Commercial HVAC Companies- How Preventive Maintenance Benefits Your Business

A question that often strikes millions of homeowners and employers is whether choosing preventive maintenance services for their HVAC do really worth in the long run? Well, the answer is, it’s an optional way that requires you to invest relatively a trivial amount against AMC while you can be benefited with lots of bankrolls, breathe cleaner non-polluted air, enhance safety and comfort of your devoted employees and have peace of mind. Having annual maintenance contracts with commercial HVAC companies help you operate smoothly with a reduced chance of unexpected breakdowns, increased efficiently of your heating, and cooling systems with continued existence. Let’s have a look to assess how differently regular HVAC maintenance benefits you and appears to be a worthwhile investment.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Keeping the proverb in mind ‘prevention is better than cure’ it is wise to give emphasis on preventive maintenance, offered by competent commercial HVAC companies ( https://priorityacpro.com//commercial-hvac-services ). Not only this helps protract efficiency of the device, but during this phase, a technician can spot and resolve potential problematic areas cost-effectively and thus, save your company from costly replacements. Unsurprisingly, the whole idea of choosing preventive maintenance is prior to detection and correction of the problem which may lead to a system breakdown.

Quality Ambiance

One of the vital functions of the HVAC system is filtering dust pollutants and allergens carried by the wind and fresh the indoor air quality that your employees inhale. According to EPA report, the amount of pollutants in an indoor is nearly 2-5 times more than outdoor standard while for a commercial floor with more employees, customers and visitors, you can better assume how it can impact on your employees’ wellbeing.

Longevity of HVAC

Very naturally, with scheduled maintenance, you can brilliantly extend the lifetime of your HVAC system putting off all possibilities of costly breakdowns. Expert technicians of your commercial HVAC company undergo thorough inspection of each components of heating and cooling systems, make components dust-free, provide needed lubricant while having an eye to identify possible problems which is fixed on the spot. Thus, preventive care services help not only by extending permanence of the machine but also by preserving their efficiency level as well.

Cost Saving

With commercial HVAC companies, your business happens to be benefited in a multiple ways. First of all, as we’ve acknowledged how wonderfully schedule maintenance helps enterprises from paying for major breakdowns, equally by solidifying efficiency of compressor, thermostat and other components, a well-maintained system can save a lot on electricity bill due to less consumption of energy. Having annual preventive services often facilitate to keep the extended warranty in place and claim replacement of specific spare parts depending on the terms. Finally, you don’t have to expend thousands of dollars against a medical bill for treating diseases among employees caused by allergens or release of carbon monoxide.

Go Green

Energy consumption of HVAC can be significantly reduced with preventive maintenance that helps improve the efficiency of the thermostat, duct systems other elements of a heating and cooling system. With this, your HVAC systems don’t have to work hard or wastefully and thus, leads to less carbon footprint. In the same way, inefficient installation, the poor performance of AC and HVAC is more likely to discharge the most dangerous carbon monoxide that kills nearly 500 people in the US every year. During preventive services, well-versed technicians will inspect the heating units of HVAC test and rectify leakage if any and thus protect your employees from carbon monoxide harming.

How to Clean a Grease Trap and What are its Benefits

Grease trap is a trap in the drain or waste pipe that prevents FOG (Fats, Oils, and grease) to enter into the main system. FOG can cause clogging that can cause system failure. The size of the grease traps varies in size depending upon the use and the property where they are used. Places like school canteens, hospitals cafeterias, and restaurants, generate large and frequent waste compared to what is generated at a residential property. Just like grease trap is required to keep FOG away from the main system, regular grease trap cleaning ( www.draneranger/grease-grit-lint-traps ) is required for the smooth and effective running of the grease trap. Small domestic grease traps can be cleaned easily, but professional services are provided for the cleaning of the commercial and large grease trap.

How to clean grease trap?

A grease trap consists of different parts, and thus grease trap cleaning is done in different steps:

• The first step is to gently and slowly remove the lid from the grease trap. It should be done without damaging any gaskets on the lid.

• After removing the lid, a measuring tape is put into the trap until it reaches the bottom. This helps in measuring the amount of grease trapped which is also recorded in the FOG report which maintains the cleaning cycle of the trap.

• Water is then removed from grease trap with the help of pump out. The water should be disposed of properly away from the drinking water treatment plant.

