How Differently a Pediatric Dentist Works for Children Oral Health?

There’re many parents who consider pediatric services for their child but often overlook the necessity of taking their kid to a pediatric dentist. Even, as the child experiences a toothache, dental cavity or chipped teeth, they visit their dentist who is, in particular, focused on adult dentistry. In fact, parents are recommended by the American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry that a child needs to have a dental visit essentially to a Pediatric dental specialist not later than one year from their first date of birth. If you have a query in mind that why a pediatric dentist ( mcleanhealthysmiles/pediatric-dental-emergencies ) only and not a general dentist, just go through the writing below and accordingly find a child’s doctor in no time.

Pediatric Dentistry Is Different

Pediatric dentistry is one of the sub-branches under pediatric medicine. A pediatric dentist is required to undertake 2-3 yrs supplementary training followed by their dental schooling, which is focused on child psychology and developmental factors in infants, children, and teens as well as children having special needs.

Aside from having special training to deal with emotional factors of scary children during their dental visits and making them feel comfortable, with specialization they’re more equipped to take care of the common oral problems of children such as tooth decay, cavities, and delayed loss of milk teeth to issues related to wisdom teeth. They’re equally qualified to administer children dental surgery and emergency dental care needs ranging from a toothache to broken jaw, bitten tongue and lip, fractured tooth, chipped teeth to sports dental injuries. Pediatric dental care services include:

 Preventative dental/oral hygiene and education: The area is focused on educating children about proper brushing, flossing, apart from checking for fluoride levels, providing sealants, etc.

 Restorative dentistry: services include dental fillings to stop tooth decay, emergency dentistry, etc.

 Growth and developmental evaluations (dental and oral health): The session is designed to take care of the growth and development factors of children dentition, jaws framework, and craniofacial structure.

Expert in Keeping Your Child Cool

With special training and knowledge of working with children with dental problems regularly, your pediatric dentist is ideally the best to care for the common issues of kids that they come across during their dental visits. Their experience comes handy to effectively customize their approach based on each little patient with particular areas of concerns. While undergoing a dental procedure, this helps them to keep the children cool, which is vital to address their issues without any hassle.

Nix Bad Habits

Parents often get bothered of certain bad habits found among their kids like thumb sucking, teeth grinding and more. While these habits are challenging to break, apart from harming the teeth, this often becomes a cause of the digestive disorder. A pediatric dentist educates parents on various techniques to follow to break such habits and nix them effectively.

Child Dental Care Becomes a Fun

Making your child feel comfortable is one of the major criterions to take care of their dental and oral health concerns. A pediatric dentist ( mcleanhealthysmiles.com/about-us ) knows the significance of outfitting their clinic environments kid friendly allowing their little patients to feel at ease which is the key to treat them. With multicolored walls, themed décor including wildlife scenes, aquatic life, and popular cartoon characters apart from different plaything, musical instruments, and child engaging games, etc, waiting for halls or procedure rooms of child dentists are mostly found designed considering your child’s needs.

Three Tips to Choose Right Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD

Childhood is the time of growth and change. And, it is the parent's responsibility to make sure their kids are not only healthy but also growing at the rapid pace as well. Experts say the pediatrician you choose for your kids plays a huge role in ensuring good health and development of kids.

But, choosing the right pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD ( whiteoakpediatrics/pediatrician-in-Silver-Spring ) is not an easy task, especially, when so many pediatricians are already out there. So, in this post, we will learn about how to choose the right pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD.

Three tips on how to choose the right pediatrician

The best way to start your search for a pediatrician is by asking trusted friends and family members and looking online for best pediatrician in your area. Once you have the names of at least a dozen pediatricians in your area, you can use the following tips to choose one:

1. Check a pediatrician’s credentials

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do. Check the credentials of the pediatrician. A valid license ensures that pediatrician you are interested in choosing is qualified and certified. Credentials are usually displayed on the practitioner’s office wall. To become a certified pediatrician, pediatricians require graduation from medical school and three years of a residency program in pediatrics. Some pediatricians in Silver Spring MD are board certified. FAAP certification shows that a pediatrician is up to date on the latest technologies and medical issues.

