Are You in Seattle for a Day or Two – Make Your Day Count with a Tour to Mt Rainier


The Mount Rainier Tours from Seattle ( naturenutstravel/mt-rainier-helihike-tour ) will start with a pickup near the SeaTac airport or from a convenient hotel in Seattle. Then get ready for a scenic, narrated drive featuring the town of Eatonville at the foothills of Mt. Rainier and Alder Lake Park. You will be stopping at Longmire, the visitor center at the southwest corner of the park for exploring their museum as well as National Park Inn. Your next visit should be Christine Falls, with one of the signature views in Mt. Rainier National Park (the bridge). Then stroll along the Nisqually River up to Narada Falls which is the most popular waterfall in the National Park. Narada Falls is taller than Niagara Falls at a staggering height of 188 feet. Next stop is to witness the pinnacle event of the day – the Paradise view that is 5400 feet above sea level. Have lunch here by soaking in the amazing view of Mt. Rainier and the valley below. Look for any wildlife roaming around the mountain at any time. During winter, if conditions permit choose a sled adventure or snowshoe. During summer, enjoy the beauty at Reflection Lake that provides one of the popular iconic views of Mt. Rainier. Do not forget to carry a camera for capturing breathtaking views. The final destination will be a visit to the Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visit Center at Paradise for learning about the history of Mt. Rainier with a short film. Finally, you will be descending down the mountain for hitting the road back to Seattle.

Basic Information

• Style: Multiple drivers/local tour guides will be available during your tour.

• Group Type: Standard where you will be touring with travelers all over the globe.

• Activity Level: Easy to Moderate, the Mount Rainier Tours from Seattle is designed for travelers who have good health and are comfortable with hiking or light walking.

• Cost: The Mount Rainier Tours from Seattle ( https://www.naturenutstravel.com/ ) is suited for every tourist who is budget conscious and you will get the most affordable service with fast-paced itineraries.


The adult has to pay $35 and $25 for children (0-12 age). The fees include parking, fuel surcharges, and vehicle wear. You should pay the fees in cash to your tour guide and separate tickets cannot be purchased in advance. If you want to participate in any optional activities, please pay in cash to your tour guide.

Meeting Point

In Seattle region, China town is the pickup point at 7:30 am whereas, in Renton region, Red Lion Hotel will be the pickup point at 8 am.


• Roundtrip transportation

• Professional tour guide


• Service fee for driver and tour guide (Minimum $10 per person on a daily basis)

• Entrance fees and optional activities (Availability and prices subject to change)

• Safety rental fee of $8.00 per person daily (This fee is for children of 8 years age and below and while booking the customers must inform the operator whether they will be carrying children 8 years of age or below).

What is CR1 Spousal Visa?

American citizens have two ways to bring their spouses to live in the United States. A CR1 spousal visa ( Ovis.com/visa-services/CR1-Spousal-Visa ) allows the spouse to migrate and reside permanently in the United States but for a period of two years. There are certain requirements, which must be met to gain eligibility for this spousal visa in the United States.

Eligibility criteria

To obtain a CR1 Spousal visa, your marriage must be legalized and it is important to understand that living together for many years does not qualify as marriage and in such cases, the visa will be denied by the USCIS or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. You must also be a resident of the United States to apply for a spousal visa. In case you live outside the US, you must submit a visa petition to the USCIS or to the US Embassy. Immigration visas are granted to foreign spouses within a period of three to six months after an interview.

The Green card is issued only if the US is your primary home and if you tend to spend more than six months outside the United States, the Green card will be automatically canceled. The Green card will expire after a period of two years if the marriage period is less than two years. In that case, both the partners must apply for a joint visa to remove the residential condition before the green card expires.

Spouses with a marriage less than two years are granted a CR1 spousal visa. On the other hand, if the marriage to the US citizen is for more than two years, the foreign spouse is granted IR1 visa. Spouses can get a 10-year permanent green card when they apply 90 days before the conditional resident card expires.

There are certain other conditions or eligibility requirements for CR1 spousal visa ( https://www.olvis.com/about-us/why-choose-us/ ). The sponsor should not be convicted of crimes such as child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. The sponsor can be deemed unfit for visa application of the circumstances of the convictions is dubious.

