How Do Credit Repair Companies Help Boost Your Credit Score?

If you have ever thought that credit repair companies ( Credit360.biz/Credit-Repair-Company ) can help you build your credit rate right from scratch then it’s the time that you should change your wrong idea. In fact, they are experts in repairing your credit score which eventually dependent on some factors like incorrect information or entries that drag your credit scores down. For instance, if you have paid an installment of your home loan as per scheduled time, however, that has been accounted for or doesn’t show in your credit report which automatically drops your credit score, after ensuring the same, they take up the matter legally to make them removed by the credit bureaus. However, if you’ve skipped the installment due to any cause, they simply cannot help you under any circumstance.

Hiring professional credit repair companies to perform three key functions to repair errors found on your credit report and thus, enable you to boost your credit score. The three major functions they perform include:

Challenge Errors on Credit Reports

No denying that credit report errors are quite shocking and have been widespread. Simply put, the FTC studies in 2013 revealed that 25% of Americans face one or more errors on their credit statements which impact on their credit score horribly. Even though this statistic is relatively old, however, with no further reformation of the credit reporting process and increasing numbers of consumers, errors are still found in the same ratio on credit reports.

Operational with highly seasoned credit lawyers, credit repair companies dispute on credit errors like charge-offs, wrong personal data, and others found on the credit reports during the auditing process. Relying on a trustworthy credit repair company is a great choice to let experts oversee the whole dispute process on your behalf while you can concentrate on your activities with the assurance that the job is being handled by a group of professionals.

Strategic Action Plan

After having a thorough audit of your credit reports and identification of the missed or erroneous entries, professional credit repairing companies make you informed regarding the missing areas in addition to their detailed action plan in a written format. The entire disputing process is handled by a team of knowledgeable credit lawyers, analysts, and negotiators while adhering to the federal consumer credit law guidelines.

In fact, every consumer has the legal right to get a credit report from three major credit bureaus on a regular basis. However, in this fast-paced world, the largest part of these people don’t have so much time in hand to get through their credit reports item by item. Secondly, even if they identify such negative entries, disputing on them with credit bureaus or directly with creditors is an extremely time consuming and highly challenging job for them. Which is why; more and more consumers now prefer working with reputable credit repair companies ( https://www.credit360.biz/ ) that are concentrated on the specific job area.

Other than the major credit bureaus- Transunion, Experian, and Equifax, the team of credit lawyers meets individual credit card agencies and creditors to undergo an expert verification. In this process, if entries are found untimely posted, erroneous missed, they claim deletion, and modification of those records immediately.

Process Repetition

Once the up-to-date credit statements are received from three bureaus, the credit analysts verify the disputed entries that are already changed with new figures or completely eliminated. Accordingly, they send next dispute letters pointing the yet unchanged/non-deleted entries to the concerned bureaus or credit companies. In general, the expert dispute process is repeated once in 30-45 days interval as the whole process is continued for one year while you will find deletion or modification of each erroneous entries one after another. Depending on the weight of the error type, your credit score is increased by 20-25 points and eventually helps you get to your missing credit score once more. According to the terms, you’re supposed to pay a certain amount against each deleted/modified entry as per the terms.