Working Effectively with Staffing Agencies

Hiring a staffing agency can work out wonderfully for companies. It can help them find the ideal talent for each open position and in the most efficient manner. But there are ways to maximize the benefits that you can expect from a staffing agency.

First, define your goals.

Yes, the first step to maximize the benefits you can expect from staffing agencies is to think about the end result you expect from the entire endeavor.

For example, if you hire a staffing agency in Los Angeles to fill creative positions in your company ( Vitamintalent/staffing-agency-los-angeles ), you tell them about the positions and then leave it there, but it is important to make a list of what exactly you want when hiring a new candidate to avoid any delays and inefficiencies.

Next, communicate these goals clearly to the staffing agency.

It is important to not hold back when communicating exactly what you want when hiring a new candidate. Your recruiters will appreciate any detail you provide as it makes their job easier.

To continue with the example of creative professionals, let’s say; you need a copywriter with extensive experience in creating marketing content of the highest quality. You also want the candidate to be willing to come to the office once a week but otherwise are open to him or her working remotely. It also won’t hurt to convey the exact details about the compensation for the right candidate. Armed with these details, your recruiters can help you find the right candidate sooner than you expect.

Then, maintain the relationship.

Once you have established a relationship with a staffing agency that has worked for you in the past, it is important to maintain it for future benefits. The ongoing relationship can overtime bring in more efficiency into the hiring process through familiarly and industry knowledge.

Recruiters maintain relationships with candidates in every field. If they are familiar with your office culture, your long-term expectations from employees, and the perks available for various positions; it becomes easier for recruiters to match the talent with the right employer. An ongoing relationship with a staffing agency ( Vitamintalent/what-we-do ) also helps in lining up entire new teams for fresh projects. For example, let’s say, you need to fill several roles for a creative project. Recruiters can quickly match designers, artists, developers, strategists, copywriters, and project managers who will be able to seamlessly work together to bring the project into fruition even if they are based in different locations.

A good recruiter can offer you excellent results if you utilize these simple tips.

Reasons Companies Use Services of Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies fill different types of roles for organizations of every size. Some recruitment firms specialize in helping fill only certain roles such as in the creative or marketing fields.

Why use services of staffing agencies to find the right talent:

Specialized Services

Staffing agencies have a team of dedicated recruiters working with them; each specializing in finding talent in a certain category. A direct hire staffing agency ( VitaminTalent/direct-hire-staffing-agency ) specializing in marketing roles may also have a separate division for handling temporary digital talent. But recruiters working in these divisions handle their categories only and provide a niche service to their clients. Such specialized work leads to finding the right talent in the most efficient manner.

Finding Talent without Wasting Time

One of the best reasons to use services of staffing agencies is it saves save precious organizational time.

Reputed recruiters have access to a huge database of talent to choose from when looking for specialized roles for their clients. They are also aware of talent (previous or existing clients) not actively looking for new jobs but those that might be the right fit for your company.

Big or reputed staffing agencies also carry out the vetting process for each candidate before sending them for their final interviews with the clients. At this stage, you will be able to interview potential employees who are excellent fit for the open positions in terms of your organizational culture as well as the required professional skills.

The Cost Factors

Companies continue to lose money because of poor hiring decisions. A high-profile permanent employee may leave the company for any number of reasons before you have had the time to see profits made through this position. Then you also have to factor in the costs of wasted time that your in-house HR team spent on screening, vetting, and filling various positions – only to find them not really right for the role. Such problems can occur due to lack of targeted hiring.

Specialist recruiters deal in targeted recruiting on a daily basis. They keep in touch with their talent pool – even the ones not really looking for new roles. They know if an exceptional freelance talent will be interested in a permanent role in your company given the right conditions and perks. Targeted recruiting offers a great solution that works to the advantage of companies. Recruiters can work with the right talent and help them see the benefits of working with your company instead of temp roles or with another organization.

When you use the services of staffing agencies ( VitaminTalent/what-we-do ), you actually work with highly-trained recruiters with excellent success rates in placing candidates in various roles.

Use Marketing Recruiting Firms When Hiring Marketing Talent

A strong marketing team can boost your business by using the right marketing channels and engaging customers. If you are looking to hire marketing talent ( Vitamintalent.Com/Marketing-Recruiting-Firms ), you should choose marketing recruiting firms who are experts in finding the best marketing talent your business needs.

Here are some reasons why you should work with a staffing agency when hiring marketing talent.

1. Domain Expertise

The marketing landscape has evolved fast in recent years. There are different marketing segments like content marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing in addition to traditional marketing and each segment requires specialized skills for success.

Marketing recruiting firms spend time to study the changing marketing landscape and trends. Since hiring for marketing positions is their everyday task, they have updated knowledge of the right skills for different marketing roles. They also know which marketing skills are in demand. All this enables them to select the right candidate for the job.

2. Access to Talent Databases

According to a report, around 81% of brands are facing difficulties to find candidates with right marketing skills. The top marketing talent is already hired by someone and the candidates available in the job market may not be equipped with the right marketing skills. In such a situation, it would be very difficult for internal recruiters to effectiveky fill marketing positions.

Marketing recruiting firms are always searching for marketing talent with right skills. The talent databases of marketing staffing agency are more likely to have highly- qualified marketing executives, referred candidates, sourced candidates etc. When you partner with staffing agencies you get easy access to their talent databases.

