The Benefits of Having Point of Sale Software

Restaurant Point of Sale software is the heart of restaurant operations. In any restaurant, there is a payment processing system but the POS installed at restaurants helps in achieving business targets and optimization of day-to-day operations. Here are some of the benefits that have a large impact on the business.

The order entry tab helps to enter the customer orders and special modifiers. It helps in having a transparent communication with kitchen and bar. All deposited or pending payments are displayed on the screen that gives a fair idea to the owner. You can have effective control of the inventory, as tools will help you to monitor perishable items and track stock levels by portions and recipes. In this way, you will get a snapshot for restaurant and kitchen product needs ( anywarepos.com/Restaurant-Point-of-Sale ). The analytics and reporting tool of Restaurant Point of Sale System helps in breaking the critical performance data into simple insights. The owners and operators must leverage the data for making informed decisions to monitor product margins and manage food costs. The Customer Management Relationship tools help in creating rewards and loyalty programs, tracking customer preferences, etc. which helps in building a good rapport with the customers. The POS can be integrated into tablets and mobile sets where you do not need to install any software. Enter the link provided by the staff and customers can share their experiences. This data will automatically be displayed in the main system. The software also helps in determining the monetary value of a menu item and the total items of a particular group.

There are some competitive advantages of using the software. According to a survey, more than fifty percent of the restaurants do not have a POS system. These restaurants use excel spreadsheets, cash registers, applications for accounting or credit card processors. For scaling your operations, one needs to buy a Restaurant Point of Sale System. Due to automation of inventory control and efficient customer management, the owners are able to forecast and make smart decisions, which lead to greater sustainability to business. The system helps in identifying the regular customers and maintains a healthy relationship so that they become loyal customers of a particular restaurant thereby helps in escalating the business. The automated software, which operates on its way, gives the manager free time to interact with the customers as well as manage the employees. The POS system is reliable and can cater the needs of any restaurant be it food trailers or pop-ups, restaurants having in various locations or single location restaurant. In a small restaurant, once you enter the order, have a printout and display in the kitchen. The system must split the order according to the kitchen station, and at the same time, the inventory should be adjusted. Those having a mid-size restaurant, you can manage the menu by tracking the prices and dishes, provides special nutrition and dietary information, etc.

Six Tips to Select Right Restaurant Point of Sale for Your Food Business

A restaurant point of sale can help streamline your operations and give you easy access to all important data. However, not all restaurant POS systems are made the same, and you need to be careful while selecting one. Here are a few things to look at when selecting a restaurant POS system.

Online Ordering

Today, a lot of customers like to order online from their favorite restaurant. The POS system should integrate with your website so that you can keep track of online and offline orders at the same time. Leading restaurant POS system offers integration with 3rd party services ( www.anywarepos.com ) that take the responsibility of delivering food to the customer. You can choose between any 3rd party services that would support online food ordering.

Online Reservations

If your restaurant allows table reservation, you would like a POS system that would help you keep track of tables and the servers you would need for reservation parties. Some POS systems designed for restaurants integrate with popular services like OpenTable that makes reservation management simpler for hotel staff.

Financial Tools

Today many small businesses use cloud accounting software like QuickBooks. You need to look for a restaurant point of sale which can integrate with such cloud accounting software and nullifies the need to manually input data which can be time-consuming and also prone to mistakes.

With easy integration with cloud financial software, it would be easy for restaurant owners to monitor their finances and also get detailed reporting of different financial aspects of the restaurant business.


You would be surprised to know that the POS that works to manage financial aspects of a restaurant business can also transform into live trivia devices that serve entertainment to your guests. Leading restaurant POSs come with integrated Buzztime that produces interactive entertainment across different platforms.

Inventory Tracking

The restaurant POS should offer real-time inventory tracking management that keeps account updates as dishes move out of the kitchen. Leading restaurant POSs allow restaurant managers to set alerts about replenishing inventory items when they reach a certain level.

Mobile Payments

Many customers prefer mobile payments like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. The restaurant POS you select should support mobile payments that will ensure convenience and quick payment options for customer and also help your restaurant generate revenue.

Some POS systems also allow placing orders directly from the point of sale system. You need to look for restaurant POS that comes with these features.

The restaurant point of sale puts the customer at the center of your business and simplifies the whole restaurant business by bringing everything important to one platform. Just pay attention to the things mentioned above, and you would be in a better position to take the right decisions.

Do you know any other important things that should be part of the restaurant POS? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment.

Six Benefits of Using Spam Filtering Solutions for Enterprises

Email spam continues to be a big threat for businesses and there has been a rapid increase in phishing scams year after year. According to the latest spam statistics ( www.Securence.com/Spam-filtering ), around 45% of emails spent are spams and junk mail costs businesses $20.5 billion per year. Spam filtering can solve this problem. Here is how.

Reduces Server Load

According to spamlaws.com statistics, around 14.5 billion spam messages are sent daily. Such a high number of junk emails would increase the server load. Your email server would be working harder then to process these emails that might lead to capacity and performance issues.

With anti-spam solutions in place, spam mail is stopped before it reaches your server and only legitimate mail reaches your mail server.

Reduces Data Costs

If all junk mail is delivered to your server instead of being filtered out, you are more likely to pay 4 times more than normal (spam mail being filtered out). Depending on the email volumes and your internet and data plans you would be paying a significant amount of money unnecessarily.

Anti-spam filters sit between the Internet and your internal network and stop spam from entering your intranet which in turn reduces data traffic and data costs.

Minimizes Virus Exposure

Most spam mail contains some malicious code which can lead to virus infections and harmful consequences. When you employ a spam filtering solution, the possibility of spam mail passing through filters is minimal which minimizes the risk of virus infections.

