Tips for Mattress Recycling

Need some tips for mattress recycling in Austin? Check this post on how you can reduce the amount of waste in landfills by recycling your mattress. Do you have any idea that thousands of mattresses make their way into landfills on a daily basis? Although eco-friendly mattresses are available, we still dispose of the old ones. Mattresses are made of materials when separated can be recycled and reused. While facilities for mattress recycling ( https://www.kingsofwaste.com/blog ) are not in many places, but as demand for recycling increases, more organizations and facilities will understand the need and then we can avoid mattresses from clogging landfills.

Break your Mattress for Recycling

Mattresses need to be deconstructed for reaching the usable materials and once the process started; many components of the mattresses can be recycled. The recycle components are as follows:

• Steel – Innerspring mattresses contain 25 pounds of steel. After it is removed, the steel can be melted for making auto parts, construction, and roofing materials.

• Memory and Poly Foam – Foam that is used for making the comfort layer of the mattress can be shredded and create items that require dense foam like car seats or carpet padding.

• Wood – Although mattresses do not have a wooden frame, many box springs and foundations have. The frame can be chipped for making paper or used as manure in the garden.

• Fabric – The cover of the mattress can be shredded, washed, removed and turned into thread or can be used for making textiles.

Finding Proper Facilities

While you can deconstruct mattresses, it is time-consuming and difficult. Mattress recycling requires special facilities due to the deconstruction process. The most cost-effective way is to collaborate and request current recycling facilities to recycle mattresses. Facilities that provide recycling services charge a small fee from $20 to $60 for disposing of the mattresses. You will be amazed to know that the fees you are paying are put to good use like:

• Pay recycling facility personnel

• Purchasing materials and containers required at the collection site

• Transport to the facility

• Facilitation of recycling and collection events


Mattress recycling in Austin ( https://www.kingsofwaste.com/mattress-disposal.html ) is still a new service. For people who do not have a facility in their area, donating mattresses can be a better option. Many local and national charitable organizations collect mattresses that are resold and distributed to the needy ones. You must keep in mind that a mattress has to meet certain standards, especially with the increase in bed bug problems. When donating mattresses, make sure it should be free from holes, stains, and bugs.

Mattress Upcycling

Upcycling means reusing a product that creates a product of a better quality or more environmental value. There are various ways to upcycle your mattress where the old mattresses are converted into functional works of art like:

• Pet beds

• Crafty gates and fences

• Wine racks

• Lawn furniture

• Sturdy plant trellises

Take the blank canvas of an old mattress and see what you can create and tickle your brain to bring innovative ideas.

Four Advantages of Hiring Large Trash Pickup in Austin

Gone are the days when people leave their used and broken appliances and old furniture on the street curb or outside their lawns so that it might be picked up by scavengers. Stuffing the dumpster with large trash is cumbersome and dangerous. It is not ideal to dump your trash in landfills as it can pollute the environment. Hiring a professional trash pickup service is a sensible option that involves several benefits.


Hauling large and bulky furniture and appliances to dump them in landfills or other areas can take hours and sometimes even days. It is quite inconvenient, as you need to haul heavy furniture or appliances into the truck, which can be dangerous. Hiring the services of a professional junk and trash removal company is convenient as they have the required expertise and skills to do the job.

Experts in recycling

By hiring a trash pickup company, you can be assured of its exceptional services, as they are professionals in recycling items such as appliances and furniture, which are difficult to dump in landfills. Some of these trash removal companies are also adept in refurbishing the items and donating it to the poor.


Choosing a large trash pickup in Austin ( https://www.kingsofwaste/Large-Trash-Pickup ) is a sensible decision as it is cost-effective compared to having your employees hauling heavy appliances and furniture. Clearing junk without proper equipment and training can be hazardous as it could cause injuries and health issues. As these service providers are experts in their job, the time taken is comparatively less and the task can be completed in an affordable manner.

Wide range of services

Apart from residential trash, most of these companies also provide commercial waste pickup services. There are diverse types of trash disposal services, as each trash needs to be disposed of in a different manner. A professional trash pickup company has different resources to dispose various kinds of trash in an appropriate manner. This is exactly the reason why you need the services of a competent trash removal and disposal company to haul away your residential and commercial trash. These companies specialize in removing all types of junk that include large appliances, mattresses, e-waste, furniture, refrigerators, sofas, recliners, and so forth.

Hiring a company that deals with large trash pickup in Austin ( https://www.kingsofwaste.com/blog ) outweigh the benefits of hiring a local hauler with a truck. Professional haulers pick up heavy trash from your home and office without the need for you to carry it to the curb. Your trash can be hauled away quickly by scheduling an appointment with these professional haulers. All you need to do is give them a call and describe the amount of trash that needs to be hauled away.

When Do You Need the Services of an Emergency Locksmith?

While most people think of an emergency locksmith only in dire situations, finding the most reliable and trustworthy service provider, at the nick of time can be quite a difficult task. It is always ideal to conduct thorough research and find a good locksmith ( https://ldlocksmith.com/about/ ) before an emergency occurs. There are several reasons why you might need the services of a reputed locksmith in your locality.

Broken, misplaced, or stolen keys

Years of usage can cause your keys to break or snap inside in the locks and extracting broken keys is no mean feat. You will need the assistance of an emergency locksmith in such a predicament. Losing keys or misplacing it is a common issue that most of us face in our day-to-day lives. It will, however, prevent you from entering your home or car, which is undoubtedly frustrating. The stolen key is another misfortune as it can compromise the safety of your home. It is important to call an emergency locksmith immediately to replace the locking systems of your home.