2. Look for an experienced pediatrician

When it comes to choosing a car repair shop or visiting a technician for tap repair, you might think of visiting inexperienced technician. But with kids' health, you cannot make such mistakes. You should look for a pediatrician who has at least three to five years of experience. There is no alternative to experience in this profession. An experienced pediatrician knows how to deal with kids, spot issues early on and make the right decisions.

3. Find a pediatrician that clicks

If you think that pediatricians are all about kids, you might need to reconsider your thought process. No doubt how your pediatrician handles kids matters a lot, but your bond with the pediatrician is also very important. Experts say that if parents are not comfortable with pediatrician and do not have confidence in the pediatrician; it may affect the welfare of the child.

Assess your feeling about pediatrician. Make sure you are able to express your concerns to the pediatrician. Do the footwork, interview your pediatrician and then make the final decision. When you interview a pediatrician ( https://www.whiteoakpediatrics.com/meet-our-providers/ ), ask questions about availability, the best time to call, how to schedule appointment, hospital policies, emergency care and other things you are concerned about. And then make a final decision if you feel satisfied.

So these are the three key tips you can follow to choose the right pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD.

Different Facts About the Dental Implants

With the advancement in technology, medicine now also has treatment for many conditions. One such condition is missing teeth which could be because of the falling teeth with age or the tooth decay because of incorrect eating and cleaning habits. They are of different types; Endosteal dental implants ( www.mcleanhealthysmiles.com/implants ), Subperiosteal dental implants, single-stage dental implants, and two-stage dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants McLean are the imitation of the teeth and the root which are used when natural teeth are lost because of one age, tooth decay, or some other reason. There are three parts of the dental implants; metal screws that form the root of the tooth, a connector which is known as an abutment and the crown which is the tooth. The crown is attached to the root with the help of abutment.

What happens in this treatment?

The process of the implantation is lengthy and takes time, but it is considered the best treatments for falling and missing teeth. The metal roots are implanted into the jaw with the surgical process. After implantation, the jaw is left for the recovery and once it is recovered, the connectors, called as abutments, are fixed in the roots. Crowns are then prepared as similar as the natural teeth and are done by taking repeated measurements of the jaw and the tooth bite. Crowns are then attached to the roots with the help of the abutment which finishes the process of implantation.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants McLean are beneficial in several ways;

• The implants look similar to the natural teeth and hence do not alter the facial appearance and smile after the treatment.

• Once the implantation process is complete, they can be maintained and clean just like the natural teeth with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

• Since the metal screws are implanted with the help of surgery, they support the jaw bone in a similar manner as the natural teeth preventing the bone loss and drooping face.

• Dental implants also restore the natural speech and the bite force that allows the person to continue eating their favorite food.

• There is no worry about tooth decay and bacterial or viral infection on these implants.

Are there any risks involved with dental implants?

Though dental implants McLean are safe and convenient but there are few risks associated with them;

• Some people may develop an infection at the site of the roots if the body does not accept the metal being inserted into the jaw bone.

• The surgical process may sometimes damages the nerve causing pain, numbness or tingling inside and around the mouth.

• People with blood pressure problem and sinus problem may face the loss of blood and trouble in the sinus cavities respectively.


Once the implantation process is complete dental implants ( mcleanhealthysmiles.com/about-us ), McLean does not need any special tools or products for their maintenance. These can care like the natural teeth. Only in rare cases, tooth bite correction or reconstruction may be required.

What is an Ice Therapy Machine?

Due to medical advancements, it is now possible to administer ice therapy (cold therapy) more efficiently via machines. Now, you do not need to grapple with dripping and inconvenient ice packs. An ice therapy machine is a carefully-designed device that has made it easier to deliver ice therapy to patients.

About Ice Therapy

Ice therapy is nothing new. The use of freezing temperatures to reduce swelling and pain has been practiced when medical science didn’t even exist.

Application of freezing temperatures temporarily stops nerve communication and blood flow on the injured sites. The lack of adequate blood supply works as a cue for the body to take over and reduce the swelling via its natural healing prowess. As the swelling goes down, the pain also begins to lessen.

