Invasive Ventilator- What Makes it Essential During Covid19 Pandemic?

An invasive or mechanical ventilator is the equipment that is often used during a surgical procedure when a person cannot breathe by oneself. This device helps to maintain the right level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Let us peek at how an invasive ventilator ( Covid19.mybiogate.com/invasive-ventilator ) functions.

Mechanical Ventilator- Functions, and Uses

It functions by supporting the ability of the person to ventilate by taking in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the body. The device is more than often used for patients with breathing difficulties such as in the case of coronavirus during acute respiratory disorders. It is also used for convalescing patients after an illness or surgery. The patient is connected to the machine through a hollow tube that is inserted into the patient’s airways. The tube supplies oxygen into the lungs. In most cases, the patient stays connected to the ventilator until he/she can breathe spontaneously without any external aid.

These ventilators only support the breathing process of the patient while he/she is on medication and other treatments. Some of the most significant benefits of using invasive ventilator support include the following.

 Promotes ventilation and stable oxygenation

 It helps the patient to become stable and breathe without difficulties

 The respiratory muscles can rest, as the patient does not have to struggle to take in oxygen.

 It gives time for the body to heal and allows the medication to work.

 Proper and effective exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide

 Ensures stable airway

 Prevents possible injury during aspiration

There are various procedures associated with the use of an invasive ventilator ( https://covid19.mybiogate.com/product/ ) and a few of them are as follows.

• Aerosolized spray medication

One of the major benefits of using these devices is that it can deliver medication directly into the lungs and airways when it needs to be more effective and quick. Patients are then medicated through the air tube to reduce suffocation and other serious medical conditions.

• Suctioning

It is also used for another procedure called suctioning where a thin and hollow tube is inserted into the airway to remove secretions and mucus. This procedure helps to keep the airways free from secretions, though the patient might cough or gag during the process. Nevertheless, it helps to keep the airways clear for breathing.

The sole purpose of using an invasive or mechanical ventilator is that it helps to ease the process of breathing in patients suffering from acute respiratory problems, particularly in medical conditions such as Covid19. However, as soon as the patients can breathe on their own, they are weaned away from ventilator support.