Filing a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in the Workplace

The only thing you need to do to file a lawsuit for sexual harassment at the workplace is to hire a lawyer to represent you. The lawyer will take it from there and help you with the process. Hiring a good sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer ( akopyanlaw/sexual-harassment ) can take some time. So, it is best to not delay finding the right lawyer and then file the lawsuit properly.

Finding the Lawyer

It is important to hire a lawyer practicing in your town or city. Laws regarding sexual harassment can differ from state to state. So, choose a lawyer with experience in handling cases similar to your own and within your local area.

Ask for referrals for lawyers from your friends or acquaintances. But be discreet about it. Ensure that word about it doesn’t reach your employer. You can also search online (safer option) for local sexual harassment in the workplace lawyers ( https://www.akopyanlaw.com/attorneys/ ). Online searches are excellent for finding local businesses and resources. Compile a list of all the names of you find and try to know more about them.

Check the Website of the Lawyers

Reputed and professional lawyers maintain their websites with correct and current information about their practice. So, checking them can provide you with good information about their experience and expertise.

Read about their professional profile. Check their experience in handling sexual harassment cases. If you like the lawyers’ profiles then set aside their names for further research.

Find out if you are available to offer a free assessment for your case. Most professional lawyers offer such consulting sessions for free so that they can get to know the case before taking on a client. Such sessions can also be helpful for victims as you get to discuss your case face-to-face with a lawyer.

Discuss your Case

Schedule free case assessment sessions with one or two lawyers you like based on your research so far. Time spent during such sessions is a crucial step in filing a lawsuit.

The lawyers will seek details about the case and determine if your case has any merit. Depending on your state’s laws, there can be conditions related to sexual harassment cases. The lawyer will also fill you in regarding the lawsuit-filing process. There is paperwork involved when filing a lawsuit. You will also need to provide evidence to support your case. The lawyer will sit with you and help you work out a compensation amount for the lawsuit. All these steps will occur once you finalize your hiring for the lawyer.

See to it if you and the lawyer are on the same page. The lawyers will inform you if they are available to take on your case or not.


Most sexual harassment lawsuits are resolved outside of the court. In rare cases, however, the case can go to trial. It will be ultimately your choice if you wish to go to trial. Your lawyer will help you file the case if you decide to take this route.