The Awe-Inspiring and Unique Scenario of Digital Marketing in China

There is no doubt that China holds immense opportunities for foreign business entrepreneurs who are seeking to expand their international market share, as the country houses the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. To cap it all, the country has more than 800 million internet users who are constantly hooked to social media platforms to share news, pay bills, make purchases, and sell products. The digital landscape of China is constantly developing in a way that western platforms seldom do. China has become the future of digital technology with its deep-rooted understanding of the internet landscape. This unique approach of the country has made it stand apart from the rest of the world when it comes to marketing strategies.

The Chinese digital marketing scenario is entirely different from the rest of the world and it is shaped by the language and cultural differences of the country. It is renowned for its specific constraints and characteristics, which are rarely found elsewhere. In order to understand the concepts of digital marketing in China ( Adstochina.westwin/digital-marketing-China ), you need to be familiar with their unique trends, concerns, buying patterns and habits of the consumers.

That being said- there are certain aspects about digital marketing in China ( Adstochina.westwin/who-we-are ) that you must know before venturing into the Chinese market space.

A different and unique social media

Though the Chinese are tech-savvy, the social media platforms that they use are entirely different and peculiar from the rest of the world. Chinese consumers never use FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter to share news and information, as these platforms do not exist behind the Chinese firewall. They have developed their search engines and social media platforms, which appear similar to FaceBook and other apps but are quite dissimilar in features and functions. Some of the most popular networking platforms include Wechat, Youku, Weibo, and so forth. While most of the western apps have different features, it is incomparable when it comes to the Chinese apps as it is filled with numerous features. It offers a unified experience where businesses that are familiar with the app can use it to their advantage to enhance their hold over the Chinese consumer markets.

The Chinese search engine

While the most popular search engine Google processes more than 90% of the search queries in the rest of the world, for the Chinese this search engine does not exist. They use their own search engine- Baidu, to search for information and connect with family and friends. Baidu dominates more than 80% of the Chinese consumer markets, which emphasizes the importance of marketing on Baidu to gain online visibility in China. It is the most indispensable marketing platform and a common arena where consumers, buyers, and sellers assemble to exchange information on products and services. This is reason enough for entrepreneurs both local and foreign to understand the complexities of the Chinese search engine Baidu and plan their marketing strategies accordingly.