Yoga Mat Bag- Three Vital Factors That You Should Take Into Consideration While Buying

Unsurprisingly, for a yoga enthusiast, buying a yoga mat should be accompanied with a yoga mat bag ( http://livewell360.com/yoga-mat-bag ) since without having a bag investing in a yoga mat is pointless for you. This is as practical as anything. To be precise, you simply cannot carry the huge immovable mat to your yoga center unless you have a mat bag for carrying your mat. They are just made for each other and naturally should be bought at the same time which makes it easy for you to choose the bag pairing with the mat.

Accordingly, once you carry your mat, you need to rotate the mat lengthwise tightly, and then you can place it within the mat bag through its top opening section. Now you can get started while carrying your mat bag (included with the mat inside the bag) by tossing over the shoulder or crosswise on your back (as you’re moving by your motorbike or bicycle). You can obviously buy a yoga mat bag separately; however, buying them together makes a better sense. Now, we will discuss the major factors that you need to consider while buying your mat bag.

Select the Right Size

Probably the foremost factor that you should consider with diligence is the size of your mat bag, which should be capable to house the mat without any hassle. While investing considerably a lot for buying the right mat, you should also be caring enough to buy the mat bag which should be used as a carrying unit of your mat. Make sure to choose the mat considering your length since you are likely to spend the maximum time of your session while sitting, standing, twisting, or lying down the mat. It is equally vital for you to pick out the yoga mat bag which can carry it nicely and comfortably. With the rising demand of mats to young yogis, these days mat bags are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

Go for Organic Mat Bags

The next thing you should care for is the type of material of your mat and yoga mat bag. Due to the sudden increase of popularity in the market, plenty of materials out there are produced in mass scale with unfriendly materials like PVC or its equivalent, which tend to be among the primary industrial pollutants. Always stay away from materials that contain harmful substances like TPE or Thermal Plastic Elastomer. Always consider those that are made of organic latex while for your yoga mat bag you can consider using materials like cotton, canvas, or ballistic nylon that comes with breathable holes all through the body of the bag. All the above materials are easily washable and keep your mat healthy and hygienic at all times.

Counters / Pockets

Remarkably, almost all yogis nowadays prefer investing in high-quality yoga mat bag ( https://www.livewell360.com/products/ ) which can be found with numerous built-in counters and pockets of various sizes facilitating you to keep all most vital belongings like towels, water bottle, yoga costume, yoga block, purse, and mobile phones inside the mat bag. While choosing your favorite design as well as color, you can find plentiful varieties with fantastic color options with attractive embroidery and design work.