Authorized User Tradelines – Its Advantages and Scopes

Becoming an authorized user of a credit card of someone else has been an easy, effective and lawful way ( unless it’s used in a deceptive way) for anyone fighting for fixing his/her poor credit score. While it’s evidently not a long term option to build up your personal credit history, but it may be an efficient way to give a nice boost to the score enabling you to get started once more and recoup your credit history. By paying some fees to companies dealing in reputable authorized user tradelines, the primary holder of the credit card simply adds your name to their credit lines, offering you the authorization to use it. Due to its great benefits, buying tradelines as its authorized user has been a smash hit in the modern credit market.

Major Advantages

Credit Score

Investing in authorized user tradelines ( https://improvemycreditfitness.com/Authorized-User-Tradelines ), mostly a credit card, you inherit the payment history of that card and its details are found on your credit report. If you have a poor or moderate credit history, this will work as a booster and will provide a substantial increase in your credit score. Remember that the three major components of FICO credit score include your payment history, amount of money owing and the duration of your credit history. As an established tradeline (credit account) with good status having a long history with timely payments with no or little debt is added to your account by the primary user of the card, all these positive points turn out to be a part of your credit status while rising your score potentially.

Payment Responsibility

The second advantage of becoming authorized user tradelines is that in no way it makes you obligated for the arrears on the credit card. Basically, you receive the credit card advantage tied to the account, even though won’t have identical privileges enjoyed by the primary cardholder. For instance, as you cannot make any changes in the account, similarly increasing the credit limit of the credit card or adding further AUs won’t work for you. Mind well, that if the primary holder of the account misses making payments, it will show equally on your credit report while decreasing your score. In that case, you can request the tradeline company to get you disconnected from that account.

Access to Credit

Perhaps the biggest advantage of adding you to an authorized user tradeline is it’s an effective and fantastic way to get access to the world of credit, irrespective of you’ve no or bad credit history. Usually, as you become an authorized user, you get a physical credit card having your name embossed on it. As anyone else could say that it’s your own credit card, however, it’s not its own account while you are merely an ‘authorized’ user of the account with limited benefits. However, with this, as you can get a good job ( employers that check credit history), have a good apartment in rentals equally book an air ticket or get a loan with minimum interest and kick start a business of your dream.


While investing in one or more authorized user tradelines ( improvemycreditfitness.com/blog ), research with diligence about the tradeline company and ensure the type of credit cards (Banks) it specializes in. Remember average credit card companies (excepting for global banks like American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Chase, and Capital One, etc) don’t report to the bureaus on authorized users' accounts. Thereby, spending your money on buying a cheap tradeline will be simply of no use.

Self Credit Repair Vs Credit Repair Companies – Why Really Works?

While planning for repairing your bad credit score on your own drive for saving some bucks through the collection of credit reports from all bureaus, investigating errors line-by-line and finally filing disputes on them is your freedom, however, in reality, you’ll find the job extremely time-consuming, tricky, and costly. Moreover the chance of success rate is negligible. Which are the basic grounds why more than 48 million Americans prefer pursuing professional credit repair companies ( Credit360.biz/Credit-Repair-Company ) who are seasoned professionals to hand you a sizeable result within 45 days from undertaking your case while lawfully fixing your credit report that automatically improves your credit score?

In the world where credit background is one of the major factors that determine your social dignity, borrowing power, and financial life, how could you spare such mistakes done by credit bureaus, lenders, and credit card companies that damage your credit scores and ruin each area of your life?

The biggest plus point of working with credit repair companies is that they know how to deal with the things, its steps, and strategic ways. After a free consultancy session, a credit analyst will get through your existing credit reports received from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion and ensure the possible lacking areas. Majorly they try to locate the negative entries that are found widespread and ensure if they’d be in a position to help you.

Once you agree with their terms, they go through a detailed audit after collection of all related documentation from you as well as from three bureaus to investigate on them and find mistakes like missed payment, delayed payments, charge-offs, outdated negative entries and more.

Professional credit repair companies examine all three statements from bureaus because often they don’t contain identical information which makes those items more apprehensive to them. Accordingly their expert lawyers decide on the strategic plan and you've informed the outline of their disputing process.

What Brings Them Success

Knowhow of Credit Laws

While trying to repairing the credit score on DIY method appears cost saving for you, eventually people find it not only costlier in all terms but awfully intense simply because they’re not aware of the laws. On the contrary, throughout the disputing process knowledgeable credit lawyers who deal with your case can hardly be misguided, disregarded, or manipulated by tricky credit card companies, lending company or credit bureaus. The dispute on each doubtful entries and thereby make your creditors and bureaus to eliminate such errors that don’t appear in your next report while boosting your credit score.

