Email Encryption Services - Essential for Effective Business Communication!

Email encryption involves encoding the contents of an email message to protect it from potential malicious users reading the sensitive information available on the emails. It involves a way of encryption where only the recipients can read the mail.

Emails are a medium of communication which is very vulnerable to misuse if read by an unauthorized user when they are sent over by unsecured public networks. Even if emails are sent over a secured network there is always a possibility of it being intercepted by others using your credentials. Encryption of emails ensures that while the email travels from the source destination to the designated recipients ( Securence/email-encryption-services ), the contents cannot be read even if it has been intercepted by someone.

What should you encrypt?

There are three primary things you should encrypt. They are

o Connection of your email provider

o The actual email messages, i.e. the contents of the email

o The stored or archived email messages

When you encrypt the messages before they are send across the network it ensures that if any hacker tries to hack the email before they are received by the recipient they cannot read the contents of the email.

If the hackers successfully gain access to your password protected accounts, encryption makes sure that the content of the encrypted emails remains unreadable.

How does an email encryption work?

An email encryption works in two ways- public key and private key:

If someone wants to send you an email message they need to encrypt it using the public key

The private key is only for your usage. It is used to decrypt a message that you have received. If hacker’s gains authorized access to your email, without using the private key they cannot decrypt and read the contents of the email.

It is very essential to sign all emails with a private key encryption for safe and secure communications over the public and private network.

Significance of email encryption

As technology is advancing in the modern times, so are the numbers of hackers and cyber crime. Very confidential information sent over emails can be misused if hacked and create havoc. Hence the need to secure online communications is a necessary today:

Protection of necessary information

An Email encryption service secures the privacy of your messages. It also aligns with the state and federal law which requires secured communications of critical data.

Email compliance

Encryption of emails is recommended or made mandatory by most organizations to keep data safe and secure. For example the CJIS security policy makes it mandate for all data leaving the secured network connection to be encrypted. The foreign and domestic governments exchange a vast amount of data. It is mandate in their organizations to use highly secured data encryption programs ( Securence/hosted-exchange-solution ) to protect the critical data about the nations.

Aids in authentication

When an email is hacked, the hacker may use the encrypted message and misrepresent of the parties or trick the recipients of the emails to disclose important and confidential information. Hence it is necessary to encrypt all emails being shared over a network.

Using Email Filtering Services for Businesses

Emails aid business processes superbly. But they also bring in a lot of threats for organizations in terms of data leaks, phishing, and viruses. Email security services ( Securence.Com/Email-filtering ) can prevent the malicious mails from reaching your organization.

Through services like advanced email filtering, you can ensure that your business is always protected from dubious intentions of the spammers. But there is more to email filtering than simply preventing spam emails to reach your organization.

Here are some tips to use email filtering services in the right way to benefit your business.

Choose a service that offers protection from both inbound and outbound email threats. Organizations pay a lot of attention to inbound email risks but often fail to pay any or adequate heed to outbound email threats.

Just like incoming emails can bring in viruses; outbound emails can be misused to distribute malware from your servers. Employees can erroneously send confidential information or use risky language in outbound emails. Healthcare and financial companies need to be extra careful about using certain words or language style when sending company emails due to compliance regulations.

Whether the errors are unintentional or intentional, security threats sent through your company servers can affect your reputation and even create legal problems for you.

Inbound email filtering features to look for –

Select a service that uses the most advanced technology for email filtering. See if the prospective service providers use one or multiple methods to check emails for various threats. If an email filtering service doesn’t employ the latest measures to keep up with the spammers then the benefits they offer are greatly reduced.

Outbound email filtering features to look for –

Choose a provider that offers the most cutting-edge spam filtering to stop any spam email from being sent using your company servers. Look for features such as keyword scanning to prevent confidential documents from being sent through your company emails. The ideal outbound email filtering service must include multiple layers of filters for optimal levels of security.

Ensure that the service provider offers excellent technological support and customer service. Today businesses operate in multiple time zones. Employees, clients, and vendors are constantly sending and receiving emails from around the world. The monitoring of emails thus must also occur on a 24/7 basis.

You may also need support from their customer service department from time to time to resolve issues related to email filtering. So, constant support and quick response time from your service provider are essential features to consider in your selection process.

Check if the service fits within your organizational budget. There is no use opting for a service to prevent email threats if it is very costly or doesn’t justify the costs when compared with features on offer.

It is possible to find email filtering service providers ( Securence.Com/Solution ) that offer low-cost enterprise solutions that are adequate for companies of all sizes and industry.

Email filtering can also help organizations reduced costs of bandwidth use and reduce the workload of the IT personnel.

Internet Hosted IMAP/POP and Exchange Email Hosting Services!

Internet Hosted IMAP/POP and Exchange Email Hosting ( securence.com/pop-imap-exchange-email-hosting ) is one of the extremely important aspects of the hosted email solution. Many users tend to forget the importance of email security spam filtering; this is why one should make use of Internet Hosted IMAP/POP and Exchange Email Hosting. There are different kinds of email options which can help you decide the right email hosting option. The three main types of email accounts are-

IMAP- IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol is one of the best choices for people with email accounts that need to be synchronized between multiple devices. This is highly functional email account due to the great syncing facility.