The foreign spouse must also pass certain medical examinations, which include vaccinations, physical and mental well-being. The immigration department will issue this visa if both the partners intend to stay in the United States and make the country their primary home. The visa is not granted to those who live outside the country and want to visit it occasionally. Foreign spouse visa is also denied to those who have violated the immigration law of the United States. Another requirement is that the foreign spouse must have a passport while applying for a visa so that he/she can travel to various countries. The visa is stamped on to the passport so it must have validity for an extended period.

Major Determining Factors while Outsourcing Accounting Companies in Dubai

When planning to engage an outsourcing partner to take care of your accounting services right from bookkeeping to maintaining accounting registers, producing annual financial statements, preparation of tax returns, auditing as well as providing management information, it becomes vital for you to undergo due-diligence to ensure they are the right people you are looking for. Not all accounting companies in Dubai ( ethicsplusuae.com/Accounting-Companies-in-Dubai ) can provide you with all-inclusive services or satisfy with their package price offers or about the type of security systems they follow. Therefore, before choosing the company, do your needed research and decide based on the major 4 factors as explained below and then go ahead, if satisfied.

Company Profile

As you get through the corporate website of accounting companies in Dubai, spend time to research on the company’s background, its area of specialization, years of experience, the standard of clients they deal with, customer comments, etc. Getting information from the review sites is a great choice. And now it’s the time that you should visit the company personally to have a face to face discussion before choosing them as your trusted accounting partner.

Verify the range of accounting services you can expect from them. Not all accounting companies specialize in the areas like risk management or internal audit and thereby, it’s always a pragmatic choice to work with an accounting company that can serve all your financial needs from bookkeeping to maintenance of bills payable and receivable, reconciling bank statements to preparation of final account, tax assessment, submission of return and audit compliance. Ask if they’re specialized enough to offer you custom accounting services. This comes handy because depending on your growing need, you can continue adding on services that you need by choosing different packages.

People and Mechanism

You’ll find plenty of accounting companies in Dubai out there that merely work with some bookkeepers, graduated accountants, or newcomers with training in VAT preparation. You can even get minimum price offers from them since they are simply looking for a new job. Considering the gravity of your accounting systems, never make a mistake to work with a company that cannot provide you the class of specialized services that you’re in need of.

Make sure that other than well-trained bookers and accounting staff they are fitted with specialist accounting wing like CAs, CPAs, CIAs, or ACCAs, that helps you get tax management consultancy, audit services, investment decisions and so on. Remarkably, being high professionals they need to undergo professional continuing studies to keep them up to date with the latest changes in accounting codes, techniques, tax laws, and latest security systems. Check what kind of accounting software they use and if they’ve the expertise to provide you solutions based on latest cloud accounting base etc.

Security Policies

Specialist accounting companies in Dubai know the importance of having absolute security of their client accounting systems that contain highly confidential information and quite vulnerable to unauthorized accessing through hacking that leads to data replacement and theft. Check what kind of data protection measures do they follow? Do they have expertise in maintaining encrypted data security systems to ensure information security and integrity to their clients? Do they restore a backup of all accounting systems maintained by them considering the importance of disaster recovery plans? What kind of client privacy do they preserve as a professional accounting pool?

Check Cost Saving

One of the top reasons that enterprises look for outsourcing accounting companies in Dubai ( https://ethicsplusuae.com/ ) is to reap to best benefits of getting expert package services in cost-effective manner. Therefore, during the sitting session, get the details of package prices and compare it with the cost of hiring a full-time accountant or developing an in-house team. It’s no hyperbole that outsourcing accounting services from top class companies help you cut your overhead cost down by 35-40%.

Fastest Way to Raise Credit Score: Benefits of Buying Tradelines

Not only a low credit score plays a major role in your financial planning and buying decisions but also causes you to pay high-interest rates on the insurance premium, mortgage, or accept intense payment terms as well, if at all you’re getting an entitlement. Remarkably, you’re not alone in the queue and according to FICO’s statement, it nearly 64 million of Americans suffer from poor or low credit score. Obviously, you’ll find profuse repair procedures to revitalize your credit rate, which are perfectly ok, but depending on the situation and procedures you follow; it can take a minimum 6 – 9 months to recoup a considerable credit status. So, if you’re one of them in the quest of a fastest way to raise credit score ( improvemycreditfitness.com/Fastest-Way-to-Raise-Credit-Score ), think of buying tradelines.

