When You Need to Call an Emergency Dentist in McLean

Dental emergencies can occur at any time, so look for an emergency dentist in McLean ( mcleanhealthysmiles/emergency-dental-care ) that offers early morning appointments and can also be available in the evening and weekends. Look for emergency dentists who have enough experience in dealing with all types of surgical and restorative dentistry. A dental emergency can be treated quickly to ensure the longevity and comfort of your teeth.

Types of Emergency Care

You can get various emergency dental services like root canals, fillings, bonding, bridge and crown repair, and problems with the gums and implant repair.

What to do during Dental Emergency

Bitten Tongue or Lip

Bitten lips and tongues are very common and vulnerable to injury, given their close space to teeth at the time of chewing. Wound inside and around the mouth leads to significant bleeding as the area has a higher blood supply. The most common injuries to the lip and the tongue are bruising, potential cuts to the tissue, and swelling. To care for a bitten tongue or lip:

• Clean the injured area using mild soapy water

• Rinse well with water and hydrogen peroxide or saltwater

• Put a cold compress so that your swelling and pain will get reduced

• If your bite is too deep, then the area needs to be stitched by a surgeon, and some antibiotics may be required.

If there is an infection, consult for medical help with the following symptom:

• Drainage of pus

• Redness

• Fever

• Bad smell at the wound site or the wound portion is not healing

Object stuck in the teeth

Frequently objects get stuck between your teeth. This happens due to the tight spaces between the teeth, ill-fitting fillings, bridges and crowns, misaligned teeth, age, and potential gum disease. It is best you clean your teeth thoroughly both in the evening and morning and remove anything caught within the teeth quickly for avoiding any potential infection. Fibrous veggies, popcorn shells, meats, and nuts wedged between the teeth and cause discomfort. For treating an object caught in your teeth:

• Rinse your mouth or with warm salt water

• Floss the area where food got stuck and consider doubling or tripling the floss in thickness for increasing your surface texture

• Brush all tooth surfaces thoroughly

Never use any metal object or toll for cleaning between teeth and in the gum. Damage may occur in the soft tissue and enamel. If you are not removing the object, there can be discomfort and eventually increase. Please consult the emergency dentist in McLean ( mcleanhealthysmiles.com/about-us ) to have the area professionally cleaned if the following systems show up:

• A bad odor coming from the site

• Bleeding when touching or with flossing

• Discomfort for more than 1 day

• Swelling along the jaw bone or at the area where the object got stuck

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth got knocked out during an accident or sports, place the entire tooth in a cup of milk, pack gauze at the area of the lost tooth for reducing bleeding and immediately consult your dentist. Often teeth require implant replacement, and if the knocked-out teeth can be treated immediately, then it can be easily reset into the bone/gum.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Springfield

Some people believe that cosmetic dentistry in Springfield ( www.Dulacdds/Cosmetic-Dentistry-Springfield ) is only about a pretty smile. Cosmetic dental methods indeed create positive changes by improving the look of the smile and the teeth; their benefits are not restricted to the surface. An attractive and healthy smile boosts one’s self-confidence and improves the way they are perceived by the public, providing professional, social and personal benefits. Additionally, cosmetic treatments improve the function and health of your teeth. Dentists have a plethora of techniques for improving the health and appearance of your teeth that are discussed below.

Teeth Whitening

Beautiful white teeth make you look younger and enhance your smile. Sadly, beverages and popular foods stain your teeth, and also smoking leads to discoloration. If you avoid checkup, tartar will build up that gives your teeth a yellowish tinge. Whitening toothpaste can remove surface stains sometimes, but your dentist has tools that can effectively and safely whiten the external portion of your teeth.


Bonding is one of the affordable and popular methods for cosmetic dentistry in Springfield ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ) for perfecting your flawed smile. In this procedure, dentists will apply the tooth-colored, putty-like resin to the surface of your tooth, sculpting the material in proper shape and uses a high-intensity light or laser for hardening it. They use bonding for repairing cracked or chipped teeth, thereby improving the appearance of discolored or stained teeth, alter the shape or size of your teeth and fix gaps or worn edges between teeth. With this procedure, you can also fix decaying teeth, fill cavities and protect tender parts of a tooth’s rot exposed by a receding gum line.


