How Your Business Can Get Success with a Baidu PPC Campaign?

Over 700 million users and a 90 percent rate across Chinese online space, the most crucial source of internet traffic across the PRC are Baidu. Roughly, two-thirds of all the traffic generates from the search engine that is why Baidu earned the nickname – Google of China. Global firms that have their offices in China put a lot of effort into optimizing their Baidu strategy. Beyond organic search, Baidu is also the number 1 channel for paid search marketing. However, despite operating in a way similar to the world’s largest search engine, a thorough analysis reveals that the structure and the processes are different. Brands will be performing well if they remember a few vital tips to get success on Baidu PPC ( http//adstochina.westwin/Baidu-Pay-Per-Click ).


Although few parameters of China’s consumption style are similar to that of oversees, it is crucial to keep in mind that any brand who wants to understand the needs of Chinese consumers, must study the local market. Due to the differences in customer tastes and preferences, your brand’s services and products must be curated and optimized for the Chinese audience. Just the translation of advertisements will not able to drive conversions and not enough for building a connection. Your websites and ads should be re-interpreted (beyond translation!) in a simplified way so that it becomes easy for everyone to understand your brand. Brands that have a strong foothold in the market will be leveraging native speakers who understand the subtle difference of the Chinese language when they are translating your information. However, for getting most out of a PPC campaign, copywriting, keywords research, A/B testing and others should have a China-centric intelligence behind them. You need to collaborate with professionals who know the Chinese marketplace very well.

Round the clock service

Chinese love to chat online and it is an important part of their shopping experience. Therefore, businesses that are targeting window shoppers to turn them into loyal customers, you need to engage them in conversations. To increase engagement, brands should embed real-time chat capabilities on their e-commerce stores and websites so that consumers can ask queries. This type of functionality will provide companies the opportunity in interacting with their customers and build a good relationship with them. In this way, it allows brands in building customer loyalty with their consumers and it works much better in China as it happens in the West.

Optimizing your campaign

Using data reports and web analytics tools is a norm for the analysis of any campaign in the West and the same method is applicable in China. Unlike Google AdWords, Baidu PPC does not integrate with Google Analytics inside the Great Firewall, and Baidu has its analytics suite that provides companies accurate insights for making key business decisions. Businesses can able to integrate their Baidu PPC ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) ads with the analytics suite to get a detailed data flow and have access to click tracking, heat mapping and much more.