Liquid Painting Service Vs. Powder Coating or Plating

Thankfully, with the presence of most up-to-date methods of metal finishing procedures, today’s professional coating service providers are outfitted with an array of coating technologies including electroplating, power coating and liquid painting services ( sun-glo/liquid-painting-service ). As powder coating and electroplating have gained high popularity with their excellent performance to accept environmental challenges, the demand of liquid painting is still at its place over the centuries.

Importantly, the special attributes of long-established wet painting solution make it a matchless choice to industrial painters which cannot be accomplished by powder coating or electroplating solutions. Simply put, when industries look for diversified color options, thin and smooth coating, like the gigantic automobile industry, home appliance, it’s none, but liquid painting service appears being one and only solution. Similarity, changing of colors is not realistic with powder coating and electroplating whereas wet painting can be changed for multiple times without any hassle. Due to greater flexibility, liquid painting nowadays often blended in stores backed by a computerized mechanism to get custom color specification.

Painting Procedure

Even if the approach of liquid painting procedure remains relatively the same that has had followed decades back, equipped with high tech settings, sophisticated sprayer guns, heating systems and know-know the industry is quite rich to offer finest coating options to customers today. The super-thin wet coating produces a film of 15-20 micros. Major industries that look for liquid painting service include automobile, home appliances, aviation, transport, defense, medical devices, decorative and others.

Major Benefits of Liquid Painting

Simplicity of Procedure

Opposed to power coating or electro-deposition methods that are dependent on static electrification based dry power deposition and automated heating or electrifying of paint to let it stick to the metal substrate respectively, the liquid painting procedure is fairly simple. The simplicity of the process and minimum setup makes the process affordable painting means to industrial users and customers.

Ample Color Options

Companies specialize in liquid painting service can offer extensive color options, unique shades and individualized paint finishes that they look for. Some of the top popular painting options of liquid painting include polyurethanes, silicone, acrylics, polyester and more. This variety is simply unachievable when it comes to powder coating or e-deposition.

Smooth Finishing

In reality, when consumers look for silky, zero-textured, thin, and shiny finishes of their products, the market has no other option but to offer a wet painting solution. Wide color options, velvetiness with no texture and polished look are some of the great attributes of liquid painting that makes it ever popular to the automobile, home products, and decorative industries.

Super Thin Coat

Powder coating is often considered less wasteful than liquid painting services since it needs one-time application only whereas liquid painting demands more coating to bring consistency of color ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ). On the contrary, by nature liquid paint that offers thin films measuring max 20 micron establishes that even if more coats are required with skilled labors, they can come economically to its users.

Easier Masking

Consider the need of masking which is often demanded on basic color coat. In electro-deposition or powder coating, masking is not only costly but also challenging too. In the similar way, altering of color or touch up of damage areas is easy achievable when it comes to traditional liquid painting service.

Five Reasons to Choose Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating is simpler than its counterpart electroplating process and widely used in the metal industry for finishing of complex metal parts. It offers a wide range of advantages due to the nature of the process. Let’s have a look at the key advantages of electroless nickel plating.

Coat almost anything

The major advantage of electroless nickel plating is that it can easily coat complex shaped metal parts. As standardized shapes are becoming less common, electroplating technique often unable to uniformly coat the entire surface of a metal substrate. On the other hand, in electroless nickel plating ( sun-glo/electroless-nickel ), metal parts are dipped into the plating solution. Therefore, it can easily coat complex and irregular shaped metal parts. More importantly, as no electricity required in this process, non-conductive surfaces can also be coated easily using this process.

Non-porous coating

The purpose of nickel coating is to provide protection from wear and abrasion, resistance against corrosion and add hardness to metal parts. For many years, nickel has been deposited on the metal substrate using electroplating process. Due to the nature of the process, a porous layer is deposited on the metal substrate which makes nickel coating peel easily and less resistant to water. Electroless nickel plating deposits a less porous layer than electroplating which provides a better barrier of corrosion protection to metal parts.

Uniform thickness

The major drawback of the electroplating process is that it does not form a layer of uniform thickness over the entire surface of the workpiece which results into less consistent nickel coating. Electroless nickel plating overcomes this drawback and provides an even and uniform coating across the entire surface. It provides excellent protection to the whole metal substrate against corrosion. More importantly, you have better control over the thickness of the coating in this process. The thickness of plating can be as thin as 0.0005” and as thick as 0.10”.