It is a cap made of resin, ceramic, porcelain fused to metal or metal that fully covers your teeth. It is used for protecting your week tooth, concealing a misshapen or discolored tooth, correcting a worn or broken tooth, or covers your tooth with a large filling. Crowns also support dental bridges and cover dental implants. Sometimes when putting permanent crowns, you need to visit your dentist several times that ae effective to restore your tooth’s normal appearance and shape.


They are thin and custom-made shells that dentists bind to the surfaces of your teeth. You will get quick results and offers a long-lasting fix for irregularly shaped, misaligned, worn, stained, or chipped teeth. By taking proper care, veneers last for a decade or longer, and it is very easy to care. Maintain a good oral hygiene routine with proper flossing and brushing as well as visit your dentist for wellness tests and regular cleanings.


Want to get rid of your misaligned or crooked teeth, ask for Invisalign from your dentist. A series of customized aligners will be put into your teeth to bring your teeth in the right position. Unlike traditional braces, the aligners for Invisalign are inconspicuous and clear. You can easily remove that makes it easy for your teeth to keep healthy and clean while undergoing treatment.

Dental Clinic in Springfield – Factors to Consider When Looking for a Trusted One

In order to keep up a steady oral and dental health, it is undeniably essential to obtain time to time dental care services from the best dental clinic in Springfield ( www.dulacdds.com/Dental-Clinic ), which has a solid reputation in the locality. It’s to be noted diligently that while finding a dependable dental clinic swear you of high quality and reliable services, there’re plenty that only offers a fake guarantee which will make you regret later. It is, therefore, to settle on your decision, consider the following points recommended by experts.

Get referrals

Start developing a list of doctors referred by your friends, relations, office associates, business partner or your family doctor for your further researches. Further, with Google always beside, you can get through comprehensive internet research and get a complete list of distinguished ‘dental clinic in Springfield’ just by searching based on this specific query.

Spend time for research

When choosing a trusted dental clinic or famed dentist to work insightfully, compassionately, and responsibility to improve your oral health, first of you should have an eye that they are American Board certified. Now you should get through the clinic’s website and make sure to do a complete study about the background of the dentist who is the key person there. Aside from going in detail about his/her background, have an eye to studying the professional’s educational details and professional association, which affirm a lot about the practitioners expertise, professionalism, and recognition in the field of dentistry. After all, all these counts to judge dependability of a doctor irrespective of the area they specialize in.


The next thing that you have to research is the areas or dental services covered by the dental clinic in Springfield. Essentially, you should choose a dentist who has equal expertise to address oral issues related to preventive dentistry, restorative braches, and also cosmetic dental services. Simply because today, you may be in need of preventive dental care services while as you grow older, you will be requiring restorative dental services that involve dental bridges, crowns or dental implants.

If your daughter is suffering from bite problems due to being overbite, under-bite, or misaligned crowded teeth, why not consider caring her with new generation Invisalign aligners that are clear safe, relaxing alternatives to traditional metal braces used for adults and teens. Just after completion of the procedure that takes nearly a new month, your loving daughter can have a beautiful smile that she has ever experienced. However, you need to ensure whether or not the dentist is specializing in Invisalign services before choosing the dentist.


For the new generation as well as old citizens today, health and dental insurance matter a lot. Due to the rapidly increasing cost of healthcare services including dental ones, almost 70% of Americans now prefer buying insurance of renowned companies to get reimbursed as per terms. However, the doctor needs to be registered with those insurance companies to help you out. Most distinguished physicians have affiliation with global insurance companies, which should be noted with care.

Personal comfort and confidence

If the above points are ok for you, make an appointment and meet the doctor. Check health and hygiene practices of the setting including the procedure room. Have an eye to evaluate the consistency of equipments, computer systems, X-ray machines, advanced photo imaging devices and tools used in the clinic. And finally, after the first sitting with the doctor, use your intuition to make sure if you feel confident to go with the dental clinic in Springfield ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ), not only for you but your entire family members. If the answer is positive, never delay going ahead.

What is Invisalign and How Does it Work?

Invisalign is a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that help straighten your abnormal teeth.

