Buying a Single Family Home VS Condo for Sale in Katy – Which is a Better Choice?

A condo, a short form of ‘condominium,’ is basically a private residence within a larger society or building. Whereas an apartment is called as a leased residence within a big residential building or a society, condos equipped with some of its common areas and amenity centers in the community place such as the park, pool, fitness center, basketball, football grounds, and wellness centers make then increasingly popular to generation in the 21st century. Making them different from an apartment, condo owners are supposed to pay a monthly payment to maintain these social amenities well functional with regular maintenance.

Condos are also found in the form of townhouses which remain attached on single or both sides of other family units. Often condos are constructed in a high-rise or larger building complex; while it might be surrounded by added units. As we just stated that the demand of condos is having more and more demand to the new generation, let’s discuss the advantages of investing in a condo community that have made them so popular in society.

Less Maintenance

Perhaps one of the greatest plus points of living in a condo is that it has a society that maintains its features for a minimum monthly charge for maintaining it for your loved family members and other occupants. On regular basis, they mow its lush lawn, trim the beautiful plants, fix the worn roofs, and shovel snow in the chilly seasons, while you are not expected to be worried to search and hire some service providers for replacing the slides or slings depending on your need. If you’re one of the first time homeowners, and maintain a hectic professional life or involved in big business, investing in a condo for sale in Katy, TX ( houstonluxeproperties.com/neighborhoods-katy ) is a great choice for you. Condos are equally a steady option for its buyers who like to live for ages and through their generations with close neighbors, skilled maintenance teams to maintain its features and take care of repairs, and an abundance of activities for the community engagement.


Most of these condos provide locked entryways, doorkeepers, as well as skilled security professionals. Regardless of you are single in your home of having a large family and concerning its security systems; it is reassured while living in condos because it’s less vulnerable to home breakouts. Furthermore, it’s possible for living in close proximity to other people of the society, which literally means that in case of emergency, you’ll have plenty of community people to resolve the issues.


Being a potential property buyer, you can consider buying a condo for sale in Katy, TX by comparatively lower price opposed to single-family homes. According to the studies of the National Association of REALTOR (NAR), the US, that at the beginning of 2019, while the mean selling price of single-family homes was around $270,000. Condo for sale in Katy, TX ( https://houstonluxeproperties.com/#aboutus ) are having a lower mean selling price near about $254,400.More appealingly, depending on the community and region, you can get a considerably lower price of condos rather than a single-family home.