The advantages of Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) are-

1. Full message syncing facility

2. Multiple devices and client support features

3. Flags and to-do items sync easily

4. Messages saved on the server and downloaded to every new account are easily accessible to the user on different systems

5. Very simple to enable and use

The disadvantages of Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) are-

1. Since messages are stored on the server, space can be a matter of concern

2. Syncing issues can arise at times

3. If multiple people are using the same account, message syncing can create a whole lot of confusion

4. Not supported by all types of email providers

POP- POP stands for Post Office Protocol. Post Office Protocol is the simplest form of email account, which is highly popular among the users due to its simplicity. Post Office Protocol can work only with a single device and can be very limited use on a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets. If the account is active on a laptop, then the emails will only be active on the laptop. If you try to access them via POP on any other device ( securence.com/blog ), it won’t be available.

The advantages of Post Office Protocol are-

1. Email downloads to one location, keeping only a single copy

2. Easy to set up

3. Extremely popular choice

4. In case of email accounts with more than one user, each email only goes to the first person to open it.

The disadvantages of Post Office Protocol are-

1. No message syncing facility

2. Once the email is downloaded, it disappears from the server automatically

3. No contact, calendar, or data syncing options

Exchange Email Hosting- This hosting facility is special professional email system designed for business purposes. This hosting service can sync contacts, calendars, emails and more across all modern devices, from tablets to desktops to phones.

The advantages of Exchange Email Hosting are-

● Full email message syncing

● The changes can be done within the server’s domain

The disadvantages of Exchange Email Hosting are-

● Expensive in nature

● Difficult to set up this account

Things to Know About Hosted Exchange Solutions

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used email clients in the world. Business organizations especially rely on this email solution given that it’s one of the most popular and one of the best email solutions out there. Apart from email there are many other integrated solutions like calendar, meeting, tasks, messaging etc. that are interlinked with the primary email account. To access this service, business organizations must host their data from the application using a server. They can either host their own server or make use of ( securence.com/solution/hosted-exchange ) hosted exchange solutions. In this article we will talk about the latter approach, know all about it and talk about the benefits it offers to business organizations.

What are Hosted Exchange Solutions?

They are nothing but solutions that enable business organizations to use Outlook services without having to host their own email server. Servers are high maintenance IT solutions that need initial investments and a dedicated IT team to maintain them. Companies that don’t have the capabilities to make this initial investment or maintain an email server on their own can take the help of third party vendors who offer hosted exchange solutions.

What are the benefits of this service?

Apart from not having to host your own email server, there are many other benefits of hosted exchange services. Business organizations can make use of these benefits to increase their efficiency, cut down their costs and still use the best email solution available.

1. High ROI

The problem with having on-premise solutions is that they incur a lot of costs apart from the initial investments made. Cost of license, anti-virus, anti-spam software, maintenance of the server, salary of the IT maintaining the server, repairs etc., the list is endless. With hosted exchange solutions you don’t have to worry about any of these costs and earn your payback within months.

2. Scalable

Another advantage of hosted exchange solutions is that they don’t have scalability issues. Whether your requirement increases over time or decreases, you can avail all the email services that you need for your organization as per your requirements. You won’t be able to have this flexibility when you host your own email server.

3. Additional Email Services

Apart from providing hosted exchange solutions, the email service providers offer many other services that you might be interested. Spam filtering services, internet security services ( securence.com/blog ), email continuity services are few of the most common services you can expect from these providers. These providers can be your one-stop solution and also offer you a discount if you take up multiple services.

4. No Downtime

Email downtime is one of the pressing issues in business organizations. Not having email services even for a few hours can result in losses for many business organizations. The providers offering hosted exchange solutions employ the best, enterprise-class infrastructure, have the best IT teams working on it to ensure you have 100% uptime.

Everything About Hosted Exchange Solutions

Emails are sent and received over email servers and generally big organizations have their own email servers to facilitate the organization’s operations. However, small and midsized companies might find it difficult to have their own email servers as it involves a lot of installation and maintenance expenses. Hosted exchange solutions ( securence.com/solution/hosted-exchange ) are a great alternative in these situations where service providers offer and host Microsoft Exchange Servers for business organizations. If your organization uses a lot of emails, this article is for you. Read on to know all about hosted exchange solutions and the benefits it offers to business organizations.

1. Full Maintenance

First and foremost, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the server. Email servers require maintenance and always need an IT team to look after its operations. When servers breakdown you won’t be access emails for hours and also incur losses if you are missing out on important mails. When you have hosted exchange solutions all the maintenance is done by the service provider and there won’t be any issues of email discontinuity.

2. Other Applications

Emails are not the only things you get with these hosting solutions. Along with emails all your calendars, contacts, tasks and meetings that are associated with the emails are also hosted by hosted exchange solutions. So you don’t have to worry about having a separate system for all the other applications apart from emails. Having all of your emails, calendars and contacts under one system interlinked with one another is the idea of an ideal email system.

3. Easily Scalable

Each company has its own requirements and these requirements increases/decrease over time. When you are hosting your email server by yourself, it is an additional task to accommodate the increasing requirements. However, when you are taking the help of hosted exchange solutions, you don’t have to worry about scaling your email server. The service provider will accommodate your requirements, big or small immediately.

4. Other Services

The service providers also offer other email related services including email archiving, email filtering and email encryption. These services can be used to store old emails, avoid spam and secure your private emails respectively. When you contact the service provider for hosted exchange solutions you can also get these additional services implemented required.

5. Unlimited

Lastly, there is no limit on the mailbox size or the number of users. You can send and receive as many mails you need and any number of employees can use email services. You can store unlimited number of aliases ( securence.com/blog ), public folders and distribution groups without any limitation. You can also retrieve the mails that you have deleted within a two-week period.