Do Not Get Fooled by These Lucrative Offers by Online Scammers

As headlines are buzzing with the developments and news on the Coronavirus pandemic, scammers are taking advantage of the fears of customers. They are always monitoring the net and bringing new schemes to lure customers so that they can fall prey to these scammers. It is difficult in juggling work and your family’s safety, so for making your online interactions safer, we have listed a few tricks that scammers may during this tense situation.

Need a mask that provides up to 99.99 percent protecting against Coronavirus or finished your sanitizer and wants to buy in bulk, but unable to find at your local store? These offers you will be getting through either ads or email when looking for coronavirus medical supply ( events.mybiogate.com/covid-19/ ). Although these websites may seem real, they are just trying to ride on your fear of a COVID-19 infection. The products, as well as the online vendors, are not genuine, as they are a bunch of scammers whose ultimate motto is to get your credit card details or even convince you to buy and pay with Bitcoin (which itself should raise suspicion).

The exploitation of supply shortage

Although medical supplies are becoming scarce in some areas and constant demand for the coronavirus medical supply, do not get fooled by these websites. Let us explain with an example – a company specializes in supplying various medical equipment seems to have enough stock during this situation. When you go through their site, you will find they are offering only four products for customers and it is something fishy. If you are still confused, the catalog they have put on the website mentions that they have eight products means they are just misleading the common person with different information. The payment options include credit card and PayPal and mainly the credit card details the scammers are looking for, as they provide a good return on investment.

Discounts and fear of missing the essentials

Other frauds offer discounts of 20 percent or more on Coronavirus masks and will tell you that they have sold more than 2 million across the globe. They will also be claiming to provide free shipping that is only valid for the next 48 hours and the payment is fully secured and trusted. Although their websites will not force you to pay and may not be collecting any information without your permission, buying those medical supplies have a higher chance of giving away your credit card details.

After reading until here, you got an idea where you can easily find sanitizer and masks at standard rates, but how about purchasing an infrared thermometer. Some websites are in German or French language, but shipping will not be a problem as they deliver worldwide, provides you provide your credit card details. Also, please hurry up as you have 45 minutes left before the 50 percent discount expires. When people’s back is against the wall and there is a shortage of coronavirus medical supply ( https://events.mybiogate.com/covid-19/product/ ), and they are drawn into the discounts, people easily fall into these traps.