Tips for a Successful Baidu Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Planning to expand your business in China with Baidu PPC ads? The best thing to do is to study the local’s habits, aspirations, dislikes and many others in China. For instance, your website and Baidu PPC ( http:adstochina.westwin/baidu-Pay-Per-Click ) ads must be displayed in China. Make sure that your campaign is not just a translation of those you will be directing at English consumers. Understand the people’s behaviors and habits instead of depending on which keyword had worked for English consumers. It will be more beneficial if you can build your products that can suit the Chinese consumers.

Embracing your foreign image and Human contact

Although it is important to understand and respect China’s online culture for the Baidu PPC ads campaign, it is equally vital to let people know your roots. If you are a foreign business, this can be quite an appealing aspect of your firm to the audience of China. Foreign firms, especially from the West, are often accepted by locals as higher quality than the Chinese counterparts. So, displaying your origins works as a good marketing tool and it should not be hidden.

Chinese consumers always prefer fast access to real-life people for assisting with information or for any other reason. To maintain a satisfied and hungry Chinese audience, quick response, phone lines, live chat, and various sources of human contact for your brand’s Baidu PPC ads and website are essential.

Setting up of account and various restrictions

To set up an account with Baidu PPC is not a simple process like Google AdWords. First, few documents like the latest bank statements, business licenses, authorization letter and photographic proof of your office need to be translated into Chinese and then you have to submit. Without these documents, you will not able to set up an account, so it is important to have all the documents beforehand.

When opting for Baidu PPC ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ), there are some restrictions for your advertisements. It is very important to understand the terms and conditions as they are not the same as you are used to in your country. Some regulations include banned phrases and words like Exclusive, Trustworthy, Best, Guarantee, Number One and many others.

Web Analytics and having a proper strategy

For pay-per-click in China, web analytics is quite different than Google AdWords. For using Google Analytics, you need to add customized Google URL parameters to these Baidu ads. This way Google can able to access the data it requires for providing you with your analytics.

Unless you are a high net worth individual, you cannot afford to spend a huge amount on your ad campaigns. It is not a smart idea to throw the money aimlessly at your PPC ads and hoping for success. Your focus should be on making high-quality products, building a good brand reputation and creating strategic growth plans for your firm. To expand your consumer base, you need to employ your tactics carefully and maintain high-quality services and products that will help you to achieve good profits so that you can invest again in your advertisements.