What Makes Nitrile Gloves Superior to Latex or Vinyl Products?

Nitrile is basically a synthetic co-polymer which is formed in combination of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Beginning their lifecycle from rubber trees as rubber, they’re then processed and changed into latex rubber. They’re once again reprocessed followed by various procedures in order to transform them into nitrile compound material. This extra processing is diligently performed in order to remove its latex protein contains.

After the introduction of nitrile gloves ( covid19.mybiogate.com/medical-protective-gloves/ ), they have literally overtaken the latex gloves industry due to its more consistency and many benefits. Even though initially due to the extra processing, the cost of nitrile gloves appears to be costly to its users, however, with more technological developments, advanced concepts of processing and mechanisms, nowadays, they are accessible in cost-effective rates while enhancing its quality packed with different features.


Opposed to latex and vinyl, nitrile gloves have emerged as one of the best protective materials for your hands. Being 3 times more resistive to puncture than latex types, in medical lab facilities, where technicians need to work various kinds of sharp chemical compounds, the use of nitrile gloves has been increasing very fast. Nitrile gloves are also more water-resistive than latex and vinyl gloves.

Latex Free

Apart from being BPA free, these innovative gloves are found free from containing latex, phthalate-free, MBT that makes them ideal for use in auto, aviation, engineering, chemical process, and in many other industries. In a nutshell, as a wearer of nitrile hand gloves, irrespective of whichever industry you work with, nothing to sweat since you are outfitted with nitrile gloves.

Durable and Lasting

One of the best attributes of nitrile gloves that make more superior to latex material is that they’re having a very long shelf life. That is the key reason why more and more industries nowadays prefer using nitrile gloves due to its superiority, resistive quality, and durability while ensuring the absolute safety and wellbeing of their employees.

Hypoallergenic/ Sensitive/Breathable

Another vital attribute that has made nitrile gloves much superior to latex gloves in the industry is that they’re hypoallergenic medical grade gloves. While latex gloves include allergic protein compounds causing serious skin irritation, being made out of organic rubber, nitrile gloves can never lead to allergic skin reactions for a wearer. It’s worth mentioning that nitrile gloves are gaining more and more popularity in the medical industries since they offer greater touch sensitivity. Which is why they are most preferred as surgical gloves. While seamlessly gripped and fitted to your hands, its material quality and developmental process make them breathable.


With superior hand protection, toughness, durability, disposable and tactile sensibility, these days’ nitrile gloves ( https://covid19.mybiogate.com/product/ ) are used extensively in different industries. Apart from medical facilities, they’re majorly used in auto, aviation, marine, chemical processing, painting, tattooing, piercing, engineering, and others.