Cost-effective coating

Another advantage of electroless nickel plating is that it is more cost-effective and efficient coating process than electroplating. It does not require electricity and less equipment are required to complete the process. There is no energy cost involved and less labor required for completing the process which makes this process highly efficient.

Gentle application

Electroless nickel plating can be applied with zero or little compressive stress ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ), making it gentle in application. It helps protect the integrity of the original product while making it durable and resistant to corrosion.

These are the five key advantages of electroless nickel plating which makes it a preferred choice for metal finishing in the metal industry.

The Bottom Line

Metal finishing plays an important role in providing protection to metal parts from corrosion and abrasion. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right metal finishing process, and when it comes to protecting metal parts in tough conditions, definitely, electroless nickel plating is the best in the business.

Five Considerable Factors to Reach a specialized CNC Machine Shop

Being a manufacturer and supplier of metal parts, non-metallic objects, or synthetic materials to industries like defense, aerospace, transport, construction, shipbuilding, engineering and others, it is imperative that you should be fitted with a skilled CNC machine shop ( www.sun-glo/cnc-machining ) that can supply your needs as per your clients’ requirement with accurateness in a timely manner. Even though finding a dependable shop can appear quite challenging to you, by considering certain factors with due diligence, you can successfully locate the most desired facility that helps you thrive constantly in the highly competitive industry.

Five Points to Consider


The foremost step to reach your most ideal CNC machine shop is consideration of thorough research which can be effectively accomplished through the internet and referrals from like-minded professionals focused on the segment. As you go through web search, mind that corporate websites should be appealing to new generation customers with navigation ease, complete information on services offered, client list, contact numbers etc. Equally, it would be brilliant if you can go through market reviews, verify professional rating, and customer comments available on the internet.

Professional Expertise

Completely different from traditional lathe machines, advanced CNC machines need professional expertise with a vast background of working in an identical setting. While a CNC machine shop of high reputation performs CNC machining operations from milling to lathing, cutting to grinding and drilling to boring like multifaceted machining jobs to meet the design need of customers, they should be operational with well-versed machine operations, programmers, as well as CAD designers who develop the prototype before it is taken under program.


Vitally, if you find a CNC machine shop which is still dependent on tradition CNC machines, you can hardly expect them to perform complex product finishing jobs due to the lack of know-how. Even if your volume of demand is low at the moment, it can increase fast if you can establish your capability to meet the demands of your clients with high tolerance machining needs. As this will increase the volume of your orders, you will have new customers in your clientele. To sustain and develop in the highly competitive market, always get associated with the file profile machine shop, which is going to be your biggest resource to thrive in the industry. While you should check their present volume of production, also make sure about their capacity, types of software they use in programming, machine men expertise to work on 3D product specifications, etc.

Quality Control

A CNC machine shop must be fitted with a state-of-the-art QC department and experts who are in charge of them. Aside from knowledge, they should be equally responsible to make sure that the quality control steps are thoroughly followed, which a must-have to supply customer precision is finishing adhering to the maximum tolerance acceptable ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ). Ensure if it’s backed by an ISO certification which is essential to get enlistment in industries like defense, aviation, construction, and all other areas.

Customer Feedback

Never forget to find out the experience of a customer who has had obtained metal finishing services from the shop. Get a client list from the setting and reach those customers via phone, mail or by the person to know more about the CNC machine shop regarding professionalism, quality finishing, precision ability, QC and timely deliveries etc. if it feels up to expectation level, you can go ahead.

Everything You Need to Know About Electroless Nickel Plating

What is electroless nickel plating of metal substrate? How does electroless nickel plating process work? How is it better than electroplating? These are most common questions asked by the manufacturers. Let’s find the answer to these frequently asked queries.

Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating is the process of depositing the layer of nickel on the metal substrate by chemical reaction. As the name suggests, electricity is not used in the plating process ( www.sun-glo/electroless-nickel ). A protective layer of nickel is applied to the metal substrate via a chemical reaction.