Fight Directly with Creditors

According to their customized disputing plans, expert credit repair companies start sending official letters and meet your creditors and bureaus personally for further sittings and conclusion. Their legal power, knowledge, and techniques to stand before the creditors and officials of bureaus contribute to identifying the erroneous areas which are immediately eliminated from credit reports. They have wide access that unfortunately, you don’t have.

Unbeatable Dispute Solvers and Negotiators

The expert pool of credit repair companies ( https://www.credit360.biz/ ) formulates fact-based strategic dispute plans after diligent auditing and proof of the inconsistencies in credit statements. Moreover, the cases are handled by highly seasoned credit lawyers, negotiators, and credit consultants who are unbeatable in the process of dispute settlements and negotiations. These great attributes and influence help them to get the things successfully done for their valued clients.

CR1 Spousal Visa – The Best Way to Bring Your Foreign Spouse to America

CR1 Spousal Visa

This visa facilitates the incoming of foreign spouses to the USA, and the word CR represents conditional residency. By procuring a CR1 spousal visa ( Ovis.com/visa-services/CR1-Spousal-Visa ), the holder becomes entitled to stay in the country for two years at a continuous stretch; however, there are some attached restrictions for the same. Nevertheless, it is also possible to remove the applied restrictions officially, and for this, the holder will have to apply before three months of the expiry date of the visa. Here, the petitioner will be the American citizen, and the beneficiary will be the foreign spouse. In this manner, he or she can become a Green Card-holder, which will be valid for10 years.

The process of applying for this visa entails quite a few stipulations. Hence, one should be very much vigilant throughout the procedure. It is here, the significance of a specialized immigration and visa service provider pops up. Such an agency can help you to submit the documentation precisely according to the requirement. You will also get sufficient training for attending the interview.

1. Only American citizens or permanent residents in the USA can apply for this visa category. That said, the time required for the Green Cardholders will be a bit more.

2. Only adult individuals can apply for CR1 spousal visa, which means that the applicant must be18+ years of age as per the records.

3. The applicant will have to produce the official records of marriage. Unmarried individuals are not entitled to apply for this visa. In other words, ‘living together’ cases disqualified for applying.

4. There are state laws that stipulate the income requirement, which of course varies from state to state.

5. The total number of family members and the sponsored number is another factor.

CR1 Spousal Visa – Some Points

When you do the related paperwork as it should be, there will not be any delay in getting the visa. It is possible to file the application for this visa even while staying abroad. The form that one should submit as an affidavit is 1-134. The embassy officers will need the original documents for verification. The applicant must prepare for a personal interview. An embassy official will conduct the interview, and the location will be the proximate American embassy. Hence, it will be easy for the individual to reach the venue. The base thing that the official will check will be the authenticity of the applicant. Remember, the time required for the completion of the entailed processes will be about five to ten months. The entire process for obtaining the CR1 spousal visa ( https://www.olvis.com/about-us/why-choose-us/ ) will become easy and error-free if you hire the assistance and professional guidance of an experienced immigration and visa service provider.

Choose an Experienced Visa Service Provider

You must make sure that the agency is experienced and has earned appreciation from the clientele. The customer reviews given on the websites will reflect this. Another point to note is the pricing; it must be reasonable.

Audit Firm in Dubai – Things to Consider Before Appointing the Experts

With the adoption of VAT in Dubai, corporate enterprises to small and medium businesses have been more serious in maintaining their accounting systems with professionals which is obviously a good sign. However, you need to understand that accounting system and audit move the hand to hand and without having audit services at the end of every financial year, you become legally obligated.

In fact, the audit has been mandatory for all enterprises working in Dubai while having your financial systems audited by an expert audit firm in Dubai ( ethicsplusuae.com/audit-firm ) will be beneficial for your business in different ways. Having been audited not only makes your business identity trustworthy to your stakeholders, vendors, and investors but enables to get easy funds from financial institutes once you submit you balance sheet and financial statements duly audited to the bank. However, considering all audit firms are not of the same quality, you should be cautious and ensure that the firm you hire is dependable and approved by DMCC.


