Why Newborn Babies Need Doctor Recommended Baby Bottle?

Regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, a baby bottle is a must-have for any parent. Choosing the right baby bottle makes the process of feeding much easier and hassle-free. Being a new parent can be an overwhelming experience and you certainly do not want the wrong feeding bottle to add to your woes. Although most feeding bottles have similar features some are proven to lessen symptoms of colic, gas, and spit-up such as doctor recommended baby bottles ( www.babyblendybottles/Doctor-Recommended-Baby-Bottle ).

Do you know what makes baby bottles recommended by doctors different from the others? Well, these baby bottles have some specific features, which you need to look out for while you buy a feeding bottle.

Ergonomic designs and venting system

Breastfed babies find it a tad difficult to switch over to a feeding bottle, which is why baby bottles recommended by doctors are designed to mimic the mother’s breast. It is often made of soft and malleable material, which makes it considerably easy to hold. Some of these bottles are manufactured with a wide nipple base, which allows your baby to latch and suckle easily. The in-built venting system is another unique feature in baby bottles recommended by doctors. These venting systems prevent the intake of air while feeding and thereby reduces colic, gas, and spit-up. With an ideal venting system and smooth flow through the right sized nipple, your baby will have the perfect feeding experience.

Leak-free and baby safe bottle

Unlike the ordinary feeding bottles, doctor recommended baby bottles are BPA-free, lightweight, and easy to hold. These bottles are pre-designed with easy to read measurements and leak-free necks. It also includes orthodontic nipples, which most babies love due to its shape and soft texture. Baby bottles recommended by doctors are available in different sizes, shapes, and nipple flow rates. A few of these bottles are also designed with breast-shaped necks, which makes it easier to warm the milk, attach to a breast pump and easy to latch. These uniquely shaped baby bottles help in a smooth transition for breast-fed babies.

You can find a whole range of baby bottles recommended by doctors ( https://babyblendybottles.com/pages/about-the-best-baby-bottle ) in online stores at different price rates. No matter which brand of baby bottle you choose, it is important for your baby to feel comfortable while feeding. Some babies might find it difficult to switch over to feeding bottles and so you need to purchase a few varieties before deciding which one suits your little one perfectly. Buying the best baby bottle will make the process of feeding your precious little one happy and enjoyable experience. So why wait, when you have so many reasons to buy baby bottles recommended by your doctor.