How Freelance Graphic Designers Help Your Business

As cliché as it might sound, a picture speaks thousand words, and they leave an indelible mark on the minds of your target audience. When looking to create an impression on your audience you need the services of the best creative designers who help achieve your business goal. You would want a flexible, cost-effective freelance graphic designer to accomplish the goal.

When you need a logo, website, images or other forms of marketing material designed for your business, you need to hire someone who has the relevant experience and expertise, communicates well, welcomes feedback, and charges a reasonable fee.

Benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer

Knowledge: Freelance graphic designers work on multiple projects simultaneously, thus acquire knowledge on different businesses, industries. They understand what colors, designs ( www.vitamintalent.com/Freelance-graphic-designer ), typography suits what products, businesses and working with many clients helps them understand their clients’ specific requirements, working styles, etc.

Offer Unique Solutions: Design is more than just creating layouts, typography, and images. It is all about solving a unique problem a business faces. A business may need an eye-catching logo, an attractive banner for social media or a stunning poster for an event, freelance graphic designer can offer unique solutions for your business requirement with his creative skills.

Creativity: Graphic designers are primarily creative artists; they work with creative elements such as colors, text, and images to deliver a unique and appealing message across to the audience. Designers strive to experiment and produce unique and attractive material that helps create a relatable and memorable message of your brand among your target audience. Freelance graphic designers working independently have much more freedom to try new and refreshing ideas that deliver a stunning marketing message for your business.

Communication: You can communicate without any hurdles when you work with a freelance graphic designer. You have direct access to the designer ( www.vitamintalent.com/What-we-do ), without having to contact his manager, etc., and communicate the requirements without any ambiguity so the designer understands your specific needs and can deliver the final product that matches your requirements.

Flexible: Working with freelance graphic designer offers flexibility. You hire them for a specific project and upon the completion of the project, you may end the contract or if you need services, you can continue employing the freelancer.

Why should You Work with Staffing Companies?

It is easy to advertise open positions on any number of job portals. Job seekers can also browse through hundreds of open positions and book interviews. But is it always the ideal scenario? Can you find the right talent this way in the most efficient manner? Is it really that easy to book interviews for your dream job? The answer to all three questions is in the negative. There is still a very important place for recruitment firms in today’s digital age as they offer unique services.

Organizations and Staffing Firms

When organizations need permanent staffing solutions ( Vitamintalent/Permanent-staffing-solutions ), they can advertise about the roles, screen applications, interview the candidates, and verify their credentials. After a lengthy time-consuming process, they may or may not find the right talent. On the other hand, they can simply convey their requirement to a permanent staffing company and wait for the right candidate to walk through their doorsteps.

The second process is far easier and cost-effective. Well-established recruitment firms maintain a database with hundreds of candidates for all job categories. They maintain a relationship with the candidates they work with and help them land the right jobs. They carefully screen and verify profiles for each and every candidate. They do all the recruitment heavy lifting so that you don’t have to worry about those steps. Such diligent work requires years of hard work in finding and maintaining relationships with candidates based in various locations and for various jobs.

Companies can benefit from a careful selection of talent pool with staffing companies every time they need to hire for a position. Such benefits are not available when you hire through generic recruitment websites.
Talent and Staffing Firms

Where are the right jobs? Have you often wondered about this question when looking for a cushy role in a nice company? Most projects or roles don’t even show up on generic job sites for everyone to apply for interview slots.

Most companies work directly with staffing companies for roles they want to fill. Be it permanent jobs, contract work, or small temporary jobs; you can find the right role fitting your profile by working with recruitment firms.

Those looking for permanent roles and freelance projects can benefit by partnering with the right recruitment agency – emphasis on ‘right’. For instance, if you are a creative professional looking for only off-site freelance work then you won’t find the right projects working with agencies that don’t really specialize in this area. In such cases ( Vitamintalent/What-we-do ), creative recruiters can help you find regular work in the city of your choice; based on your rates and preferences. Such benefits are hard to find through online resources or by browsing job websites.

The Bottom Line

Staffing companies leverage the digital channels just to find perfect candidates and match them with the right jobs. Social media and online portfolios can aid the work of staffing companies and make it work in favor of all stakeholders.

Five Best Practices When Managing Creative Teams

Managing creative teams can be difficult as generic team management strategies might not work well. This adds to a new level of complexity. You need to have technical expertise and also have a good understanding of their creative work.

Here are five best practices that would help you manage a creative team effectively.

1. Create Creative-Friendly Environment

Management and peer support are crucial to come up with creative ideas. You should build a creative friendly climate by supporting innovative ideas and by providing the right tools. Such environment should have important components like an encouragement for intellectual debate ( www.Vitamintalent.com/Managing-creative-teams ), nurturing flexibility and risk-taking behavior, positive supervisor relations and challenges that spur intrinsic motivation.

2. Set Priorities

While creative freedom is an important aspect of managing creative teams, it should not put project’s priorities or organization’s goals on the back-burner. You need to set priorities for the creative team and go over the list every week to ensure your team is meeting deadlines. If there is any discrepancy, you need to make it visible to relevant team members. Strategizing priorities is essential to ensure busy work does not eat productive time for your creative team.

3. Don’t Micro-Manage

Creative people know their work and you should avoid micro-managing their work or activities. Micromanagement leads to a loss of trust and your creative team no longer look towards you as their leader but as a person who wants to wall up its staff and the only thing you see is your job.

When trust is gone, two things happen. You see a decrease in productivity and people leave their jobs. You need to understand the members of the creative team were selected for their creative abilities and you need to trust them with their work.