You may have seen various advertisements on TV or Youtube admiring about Invisalign ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ). Well, it is worth admiring because, for years, people have been looking for the alternative of metal braces, which is also used to straighten teeth. Not because it does not work but look ugly leave aside the problem of food getting stuck into it. Invisalign has provided the solution to all problems. It is transparent, does not look ugly, one can't even tell someone is wearing Invisalign, food does not get stuck into it, and more importantly, it is effective.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that help shift your teeth into proper position. It puts pressure on specific parts of your teeth to slowly move them to the right position. It is a type of orthodontic treatment that focuses on straightening teeth without using metal braces.

The process of getting Invisalign is simple. Your dentist creates your overall treatment plan and will be with you at every step of treatment. Your dentist schedules an appointment for a consultation. Your dentist will check your teeth, ask questions about your oral health, explain what you can expect, and take impressions of your mouth. After taking the impression, your dentist custom made aligners for your mouth for the best fit.

Cost of Invisalign

Invisalign is a costly procedure and cost you around $3000 to $7500. The factors that decide the cost is the extent of the alignment require and how many aligners you need throughout the treatment. Your dentist can give you a better estimate of the price because the cost varies depending on the individual. However, you can expect to pay anywhere $3000 to $8000 for Invisalign in Springfield ( www.dulacdds/Invisalign ).

If you compare it with the cost of regular braces, it is not too high. Metal braces will cost you around $2500 to $6000 and still looks ugly. More importantly, most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign. Check how much your insurance company pays and how much you have to pay. If cost is a concern for you, you can also talk to your dentist about payment in installments. Many dentists offer flexible monthly payment plans to spread out Invisalign cost over a longer period.

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign offers a vast range of advantages. It is transparent and does not look ugly. You can wear it without worrying about distorting the appearance of your smile. You can take the aligners out to eat and brush your teeth. You don’t have to worry about food getting stuck. In simple words, Invisalign is a super comfortable and easy-to-use alternative to metal braces.

So are you ready to get Invisalign in Springfield?

Using an Ice Machine on Knees – Is it Useful?

An ice machine for knee is a device to deliver targeted ice therapy (cold therapy) on the knee joint. Ice therapy is the use of freezing temperatures to heal orthopedic pain. Its delivery needs to be perfect for it to produce effective results. An ice machine for knee ( IsoComforter.com/ice-machine-for-knee ) helps precisely with the perfect delivery of ice therapy and enables speeding healing of patients from injuries and trauma.

Benefits of Using an Ice Machine for Knee

It can be extremely beneficial to use an ice machine to find relief from knee pain.

Targeted therapy –

An ice machine for knee helps to target ice therapy precisely on the knee joint. The device consists of a tank, which you need to fill with ice and water. It also consists of a healing pad, which you need to wrap around the knee. As you switch on the machine, the cold water will begin to flow from the tank to the healing pad; delivering ice therapy to the knee.

IsoComforter is a brand that makes ice machines with a more efficient delivery approach. IsoComforter healing pads deliver ice therapy from all side rather than just one. So, your entire knee joint experiences healing at the same time.

Speedy healing –

Targeted and optimal delivery of ice therapy translates into speedy healing for patients.

Ice therapy is useful for the speedy healing of every type of knee trauma. Whether you are recovering from surgery or injury; administering ice therapy via an optimal delivery method can be helpful.

Patients recovering from knee replacement surgery need to regain range of motions in their joint before they can begin their physical therapy. Use of ice therapy helps reduce pain faster. It helps them to begin their physical therapy without delay; aiding their rehabilitation. Ice therapy can help patients recover faster from injuries and also provide relief from arthritic pain.

Safe delivery –

Use of ice machines is a safe delivery method for ice therapy. There is no risk of water dripping on surgical wounds (unlike the use ice packs for ice therapy) or injuries due to uneven delivery of freezing temperatures.

For instance, IsoComforter utilizes the patented Iso tube technology to make its ice machines for the most efficient and safe delivery of ice therapy. The healing pads in IsoComforter machines have ridges, which help in the safe delivery of freezing temperatures over the skin.

Convenient treatment –

Using an ice machine ( IsoComforter.com/why-cold-therapy-machine ) is simply the most convenient way to administer ice therapy. Its ease of use helps the patients to consistently utilize it for their speedy recovery without missing their healing sessions. You can simply sit and relax while the machine does it job of reducing your knee pain. Unlike ice packs, you don’t need to hold the healing pad over the affected knee for ice therapy.

There is no elaborate preparation required to use the machine. You can easily use an ice machine at home without needing to visit any rehabilitation clinic.