Locked out of the property

Locking yourself out of your home is perhaps one of the scariest situations you could ever face in your life. You might have forgotten the combination, misplaced the keys, or forgotten to pick them up from your office. Imagine being locked out of your home all alone in the middle of a cold night or pouring rain. Though you might be tempted to break open the door or smash the windows, it is not a wise idea as it could cause serious damage to your property and costs hundreds of pounds. Instead, call emergency locksmiths immediately to save you from the predicament.

Change the locks of your new home

You need expert services of a locksmith in Calabasas ( https://ldlocksmith.com/Calabasas ) if you have recently moved to a new home or property to change the existing locking system. Replacing the old locking system is essential; otherwise, strangers can access your home even when you have locked it. To prevent such a dangerous situation, you need to hire a locksmith who can replace all your locks without any hassles.

Forgot lock combinations

Forgetting lock combinations is another scenario that can happen anytime, as most people prefer electronic locking systems for extra security. Although electronic locking systems are sophisticated and secure, a good number of people tend to forget the combinations or passwords. An emergency locksmith can help you to reset the password or recode it whenever required.

It is wise to locate an emergency locksmith even before the situation arises as you could end up calling the wrong person for the job in a hurry and compromise the safety of your home and loved ones. Take time to explore and locate a trustworthy, reputed, and reliable locksmith in your area.

Finding the Right Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Company

Commercial grease trap cleaning is required by law in many cities and states. Even if not; it is imperative to clean grease traps in restaurants to keep your drains functioning properly. Not cleaning the grease traps periodically can clog drains. When drains are clogged in a restaurant; it can cause undue hassles. The whole establishment can come to a halt.

Improper cleaning of the grease traps can damage them. So, it is essential to find the right company for the job.

Here are some tips to hire the top commercial grease trap cleaning company in your area.

Conduct an online search.

A simple online search can yield names of successful commercial grease trap cleaning ( DraneRanger/commercial-grease-trap-cleaning ) businesses in your area. You can use keywords such as ‘commercial grease trap cleaning in Houston’ or ‘commercial grease trap cleaning companies’ for your search.

Check the websites.

Now, check the websites of the few companies in your search list. You can start from the top or choose any one company, which you like from its description in the search result.

Check the company details such as experience, licenses, office address, phone numbers, etc. on the websites. It is best to avoid companies, which do not provide details about their businesses on their websites. Know that; legitimate businesses will always be upfront about these details.

Send your inquiry.

Once you have identified one or two companies in your area, it is time to send them an inquiry. If there is no email address mentioned on the website or no online inquiry form available; it is best to simply call them.

Let them know what your requirements are and if they are available for work as per your requirements. Reputable and legit businesses will always respond to inquiries promptly and with all the relevant details. They will also not hesitate to ask prospective clients more details about the work if needed.

Ask for the cost estimates.

When a company responds to your inquiry; ask them to provide cost estimates for the job. As a business owner, you need to adhere to a strict budget. So, it is important to know about the cost of commercial grease trap cleaning work upfront.

Knowing the costs beforehand is also important because you can find the best company for the job as per your requirements.

You will need to call a commercial grease trap cleaning company on a regular basis. So, you will need to know the costs of the job and set your budget accordingly. Feel free to check the cost of the job with all the good companies you have identified. Many companies even provide free cost estimates.

Call them for the cleaning job.

Everything aside; you won’t really know the quality of the service until you see the company’s work firsthand. So, call the company if you are agreement about the costs and the timeline for the job. If you like the company’s work then you can hire them for grease trap cleaning ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ) on a long-term basis too.

Why Should You Call the Experts for Attic Cleaning?

Problems with pests and rodents in your attic are quite common if you are a resident of Oakland. Cleaning the attic when it is infested with rodents is not a great idea as it is often associated with a number of ailments. Rodents can wreck havoc in your home by shredding the insulation and destroying your attic space. Hiring a professional attic cleaning in Oakland ( AlleyCatUSA.com/Attic-Cleaning-Oakland ) is the best way to ensure that the top space of your home is clean and healthy.

Why You Must Call the Experts for Attic Cleaning?

Efficient and experienced

Cleaning the attic is no mean feat, as it requires the right kind of experience and training. Professional attic cleaners are well equipped with modern tools and protective gear, which is essential while removing animal droppings, feces, mold, and excreta. It is not advisable to clean a rodent-infested attic on your own as rodents carry life-threatening diseases. Attic cleaners have the right kind of equipment to clean and decontaminate the attic space.

Eliminate mold, dust, and dirt

Most homeowners tend to neglect the attic space and over time, it becomes dusty and dirty. Prolonged exposure to dust and dirt can cause mold formation. It can also develop cracks and holes paving way for rodents and pests to enter your home. An attic-cleaning professional is trained to identify these cracks and holes and seal them permanently. This also prevents leakage of cold and hot air from your home. Hiring these experts for a comprehensive attic cleaning process is also one of the best ways to ensure healthy and safe air in your home. They use top-notch methods to clean the dust and debris from your attic space within a few hours.

Replacement of insulation

Attic cleaning procedure also involves the replacement of damaged insulation, which will help to prevent loss of hot and cold air from your home. High-quality insulation also prevents re-entry of pests and rodents. These experts will seal all entry and exit points of rodents to prevent future infestation. Only an experienced attic cleaning professional can identify damaged insulation and replace it precisely.

Create extra space in your attic

Another top reason to call professional attic cleaning services is that they help to create more space in your attic by removing all unwanted items. You can then use the extra space for other purposes. You can also use the space as an extra room by remodeling it beautifully.

Professionals engaged in attic cleaning in Oakland ( https://www.alleycatusa.com/about ) ensure to use only environmentally friendly methods to clean and decontaminate the area. They also provide budget-friendly options to eliminate unwanted junk from your home without any hassles. Free home inspections and reports can also be obtained when you hire attic-cleaning experts.