Things to Look for When Buying N95 Mask

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that people, especially health care workers, should wear N95 masks for minimizing the spread of the virus. Before opting for the N95 mask bulk purchase ( covid19.mybiogate/N95-Mask-Bulk-Purchase ), it is vital to understand that not all fabrics make an effective mask. Here are a few things you should know before purchasing an N95 mask.

Some fabrics are more effective in preventing virus particles, and tightly woven fabrics provide better protection

The fabric has a spacing of different sized between yarns, which means some fabrics will have smaller or larger holes depending on the construction, and this affects their effectiveness against the virus. The smaller the hole, the lesser the chances to pass something, and canvas fabrics have smaller gaps and are of good quality material.

Tightly woven and dense fabrics provide the best protection as these have the smallest holes. Studies show that higher thread count pillowcases and tea towels offer excellent protection as they are tightly woven. The same is the case with N95 masks, as these masks are made of various materials; you need to choose the fabric that is tightly woven like high thread count sheets or canvas.

Multiple fabric layers increase the effectiveness of the mask, and the mask must fit cozily to your face

Research shows that several layers of fabric help improve the efficiency of filtration of virus particles; however, it can be difficult to breathe. You need to have a proper balance of breathability and filtration; that is why when looking for N95 mask bulk purchase ( https://covid19.mybiogate.com/product/ ), choose two layers of fabric that help maintain the balance, although you can opt for more layers.

Apart from good quality fabric, the mask should fit well on your face covering your nose and mouth with no gaps. Any space between the mask and your face is a potential spot where the virus can easily enter.

Avoid knit materials as they are stretchable and filters are useful but pose a safety risk

It is not recommended to wear a mask made of knit materials because they can easily stretch and, in turn, make the holes more prominent, which means the virus can easily pass through. If the mask is too tight on your face, especially over your nose or from tugging or pulling on your mask, stretching on knit materials can happen. Use knit fabric masks as a cover over an N95 mask as the stretchy material is more comfortable and breathable.

Although several masks have an extra pocket for a filter, it can potentially cause more harm than good. Specific types of filters contain fiberglass that can be dangerous when inhaled. Experts warn that not to use such filters for face masks. Some of the mask filters are coffee filters, air filters, unscented dry baby wipes, and vacuum bags. If you want to use a filter, it is essential to squeeze the filter between the layers of fabric for minimizing the inhalation of any fibers. However, it is important to note that not all these materials have been verified for safety purposes.