic for one to six months. During the training period, they are exposed to a wide range of experiences like treating a client with Medicaid or interacting with a patient who has emigrated from another country. The new experiences students are getting here, generally, they do not get to perform in their school environment like dentures that require multiple appointments and highly dependent upon patient appointment compliance. Research shows these types of experiences motivate dental students in providing care to traditionally underserved populations when they are entering practice.

Dental clinic in Northern Virginia ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ) offers in-house training programs for promoting volunteer dentistry

For practicing dentists, they host continuing education courses. But, rather charging any fees, they provide an opportunity for students to volunteer at one of their locations for wither two half days or a full day. For the clinic, it is a good way to expand access to care as well as promote volunteerism and help the dentists in improving their skills. Volunteering is an important element of the clinic strategy for meeting their patient’s requirements. The clinic has more than 20 staff members, a decent size for the safety net, but not enough for catering the demand across the region. This is the reason why they regularly rely on a corps of more than 160 volunteer hygienists and dentists for serving thousands of residents each year from Loudon, Fairfax, and Arlington counties and the cities of Falls Church, Fairfax and Alexandria.

Six Vital Points That You Need to Consider Before Buying the Massage Gun

Medically termed as myofascial trigger points, muscle knots are typically little, bumpy tissues, which could be extremely painful and aching. In general, these knots crop up when we have a sports injury, slip, and fall or workplace pain due to our hectic professional life. Notably, with the presence of innovative massager for muscle knots ( https://vigorouswater.com/Massager-for-Muscle-Knots ), more and more athletes, activity enthusiast and common people nowadays consider buying this innovative percussion massage guns to make their daily life relaxing and peaceful. However, considering the appearance of cheap quality products that appear absolutely unproductive for you, think of the vital points before shopping one for you.


Mind well, that hurry causes mistakes. So, when on the lookout for a new generation massager for muscle knots, do comprehensive research online and get through the details of your personal percussion massage gun. In the process, you should consider more about the marketers of massager units, their range of products, mechanisms, and features, enabling you to go for an ideal massage gun for you. Remarkably, the market has been crowded with fake companies which are more interested to snatch your money and befool you with useless products, never for forget to consider the following points with due diligence.

Ergonomic Design

Branded massager for muscle knots is typically design with the high-tech ergonomic design making it extremely handy for you. Not only is it lightweight and easy portable but the device is made handheld, which you can use with no hassle.


First of all, make sure that you’re choosing products which are cordless and avoid massagers are available with corded battery chargers or operated backed by electrical power. An innovative percussion massager is one that is engineered with an in-build battery. In addition, the battery charger should be without cord type, which allows you to use them anywhere of your home, office or the place you travel for the need of your business or professional life.

Equipped with variable motors and a ball made of thick foam, the massage gun hits on the pain spot while rotating very fast in backward and forward motion. Depending on the intensity, you can adjust the frequency of the ball ranging between 32-40 times per sec. The foam ball penetrates the tissue knots, and while relaxing the flow of blood into the aching area, it makes you feel extreme comfort within some minutes. Check the mechanism of the device to ensure the uprightness of the gun as stated above.

Variable Motion

As said above, while an average percussion massager can speed up to maximum up to the point of 2000 RPM, massagers for muscle knots can accelerate at the level of 600 RPM enabling its users to recover injured tissues and pain points from muscle knots, no matter how intense that could be.

Carrying Ease

Difficulty carrying an average massager unit has been a common experience of buyers who purchase abruptly without proper research or go for cheap product items. While shopping online, check if the massager comes with a heavy-duty carrying case and helps you carrying your massager gun in a relaxing way.

Warranty Period

Check the warranty period and also if there is a provision of money back policies that usually come for 30 days.

Price Structure

Finally, you need to consider the price of the device, and only after comparing the product with the plus points of massage guns of equivalent types consider buying the best massage for muscle knots ( https://vigorouswater.com/ ) that you are looking for.

Invisalign in Springfield- Definition, Process, Cost, and Advantages

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that focuses on straightening teeth without the use of metal braces. Yes, it is possible to straighten your teeth without wearing unattractive, ugly metal braces.

If you are planning to get Invisalign in Springfield ( dulacdds/Invisalign ), there are few things you need to know, such as how does Invisalign work, what is its cost, and what are its advantages.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that help shift your teeth into proper position. It is strong enough to put pressure on specific parts of your teeth to slowly move them into a better position.

Process of getting Invisalign is simple. You first need to have a consultation with your dentist. Your doctor looks at your smile, your overall oral health, and takes impressions of your mouth, and shows you what Invisalign treatment can do for you. Then, your dentist custom made aligners to your mouth for a custom fit. Your dentist creates your overall treatment plan and will be with you at every step of treatment.

How much Invisalign costs?

It is the most important question. Like traditional metal braces, Invisalign is also a costly treatment and will cost you anywhere around $3000 to $7500. The factors that decide the cost are the extent of the alignment your teeth require and how many aligners you need throughout the treatment. However, your dentist or orthodontist can give you a better estimate of the price because the cost varies on a case-by-case basis and depending on your individual needs.

If you are planning to get Invisalign in Springfield ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ), you can expect it to cost around $3000 to $8000. If you compare it with the cost of regular braces, which is usually in the range of $2,500 to $6,000, it is not too high. Also, most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign just as they would regular braces. You just have to make sure the extent of coverage by the insurance company and how much you have to pay. If cost is a big concern for you, you can also talk to your dentist about payment options. Many providers offer flexible monthly payment plans to spread out the Invisalign braces cost over a longer period.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Invisalign offers many advantages that regular braces do not offer. You can take the aligners out to eat and brush your teeth. More importantly, it is transparent hence unnoticeable and does not look ugly. As you have to wear it for 20 to 22 hours a day, you can wear it without worrying about distorting your smile.

