Everything You Need to Know About Gold Plating Services

Gold does not oxidize which is the main reason it is preferred for plating. It gives a reliable and smooth surface which adds to the aesthetics and makes it look rich.

A lot of manufacturers of wires use gold for plating because losing even a small part of the cross sectional area could lower the capacity of the wires substantially. Hence, they use gold for plating on the wires. There are a number of products where gold plating ( sun-glo/gold-plating-service ) is used to enhance the look and feel of the product while keeping the cost in mind. Plating the products also ensures that there is a low rejection rate from the customers for whatever the type of material. When a material is plated with gold, the rejection rate will fall and the durability of the product will increase. When you consider the material of your products, you need to understand the benefits of gold plating services to ensure that your products generate higher value and are high in demand in the market.

Gold plating can help metals from corrosion. Oxygen is an active element and it could lead to corrosion of different kinds of metals. Gold is a non reactive metal and remains untouched by heat and moisture, hence it will not oxidize. This means that gold will not rust by coming in contact with natural elements and the wear and tear will remain minimal. Since there is no corrosion, there will not be a coating of poor conducting and it will be able to withstand electrical connections which create elevated temperatures.

Gold is also highly durable when it is placed on a specific metal. Since it is a malleable material, it is easy to create a thin layer over other metals like nickel. It creates a highly durable surface and makes the metal long lasting and easy to use. The coating thickness can vary from one project to another depending on the requirement of the metal for the same.

When a metal is plated with gold, its value increases and consumers immediately show interest in the same. It looks much better than any other metal and is highly durable which is why buyers find value for money. As a seller, if you want to sell a particular metal, having it gold plated will not only fetch a higher value of the same but will also increase the trust and the interest of the buyer in your products. The cost of gold plating services ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ) vary according to the metal and the type of plating service you require. It is a long term solution to the corrosion of metals caused due to the atmosphere.

What to Look for While Choosing CNC Machining Services

If you are in the manufacturing business, then you may have heard of CNC Machining. This process is critical in the manufacturing of several tool and equipment. If you require a machine that can construct a device with extreme specifications, then you will need to hire a CNC Machining service. This service will help you to manufacture a piece that is customized to suit your needs perfectly. The process of cutting tools and extracting material to shape equipment according to precisely specified dimensions ( sun-glo/CNC-Machining ) is a requirement in many manufacturing processes such as car manufacturing, aeronautical manufacturing, and mound making industry among others.

What to Look for While Choosing CNC Machining Services

When it comes to selecting the proper service for your company, there are a few essential things which you should keep in mind. With so many options in the market, it is crucial for you to choose a service company that will help your business grow. Few things to keep in consideration are:

1. The Technology Used: When you are considering your options, it is essential for you to select a company that is up to date with all of the latest technology in CNC Machining.

2. Cad Software: The Company should be able to provide you with CAD software at no additional cost. CAD software will allow you to design your customized tool from scratch so that you can see what the final product will look like, and can accurately generate all of the specific dimensions with the help of a computer.

3. Quality of The Equipment: The company should have equipment that is durable and reliable. It should not stop working midway, or produce any abnormalities in the product. Thus, the machine should be of the latest technology, and it should be of high quality.

4. Materials: Ensure that they will be able to construct the apparatus with the specified material successfully. Different types of material require a different kind of handling and machining. Hence, it is crucial for you to make sure that the company will be able to machine the material with precision and care.

5. Technical Support: The Company should be able to provide you with outstanding technical support. If there is any error or confusion ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ), you should be able to call the company at short notice to be able to clarify any doubts that you may have.

6. Cost: Cost is the most significant factor when it comes to deciding a company whom you entrust to provide you with the service you require. The company should be able to provide you with top - quality service within the designated budget.


CNC Machining is a vital part of the manufacturing process. Hence, you need to carefully consider your options before you make a decision which service you should hire.

Determine How Powder Coating Makes It Unique from Its Equivalents

The simple process of powder casting uses the fusion of superfine grains of powder of varied dyes and textures plus resign, which is electro-statically deposited through sprayer guns over the objects ( sun-glo/powder-coating-services ), to be coated. The negatively charged dry powder automatically stick to the surface being heated and nicely get fused as an even coating, which is then oven backed. Curing process generates thermal backed heavy-duty bond resulting highly durable, smooth, attractive, and extremely protective coating layer. As per industry estimate, more than 12% of industrial finishes are depended on power coating services.


Powder coated substrates are found highly resistive to all sorts of scratching, fading, tearing, chipping apart from being 100% anti-corrosive. As the electromagnetic charge strongly fuse the grains of power on the surface, in the process it melts and also, forms a chemical session facilitating it to get glued. This results a finish, which is harder and enduring than tradition paints.


Firstly, its electro-static technique of powder blasting advantage leads to least amount of powder wastage. It’s on the other hand; in powder coating process a skilled labor can complete the entire procedure through single application. Opposed to traditional painting, there’s no need of waiting after every coating for drying or applying the next coat. This saves on operating cost as well as time making it highly efficient in its category.

Color and Texture Variety

Even though, color options are limited when it comes to power coating, however, with expert power coating services you can opt for profuse texture including smooth, matte, glossy, super glossy, fluorescent, wrinkle and grains toning that looks fantastic on decorative items, home products, electrical accessories, furnishings and more. Importantly, selection of matte, wrinkled or rough finish is a great choice for concealing surface stains or marks.

