How Knee Sleeves Help in Reducing Injuries While Running?

One of the biggest problems runners face is a knee injury. Most of them are prone to getting blown patella or torn cartilage after running for hours. Although prophylactic knee braces are worn for reducing, the severity of the injury the knee isn’t protected while running that is why runners prefer to wear knee sleeves. Knee sleeves for runners ( https://www.neocarbon.com/Knee-Sleeves-for-Runners ) are similar to knee braces as they provide knee support but both of them have different purposes. Knee braces help in protecting the knees from an earlier injury from further damage, whereas, knee sleeves will protect the knees from any risk of damage.

Knee sleeves are manufactured with high-quality compression material that boosts the blood flow in the knee and reduces pain thereby improving the performance. The commonly used materials for making knee sleeves are neoprene as it provides a comfortable fit on the knees that provides good support to runners. The compression knee sleeves create a good amount of pressure on the knee area and disperse gradually at the upper and lower legs. The average of the sleeves is at 22mHg for improving the circulation and also treat or prevent swelling disorders on the affected area. The proper circulation of blood flow on the knees helps to recover faster and runners will not be burned out after running for a long duration.

How runners benefit from wearing knee sleeves

A study by a leading scientific journal states that runners are always prone to various types of knee injuries because the knees are one of the few body parts that can be moved and it is subject to tear and wear. Many runners suffer from patellofemoral pain due to the tear and wear of patella (a small circular bone) responsible for knee movement. They also suffer from progressive tendonitis that occurs by the grinding of the kneecap due to rigorous movement.

When runners wear these sleeves, the compact neoprene material obstructs the patella from too much movement, which causes the tear and wears. It also increases the proprioception that is defined as the capability of the runner for feeling the position of a joint in space. Knee sleeves for runners not only accommodate mechanical support mechanisms on the knees but also elevate the capacity of the nervous system for determining the placement of the joint specifically the patella.

When to wear knee sleeves?

It is important to know that apart from runners weight lifters also wear knee sleeves because the continuous lifting of heavy objects may cause tendonitis. People who have vulnerable or weak knees can also use the compression technology offered by knee sleeves ( https://www.neocarbon.com/pages/about-us ). Those who have undergone a surgical operation on the knees can also wear the sleeves to get support while recovering. Wearing the sleeves help runners keep logging mileage during injury and pain. You should never put a band-aid on the injury without the right knowledge on injury prevention and recovery.