So this is all you need to know before getting Invisalign in Springfield.

How Can You Find the Best Dentist Office?

A dentist helps in maintaining overall oral health by treating dental issues and educating about healthy oral practices. If I, therefore, important to visit see the dentist office in Springfield, VA ( Dulacdds/Dentist-Office ) once in every six months for routine check-up of oral health. In addition to this, when a dental situation arises, one should immediately book an appointment with the dentist. While visiting a dentist office, certain things should be considered:

Credentials of the dentist

A dentist is a professionally qualified person with a medical degree in dentistry. It is also important for medical professionals to be registered with the regulatory authority of the province. It is, therefore, advisable to look for the credentials of the dentist before making an appointment with the one. Their credentials are easily available at their centers, on their website, and on the government website.

Experience of the dentist

An experience dentist is able to diagnose the problem faster and better. He/she can also educate children about certain cleaning and eating habits to have long-lasting healthy teeth and gums. Fresh medical students often begin in hospitals under senior dentists for their practical training. The experience is also mentioned at websites and at the dental center along with the credentials of the dentist.

Cleanliness and tidiness

When it comes to health and oral hygiene, nobody would like to receive treatment at a dirty or untidy place. The dental equipment is used directly inside one’s mouth and hence the dental office in Springfield, VA should have clean dental instruments and must be sterilized before each use. Things like cotton, syringe, and gloves must be new for every patient. Not only the equipment but also the overall place should be tidy and clean including the area where patients wait for their turn.

Location of the dentist office

It is important to find the dentist office near to one’s locality so that it takes less time and efforts to travel to the dentist. When it is convenient, it becomes easier to pay visits every six months, especially when there are children and elderly people in the family. In addition, the location of the dentist becomes even important in case of emergency because covering a long distance with pain and injury can be the trauma in itself. Even if your dentist is not an emergency dentist, he/she knows your dental history and can assist in case of an emergency.

Services provided at the office

The services provided by the dentist office in Springfield, VA ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ) serve an important purpose. Nothing is more convenient than an office with a maximum number of dental care services to offer. Some of the common services are general dentistry, preventive care, laser therapy, endodontic surgeries, invisalign, dentures, veneer, CBCT, and dental implants. Some dentist offices provide surgery facilities on prior appointments only. Similarly, endodontists visit the center in case endodontic surgery is required.

Five Signs That You Should Visit Your Dentist in Northern Virginia

If you’re one of that 65 % of people who avoid visiting a dental clinic because of various reasons, then you should remember that dentist in Northern Virginia ( https://dulacdds.com/our-doctor/jason-w-dulac-dds/ ) plays a vital role to maintain one’s overall dental health, which has a direct bond with our physical wellbeing. You might be aware that ADA recommends having a dental checkup once in 6 months for your optimal health and oral hygiene. While it should be your normal practice, here are five signs when you need to see your dentist.

Dental Pain

If you’re suffering from a toothache or paining gums, it’s vital for you to contact a dentist in Northern Virginia for needed checkup and management that helps ease the problem. As experienced by dentists that under such circumstances, instead of visiting a dental clinic, numbers of people prefer consuming painkillers available over the counter in medicine shops. Dental pain can occur only when there is some kind of infection or may be due to the dental cavity, inflammation caused by infectivity and that needs to be addressed as a complete solution whereas putting off to get a needful treatment could be more expensive for you in future.

Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is quite common and mostly experienced as you take cold or hot foods and it’s relatively a harmless issue, however, ignoring the matter will simply extend your suffering. Tooth sensitivity for having heat or cold is a good sign of a broken tooth, a dental filling that has gone malformed, tooth erosion, or even gum disease. No panic, make an appointment and meet your friendly dentist in Northern Virginia for needed diagnose and treatment.

Bleeding Gums

Once again, bleeding gums are signs of gingivitis or periodontal diseases which are serious oral health issues and if remain untreated, it can ruin your gum bone, entire oral hygiene and lead to tooth loss. Any time, while brushing your teeth or having floss if you see blood is coming out or experience a metallic taste while chewing something, mind that it’s a sign of gingivitis or periodontitis that causes swelling and bleeding gum. Without delaying further, get in touch with a specialized dentist in Northern Virginia for examination and treatment.

Health Changes

Being diagnosed with diabetes, mind well that you are at risk for having a severe gum problem like periodontal disease (maybe not detected or you’ve simply ignored the issue) which can make it more challenging for your general physician to control blood sugar. In fact, the presence of blood sugar and diabetes are damaging to each other and the particularly periodontal disease usually exacerbates blood sugar level. Thereby, it’s most important for anyone with diabetes to see a dentist in Northern Virginia ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ) to have an oral check up and if any gum problem is found and treated that will eventually help to control your diabetes too. Similarly, if you experience a dry mouth as a side effect of medication or due to aging, you are vulnerable to tooth decay or other oral health problem. So, it’s another good sign that you should not ignore and meet a dentist in northern Virginia.

Bad Breath

If you experience persistent bad breath it could be an early sign of gingivitis. However, it can equally be caused by the general loss of oral hygiene due to ineffective brushing and flossing. Having a dental visit helps you attain an effective dental cleaning service that uplifts your dental health and stops bad breath.