Don’t hurry. Take your time and research corporate websites of the audit firm in Dubai to get a comprehensive idea about the company’s background, years of experience in the field, team of audit professionals, set up, operational area and testimonials. If you are among the companies located in the free zones of Dubai, make sure that your audit firm is listed in DMCC’s approved list auditors for operating in DMCC, DAFZA, DIFC, and other free-zones because they are well familiar with the rules and regulations imposed by DMCC and ensure steady audit services that help retain your standard and enjoy benefits of working in free-zone.

Expertise and Experience

Verify the expertise level of the company which could be understood by ensuring whether or not the company is operating with specialized audit professionals like CPAs, CAs, ACCAs or CIAs, etc. Without these professionals, a company cannot undertake critical financial services like auditing. Also, confirm how long the company is serving as auditors in Free Zone and what are the standards of clients they have. Companies working for more than decades naturally display their ability in the domain and establish them one among the reputed audit firm in Dubai.

Range of Services

Even though you need audit services, however, there is no harm to ensure if the company is operating in other financial services like bookkeeping, maintenance of accounts on a cloud platform, compilation, VAT, MIS reporting and so on. While financial management is a gigantic area in business management and audit service appraises its uprightness with great tools and techniques, having package based service from a specialist company is always the best choice to make your financial system more efficient, less risky and happens to be a steady step to keep your financial statements foolproof from the beginning of the year.

Market Research

Get a list of the major clients of the audit firm in Dubai ( https://ethicsplusuae.com/ ) and make inquiries via email, over the phone or even by a person to know what they feel about the standard of the company’s services. Do they have the expertise to customize internal control systems of a company based on its unique infrastructure and business function or have mastery in risk management? How their suggestions and guidance appear handy in due course and so on. Knowing if customers are satisfied with their services should be your main motto.

Cost Matter

Finally, you should get the fees of their audit services and then evaluate the rate with the market standard. If it’s satisfactory then you can definitely go ahead. Or otherwise, have a negotiation wherever necessary.

Fastest Way to Raise Credit Score: Consider Investing in a Tradeline

Simply put, your credit score is all that shows your ability to borrow funds from financial institutions like banks in order to meeting the objectives of your life such as buying a dream apartment, buying a car, enabling your child to go for higher degrees, expanding your business or meeting medical emergencies. Thereby, having low credit score tends to be the hardest time of your life when you won’t qualify for a loan or even allowed will require to pay the high interest together with intense repayment terms compared to those having a good score.

Being one of the 65 million+ Americans struggling with low or bad credit score, various ways are out there enabling you to rebuild your credit status, however, none of these can be considered as the fastest way to raise credit score ( improvemycreditfitness.com/Fastest-Way-to-Raise-Credit-Score ). Don’t worry! Search for tradeline on the web, pay certain fees to add you as an authorized user, which has been the industry buzz for its high demand.

Understanding Tradeline

Tradeline is a term used in the credit industry that talks about the lines of credit account listed on one’s credit report. Ranging from your credit card, personal loans or mortgages all are included on your credit statement as separate tradelines. Now, put simply, when you are added as an authorized user on some other person’s credit line majorly credit card with a good credit score, what happens? Your credit report will be outfitted with the positive credit history of the primary cardholders’ account while reflecting your boosted credit score within the next 30-60 days of the process. Well-popular in our society as piggybacking this fastest way to raise credit score is expensively used in millions of families in the US to add children, spouse, or close relations making them easily reach the desired three-digit FICO credit score.

It is worth mentioning here that tradeline records connected to all credit accounts are used by credit bureaus before calculating the credit score of wide-ranging borrowers. Similarly, financial institutes study your credit score and determine your creditworthiness. Thereby, buying a tradeline with dependable credit history and adding you as an authorized user offer you the fastest way to raise credit score. Notably, an AU being benefited by the primary cardholder is not permitted to make any kind of change in the card as equally not liable to pay back the dues in it.

3 Steps to Becoming an AU

1. Essentially, you should research through Google in order to find reputable tradeline companies dealing with tradelines of renowned credit cards owned by some other individuals. Never hurry and take enough time, check the type of card, credit limit, compare fees, and accordingly find one matching to your need.

2. On making an online query, you’ll be replied by a consultant of the tradeline company. Once you agree with the terms and conditions, you will receive a lease agreement which you need to fill up with complete details of the information. You’ve to unload scan copies of all documents asked by the company including ID details. Sign the same and pay the fees as agreed upon.

3. You’ll be added as an AU to that particular cardholder’s account as discussed with you. Once completed, you will get a confirmation message and thereby reach the fastest way to raise credit score ( improvemycreditfitness.com/blog ) within 30-60 days.