Cost Effective

Due to its process simplicity, less infrastructure, time saving, you can expect your power coating services to not only faster supplies but also quoting you in cost-friendly way. Simply put, superior class powder costs much less than any other branded traditional color. Secondly, with limited color options, plating companies mostly purchase very high volume powders from global market to get a bargain price. This eventually benefits you greatly cost-wise being in the chain.

Eco-Friendly Coating

One of the great benefits of powder coating is, it’s absolutely protective to our nature mother. It contains no toxic chemicals or volatile organic chemicals and thus highly acclaimed in the industry for its environmentally friendly nature. Equally, during the coating process, it doesn’t emit any kind of damaging gas or chemicals that can harm the technicians as well as the atmosphere.

Easy Maintenance

The enduring nature keeps powder coated materials ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ), as it is for longer period of time. For cleaning, no special chemicals or soaps are required whereas simply mopping with liquid detergent can keep them gleaming as before. Absolutely resistive to corrosion and scratching, they never get rusted or discolored.

Key Reasons That You Should Outsource Specialist CNC Machining Services

Being in manufacturing or fabrication business with great clientele counting aerospace, mining, defense, shipping, engineering and others, outsourcing your day to day CNC machining necessities generates a solid business prospect. When you’re focused on different business and require CNC machined parts as a part of your manufacturing need, it doesn’t make sense to owning a CNC machine ( sun-glo/CNC-Machining ) with huge investment or hire expertise; instead, think of hiring CNC machining services, the way the business world thinks today.

Why Outsource CNC Machines Services?

• Accessing Expertise

The biggest benefit of outsourcing CNC machining services that inspires MNCs to SMEs is its easy access to expertise with no special investment for machineries or manpower. Contextually, here you’re basically tapping and incorporating the know-how of a CNC machining shop in your supplies to make them superior. The machining shop uses the sophisticated series of CNC or Computer Numerical Control which can manipulate everything like milling, lathing, drilling, pressing, or finishing with the help of computerized system ensuring accuracy, speed, and uniformity of product finishes. Outsourcing expert services, thus, ensures you to execute supplies exactly as per the specs your customers require.

• Upholding Accuracy and Speed

Maintaining absolute accuracy has been crucial to keep your customers satisfied since most industries today cannot even spare even a negligible error, which is obvious with human labors. CNC is designed to continue accuracy level by .99999 % once the design and program is fed into computer by a skilled CNC technician. Minimal fault during production means no wastage while you can cater any volume of supply and within the delivery schedule to your customers prepared with your CNC machining services.

• Reduced Labor Cost and Peaceful Production

With CNC machining services, you don’t have to depend on manual labor oriented companies or employ indoor labors. First of all, this helps you save a lot on labor cost while you get complete finishing solution including shearing, welding, framing, cutting or punching holes expending minimum on fabrication. Those who are still depended on manual labors know; how challenging it is to maintaining customer services with issues like labors on leave, sick, on vacation or labor disputes etc. No denying, your clients are least bothered about your labor issues and wants their deliveries on time with best finishes.

• Versatility with Increased Market

All you need from your specialist CNC machining services is precision components as per your clients need. The biggest benefit of working with a CNC machine shop is they are masters to dispense any kind of sheet metal, fiber, or plastic finishes irrespective of how complex is the shape or design and amount of your order. Since everything is done by CNC machines ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ), once the specs of your order is programmed and fed, the job is virtually finished. With increased versatility and capability, you can go ahead with new market possibilities.

Long Term Benefits of Cadmium Plating

Cadmium plating is a versatile metal coating which is applied as a coat on steel, copper, iron and metal. It is known as sacrificial coating that reduces the corrosion of a metal. Cadmium is a soft white metal ( sun-glo/cadmium-plating ) which will protect the base metal and gives it a familiar gold color. It also enhances the finish of the metal and gives it a complete and rich feel. There are other colors like olive drab also available in electroplating.

Cadmium plating will offer a bonding surface for the adhesive and is excessively used in aircraft manufacturing. It is also suitable for salt water environments. There are numerous advantages of this form of plating. It includes an outstanding conductivity, low electrical resistance and an excellent natural lubricity. This helps in the prevention of galling and corrosion. If the metal is corroded due to natural weather changes, the consumers might not be willing to buy the products from you. Corrosion leaves the metal with a rust look and reduces its durability. The corrosion products in case of cadmium are less significant than those plated with other types of coatings like zinc. This form of plating is widely used in those applications which are repeatedly disassembled and reassembled like the maintenance of aircraft. This is a major reason cadmium plating is critical in the aerospace industry of every country.

There are different types of application of this chemical. One of the most important one is the aerospace industry which helps protect the components from corrosion and secures the stainless steel parts as well. It is also used in the transportation industry for the protect of disc brake components and door latches. Further, it is used on connectors, chassis and relays and for home construction products. It is also used in the marine industry on components and fasteners which are exposed to salt and fresh water. The electroplating is basically ideal for every type of metal that might face corrosion in any form. It helps every business and every manufacturer increase their sales.

It is important to choose the right service provider for the purpose of electroplating. The professional experts will understand the requirement of plating on the metal manufactured by you. Consumers will always prefer products that look good and have an excellent finish. When any product is plated using the right chemicals ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ), its durability enhances and consumers find it worth their money. While the use of the same is not restricted to the aerospace industry, the industry dominates the electroplating requirements. The service is not expensive and will improve the resistance of the metal. You can overcome corrosion with a simple layer of chemical and bring an end to the trouble caused due to weather changes.