Everything About Email Encryption Services You Must Know

Nobody can deny the importance of emails in business organizations. Security threats from hackers is something most business organizations are worried about. There are many instances where organizations have incurred huge monetary losses and loss of credibility due to leak of sensitive information. You must be wondering why we are talking about security threats if this article is about emails. Well, we are getting to the point.

Did you know emails are one of the easiest targets for hackers to steal sensitive information that is not meant for them? There is no denying that hackers are smart and always come up with ways to steal information. When an email is sent from one email server to the destination email server, there is a good chance that it will be bypassed by the hacker to access all the information in that email. If you want to protect your emails and sensitive information from perpetrators, email encryption services ( Securence/email-encryption-services ) are your best option. Read on to know all about it.

What is Email Encryption?

As mentioned before, hackers are smart and there is a great chance they will steal your mails online. However, you can still keep your sensitive information safe by encrypting the mails you are sending out. When you encrypt a mail with the help of email encryption services, you are basically locking up the mail for everyone except the intended receiver. Only that recipient will have the secret key to decrypt your code, or in simple words, open the lock on your mail. Thus, even if your emails are reaching the wrong hands, you can be rest assured that the information and attachments within is inaccessible and safe.

How does Email Encryption Benefit Business Organizations?

1. Less Expensive

First and foremost, email encryption services are far more-cheaper than the losses you might incur if there is a data breach from your emails.

2. Safeguard Information

There is no need to mention that your sensitive information and attachments will be safe and inaccessible from eavesdroppers.

3. Avoid Hacks

Suppose the information you sent through the mail contains important usernames and passwords of your employees/customers, imagine the trouble your organization will be getting into. Email encryption simply puts an end to the possibility of these hacks.

4. Easy to Use

You don’t need any additional hardware or software ( Securence/hosted-exchange-solution ) installation for email encryption services to work. Moreover, you don’t need any special training to use these services. You can continue to use emails like you used to, only with more protection.

5. Backup of Emails

There is a good chance that along with email encryption services, you will also be getting additional storage options for email backups. It is difficult to delete encrypted messages and additional storage is always a boon for business organizations.

Five Advantages of Email Filtering Services

Of all the emails circulated in the world, more than 50% of the emails are junk mails which serve no purpose to anybody. Unwanted messages promoting some product/service, asking you to subscribe to things you don’t want can get annoying after a while. It is more frustrating if you start receiving these messages on your work mail, distracting you all the time. There are many other problems that junk mails pose, problems such as server overload and storage issues.

If spam messages are a major issue for you and if you think spam is hampering the productivity in your organization, it is time you think about email filtering ( Securence.Com/Email-filtering ) as a viable solution to this problem. In this article we will talk about the advantages of spam filtering and discuss how it benefits business organizations.

5 Advantages of Email Filtering Services

1. No more spam

Most certainly, the very first advantage of having spam filtering is that you stop receiving junk mails that serve no purpose to your work. Email filtering services use a number of filters to exclude mails that are coming from blacklisted sources. They also exclude mails which have spam content or attachments in them. The technology used to filter these mails keep advancing with time, constantly improving and updating the filters to detect spam and blacklist them.

2. Storage Issues Resolved

If more than 50% of the mails you receive are spam, imagine the amount of storage that is going for waste. Moreover, your email servers are exhausting their resources to process and store mails that are of no use to you. With email filtering you can block spam from entering your inbox and save a lot of space and resources for you. You will also avoid server issues, memory outage and inbox overload by employing spam filtering.

3. Keep malicious elements away

If spammers limited themselves to sending junk mails promoting products you don’t need, it would be fine to a certain extent. However, spammers go one step beyond to send malicious mails with dangerous attachments that can infiltrate your mail servers and take your systems as hostages to serve their needs. With email filtering you can be rest assured that you are keeping such mails at bay and keep your systems from getting infected.

4. Additional Benefits

Many email filtering services offer other added benefits apart from blocking spam messages. You can get combo packs which help you avail additional storage and real-time mail archiving too. As and when you send or receive a mail, a backup of all these mails is made onto an external server in real time. All of this is possible by the click of a button and no additional hardware/software ( Securence.Com/Solution ) is required to avail the services.

5. Prevent Phishing

There are many instances where spammers will send junk/malicious mails to others by using your company mail ids as a disguise. This can be a severe image letdown for your company and the damage control expenses have to borne by you as well. Email filtering can help you avoid phishing attacks by monitoring each incoming/outgoing mail through your mail servers.