How You Can Be Benefited While Working with an Overtime Lawyer?

If you’re one of those workers who deduce they’re denied overtime payment for their extra working hours unlawfully, apart from bringing the matter in immediate attention of your employer via official correspondence you can inform the matter directly to the Department of Labor if your employer remains silent with the issue, before the stated deadline prevalent in your state. In order to advance on this issue, get in touch with overtime lawyers in Los Angeles ( akopyanlaw.com/overtime ) who not only make the drafting of the letter but equally undertake an investigation of the issue with your employer and take up the case even in the courtroom.

Those who are not well aware about the functions of the DOL should note diligently that being a federal agency, it’s responsible toward enforcing wage laws, overtime rules, office hours regulations, and for investigating complaints received from workers suspecting their employers have disposed them of their lawful rights. In addition, with the rising complexity with labor disputes, many states are coming with their state labor boards and local offices which operate in conjunction with the Department of Labor to deal with issues of workers face denial of overtime payments.

As stated by overtime lawyers in Los Angeles while reporting the DOL on overtime infringement, workers are supposed to submit some vital information in their document. And these are

1. The kind of job performed;

2. When the worker was paid overtime last;

3. A copy of the report submitted to the employer regarding non-receipt of overtime payment;

Along with, the applicable documents, like payment stubs, personal records of the total hours worked, copy of last overtime payment receipt, etc.

Accordingly, the Department of Labor reviews your claim and if suspects a possible overtime violation, it may go for a comprehensive investigation process, and depending on the outcome, it instructs your employer to pay your overtime back. Apart from resolving your overtime dispute, it’s authorized to make a lawsuit on behalf of workers whereas their employers don’t conform to its appeals.

Why Should Hire a Lawyer

Even though you make a report to the DOL of overtime violation, it doesn’t mean that they’ll investigate your case with your employer immediately and will take needed corrective actions to help you get your lost overtime money. After all, you’re not a single worker complaining on your overtime contradiction, however, there’re millions like you who are already in the queue. Secondly, red-tape related delay in the process may even cross the deadline of filing the lawsuit, which eventually disqualifies you from having your legitimate overtime claim.

Thus, it makes sense to get in touch with an overtime lawyer in Los Angeles ( https://www.akopyanlaw.com/attorneys/ ) to ensure that as you retain your legal right to file a lawsuit before the stipulated deadline, you can recover appropriate compensation for the overtime that you’ve worked for. It’s noteworthy, for workers that it’s not mandatory to directly report to the DOL before making a private lawsuit while hiring a lawyer typically makes the process faster, easy-going, and productive.