Why and When Should You Consider Hiring a Termination Lawyer?

If you trust that you’ve have lost your job for any illegal ground, you can go against the employer and claim for a wrongful termination, even though, you’re fired showing ‘certain cause’. However, it’s because an act of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit could be reasonably challenging and involves a lot of complication when it comes to the legal proceedings, it would be sensible to consult with a learned termination lawyer ( www.akopyanlaw/Termination-Lawyer ) to fight against the company on your behalf.

What Is "At-Will" Employment?

Perhaps you’re aware that most workers in the US are employed based on ‘at will’ terms. And, an ‘at will’ employment becomes advantageous for an employer who can fire any employee toward any lawful cause or no reason. Contextually, unless you have a written contract explaining otherwise by your employer, all employees working in almost all states are treated as ‘at will’. Nevertheless, you can advance as the federal law is with you and it affirms, that employees just cannot be fired for an illegitimate reason.

Reasons for Termination

As stated above, an employer can't fire an employee for any reason breaching an employment contract or violating the law. Some of the most common illegal reasons for termination are firing in breach of anti-discrimination law, firing while violating the labor law guidelines, firing as a retaliation whereas an employee complaint against the illicit activities of the employer to authorities as termed ‘whistleblowing’ or report against sexual harassment, etc.

Once you meet a termination lawyer, the legal professional considers a series of factors when evaluating the cause of a wrongful termination case and search for information likely to establish whether or not the employee is being fired for a valid cause or any unlawful ground. Three illegal termination types are stated below:

• Employment Contract

If you were deployed under an employment contract, it’s imperative for your employer to act sticking to the provisions mentioned in the agreement. In that case, it should explicitly list down reasons against which you can be fired. In other words, you cannot be fired for any reason not mentioned in the contract so any other ground for the termination will be treated as a violation of the employment contract.

• Differential Treatment (discrimination)

If the cause of your termination is related to performance issues, your termination lawyer will be interested to find out if other employees operating in the same position were also terminated for the same ground. If not, the legal professional has the empowerment to seek evidences from your employer to confirm if your employer has treated you in a different way based (discrimination) on your race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, age, etc. Notably, this is a violation of the federal employment law and in that case, your employer may require compensating your losses and/or take you back you in your earlier position as instructed by the court.

• Retaliation

In your employment term, if you’ve made any complaint to the relevant authorities regarding certain unlawful activities of your employer like dealing in prohibited substances, unsafe working condition, or shady accounting systems or acted as a whistleblower, your veteran termination lawyer ( https://www.akopyanlaw.com/attorneys/ ) may advise you to make a potential retaliation claim. Often times, an employee can be a victim of retaliation due to his/her reporting to the authorities against sexual harassment, which in experienced widespread in workplaces.