Baidu SEM- A Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Marketing

So when western companies plan to expand in the Chinese market, they invest in Baidu SEM ( adstochina.westwin/search-engine-marketing ), not on Google because in China Google accounts for only 2.3% of search engine market share. On the other hand, Baidu has a grip on the 80% of Chinese Netizens. So undoubtedly, Baidu is the undisputed king of the search engine marketing.

How does Baidu search engine marketing (SEM) work? Let’s find out.

Baidu SEM involves two techniques- Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-click Advertising.

Baidu SEO

Whether you want to rank high on Google or Baidu, SEO of your website is necessary for each. SEO involves the optimization of the website to make it search engine friendly. SEO in Baidu is different from SEO in Google. However, the basic theoretical principle of SEO for both search engines is the same.

For SEO in Baidu, first, you have to define your target audience then perform the keyword research, and then comes content optimization, Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, analytics and reporting.

But still, there are a lot of factors that make SEO in Baidu different such as Baidu gives more importance to the homepage of the website, website in the Chinese language are preferred, websites hosted in China ranks high and a lot of other such factors. So when you plan for Baidu optimization, try to find the Baidu SEM specialist companies to achieve desired results.

Baidu Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising on Baidu is also known as the Baidu advertising. It is an important part of online marketing strategy. When it comes to Baidu SEM, Baidu advertising is more preferred than the Baidu SEO. The reason behind this is SEO in Baidu is very time taking and difficult process. Also, Baidu gives preference to its own-managed websites and local websites. Hence the majority of the times these websites feature in the top results.

On the other hand, Baidu advertising is quick and far more effective, especially for outside business. Also, you will be charged only when someone clicks your website. So for businesses which are trying to get Chinese entry market ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ), Baidu advertising is best for them.

PPC advertising on Baidu is more effective than Google. It yields better results. If you get your Baidu advertising right, you can easily achieve the desired results in a short time.

So, these were the two pillars of the effective Baidu SEM campaign.

The Bottom Line

Baidu holds the major share of the Chinese search engine market. It has more than 650 million monthly active users. No marketing strategy is complete without churning this massive potential. Hence, no company would want to miss the opportunity of advertising on Baidu. So if you are planning to expand your business in China, Baidu SEM is your gateway to the Chinese market.