• Once the water is removed, grease can be removed from the trap with the help of the scoop. The removed trash is collected in heavy duty plastic bags that can also store liquid until proper disposal.

• The last step is to clean the tank after grease is scooped of. The cleaning can be done using the detergent, warm water, and metal scrubber.

What are the benefits of grease trap?

• Regular grease trap cleaning not only keeps the system running but also has a number of benefits:

• It prevents the build-ups which in-turn prevents the clogging in the pipes and the system.

• Having a cleaned and maintained grease trap helps in keeping a safe environment by preventing FOG from moving into the main drainage system.

• It is economical. The cost of regular cleaning is far lower than the cost of repair and replacement that happens in case of clogging and system breakdown.

• A grease trap in bad working condition may contaminate the nearby water and which is penalized by a regulatory authority of the area.

Many people clean their domestic grease trap ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ) on their own, but commercial grease traps are larger and must be cleaned by the trained and certified professionals. The professionals are not only trained for the cleaning the trap but also inspect and examine the trap for its expected cleaning cycle and prepare the report as well. The professionals are well equipped to clean any size of grease trap and know how and where to dispose of the water and FOG removed from the trap.

A Guide for Septic Tank Maintenance

An average home with three occupants and two baths would be producing over 80,000 gallons of wastewater every year. This comes to more than 250 gallons daily! A septic tank is a living filter that helps in separating the solids, scum and pretreats the wastewater before it starts flowing into the drain-field for purification. This separation and purification process takes one to two days. Even a sophisticated septic tank need to be maintained, or else it may pollute the ground as well as surface water and ultimately cause property damage. The more proactive you will be in maintaining the septic tank ( www.draneranger/septic-tank ), the longer period your septic tank will be in good condition. The most important thing to remember for septic tank maintenance is preventing groundwater contamination as well as solid accumulation. Here we are providing you some steps for maintaining the septic tank.

Pumping at Regular Intervals – Every household must be on a regular schedule for septic servicing for preventing the accumulation of solids. The frequency of servicing depends on each household, so consult your technician how often your tank needs to be pumped.

Water Jetting with High Pressure – How much pumping is conducted for the septic tanks, there would be an accumulation of debris and solid in the drainpipes. The materials clog the pipes, which connects the septic system to the drain field. Therefore, it is recommended that every four to five years, using of high-pressure water jets would help in clearing all the debris so that your system is working efficiently.

Using Organic Bacteria – The owners must use live organic bacteria for breaking unnatural solids and substances like soaps, detergents that sometimes enters the septic tank. If these substances enter the tank they would destroy the naturally occurring bacteria and the system will not function properly. Bacteria additives are an affordable insurance policy that helps in keeping the pipes clean and odor free.

Installing a Filter – Having a filter helps in preventing the solid waste from entering into the drain field. During septic tank maintenance, the filter needs to be replaced or cleaned. In the older tanks, there were no filters, so inform your technician for installing the filters.

Regular Maintenance – For efficient running of your tank, you must contact a professional for inspecting your tank once in a year, so that they can tell when you need to pump your system. Pumping at regular intervals will prevent the tank from breaking down.

Maintaining the Drain Field – Never plant trees near the drain field so that the roots do not grow and bump against the septic tank. It would be best if you avoid parking your car over the drain field.

Saving Maintenance Records and Inspection Reports – After servicing the septic systems, the owner should keep all records. The inspection must include detailed reports on existing or potential leaks ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ), scum levels, and any damages. If there is any damage, fix it as soon as possible by hiring an experienced technician.

Importance of Maintaining Scheduled Grease Trap Cleaning Service in Food Business

Back in 2013, The Environmental Protection Department, NY filed complaints against 15,000+ running restaurants of the metropolis with sewage backup complaint out of which 62% caused by FOGS buildup. Throughout America, wherever you have a food business, mind carefully that regular maintaining of grease traps is just not a concern for you to keep your plumbing system orderly ( draneranger.com/services/grease-grit-lint-traps ), maintain health of your kitchen environment or keep your customers contented with your quality policy and hygiene standard but, also to avoid facing huge penalty by authorities for violation of the rule.

