Top Tips to Get To the Most Consistent Solar Panel Installation Companies To Shortlist

Keeping pace with the more than ever increasing demand of solar panels among homeowners, in the US, more and more solar panel installation companies are coming up in the market with their series of products. The multitude of the solar panels ( https://thesolardigest.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-solar-panel-installation-companies/ ), their varieties, publicity of the makers and installers likely to confuse potential buyers like you to opt for a reliable company as your trusted service provider. To come out of this overwhelming situation, it is an ideal choice to evaluate the uprightness of the company, which can be done as follows:

 MSC Certified

Keep in mind that professional solar panel installation companies should be outfitted with MSC accreditation apart from having affiliation with Solar Trade Association (STA) or Renewable Energy Assurance Limited or (REAL). The credentials above are must-have tools for a solar company to establish its authentication and approval as a dependable service provider. Choosing a company without having accreditation is not only risky but you might be deprived to receive the Feed-in tariff as well as federal exemption as a solar user in due course of time.

 Understand Expertise and Suitability

On your inquiry, as the solar panel installation companies visit your home site to assess the quantity of your energy consumption, the capacity of solar requirement, the rooftop setting etc., try to get information through questioning. Ask; how long they are working in the industry? What is their client base? Whether they are subcontractor of the parent company or their own staff etc. They are likely to suggest you about how efficiently you can make the best use of your solar power, tips on saving energy consumption or having an energy efficient ‘green’ home. If the installer seems too busy to spend time for suggesting you or does not have that depth to make necessary studies, always go for other company.

 Get References/ Ask Warranty

Never forget to get references from solar panel installer companies about their earlier clients. In fact, a professional service provider uses the references as great sales tools, however, those who are having issues in the market, be it regarding solar system or after sales services will try to hide references. Talk to the previous consumers of the company and know all about their installation process and services. Every solar system comes with extended warranty period, which typically determine the consistency of the product in terms of its materials used, quality of cells ( https://thesolardigest.com/ ), hardware standard, etc. They also offer workmanship warranty too.


Solar panel installation companies that specialize in quality products and maintain high-level customer services never pressurize you with varieties of sales stunts but demonstrate their uniqueness in ‘black and white’. Such as certifications, product appraisal testimonials, special recognition by establishments, major personalities and with their vast clientele. Therefore, in the process of choosing, all you have to do is to keep your eyes open and estimate all those factors that help reach an ideal service provider, you are in quest of.