An Overview of Dental Implants in Springfield

A dental implant involves a comprehensive surgical procedure which has been designed to replace one’s damaged tooth root with metal screw-like post, generally made from titanium for replacing one or more missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function similar to the real ones. Dental implants in Springfield ( http//dulacdds.com/dental-implants ) have emerged as a superior, enduring, and permanent solution opposed to its counterparts like dental bridges or dentures that often don’t fit well and lack in terms of functionality. Being a potential candidate for a dental implant, if you’re keen to know how it is performed by a dental surgeon, keep on reading the article to have a general idea about it.

Why It's Superior?

As stated above, dental implants are placed in your jawbone surgically, while they serve similar to original roots of one or more missing teeth. As a titanium post remains fixed with your jawbone, dental implants in Springfield won't slip or cause bone damages the way denture, or dental bridge might. Aside from its aesthetical worth, the materials used in the procedure never decay like average bridgework can.

Depending on your dental and oral health, your surgeon determines if you are a right candidate for having dental implants. And the criteria include;

 Having one/more missing teeth

 Having healthy jawbone which can withstand the surgery

 Having steady oral tissues

 Having adequate bone in order to secure your implants

 Don't have any kind of health condition which may affect healing of the bone or can be fatal for you. (Like diabetes, cardiac issues, high pressure, etc)

 Willing to have a permanent solution

 Look for greater ability to eat, speak, or laugh without any hassle

 Unwilling to wear dentures

 Don't smoke tobacco

Planning and Procedure

In fact, the planning process for a dental implant may involve a number of specialists including a physician specializing in conditions of face, mouth and jaw-related matters, known as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, a dental specialist in diagnosing and treating oral structures which support your teeth including gums and bones, known as periodontist aside from a dentist designing and fitting artificial teeth and occasionally an ENT specialist.

Given that dental implants in Springfield require one or more surgeries, you need to go through the process of evaluation and preparation including:

Thorough dental exam

You will require having one or more dental X-rays which may include 3D imaging to understand the health of your jawbone which is likely to get infused with the metal root.

Review of medical history

Your dentist asks you about your medical conditions as well as the types of medicines you consume, including prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs. If you suffer from oral infection, health conditions, or orthopedic implants, the doctor is likely to prescribe you antibiotics before having the surgery for preventing infection.

Treatment planning

Depending on your oral and health conditions, a detailed procedure plan has been formulated taking into account the number of teeth you need to be replaced as well as the condition of your remaining teeth and jawbone.

In order to control pain during the procedure, usually, your dental surgeon uses local anesthetic that numbs the entire area of your mouth for having the implant. The whole process of dental implants in Springfield ( https://www.dulacdds.com/services-item/general-dentistry/ ) involves multiple steps, such as:

• Removal of damaged tooth/ teeth

• Preparation of jawbone whereas Grafting in done

• Bone growth as well as its healing

• Abutment (artificial) root placement

• Installation of an artificial tooth

In general, the process takes a few months from start to finish. Maximum time is given toward healing and waiting for the next session while encouraging the growth of new bone, healing of the root and finally, the artificial tooth is installed.