Consider These Things Before Picking Bike Shorts for Women

Are you thinking of a mountain bike ride without the proper gear? Then, think again, because it is going to be uncomfortable riding your bike without proper bike shorts. Bike shorts for women are available in different varieties ranging from slim fit to plus sizes. All you need to know is the tips and tricks of choosing the right kind of bike shorts. Firstly, bike shorts for women ( www.Woxer/Bike-Short-for-Women ) are different from that of men due to the difference in their anatomy. Some of the different aspects that you need to consider before buying women’s bike shorts are as follows.

Chamois pad

As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of bike shorts for women, which vary according to personal preferences and the type of riders. While some choose cycling for exercise and fun, the others are professional riders. Bike shorts have a unique kind of foam pad, which is sewn into it where it is exposed to the saddle area. There are different kinds of padding ranging from thick to thin. These pads act as shock absorbers and prevent abrasions. Rule of the thumb is- the longer the ride, the thicker the chamois pad. These pads are designed specifically for women to provide comfort and reduce abrasions while biking. While most of the seasoned bikers choose a thin pad while riding so that it feels invisible, the others prefer a thick cushioning effect to prevent discomfort and pain.

Seams and waistband

Women’s bike shorts usually have seams on the outer side to avoid chaffing and rubbing while you ride. The idea of wearing bike shorts is to enhance your comfort level and prevent pain and discomfort. Therefore, it is essential to choose comfortable shorts. The waistband of your bike short is another aspect that you must consider, as it must be neither too big nor too small. If the waistband is too big, the chamois pad will separate from the shorts and cause irritation. If it is too small, it might cut off the blood circulation to your thighs, creating even more discomfort than before. It is wise to choose shorts that cover at least half of the thighs to avoid chaffing.


Bike shorts are often worn without any underwear so it is important to know how to care for them. Remember; never wear them twice repeatedly without washing it as you could develop a fungal infection. It is good to machine wash your bike shorts to ensure the complete removal of bacteria. Air-dry your shorts before wearing them again.

Wearing bike shorts is important and choosing the perfect one depends on the intensity of your ride and the kind of cycling you do. Apart from bib shorts, there are several other kinds of bike shorts available for women ( https://woxer.com/blogs/news ). So, now you know what you need to look for while buying bike shorts.