3. Hire Fast

Top marketing talents do not remain unemployed for long and if your hiring process is stretched out, you are more likely to lose potential candidates to your competitors. Recruitment agencies know this, and they use advanced hiring tools to streamline their hiring process and cut down hiring time.

When you work with recruitment agencies, they manage the majority of the tasks related to hiring and your internal HR team only participates in the final round to hire candidates.

4. Reduce Costs

The hiring costs spread across different activities such as hiring temporary staff to deal with the workload, background, and criminal checks. Recruiting agencies are known to conduct background and criminal checks before referring candidates to their clients. This reduces hiring costs to a large extent.

5. Guarantee Period

Leading marketing recruiting firms offer a 3 to 6-month guarantee for new recruits. If a recruit leaves the company before an agreed upon period or the employment is terminated due to any reason ( Vitamintalent.Com/What-We-Do ), the recruiting agency provides a replacement candidate at no extra cost.

The job market is competitive and relying on internal recruiters alone can be a costly mistake. Your organization needs to find a staffing agency that can act swiftly get you top candidates before your competitors do.

Marketing Recruitment Agencies Make Hiring Easier for You

The marketing field has evolved at a staggering pace and it is difficult to find the right marketing talent that can manage marketing challenges. As per a Frontline Source Group survey ( Vitamintalent.Com/Marketing-Recruiting-Firms ), around 90% companies use recruitment agencies to overcome difficulties in hiring and even you can benefit from using one.

Here are some facts that show how marketing recruitment agencies can make hiring easy for businesses:

Access to the Right Talent

Due to the high demand for marketing talent, the top talent in the marketing field never remains unemployed.

Marketing recruitment agencies spend countless hours every day searching for candidates with the right marketing skills and experience. Marketing staffing agencies have access to hard-to-find candidates through their expansive networks. Recruitment agencies also build a talent pool which is a database of ready-for-the-job candidates needed to build a strong marketing team. When you partner with marketing recruitment agencies, you get easy access to talent pools that would be not possible otherwise.

Domain Knowledge

Your internal HR staff may not be as updated as marketing staffing agencies as they hire only a few times in a year. It is less likely they keep a tab on the latest developments in the marketing field.

Marketing recruitment agencies keep a tab on the changes in the marketing field and know the marketing skills in demand. Since they are always hiring marketing talents for their clients, they understand the practical uses of different tools and technologies and their relation to different marketing roles. Thus, the staffing agencies can tell which marketing skills to look for while interviewing candidates for different marketing positions.

Reduce the Timeline for Hiring

The time-to-hire is an important hiring metric that is often overlooked. Longer the time to hire, higher are the chances of losing top talent. This is because marketing talent shortages are real and the top marketing talent is flooded with offers. If your internal HR staff is not prepared to be decisive and delays in making a job offer, your company is more likely to lose the potential candidate who might be perfect for the job.

Recruiting agencies devote a lot of their time every day to find staffing solutions that enable them to hire faster. The candidates in their talent pools are already tested for skills and their educational and experience credentials are already verified. After seeing the requirements ( Vitamintalent.Com/What-We-Do ), they can provide you with a candidate who is likely to be the right candidate you are looking for. All these factors allow the recruiting agency to cut down time-to-hire significantly.

When you use marketing recruitment agencies, they handle the time-consuming aspects of hiring and help your staff to focus on core responsibilities by freeing up their time. In fact, the recruiting agencies make hiring easy for your organization by doing all legwork needed to find the right marketing talent for your organization.

So, how do you hire marketing talent for your organization? Please feel free to comment.

How Freelance Graphic Designers Help Your Business

As cliché as it might sound, a picture speaks thousand words, and they leave an indelible mark on the minds of your target audience. When looking to create an impression on your audience you need the services of the best creative designers who help achieve your business goal. You would want a flexible, cost-effective freelance graphic designer to accomplish the goal.

When you need a logo, website, images or other forms of marketing material designed for your business, you need to hire someone who has the relevant experience and expertise, communicates well, welcomes feedback, and charges a reasonable fee.

Benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer

Knowledge: Freelance graphic designers work on multiple projects simultaneously, thus acquire knowledge on different businesses, industries. They understand what colors, designs ( www.vitamintalent.com/Freelance-graphic-designer ), typography suits what products, businesses and working with many clients helps them understand their clients’ specific requirements, working styles, etc.

Offer Unique Solutions: Design is more than just creating layouts, typography, and images. It is all about solving a unique problem a business faces. A business may need an eye-catching logo, an attractive banner for social media or a stunning poster for an event, freelance graphic designer can offer unique solutions for your business requirement with his creative skills.

Creativity: Graphic designers are primarily creative artists; they work with creative elements such as colors, text, and images to deliver a unique and appealing message across to the audience. Designers strive to experiment and produce unique and attractive material that helps create a relatable and memorable message of your brand among your target audience. Freelance graphic designers working independently have much more freedom to try new and refreshing ideas that deliver a stunning marketing message for your business.

Communication: You can communicate without any hurdles when you work with a freelance graphic designer. You have direct access to the designer ( www.vitamintalent.com/What-we-do ), without having to contact his manager, etc., and communicate the requirements without any ambiguity so the designer understands your specific needs and can deliver the final product that matches your requirements.

Flexible: Working with freelance graphic designer offers flexibility. You hire them for a specific project and upon the completion of the project, you may end the contract or if you need services, you can continue employing the freelancer.