How to Choose the Best Online Fax Service

In Today’s age of email, many companies still rely on fax to send essential documents. The fax technology has also improved, and you can use an online fax service where you don’t need a fax machine to send and receive faxes. Here are five critical criteria that you should look for when choosing the best online fax service ( https://ringleader.co/Best-Online-Fax-Service ).

1. Estimate Your Monthly Usage

First of all, find out how many faxes you need to send and receive every month. Online fax services offer different plans which require you to pay a certain amount of fee per month. For every plan, you get a monthly quota of free faxes (send and receive).

Once you consume your quota of a free number of faxes for the month, you need to pay a particular amount for each additional fax you send and receive. Once you estimate the monthly usage, you can select the most cost-efficient plan for your business.

2. Find the Countries Supported by Online Fax Service

Most online fax services advertise “Fax to most countries in the world” while some advertise “Fax to 46 countries” or “Fax to 3 continents”. You should not get carried away by statements and delve deeper to know which countries are supported by online fax service.
Make sure the online fax service provides a local fax number. The next step is writing a list of countries where you need to send a fax or receive it. Check whether the online fax service allows sending and receiving faxes to all countries on your list.

3. Search Functionality

The faxes that you send and receive are stored in the cloud. When choosing the best online fax service, make sure it supports tagging faxes and also offers search functionality. This will help you search for a specific fax with more ease.

This will also eliminate the need to download and print faxes as you can find any fax easily with the search functionality.

4. Mobile App

Employees are required to travel for business purposes. Some companies also have remote workers. The online fax service you select should have a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

A mobile app would ensure there would be no disruption in communication or exchange of information, and the employees would be able to send and receive faxes just like they did in office.

5. Free Plans

Despite tall claims and several positive reviews on websites, it would be hard to tell whether the online fax service is right for you without experiencing it.

Leading online fax services offer a free trial period where you can register and use the online fax service for a limited period. There is no obligation to continue using services if you are not satisfied with it.

The free trial period will provide you adequate time to test their interface and determine if the online fax service is easy to use.

These are some of the criteria that you need to focus on while choosing the best online fax service ( https://ringleader.co/blog/ ) for your business.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Moving to Business VoIP Phone service

The phone system used in your company for internal and external communications is one of the important infrastructure investments you make. The communication technology has progressed and offers superior features and the traditional PBX system is a thing of the past.

If your company is still using a PBX system, it’s the time to move to business VoIP phone service. Here are the top 5 benefits of VoIP service.

1. Scalability

Adding and removing phones in a PBX system is more than a hassle and you have limited options. For example, a PBX system is designed to only support a specific number of phones that differs from models.

If your company grows to a new location, you have to add a new PBX system. Also expanding to new locations means waiting for new telephone lines that can delay projects.

With VoIP phone service scalability it is never an issue. To add new phone connections, you just need to add extensions to your existing system. There are no telephone lines or PBX system to configure.

The communication system can be scaled up or down without waiting for the technician to set up a new environment. Your employees can add extensions, plug-in their IP phone and start working.

2. Reduced Costs

When it comes to comparing costs of PBX systems and VoIP phone service, the latter has a clear advantage. The PBX system relies on a heavy infrastructure that includes telephone line, PBX system, and other telecommunication equipment. The initial setup costs, operating and maintenance costs are also comparatively higher.

On the other hand, the business VoIP phone service ( RingLeader.co/Business-VoIP-Phone-Service ) is cloud-based and needs a very light infrastructure. All you need is a working internet connection and IP phones. There are no maintenance costs either as the service is cloud-based or the maintenance and upgrade responsibility lies with the service provider.

3. Mobility

Traditional phone systems have a unique telephone number assigned and transferring it to another place is complicated. A VoIP phone is a different thing altogether. You can use any broadband connection to log into your VoIP phone. Also, a VoIP phone number can be easily transferred.

4. Increased Productivity

VoIP phone service allows users to multi-task with tech-savvy devices that enhance productivity. It can be integrated with software programs like efax, email, video conferencing software.
If the client call is in the queue, the caller can do other tasks like reading previous voicemail to text transcriptions. The user can also send voicemail and text messages while on call or forward the voicemail received to three other people at a click of a mouse.

VoIP also allows the user to conduct virtual meetings, attach documents, and share data via video conferencing. In fact, the video conferencing feature reduces the need for executives to travel to distant places for a face-to-face meeting. All this saves valuable time of executives which can be used for other important work.

Now that you know the benefits of moving to a business VoIP phone service ( https://ringleader.co/blog/ ), find the right VoIP service provider to make the switch.

Key Reasons That You Should Switch Over to VoIP Phone Service

With the emergence of VoIP services, more and more enterprises from small to medium and corporate to public groups have started replacing their traditional telecom systems with Voice over Internet Protocol, since it allows its users to connect with others at lower call rates and reaches with multiple benefits. The system operates on the principle of transforming voice codes to digital forms by means of the internet as a primary medium and once again reconverts them to voice data with the support of an adaptor. With VoIP phone service ( RingLeader.co/VoIP-Phone-Service ) connected with the internet, you can make international calls at amazingly cheaper rates while enjoying clear disturbance-free quality calls over traditional phones. Here are the basic grounds that attract an increasing number of businessmen to VoIP services.

• VoIP telephony systems are user-friendly, simple to install, and thus can be maintained by employees with minimal technical know-how. Instead of expending a huge in wiring to run traditional telephone lines, once your IP Phone is set by the service provider, you can get started immediately. With new generation features, the IP phones make it easy to add, move, or alter your system’s configuration as per necessity.

• If you have a number of branch offices abroad, simply by merging them together to act as one large office network, you can eliminate your long distance call charges between all locations. For this, you need a service provider who will provide the voice trunks to take every office under a network. This also means you get higher security to protect your date since your voice data never require to travel via the public internet.