So, considering grease trap devices as the most vital component of your kitchen, always hire professional grease trap cleaning service to facilitate essential FOGS disposal as per schedule that makes you kitchen efficient, protected, and striking. Say ‘No’ to choosing an amateur cleaning procedure usually done by kitchen staffs and look for a professional company that is prepared in all terms.

Guidelines to Reach Your Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Get Referral from Likeminded/ Go through Google Search

Getting referrals from owners or managers of restaurants having set up in the same municipal area is a great choice. On the other hand, take 24 hours assistance of Google to find grease trap cleaning service providers that are operational in your locality.

Browse Website

Check the websites of a few companies especially that boast high rating, check the range of services offered which is a sign of their business volume and expertise area and ensure how long they are in operation. Go through customer comments and verify if it’s certified with BBB. Better Business Bureau page can give you complete information about the company like date of commencement to business structure, client satisfaction rating and more. The certification also ensures you the reliability of the grease trap cleaning service group.

Visit the Company Personally

Being at the setting is a good choice to verify the standard of the company, whether it’s ‘one-man’ team or has a well-trained squad specialized in grease trap cleaning service? Talk to the manager or owner and check its special credentials, recognition, and certifications. Mind well, most service providing company ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ), those who are having such credentials love to hang them in the reception. On corporate notice boards, you can also find major clientele, etc.

Get an Estimate

If you are satisfied, invite them to your business place, discuss the type and volume of your food business to let them offer FOGS removal schedule with rates of services and other terms and conditions. You can check their rates and services with some equivalent company and thus, finalize with one.

Bring Home an Asian Vibe with Robert Allen Upholstery Fabrics

Cultures, geographical regions, and historical periods often inspire interior décor. The Oriental theme is one of them, found commonly in commercial spaces like restaurants, hotels, spas, and the like. This style, however, can look equally beautiful in residential settings, especially when brought about using upholstery fabric. Robert Allen, a well-reputed brand of furniture and furnishings ( swankyfabrics/robert-allen ), offers a wide range of Oriental and Asian styled upholstery fabrics. Here is a look at four eye-catching designs that are guaranteed to give your living space the traditional vibe.

# 1 - Mitaka

Mitaka is an upholstery fabric that features intricate woven designs. The Chinese lion combined with other Asian motifs set into a geometrical repeat pattern gives this upholstery piece a true Oriental vibe. The fabric is made of 48% cotton, 27% polyester, and 25% rayon and is available in seven color combinations – Water, Blue Opal, Zinc, Navy Blazer, Chalkboard, Billiard Green, and Lacquer Red – making it a perfect choice for homes with vibrant as well as subdued color schemes.

# 2 - Kenji

The Kenji upholstery fabric does not strictly qualify as an Asian design but is rather a marriage with a contemporary influence. It showcases Asian landscapes, cherry blossoms, scrollwork, as well as geometric patterns set into a brick-like array. Kenji draws attention not just with its unique patterns but also its rich texture. This 100% polyester upholstery by Robert Allen comes with a light acrylic backing is available in three color combinations – Coral, which is a mix of coral red and bluish grey set against a white background, Indigo, which a mix of indigo blue and ash grey set against a white background, and Greystone, which is a mix of beige and grey set against a white background.

# 3 - Mod Pagoda

This upholstery piece draws inspiration from and features pagodas. With a direct reference to these oriental architectural beauties, Mod Pagoda imparts a very striking Asian vibe. The fabric is made of 100% polyester and has a light acrylic backing. Mod Pagoda is available in two color variants – Dew and Gold Leaf. The former is set to a pale blue background decked with golden colored pagoda motifs. The latter features a golden yellow background with brown and beige pagoda designs.

# 4 – Big Spring

True to its name, Big Spring is replete with floral patterns alongside scrollwork and Chinese temple motifs. This intricately woven upholstery fabric is made of 58% rayon and 42% polyester. It is available in five color variants – Billiard Green set to a bottle green background with white woven patterns, Iris set to a pale blue background and white with deep blue-lined woven patterns, Lacquer Red set to a bright red background and white woven designs ( https://www.swankyfabrics.com/about-swanky-fabrics.html ), Navy Blazer with a navy-blue background and white motifs, and Gold Leaf with a golden yellow background and white motifs.

Use these upholstery fabrics by Robert Allen on cushion covers, sofas, armchairs, ottomans, and more to bring home a truly Oriental feel.