Electroless nickel plating is used for the metal finishing of industrial machinery metal parts, tools, equipment, household metal items, and various industrial metal parts.

How does electroless nickel plating process work?

In this process, the nickel coating is plated on the metal substrate without using electricity. It is a four-step process.

1. First of all, the metal substrate underwent a pretreatment process and cleaned thoroughly. It is necessary because any sort of contaminants, soil, dirt, and foreign particles will prevent the nickel plating from adhering to the surface of the metal substrate. The metal substrate is cleaned with serious of chemicals to remove grease, oil, and dirt from the surface.

2. After the thorough cleaning, the metal substrate is activated using an acid solution. The metal part is submerged into the acid solution to remove the scale and rust on the surface of the metal.

3. Once your metal substrate is ready for the electroless nickel plating, it is submerged into the bath containing nickel ions and various other chemicals. The metal substrate reacts with the electrolytic solution, and a uniform layer of nickel gets deposited on the metal substrate. The dipping time, temperature of the bath and special chemicals used in bath depend on the type of metal.

4. The last step is rinsing the metal part with water to remove any surface contaminants and drying the metal substrate.

Advantages of Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating offers a wide range of benefits. Here are the few of them:

• It forms a coating of uniform thickness over the entire surface of the substrate which is difficult to achieve with electroplating. This improves the corrosion resistance of the entire workpiece and makes nickel coating more durable.

• It is less porous coating than the electroplated nickel hence provides better protection to metal substrate against wear, abrasion, and corrosion.

• Complex workpieces can be coated evenly and consistently with electroless nickel plating which is difficult to coat with electroplated coatings ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ). It can coat almost anything no matter how complex is the shape of the metal substrate.

• Due to non-porous nature, electroless nickel plating is highly resistant to water, and provide great protection against moisture.

• As no electricity is required in the electroless nickel plating, it is more accurate and cost-effective than electroplating.

This was the complete guide on electroless nickel plating.

All You Need to Know About Powder Coating

Powder coating is the process of deposition of the polymer resin on the surface of the substrate. The polymer resin is sprayed electrostatically on the electrically ground metal substrate ( www.sun-glo.com/powder-coating-services ). It is a dry process of metal coating. It can be used for the decorative and protective coating of the metal parts used in the industry as well as in domestic use. Hence, when it comes to the coating of metal parts, powder coating is the best in business.

How does Powder Coating work?

Powder coating on the metal workpiece is achieved by the electrostatic deposition of powder on the electrically grounded surface of the metal. First of all polymer resin is powdered and mixed with pigments, and then this mixture is sprayed using an electric gun. This process is called electrostatic spray deposition.

After spraying the powder, the metal surface is heated in the oven to cure. This allows the polymer resin to produce long molecular chains which are highly durable. Heating allows powder to fuse firmly on the surface of the substrate. Hence this process results into the uniform layer of powder coating on the surface of the substrate.

Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder coating services have been used in the metal finishing industry for many years. It offers numerous advantages. Let’s have a look at the key advantages of powder coating.

Last Long

Powder coating is highly durable. It does not crack or chip away easily and highly corrosion resistant. High resistance against moisture and abrasion makes it last longer. The thickness of powder coating is four to ten times more than the wet paint. This makes it tougher and better protects the substrate. Whether you are using it for the finishing of industrial metal parts or domestic metal products, it can provide uniform and highly-durable finish.

Decorative Finishing

Powder coating is not only about protective finishing, but it also provides great decorative finishing to a metal surface. It gives the metal substrate a vibrant finishing that looks really beautiful. Also, it is available in a multitude of colors. You can choose any color of finishing you want. Also, colors of powder-coated surface do not fade away easily.

Environment-friendly and Safe

This is a major reason behind encouraging the use of powder coating services. Powder coating does not protect metal parts ( https://www.sun-glo.com/blog/ ) at the cost of environment. It does not use solvents or release volatile organic compounds which cause harm to manufacturer and environment. It is an environment-friendly process. Also, unlike wet paint, powder coating is inflammable and provides extra safety to consumers.

Final Thoughts

Powder coating is tough, durable and looks great. If you are looking for the high-quality finishing for you metal parts, powder coating is one of the best metal finishing methods you have. More importantly, hiring a powder coating services can easily fit in your already strained budget.