• For expanding businesses, it's rather difficult to estimate how many extra phones you will be in need of in the next year. With traditional devices, you should be careful enough to avoid spending money for having more lines that you might not use. With VoIP phone service, you simply add a line once a new employee joins and if anyone leaves; you can remove or reassign the line to some other employee without any extra cost.

• Are you expanding, relocating, or rearranging your workplace? The great advantage of hosted VoIP phone systems allows you to access a navigation friendly web portal to reconfigure the telephone network system as and when necessary. VoIP phone service ( https://ringleader.co/blog/ ) works simply brilliant for small businesses that have overseas employees, field workers or home-based staff. With this, calls can be easily diverted to anywhere across the world, simply because you are based on cloud-based hosted VoIP phone systems.

• Even in the period of emails, there’re instances when sending or receiving faxes become essential due to legal bindings and enhanced security. Without any need of traditional fax machines, paper rolls, or ink cartridge, you can receive or send faxes through your VoIP phone system more comfortably and faster.

• When compared to traditional telephone systems, the biggest advantage of using a hosted VoIP system is that it saves your business money. Put simply, from installation to configuration and change of physical systems to maintenance and repairing which are quite expensive in traditional ways, VoIP systems not only save you money on the cost of installation but their call cost rates are fairly less that adds to bankroll.

Few Things to Consider When Subscribing to the Best Online Fax Service

Finally, you have decided to get rid of your old-fashioned fax machine and subscribe to professional online fax service. As there are plethoras of fax providers you should wisely choose the right one according to your needs. Please note that the majority of the cloud-based fax providers provide the same services and features and some of them offer you lower fixed rates for sending and receiving faxes from computer. However, once you will start using the service, you will understand the high rate of variable costs. So, here we have discussed the most vital points you need to consider when subscribing to the best eFax service ( https://ringleader.co/eFax-service ) for receiving and sending faxes from mobile devices and computer.

No setup charges

The process for setting up is as simple as signing up on a site. Just browse through the menus for a couple of times and you will be familiar with the interface on how to send and receive faxes. So be aware and choose those services that do not charge you for setup.

Comes with local numbers

First and foremost, you need to understand that the numbers of countries you will be sending faxes are actually more than the number of countries from where you can acquire a local fax number. Therefore, before subscribing to any plan, review the list of supported countries for sending faxes as well as the countries list from where you are permitted to obtain a fax number.

Transparent canceling rules

The best eFax service provides the option to put your credit card details and will charge automatically based on your active plan. Before adding your card details, go through the cancellation policies so that you can easily cancel your subscription when needed.

Bundled with iOS and Android applications

As we are talking about eFax services, request for a mobile app is not too much. Check the fax provider offers support for using the mobile app, so that it would be convenient for you to receive and send faxes right from your iOS or Android phone.

Low rate of variable costs

In many cases, your plan covers only sending and received a fixed amount of pages and again you need to recharge your account for additional pages. Before applying for a plan, check the cost per page.

Unique faxing features

Have you thought about how you can send faxes to human operated telefax machines or extension numbers? Fortunately, some of the best eFax services ( https://ringleader.co/blog/ ) offer such cool features to their clients without charging anything extra.


Another cool feature is the electronic signature option where you can sign your received faxes in digital format and then immediately send the information.

Four Advantages of Using White Label Call Center Service Provider

An organized communication plan is essential for any business to function. However, just having a plan is not enough and many times it is impossible to focus on high volume tasks and core business functions efficiently.

A white label call center can prove to be savior which can handle high-volume customer calls for you the way you want. Here are some of the benefits of using white label contact services.

Financial Benefits

Conversion of Capital Expense into Operational Expense

A managed service allows you to direct capital expense towards opportunities that are critical for call center optimization activities ( https://genvoice.net/call-center ). The Workforce optimization software costs around hundreds to thousands of dollars.

White labeled contact services solution frees a significant amount of capital investment that is now available for managing operations expenses. This allows your white label solution partner to hire more qualified agents and invest in better contact center infrastructure.

Predictive Costs

White label contact solution combines all aspects of workforce optimization including hardware, software, services, and support into one single monthly payment. With WFO software suites, the expenses can be different and at unpredictable times. For example, you would be required to pay hardware and software costs at the time of deployment whereas support costs are due every year.

The combined uniform payment model of white label solutions gives management the ability to predict costs which is important in profit-and-loss management.

Operational Benefits

Resource Elasticity

A common complaint by IT departments is there are not enough resources to manage a specific type of issue. Contact centers are resource intensive, and they are considered as cost centers which are always under pressure to cut operational costs.

A large number of contact centers are not able to manage the balance between maintaining adequate resources and not wasting funds on overcapacity. Operation management experts suggest solving this problem with “resource pooling.”

Resource pooling refers to a grouping of resources (equipment, assets, efforts, personnel, etc) for purposes to minimize risk and maximize advantage. In simple words, allocating resources to other projects when not needed.

White label call center service provider serves many clients, and they employ resources across a large pool of customers. They are able to allocate sufficient resources as per the client’s requirements and also have the ability to scale up or scale down resources to meet the sporadic requirement of clients.

Maintaining Current Technology

A common problem in contact center management is to keep the technology stack up-to-date. In most case, it can be expensive and highly unpredictable. Not updating to latest technology also means using solutions that are outdated.

Employing white label solutions includes timely upgrades and updates for deployment. Since white label service provider has a large pool of customers, it is easy for them to absorb costs of upgrades without hitting their bottom line.

A white label call center services allow your organization to enhance customer satisfaction and professionalism through customizable communication solutions. With white label services ( https://www.genvoice.net/blog/ ), your staff is free to focus on complex and high-value operations that are critical for business growth.