Increases Productivity

If the spam mail filter reaches your employee's inboxes, they would spend a large amount of time in picking legitimate emails out of the noise. There is also a chance they would miss important things while sifting real emails from the inbox.

When you use anti-spam solutions, your employees are not required to waste time on deleting spam mail from the inbox and can focus on their work.

Minimizes Risk of Blacklisting

If your local machine has got infected by a virus from spam mail, it would be possible for a spammer to use it as a bot to send spam emails. In that case, it would appear your mail server is sending spam or junk emails and your email server would get blacklisted by several spam monitoring services. You can avoid all this trouble by using anti-spam solutions.

Get Additional Archiving and Email Storage Options

Most cloud-based anti-spam service providers also offer mail archiving and email storage options which can act as an email backup. If you are looking for email archiving solutions, this can be a great supplement service that you can get along with an anti-spam solution.

Not only spam affects your organization’s productivity, but it also causes security breaches that can invite customer ire and hefty fines for not employing best security practices. Using spam filtering services ( https://www.securence.com/blog/ ) is the best protection you can get for your business and clear off the risks associated with spam.

Do you have any questions about spam filtering? Feel free to comment.

Different Ways an IT Software Solution Development Company in US can Setup Your Business for Success

Readily available and cheap off-shelf software may not address your business needs well. You need a custom software to address your dynamic business needs and this is where an IT software solution Development Company in the US can help. Read on to learn more about the benefits of custom software ( https://www.brazosvalleymarketing.com/sugarland-seo ) and how a custom software development company can play an instrumental role.

Improve Efficiency by Automating Workflows

Workflow automation reduces operational costs. Instead of many employees working on one line of work, a custom software can do the tasks by itself. It can also reduce the time spent on briefing and training of the specific task and there would be no need to transfer the task from one person to another.

The time saved by automating workflows can be utilized to focus on important business tasks. This will not only improve productivity but also allow the organization to better utilize the workforce to meet business requirements.

Automating workflows also allows the organization to detect any pain points in the business processes and address them to enhance productivity.

Improve Reporting by Reducing Time Costs

Reporting is a critical task in business and also a time-consuming one. Though a person can master the reporting task after working on it for a long time, the custom software can always do that faster and provide you all required data in a snap.

Since all business processes are managed by one system software, the data is centralized which simplifies analysis and reporting. You don’t have problems collating data as it comes from one source and your organization is bound to have a database rich in information that is ready for analysis and reporting in a snap.

Strengthening Security

The probability of hacking increases with off-the-shelf software as the code is readily available. All the hacker needs to do is get a copy of the off-the-shelf software, study it and find security loopholes.

An IT software solution Development Company in the US can develop a custom software that is more secure due to the intricacies and exclusivity. This greatly reduces external threats and your data remains safe even though accessible through the enterprise-wide network.

Custom-Made Solutions

The off-the-shelf software is designed as per general needs of businesses in a specific industry. Every business has their custom business process. If you plan to use off-the-shelf software, you would be required to make changes in the software or change your business processes to align with off-the-shelf workflows which does not sound feasible.

An IT software solution Development Company in the US can develop a custom software that is specifically designed for your organization to meet your business requirements and enhance operational efficiency. With custom software, you are not required to modify your long established business processes. You also don’t have to wait for updates and can always request the software development company for modifications ( https://www.brazosvalleymarketing.com ) which might not be possible with off-the-shelf software.

Have you worked ever with an IT software solution Development Company in the US? Do you’ve any questions? Please leave your comments below.

Everything About Email Encryption Services You Must Know

Nobody can deny the importance of emails in business organizations. Security threats from hackers is something most business organizations are worried about. There are many instances where organizations have incurred huge monetary losses and loss of credibility due to leak of sensitive information. You must be wondering why we are talking about security threats if this article is about emails. Well, we are getting to the point.

Did you know emails are one of the easiest targets for hackers to steal sensitive information that is not meant for them? There is no denying that hackers are smart and always come up with ways to steal information. When an email is sent from one email server to the destination email server, there is a good chance that it will be bypassed by the hacker to access all the information in that email. If you want to protect your emails and sensitive information from perpetrators, email encryption services ( Securence/email-encryption-services ) are your best option. Read on to know all about it.

What is Email Encryption?

As mentioned before, hackers are smart and there is a great chance they will steal your mails online. However, you can still keep your sensitive information safe by encrypting the mails you are sending out. When you encrypt a mail with the help of email encryption services, you are basically locking up the mail for everyone except the intended receiver. Only that recipient will have the secret key to decrypt your code, or in simple words, open the lock on your mail. Thus, even if your emails are reaching the wrong hands, you can be rest assured that the information and attachments within is inaccessible and safe.

How does Email Encryption Benefit Business Organizations?

1. Less Expensive

First and foremost, email encryption services are far more-cheaper than the losses you might incur if there is a data breach from your emails.

2. Safeguard Information

There is no need to mention that your sensitive information and attachments will be safe and inaccessible from eavesdroppers.

3. Avoid Hacks

Suppose the information you sent through the mail contains important usernames and passwords of your employees/customers, imagine the trouble your organization will be getting into. Email encryption simply puts an end to the possibility of these hacks.

4. Easy to Use

You don’t need any additional hardware or software ( Securence/hosted-exchange-solution ) installation for email encryption services to work. Moreover, you don’t need any special training to use these services. You can continue to use emails like you used to, only with more protection.

5. Backup of Emails

There is a good chance that along with email encryption services, you will also be getting additional storage options for email backups. It is difficult to delete encrypted messages and additional storage is always a boon for business organizations.