Steps to Follow for Selling To China via Online

The Chinese marketplace is infamously challenging to penetrate, especially for foreign firms, as the government always favors domestic brands, and there are considerable differences in business cultures and technology. Before making a move to sell to China online ( AdsToChina.Westwin.com/Sell-to-China-Online ), you need to understand a few factors, or else it can be dreadful for your brand.

In several markets like fashion, beauty, and health, the US, UK are seen by Chinese consumers as a trusted and reputable place to purchase. The chances of buying a fake brand are lesser than local suppliers in China. At the same time, western health and cosmetic items are superior in terms of testing, quality, and production standards. Due to high disposable incomes, Chinese consumers are ready to pay a higher price to get the best quality products from trusted sources. If you have the right products combined with the motivation to increase your sales, then selling to China will be more comfortable.

Payments and Fulfillment

It is crucial to choose the right way of transaction that is trusted and familiar by your consumers. The Chinese always prefer paying their bills using WeChatPay, and AliPay and these two have over 90 percent of market share. These payment channels are global, secure, and safe. You need just a few minutes to set up a personal AliPay account, and if you are based outside China, then payments can be received to your bank within two days.

All major couriers deliver to mainland China from the US and UK. The charges vary depending on the speed of delivery, size, weight, and service quality. The majority of the cost depends on the import duties when entering China or importing duty-free. You need to contact local experts familiar with this complex process so that the products can reach on time. When buying foreign products and importing, the international company needs to provide a Custom Clearance Certificate. However, the Chinese government has tweaked the trade policy, as no documents are required when eCommerce companies want to sell to China online ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) and courier the products.

Alibaba and Tmall

Alibaba is a globalized wholesale B2B channel specially designed for high volume sales. If you plan to sell your products via Alibaba, register for a free or paid account, and provide your business details, product details, shipping, and payment terms. Apart from these, you have to offer prices and minimum order quantity, estimated delivery time requirements, packaging details, and production capacity. To increase the visibility to your potential buyers, you can choose the Gold Membership. In this way, it will be easy for you to sell a large number of products to Chinese consumers.

Alibaba controls more than 80 percent of eCommerce sites in China through websites like Taobao, Tmall, and Alibaba. The primary destination for Chinese looking for authentic premium brands is Tmall. Several western brands have their stores on Tmall. For setting up a store, follow the instructions mentioned in their site, and you are good to go start selling your products.