Best Practices and Insights from China SEM Conference in London

China is a part of the global digital commercialization and has been in the competition with the world’s most willing and eager consumer groups for embracing digitization in every field. Under the digital ecology of the proliferation of information, channel diversification, and fragmentation of media, the user traffic has gone down, making it more challenging to gain new consumers and increase traffic.

More and more brands are moving away from competing for public traffic to building their private traffic. Multi-channel members, private traffic, and community operations are becoming the new keywords for brands. How do brands cam utilize search engine marketing, take advantage of e-commerce, and new retail to drive business growth has become the focus of everyone. The China SEM in London ( PlanChina.co.uk/China-SEM-in-London ) offered marketing gurus best practices and insights for navigating this new wilderness of disruption.

Change your marketing strategy, implement them, and need a proper plan to market in the era of fake news

Top Analysts suggest that marketers need to identify specific capability gaps in multi-channel efforts, technology, and marketing skills. For instance, 74 percent rate customer sights are crucial, but only 57 percent reports that they have exceeded expectations of customer insight capabilities. Reducing those gaps will help the leaders improve the execution and implementation of their strategies and deliver the results that the executives expect. It is essential to look at the top 5 areas of your marketing spend and think about how they can align and support business objectives.

Brands must prepare for current and future reality dominated by a plethora of attack tweets, fake news, and highly contrasted market environments. In London, experts at the China SEM ( https://planchina.co.uk/news/ ) laid out five factors that are defining the fake news era – lack of trust, new brand enemies, lack of a common fact base, audience polarization, and virality. To weed out the fake news, the marketers need to monitor broadcast media, address bogus accounts on social media, and conduct logo and image analytics for misuse.

Build compelling customer experiences and optimize in-house talent and your agency

Over 80 percent of marketing leaders are responsible for customer experience (CX) say their organizations will compete on the results of CX in two years. However, only 22 percent say their CX efforts have surpassed customer expectations. Brands have to build robust customer experiences that can uplift loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy and fill the void between reality and expectation. When you are moving up the CX pyramid, gather appropriate customer data, and expand your vision to incorporate the entire customer journey for reducing risks.

Few questions you need to discuss, such as how many agencies an organization needs to work with if you have few or too many agencies, type of personnel you need to bring in-house, and the agencies hired for the right work. Apart from these, top marketers suggested exploring five organizational design criteria for building the optimal outsource/insource model for your company. Look at commitment, task, duration, fit, and the extent to which the work can deliver a competitive advantage. Tell your agencies what problems need to be solved and be clear about that.