4. Provide Time to Create

When you ask the creative team to come with innovative ideas or solutions, you need to give them enough time to do so. You need to avoid jamming up their schedule with back-to-back work and give them space and time to work. Creative people need a place for quiet thinking which might not be possible in an open office setup. If needed you should allow creative staff to work remotely and give them enough time for innovative thinking.

5. Encourage Collaboration

You need to encourage collaboration within your creative team in a social and natural way. Collaboration does not mean more meetings or long email chains. You need to encourage communication that is connected to work and ensure the project discussions ( Vitamintalent.com/What-we-do ), timelines, related documents and all other things are connected work. This would ensure everyone is on the same page and time is not wasted in searching information or getting insights.

The practices mentioned above would help you foster a work culture that brings out best creativity from your creative member. Managing creative teams is more like an art where you need to encourage unconventional minds and make them capable to solve problems in ways that other would not have considered.

Do you know any other best practices to manage creative people?

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer

Creative talents such as graphic and web designers offer great value to your business by creating the perfect visuals for your marketing campaigns. A stunning visual that speaks about your brand and organization appeals to audience. You need the right designer to create an eye-catching graphic that will have a desired impact on your target audience. Hiring a freelance graphic designer is your best bet ( VitaminTalent/Hire-freelance-graphic-designer ), as you get to try before you buy!

Businesses, whether small or huge, require visual marketing campaigns to take their brand closer to the target audience. You need attractive visuals that people can relate to, reminds them of your product line. Freelance graphic designers have rich experience working with a wide variety of clients and add value to your brand with their expertise of having worked for many different industries. Some of the benefits of hiring a freelance designer for your design requirements include:

Cost: In all business decisions, cost is an important factor that helps make the decision. When you need a designer, an in-house designer or outsourcing to a design agency will prove costly as they have overheads, require training, and a costly and lengthy recruitment procedure. However, when you hire a freelance graphic designer you need not spend on overheads, training, etc., resulting in savings for the company.

Dedicated resource: When you hire a freelancer, you get a dedicated resource for your project, as freelancers work on a project-to-project basis, every project is important to them, so they put their heart and soul in delivering quality product on time. With a freelancer, your project gets more attention and they strive to deliver the project as per your specific requirements.

Expertise: Freelancers work with a wide variety of clients from multiple industries, when you hire a freelance graphic designer you get the advantage of industry expertise, as a freelancer will try to incorporate some of the great design factors used in other industries to your business. You pay only for the expertise that your project requires.

Direct communication: If you outsource your design requirements to an agency you not only end up paying for overheads, etc., but communication also becomes a huge issue, as the agency will have a hierarchy, and you may have to communicate through a manager and not directly with the designer himself. On the contrary, after hiring a freelance designer you communicate directly with the designer ( VitaminTalent/What-we-do ), which eliminates any possible mis-communication, wrong interpretation, etc.

In conclusion, working with freelancers has many benefits, especially if you are low on a budget, time, etc., however, you need to be careful in hiring the right designer who can deliver the perfect visuals for your marketing campaign.

Learn How Marketing Staffing Agencies can End Your Hiring Woes

You might be thinking IT or engineering positions are hardest to fill but the truth is hiring for marketing roles has become tougher. Marketing has evolved significantly over last few years and the changes are so fast that it is difficult for training institutions and candidates to adapt quickly.

Here are a few reasons that show working with recruitment agencies can put an end to your hiring woes.

Access to Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are the ones who are already employed elsewhere and might not be visiting job boards. Often referred as hidden gems, passive candidates are desired by businesses as they are valuable to current employers and also have updated skills as they are working.

It is not easy for internal recruiters to reach passive candidates. However, passive candidates looking for career growth opportunities are in touch with staffing agencies ( vitamintalent.com/marketing-staffing-agencies ). The recruitment agencies have wider networks and extended reach that enables them to reach passive candidates and introduce career openings in your company.

Without staffing agencies in the picture, it is almost impossible to reach and convince passive candidates to join your organization.

Tested and Verified Candidates Profiles

Forward-looking recruitment agencies study the job trends in the market and create talent pools where candidates are categorized as per their skill sets. Staffing agencies also rigorously test candidates for skills mentioned in their resumes. Some agencies also provide or suggest candidates to learn skills that are in demand to increase their employability.

Marketing staffing agencies are specialist recruiters and they might have hundreds of tested and verified marketing candidate’s profiles. When you work with recruitment agencies ( vitamintalent.com/what-we-do ) you get access to their talent pools. This means you can cut down the recruitment time as the candidates are already tested for skill sets mentioned in their resume and you need not test each candidate independently that is time-consuming.

Background and reference checks are an important part of the recruitment process that reduces the risk of bad hires. Recruitment agencies conduct reference and background checks before referring candidates to their clients. This also reduces overhead costs which is an added advantage.

Candidate Guarantees

Leading staffing agencies offer their clients various types of guarantees for the services they offer. Some agencies offer a full money back guarantee while some staffing firms offer candidate replacement guarantee to their clients.

· Full Money Back Guarantee

The staffing agency refunds entire fee received from the company for the specific candidate if the new recruits within the negotiated time period. This helps the company reduce some losses that arise due to the sudden departure of the new recruit.

· Candidate Replacement

Many staffing agency provide a replacement candidate free of cost if the new recruit leaves the company for any reason within the negotiated time period.

The above reasons clearly signify the important role marketing staffing agencies play to get the best talent in your workforce. Do you use staffing firms to fill marketing positions?