Understand Tradeline

If you’re not aware of the term, simply understand that tradeline is basically a credit line that appears on one’s credit report, and it can be used as the fastest way to raise credit score simply by adding you as an authorized user of such a tradeline that has a high credit score. In other words, if someone with a steady credit history adds you to his/her tradeline such as a credit card. Once you've added, your credit report will be updated with the positive tradeline history showing your creditworthiness and thus, helps you reap the advantages of having a higher credit.

Sounds Absurd, Tricky, or Illegal?

Well, under the federal regulation, adding or buying tradeline is 100% legal unless it’s practiced unlawfully which is general ethics applies to every business. According to the report of the Federal Reserve Board that more than 40% of Americans have one or more authorized users added to their credit reports. While this type of add-ones is commonly found among family members, what could happen to those who don’t have such a buddy willing to include them in the line of credit?

This is exactly why numbers of companies have stepped into the credit market since the devastating economic recession period in the US and are offering services to people with poor/low credit rate to buy tradelines and thereby revamp their poor credit portfolio. To avail the benefit, all you’ve to do is to find a company, execute the formalities, pay a certain fee and they’ll you add you to someone with high credit rate. The major plus points of becoming an authorized user are as follows:

 Even with a poor or no credit rate, by adding you as an authorized user to tradelines you can attain an opportunity to achieve a high credit score that unveils many possibilities that you’re deprived of.

 You are not obligated to pay for debts of the card to which you've added to. While becoming an AU does not permit you to use the card, equally, you don’t have sweat to make payments against its debts. However, with a high credit history, you can potentially apply for a credit card, get a low-interest rate on the mortgage, or get loan approval.

 You have the freedom to disconnect you from the primary cardholders’ account any time as you require. Especially under failing of due payments by the primary card user that badly impacts on your credit score, you simply request the tradeline company to remove you from that account.Fastest Way to Raise Credit Score ( improvemycreditfitness.com/blog )

Why Hire Architects for Churches?

Hiring a specialist church architect has many advantages. Let have a closer look at the few key benefits of hiring an architect for church construction.

1. Knowledge & Expertise

Architects ( https://www.rsscarch.com/services/additional-services/ ) are expert in designing, but you are not. They have the necessary education, knowledge, training, and experience to create a design that helps you get most for your investment. Also, an experienced church architect has designed many churches over the years and gained invaluable knowledge. You architect can bring a new perspective to your church by asking specific questions and offering insights based on prior successes and lessons learned and help you define what to build and what will be the best design for your specific needs.

2. Design

Preparing the design of a church is not a simple task. There are a lot of factors need to be considered. Architecture is trained for planning designs of such big constructions. Your architect plans the design keeping in mind building codes, zoning laws, safety measures and various other factors which are extremely confusing for a layman to even understand. Your architect work with you to create a custom design that can address your specific needs.

3. Material Selection

The construction cost of a church can easily run out of your budget if you do not plan properly the type of material and quality of finishes you are going to use. Your architect helps you select the appropriate materials and finishes that are durable as well as beautiful and save money on maintenance and replacement. Architects for churches ( https://www.rsscarch.com/Architects-for-Churches ) are familiar with the full range of materials and finishes that enable them to suggest the appropriate materials and finishes for your project within your budget.

4. Save You Money

An architect is not an added cost to your project. It can actually save you money in many ways such as building energy-efficient design of the church, selecting appropriate material and workmanship at a fair price, and making necessary changes in the design before construction starts. Your architect helps you plan a design that can be built more efficiently and economically while addressing all your needs.

5. Construction Management

Church construction is a big project, and you need someone to oversee the project. An architect can perform the duties of Construction Manager and oversee the project. Your architect coordinates with the contractor and subcontractor to keep everything on track. Your architect also helps you resolve any dispute with the contractor and act as your representative to review and approve payment requests, review additional expenses, and keep construction on schedule.

So these are the five key advantages of hiring architects for churches.