Uses and Benefits of Ice Therapy Machines

You can use an ice therapy machine ( isocomforter.com/ice-therapy-machine ) to reduce any kind of orthopedic pain. It can be used to treat post-surgical swelling and pain. It is especially useful for patients recovering from knee replacement surgery to regain optimum range of motions in their joint rather sooner. It is ideal to use after shoulder, hip, and back surgery also.

Using an ice therapy machine helps with speedy recovery of patients. You can commence your physical rehabilitation exercises sooner than expected with the help of ice therapy. However, for ice therapy to really work, it needs to be delivered via machines. Using a machine is the only way to deliver ice therapy in the most efficient way possible. For example, IsoComforter ice therapy machines are made with the patented Iso tube technology to offer perfect healing to patients with every use. The IsoComforter healing pads also offer therapy from both sides instead of just from the top.

Ice therapy is only truly effective when administered on a consistent basis. Using an ice therapy machine is so easy and convenient that patients continue to use it for as long as needed and consistently. All you need to do is fill the tank with ice and water and then wrap the healing pad around your injury. Then just plug in the machine and begin to benefit from ice therapy. When you use an ice therapy machine from brands like IsoComforter, you don’t even need to bother with replenishing the tank with ice very often.

Unlike ice packs (that offer uneven temperatures), a machine delivers optimal cold temperature over the injuries or surgical wounds. There is no risk of injuries from freezing temperatures when you use an ice therapy machine. For instance, healing pads in IsoComforter machines consist of ridges to offer ideal temperature differences for safety of the skin.

Speedy recovery of patients brings with it another benefit for them. With the faster reduction in pain, patients do not need to rely on medicines for relief. It is a known fact that excessive use of pain medicines can cause a dependency on them. Due to consistent and speedy healing from ice therapy machines ( https://isocomforter.com/why-cold-therapy-machine ), patients can recover from pain naturally.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Choose an Emergency Dentist?

Not every dentist offers emergency care services. Your regular dentist may be extremely qualified but may not offer emergency services; so you may need to look for one in case you require urgent dental care.

What Constitutes Dental Emergencies?

Any time you require urgent medical care involving your oral cavity; it can be termed as a dental emergency. A fractured or chipped tooth can occur with a simple fall, and it is not limited to children. Anyone can suffer from a broken tooth requiring emergency care. Sports injuries and accidents can also knock out teeth quite easily. Dental crowns can come apart, or dentures can break. If a dental implant is improperly fitted ( mcleanhealthysmiles.com/emergency-dental-care ), then it can become loose at any time. You may bite into a food substance that is slightly hard, and the dental crown may come apart, or the dental bridge may become misaligned.

A teeth infection can suddenly worsen requiring you to undergo a root canal procedure urgently. A severe toothache may require emergency extraction or care. Even tongue or lip bites while eating or speaking can at times be so severe that you may need to see a dentist immediately. Even when one is careful, dental emergencies can occur. It is always better to have a dentist who offers emergency services.

Selecting an Emergency Dentist

You may have the best dentist in your city. But if your dentist doesn’t offer emergency services, then you may need to look for a new practice if and when you require one. So, it is always a good idea to have access to a dentist offering emergency services especially if you have dental crowns/implants or have children at home who are more prone to injuries.

Look for a qualified dentist in your local area. It is important that in case of a dental emergency, you can reach your dentist’s office fairly quickly. For instance, let’s say you are looking for an emergency dentist in McLean. So, search for emergency dentists in and around your neighborhood first. But if a qualified and experienced emergency dentist’s practice is located even at some distance, it can be a good idea to choose it as your dental clinic.

Check the services of emergency dentists in your area. Notice the clinic timings and the process of contacting the dentist in case of emergencies. Some dentists may be more accessible to their patients than others. Check if you can directly call the dentists or have to reach them only through their clinics ( mcleanhealthysmiles.com/about-us ). Also, check the overall experience of the dentists and their staff. For example, the dental hygienist working at your preferred dentist’s office must also be properly qualified and trained.

Your emergency dentist may not only treat you but may also recommend actions to take in case of future problems. For instance, there is a possibility that a knocked-out tooth can be saved and reset into the oral cavity if it is soaked in milk and brought to the emergency dentist without wasting any time.