Septic Tank Pumping Companies- Why Should You Hire One?

However, some DIY enthusiasts love to do this job by themselves and don't see worth in paying to professionals for this job, but doing this unappealing cleaning job by yourself is not an easy and cheap affair. Apart from comfort, there are many reasons why hiring septic cleaning companies is a worthy choice. Let’s have a look at them.


You are not expert and trained in cleaning the septic tank, but professionals are. No doubt you can collect a lot of information through the internet about septic tank cleaning but doing it actually on the ground is not easy. You have to rent machinery and equipment for cleaning your septic tank. And somehow if you are able to do the job, still, it is less likely that you will be able to match the quality of the work done by professional septic tank pumping companies ( draneranger.com/services/septic-tank ). They have years of experience in septic tank cleaning and have been doing the same job for years.

Avoid costly repair

When you hire professionals, you not only get high-quality cleaning but a lot more than that. You get the benefits of well-trained eyes. These professionals know the entire septic system inside out. They not only clean your septic system but also evaluate the entire septic system in order to identify and resolve other issues. This thorough examination by trained eyes helps identify problems early on, avoid a number of potentially costly repairs which would have been cost you thousands of dollars and increase the lifespan of the septic tank.

Save money and time

Cleaning a septic tank needs equipment and machinery to do the job. Also, the waste collected from a septic tank after cleaning needs to be disposed of very carefully. You cannot just throw the sludge and scum collected from septic tank anywhere. You may get fined for local authorities. Hence, renting the machinery and then safely disposing of the waste will going to cost you a lot of money and time. It is not a cheap affair. On the other hand, hiring septic tank pumping companies is an affordable choice and save your precious time.


Safety is another concern while cleaning the septic tank ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ). There are various harmful bacteria in the septic tank that can easily make you sick. And nothing can be worse than getting sick while cleaning your septic tank. Hence, when you hire professionals, you not only save yourself from the discomfort of cleaning the septic tank but also protect yourself from contentious diseases.

So these are the four key reasons why you should hire professional septic tank pumping companies for cleaning your septic tank.

The Importance of Wastewater Lift Station

Wastewater lift station or sewage lift station is an economical method of moving sewage from lower to a higher elevation to transfer the liquid waste into the sewage line ( draneranger/services/lift-station ). The lift station is essential for the municipal sewage system to function effectively and smoothly. It is an inexpensive and practical choice as it reduces the cost of constructing a sewage system.

Lift Station Equipment and System

The pump station or lift station includes motors, grinder pump, wet well or wastewater receiving well, floats, pipes, alarm system, equipment control panel, and power supply system.

Submersible wastewater lift stations are in popular use today due to health and safety concerns. Moreover, submersible lift stations are small and less visible. It tends to blend easily with the environment as it has small structures above the ground. It functions effectively without recurrent maintenance, and it is also priced at a lower rate compared to the other lift stations.

Steel lift stations tend to last for more than 15-20 years which is satisfactory in most cases. It is essential to use high-quality pump systems for efficiency and durability of the lift station. Regular maintenance is also essential for the smooth and effective functioning of the system.

Wastewater lift stations in Houston function effectively when professionals maintain it regularly. However, problems can erupt anytime, and it must be dealt with it immediately. It is wise to call in the professionals when you face a sewer problem. So how do you know when to call in the pros for your lift station?

Some Important Signs

Strong bad odor

A strong bad odor from your sump outdoors or bathrooms indicates an underlying problem with your drainage system. It is important to call in professional sewage cleaning services immediately for your wastewater lift station in Houston.

High-level alarm

When a high-level alarm sounds, it is an obvious sign that your lift station has an underlying problem. It indicates either that your pump has no power to pump at a high rate or that it is not working at all.

Slow drainage

When drains slow down, it is an indication that there is an underlying problem. It may be unnoticeable in the beginning, but it becomes obvious when the problem aggravates. Call in the professionals to unclog the drain as quickly as possible.

Water backups

Sewage backup occurs when there is a block or a pump failure in the wastewater lift station ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ). Troubleshooting seldom works in these scenarios. It is ideal to call in the team of professionals for quick and effective results.

Repair and Maintenance is Indispensable

Maintenance of wastewater lift station is crucial when pump stations become ineffective or fail to function properly. Repairs and maintenance are inevitable when your sewage systems are old. Instead of procrastinating repairs and maintenance, seek the assistance of professionals for the safe and effective functioning of lift stations.

Five Things to Consider While Choosing Septic Tank Pump Out Service

If you can hardly remember the last time you cleaned the septic tank, you could be on the brim of an expensive problem. Most homeowners and businesses tend to overlook a crucial part of their building- the septic tank. Installing, maintaining, and cleaning the septic tank ( draneranger.com/services/septic-tank ) is quite a challenging task but it very essential for the maintenance of your home and cleanliness of the environment.

It is important to choose a professional septic tank pump out service provider before the sewage backs up in your home and leaks in the yard. Sewage cleaning and maintaining is a messy job that requires professionally trained experts.

Five Things to Consider While Choosing Septic Tank Cleaners


Most of the people think that prior experience and in-depth knowledge is unessential while choosing septic tank cleaning professionals, in fact, it is just the contrary. It is important to choose a well-experienced professional who has an in-depth knowledge about the different types of septic tanks and its functions. It is also important to know about the drainage systems and integrated parts of the tank before cleaning and maintaining it.

