Steps to Keep in Mind When Planning To Demolish Your House

Demolishing your house is relatively simple and straightforward, but is quite intimidating for a beginner. If you are thinking that tearing down a property makes you scream, fret not. This guide will take you the demolition process in a few simple steps that make residential demolition in Austin, TX ( KingsOfWaste.com/Residential-Demolition-Austin-TX ), easy.

Determining the right demolition method for your property

You can rip your house apart in three ways, such as mechanical demolition, deconstruction, and demolition plus deconstruction. Let us discuss these in detail.

Mechanical demolition – It is the most common form of destruction where hydraulic excavators and other machinery are used to tear down your house. The leftover debris is hauled away with the help of a dumpster or trailer. This type of demolition is the fastest and cheapest solution where you need to pay between 4,000 to 14,000 dollars.

Deconstruction – This process is done manually, where an individual needs to strip and deconstruct the home piece by piece. Environmental Protection Agency states that deconstruction projects can reuse or recycle more than 70 percent of the building materials such as windows, doors, beams, lumber, and many others. As everything is done manually, the process takes a long time, and there are high costs more than traditional demolition methods.

Demolition plus deconstruction - The highly recommended form for demolishing your home is the combination of demolition and deconstruction. Here the deconstruction takes place by taking note of the reusable materials and salvaging a portion of them. Once all the stuff that can be reused is collected, the remaining structure is demolished, and leftover debris is hauled away. It is a perfect solution for people who want the process to be environmentally responsible, affordable, and efficient.

Finding the right contractor and get your home inspected by a professional

Look for an insured and licensed demolition contractor for residential demolition in Austin, TX ( http://www.kingsofwaste.com/ ), to help you choose the best method to demolish and remove your house. The team will be meeting at the site and discuss the possible solutions. It is crucial to ask estimates or proposals in writing and make sure that who will take the responsibility to pay for and pull permits if necessary for the work.

Enquire from your contractor about the inspection requirements in your area. Most states have the protocols that the older buildings/homes should have a thorough inspection before demolition for the presence of rotted wood, mold, lead paint, asbestos, and other hazardous materials. If your house contains lead paint or asbestos, a proper course of action for remediation must be followed.

Getting the permits

Before beginning the demolition process, you should have a permit. Permits are available at your local municipal office. Visit your city’s government website for detailed information. The permits required depending on your state and local regulations and laws. The federal or the city can also have rules for house demolition related to noise, debris disposal, hours of demolition, and others. Please discuss with your contractor whether they will be paying for the permits or not.