Here’s How a Voice Marketing Agency Can Help

It wasn’t that long ago that voice-activated devices were a convenience that were poked fun at by comedies. The joke was always that the device didn’t quite understand what the person was saying, leading to many instances where people were yelling at Siri or a different voice service. Those days, however, are now passing as devices like Alexa and Google Home have perfected listening and are now doing voice activation with precision and immediate benefit to consumers. With the perfection of voice devices comes an entirely new kind of marketing called “voice marketing.” It’s fast becoming one of the newer and more progressive ways to market to a new kind of consumer, and many companies are reaching new levels of success through voice marketing strategy. But what is it and how can a voice marketing agency ( drumroll/Voice-Marketing-Agency ) help your business?

Here is a brief guide to help you learn more about this new kind of marketing and why many companies are using voice marketing agencies to learn more.

What is Voice Marketing?

Voice marketing is a burgeoning niche of marketing strategy that is directly targeting people with voice devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri products, Google Home devices, and more. More precisely, it refers to “ad campaigns and marketing initiatives that are deployed using voice-operated devices. When coupled with an internet-of-things (IoT) digital infrastructure, voice marketing has the potential to offer a highly personalized customer experience. Voice assistants can connect users to customer service channels or execute a purchase with just a few words,” according to Post Funnel. That’s why voice marketing agencies are becoming a key strategic investment for companies.

What Kind of Devices are “Voice Devices”?

The use of voice devices is the defining aspect of voice marketing but what are they? Most broadly, they are devices that work primarily or exclusively through voice. These devices don’t just offer convenience; they also offer a new way for people to learn, browse and buy. One that isn’t reliant on a screen or even on visuals. And in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on image and video, this sort of marketing requires a voice marketing agency that understands how to hook people using sound.

What Opportunities Exist for Voice Marketing

Did you know that over 70% of people who own a voice device use it to create shopping lists? Or that over 60% use them to make direct purchases? The ease of buying with these devices is a whole different kind of opportunity, one that disrupts the standard sales funnel and connects directly with consumers. Voice marketing is less about ads and more about integration with a person’s lifestyle so that you become their default choice, and they become ambassadors for your brand. That’s why a voice marketing agency is so important.

If you are interested in voice marketing, the first thing you should do is speak to an experienced voice marketing agency. As one of the most cutting-edge forms of marketing, voice marketing has potential to drive up sales or be a complete waste of time. With the right voice marketing agency ( www.drumroll.com/about ), you can craft a strategy that will drive awareness and sales, helping you reach new levels of success.