The Significance of Having an Unpaid Wages Attorney by Your Side

Everyone is entitled to earn the minimum wages as per the law. It is every citizen’s right. But some employers may indulge in unlawful practices and not pay you a fair wage. If you are someone facing the same or similar situations in the workplace, an unpaid wage attorney can help you.

Here’s more on the importance of hiring an unpaid wage attorney to help you.

The Role of Unpaid Wages Attorney

How they can help –

Unpaid wages attorneys ( akopyanlaw.com/practice-areas/employment-law/minimum-wage ) fight for the victims who are paid unfairly or discriminated against when it comes to minimum wages. They also fight for victims who are threatened by their employers when confronted with such discrimination.

Your employer may terminate your employment if you confront or threaten them with a lawsuit if not paid fairly. In this case, an unpaid wage attorney can help you greatly.

If your employer uses the tips you get from your customers or clients as a part of your minimum wage, it is not right by law. If you work in the car wash stations, hotels, restaurants, salons, or anywhere where tips may be given by clients; they cannot be clubbed together with your minimum wage. If your employer indulges in this type of unlawful practice, it is time to hire an unpaid wage attorney.

Their knowledge –

The cases about minimum wages come under the practice area of employment law. These laws keep changing as per the need of the industry and with times as well. Attorneys practicing employment law keep abreast of such changes and can offer you the right guidance about your case.

Minimum wages can differ from state to state. It can even differ from one city to another in the same state. For instance, in the state of California, the minimum wage was set at $10 per hour in 2017; where a company employs 25 or less number of people. But in Los Angeles, in the same year, the minimum wage was set at $10.50 for 25 or less employees in an office. These laws can change anytime and an unpaid wage attorney ( https://www.akopyanlaw.com/attorneys/ ) will be able to guide you properly about how to go about your case in case the laws change all of a sudden.

Hiring an Unpaid Wages Attorney

Reputed attorneys offer complimentary evaluation of cases for all of their prospective clients. Such sessions can be extremely beneficial for the victims as they can utilize the time to discuss their cases in detail and find out if a specific lawyer can help them.

You can also ask if you have a case or find out about your chances of winning the lawsuit if you are planning to file one against your employer. Feel free to ask the attorney any questions you may have pertaining to the case. Use the session to inquire about the attorney’s fees too.

Your lawyer can only help you properly if you share the details of the case openly.