Reputation and experience

Pumping out a septic tank properly and professionally requires experience as it is not an easy task. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional team for the task.


While choosing septic tank cleaners, it is important to hire professionals who are reliable and trustworthy. The service providers must arrive at your premises on time whenever the septic tank gives you problems.

Good reviews

Before you choose a septic tank cleaning service, it is essential to conduct a thorough online and offline research. Choose companies with a good reputation and positive reviews. Quality workmanship, transparency, ethical business practices are some of the factors to take into account while choosing a company.

Assortment of services

You can also choose service providers who offer an assortment of services in addition to septic tank cleaning. Some of the service providers also offer grease trap and sump cleaning services at affordable price rates.

Some other factors to Consider

Maintaining records

A reputed and professional septic cleaning service provider maintains records accurately and alerts you in time for the next septic system maintenance.

Licensed and insured

It is also essential to choose companies with proper insurance and license to avoid unnecessary hassles in case of accidents.

Proper services

An experienced septic tank cleaner knows how to locate the tank without creating a ruckus in your lawn. Professionals know how to work efficiently and precisely on your property while cleaning the septic tank.

Finding the right septic tank pump out service provider ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ) is crucial as it can save time, money and other related issues. Improper services can lead to disastrous effects, which can be quite expensive. Ultimately, it will require the services of a professional septic tank contractor.

Everything about Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Additionally, grease traps retain large particle solids which settle at the bottom of the trap. Commercial grease trap cleaning will empty the trap of the large solids and the solidified FOG. Grease traps are not connected with the drain of the skink but there is a flow control valve in the trap. This valve will keep the water from reaching the grease trap too quickly before the trap itself. The trap has no filter that keeps the FOG and large particles out of the water. The large particles tend to sink to the bottom and the FOG float on the top. Due to this ( draneranger.com/services/grease-grit-lint-traps ), the water cannot freely pass through the drain because of the large particles. This is the main reason why you need to clean the grease trap from time to time.

It might not be possible for you to clean the grease trap on your own and this is when you will have to hire professional services. The services of an expert will ensure that the grease trap is completely clean through the use of right equipment and tools. Traps need to be emptied from time to time to comply with the regulations of the city. There are numerous service providers who help in the maintenance as well as disposal and cleaning of the grease trap.

Because of the nature of grease traps, they need regular cleaning and maintenance. If you leave them uncleaned, there will be many issues which might crop up. Commercial grease trap cleaning will ensure that there is clear documentation and compliance validation. With complete grease trap cleaning services, there will be no odor near your house and the traps will remain effective without interfering in the safe running of the business.

Only when you understand the importance of cleaning the grease traps, you will be able to make the most of the services offered to you. The entire process of cleaning and maintenance does not take very long and it is easy to get it cleaned within no time. The professionals have an experience in the same and are experts at managing the cleaning through the use of equipment and technology. Maintaining cleanliness is every individual’s responsibility and you need to take it seriously. Only if you keep your surroundings clean, you will be able to ensure safety and good health of each person around you. Incase the grease trap is not cleaned ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ), it will become clogged with FOG and that will interrupt your business operations in the long term. Taking timely action is all you need to do to ensure that your premises and your house is as clean as possible.

Septic Tank Pump Out - How Important Is It?

There are many pieces of equipment installed in the houses for the proper draining out of the sewage, and the very component that plays the most important role is the septic tank. Now we all have this installed in our homes or our locality. And thus, we must know the importance of taking services for the cleaning or the pumping out of the sewage ( draneranger.com/services/septic-tank ) once in a while. But before going to that part here is a small description of what the septic tank exactly does for us.

Working of The Septic Tank -

The septic tank is made up of four parts: The tank, a pipe which is connected to the house, the soil and the fields where the sewage is drained. Out of all these four components, the most important one is the septic tank, and it needs to be maintained well. But if the damage is caused in any part of the septic tank, then there is a malfunctioning in the whole system. This system is an underground treatment of the sewage.

Importance of Cleaning The Septic Tank -

Maintenance of the septic tank is a necessity to process which has to be done but let’s know why it is so. Following are some of the problems that can be faced if the septic tank is not maintained properly:

● If the tank is not cleaned from time to time, then there is a chance of leakage of foul smell, and this can be difficult to be tolerated. At times this smell can cause some health issues. This can be the most important reason to regularly keep pumping out the sewage system from the septic tank.

● There are some wastes which are drained by the sewage system but are not bio-degradable. These wastes lead to the clogs in the septic tank thereby causing malfunctioning of the whole system as well as the inefficient drainage of sewage. But if there is regular cleaning of the septic tank, then these wastes are drained out, and thus there are no possibilities of the clogging of the septic tank.

● At times due to the poor maintenance of the septic tanks the tank gets jammed thereby leading to the damages and the cracks in the tank. And then it costs a lot to get them repaired all over again. Thus, regular cleaning of the septic tank can cause the proper draining of the sewage without any damage to the tank.

For these tanks to be cleaned there is septic tank pump out service providers available who are quite experienced in the maintenance of the septic tanks. They do the work efficiently ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ), and the methods with which the work is done by the septic tank cleaning service provider’s makes it preferable for the people to hire them. Employing them for this work can get your septic tank treated well thereby leading to the proper treatment of the sewage.