When Should You Call Commercial Grease Trap Services For Assistance?

Did you know that improper disposal of grease and fat causes the majority of the sewage backups in commercial restaurants? Every restaurant owner needs to ensure that there is a fully functional grease trap installed in the restaurant that needs to be maintained as well. Cleanliness should be an important part of every commercial restaurant as it affects your business in ways untold. Ignoring the grease trap can cause backups in the kitchens, which can detrimentally affect your business if it happens during peak hours. The obnoxious smell of sewage backup can emancipate into the dining area, worsening the situation.

Grease traps in commercial kitchens play the role of separating grease, fat, and oil from the wastewater that goes down the drain. Depending on the size of these traps, the amount and type of food cooked, usage of water, and these traps must be emptied and cleaned every 90 days. In case, you have been procrastinating grease trap maintenance in your restaurant, look out for these important signs that indicate it is time to call grease trap service near me ( DraneRanger.com/Grease-Trap-Service-Near-Me ).

Strong and bad odor

Leftover food particles, grease, fat, and oil seldom emanate an appetizing smell from the kitchen, particularly when it has been accumulating for several days. If the grease trap has not been emptied and cleaned for more than three months, you will begin to notice a vicious smell from the kitchen drains and grease traps even after cleaning the kitchen spotlessly. Think no more- your dirty kitchen grease trap is the culprit if you smell something offensive. Grease traps must be cleaned and maintained regularly, similar to septic systems so that it functions optimally.

Slow-moving drains

When the grease trap is overfilled, it forms a thick greased cap at the top layer of the tank, which seldom allows water to pass through. It results in painfully slow-moving drains and even backups in some cases. This is a clear indication that your grease trap has reached its limits and needs to be emptied immediately. When your grease trap is blocked, sewage water filled with grease and fat will begin to escape through alternative lines such as water pipes, regular sewage lines, and kitchen drains. This scenario can be extremely stressful and unfortunate for a commercial restaurant. It could also lead to temporary closure for a week or more for complete and thorough sanitization.

Grease traps tend to fill up quickly if you push solid food debris down the drain more often. Be more cautious about what goes down the drain trap so that you seldom need to clean it more than often. In case you hardly remember when you last cleaned the grease trap, it is wise to check online or offline for grease trap services near me ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ) and ask for their assistance.